Debian Hardware :: Unable To Get Sound Output Working Properly

Nov 4, 2010

my cousin recently brought me an old dell to see if I could get it working.he mainly wants to use this machine to record himself playing guitar.I immediately tried installing ubuntu, but found it to be unbearably slow.the computer is on the verge of being an antique at 1ghz and 256mb of I started looking for alternatives, and decided to give debian a shot since I'm familiar with ubuntu and know that it is based on debian.I installed Debian Lenny from the netinst ISO and find it to be much quicker booting and loading programs than ubuntu.I will most likely put debian on my desktop when I'm finished getting this poor old dell set up.

I'm unable to get sound output working properly.I have checked that the volume is not muted. while using pidgin, after sending a message the "message sent" sound starts "skipping" like a scratched cd and the only way to get it to stop is to close the progam completely. I am unable to hear sound or watch videos with totem (and most likely other players, but I have not tested any yet).the files load audio files show their tag information and the length of the track and videos load the first frame but the file never actually plays. when I try to record with Sound Recorder, the application locks up.when I try to record with Audacity the software doesn't stop responding, but also doesn't record.I tried un-muting the microphone (monitor) to check that the microphone I have still works, and can hear it over the speakers, so this leads me to believe that my hardware is in good working order, but that I have something configured improperly.

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General :: Sound Not Working Properly On Runescape - Java - Debian GNU

May 30, 2010

My sound on Runescape stops and picks up, is very choppy and annoying. I'm using Debian "Lenny". Sound on everything else works just fine (Flash, VLC, etc...)

Here are the Java packages I have installed:

Here is my computers hardware:

Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz
nVidia 8600GT

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Cannot Properly Record Sound Card Output

Apr 8, 2010

A few days ago I setup a pc. It contains an "Intel ICH5" sound card. Before I begin posting all the configuration stuff I've tried so far what the standard procedures are to set it all up for recording the sound card output (with Audacity)?

On my older computer it all worked fine but now I only get silent recordings. However sometimes (when I played on the controls the right way...) I get recordings where you can (amoung some noise) recognize the stuff I actually wanted to record very low... Apart from Audacity I've also tried

arecord -vv -fdat audio.wav
which didn't work either. That's why I think the problem is not related to Audacity but to the system.

Is the combination of OpenSuse 11.2 + ALSA + Intel ICH5 commonly known to cause such trouble?

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Fedora Hardware :: Sound Is No Working Properly After Update 14

Feb 13, 2011

I have creative blaster sound card after updating fedora 14 the sound is not working properly.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Sound Not Working Properly Under 11.2 64bit

Feb 5, 2010

This is a very new desktop system using an ASUS mainboard with built on sound. I've never had sound working properly and have re-installed many times. One sound will play (KDE4 desktop sound, Amarok audio, even games under WINE) but when a second sound plays, it stops the first one (and plays perfectly), but then the first app is no longer able to play sound. I tried to get Skype going today and have some very interesting results.

It works but on a test call my voice sounds like I'm going for the "Extortionist of the Year" award! Have a listen here if you feel like a quick laugh - [URL]. Great effect for issuing ransom demands, but not too useful when calling family. I recorded it via my camera so the quality is not fabulous, and the screeching noise is the from the birds in the background. Here is the requested information for diagnosing sound problems -

1. alsainfo.txt - [URL]

2. rpm -qa alsa

3. rpm -qa pulse

4. rpm -q
libasound2 - libasound2-1.0.21-3.2.x86_64

5. uname -a
Linux kevs-desktop #1 SMP PREEMPT 2009-12-15 23:55:40 +0100 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

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Fedora Hardware :: Sound Not Working Properly On Lenovo Laptop?

Dec 7, 2010

recently installed fedora 14 on my lenovo ideapad y530.

Linux bardot #1 SMP Fri Dec 3 12:19:41 UTC 2010 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

here is my audio device:

lspci | grep Audio
00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)

it has surround speakers and even a subwoofer. unfortunately only the two side speakers work. how to make ALL my speaker system work?

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Get Any Sound Output

Mar 30, 2011

I am running Ubuntu 10.10 and I am unable to get any sound output. My sound card is installed, cables are connected, and volume is up but I get no sound output. Here is what I see


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Ubuntu / Apple :: Sound Not Working Properly Or The Wireless Card Not Being Supported

Jun 11, 2011

I was curious if anyone has dual booted Ubuntu on this model iMac, (Mid 2011 with 4gb ram, 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 processor, the current model in the apple store).

When I dual booted on my MacBook I came across a plethora of problems, such as the sound not working properly or the wireless card not being supported.

Does anyone know if these same problems exist for the iMac or is everything business as usual?

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Software :: Vuze Is Not Working Properly / Unable To Load Graphics Library

Dec 12, 2008

I'm using RedHat 9. I've already installed java and azureus/vuze too but when i run azureus there is a problem.

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Debian :: No Sound Output From HDMI To TV?

May 29, 2011

HDMI outputs video but not sound from my Acer Aspire 5738 laptop.I have tried both SMPlayer and VLC setting both audio outputs to HDMI.Those media players have always worked for me using other Linux distros.Is there another media player that I should be using?If it's important;lspci lists;Audio as ATI and Video as ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500

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Debian :: Webcam Not Working Properly.

May 15, 2011

My computer has been running well for a couple of years with Ubuntu and the Gnome desktop. I use a very cheap webcam from PCWorld PC Line 1.3 Mega Pixels with Cheese and Skype which worked on Ubuntu. The new Ubuntu Unity desktop seems most unintuitive and reading that Ubuntu may not include Gnome for the next release is my reason to make the change to Debian. I am aware Ubuntu is a Debian derivative.

I have installed Debian Squeeze and everything is working properly apart from the webcam. When I open Cheese the webcam works but very slowly although it will not capture video. When I open Cheese > Preferences, I see the Device listed as USB 2.0 Camera (/dev/video0) but greyed out. When I open Skype > Options > Video I see the same greyed out listing but no image appears in the test area.

lsusb    Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0c45:62e0 Microdia MSI Starcam Racer Computer: Gigabyte motherboard with onboard video and sound.

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Debian :: Alsamixer Not Working Properly?

Apr 29, 2010

My probelem is with alsamixer. I can't record anything; nothing I play back hasany sound. I have alsamixer capture set on mix. I know I recordedin the past with this setting, so I don't know what is happening. I amrecording from the internet.When I adjust the volume on playback in either alsamixer or kmix thevolume settings change on the other as well. when I adjust thevolume setting in capture it doesn't affect each other.If I have Kmix > inpur > capture enabled I can record, but the playbackdoesn't sound good. I would like to figure what is wrong with alsamixer.

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Debian Hardware :: Sound Output Through Both The Headphones And Speakers?

Jul 24, 2011

Ever since I installed Debian, when I plug in the headphones the sound goes out through both the headphones and the speakers (they aren't blocked). I don't mind it that much, but could it be potentially damaging to my sound hardware?

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Debian :: Redirect Output Sound To Input (mic Or Line-in)

Jan 22, 2011

I want to compare the quality of a sound file (voice) before and after its transmission via a softphone (sjphone in my case). For this, i need to redirect the sound played, to the sound input (microphone or line-in).

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Debian :: Unable To Get KDE4 Running Properly After Updating Sources

Mar 20, 2010

I am unable to get KDE4 running properly, after updating my sources list to this


I figured it was a problem with my nvidia drivers not being installed. This is what I did to install my nvidia drivers.


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Debian Multimedia :: Controlling Sound - Duplicate Sliders / Wrong Output

Mar 8, 2016

I'm using Debian Jessie, KDE 4.14.2. At some point over the last 6 months or so a couple of related problems appeared on my desktop...

1) Sometimes sound appears not to be working and I have to go to change the output device to get this to work (right click on kmix, audio setup, hardware setup, device conguration dropdown to change between analog output and speaker.. -see screenshot [URL] ....). This is often a problem but is particularly a problem if I boot up with a headphone/speaker plugged into the jack...then if I remove this, it doesn't output to the laptop built-in speakers unless I change the settings.

What I want it to do is fairly straightforward, I just want it to use the laptop speakers when nothing is plugged in, but use headphone/external speaker output if i put something in the headphone jack.

2) I have lots of sliders when I click on kmix in my taskbar - I don't really understand what all of these do, they seem like duplicates...and also, sometimes sliders for specific applications seem to behave independently, defaulting to very quiet, or so on - generally behaving strangely! see: [URL] .... for a screenshot.

Similarly, when I click the button to go to mixer, I get multiple duplicate tabs, some with lots of sliders again - some with none: [URL] ...., [URL] ...., and [URL] .....

I also have a problem, much more minor, but perhaps related: when I'm playing music in banshee, if I reduce volume using the system volume (keyboard shortcuts/ kmix), it goes down in banshee...but doesn't go back up again. so if i mute system sound then unmute it, banshee stays muted and i have to use the specific setting within banshee...

I'm not sure where these problems came from as it all previously worked fine within kde for me. Perhaps i messed something up intentionally or perhaps an update caused this ...

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Debian Multimedia :: Alsa, Pulseaudio, ION2 & HDMI Sound Output?

Apr 29, 2011

I have recently acquired a Lenovo Q150 machine and attempting to use it as a HTPC. I've been reading that with this platform a newer kernel is required to make wireless, sound and a few other tweaks work correctly--so I bumped up to testing repositories to upgrade to the 2.6.38 kernel.[URL]...

The audio on this device has been more than a pain. I'm currently using XBMC to play media on this device and after setting the outputs to custom: plughw:1,9 sound is played correctly. I found this out by using alsamixer, selecting the sound card with the F6 key (Nvidia 1) unmutting all outputs, quiting, and running speaker-test -D plughw:1,X where X is the sub-device from the output of aplay -l until sound could be heard from the receiver.

Now my problem is that applications like mplayer, and iceweasel won't output any sound. I'd prefer not to use the optical out on the device and would like to send sound over HDMI. Has anyone had any luck getting it to work as it should?

I've also installed pulseaudio, not too sure if this is really needed. I've also used module assistant before upgrading to compile alsa from source, it worked but i just decided to upgrade the kernel instead of dealing with m-a every time an update comes through. Linux floppy 2.6.38-2-amd64 #1 SMP Thu Apr 7 04:28:07 UTC 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux

apt-cache policy alsa-base
Installed: 1.0.23+dfsg-2
Candidate: 1.0.23+dfsg-3


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Hardware :: Unable To Get Audio Output - Debian 5.0.6?

Nov 13, 2010

I am honestly uncertain if I ever had audio. I thought I did, but that may have been a different machine or a different install. I don't frequentl use anything that requires audio. Nothing is obviously muted, amixer has everthing turned up at least half way.



00:00.0 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8378 [KM400/A] Chipset Host Bridge
00:01.0 PCI bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8237/VX700 PCI Bridge
00:08.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394): Texas Instruments TSB12LV26 IEEE-1394 Controller (Link)


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sound Output - Get HDMI Audio Output To My TV

Jan 25, 2011

Running 10.10 and win 7 on my HP dv6-2150us laptop and I'm having a few issues.

First how do I get HDMI audio output to my TV? I think I have just a integrated Intel graphics card. It works fine in windows but I can't seem to get it to work in Ubuntu. I tried searching but couldn't find anything pertaining to this issue.

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Ubuntu :: Audio Output Will Not Output Sound To Speakers?

Jul 19, 2011

I don't know anything about ubuntu. Could you guys help me out. I'm pretty knowledgeable with windows if you guys need a printout of something let me know. My friends getting really frustrated about this. Help!!i

So here's the situation. He plugs his audio jack into his computer and then into the speakers but it still plays from the computer speakers.

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Debian Hardware :: HDMI Output Not Working Correctly

Jun 19, 2014

I've been having problems with my hdmi output not working since I first installed debian on my laptop(probably 2 years now). The reason the output wasn't working is because I can't turn my onboard graphics off in my bios. So I had a bright idea, why don't I just blacklist the i915 driver?

So I did, I updated the initramfs and restarted my computer. It started up showed the startup sequence on my laptop screen, my dell monitor (vga output) and on the tv (hdmi output) but then the start up sequence froze on the hdmi output while the other 2 screens continued to work. I do lspci -v and the i915 driver still shows up for the vga controller.

I don't have the nvidia drivers setup and I don't have an xorg.conf setup at the moment because I get the no screens error when I do. What should I do?

previous stuff : [URL] .... <--- I have no clue how I got the hdmi output working when I posted that thread.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Sound Altough Alsa Mixer Seems To Indicate That Sound Card Works Properly

Nov 6, 2010

I have installed xubuntu version 10. My sound card is a Yamaha dS-1S, and seems to be properly configured. Alsa mixer doesn't indicates any error. However, I can't manage to get any sound. I have checked that jacks are correctly plugged.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Get Sound Working Correctly

Sep 3, 2010

I have been unable to get my sound in Ubuntu working correctly. I have followed ALL the steps in the Community SoundTroubleshooting page, the Sound Solutions Guide forum post, and the Ubuntu Wiki, among many other troubleshooting instructions and forum posts. I've even completely purging ALL my sound-related software and reinstalling, but no luck. The problem I've been having is one that seems to plague many Ubuntu users, but whose solution seems to be relatively undocumented, if it exists. That is, the sound often seems to stop working when a continuous audio stream is active or when a video stream is running (flash, mpeg, ogg, you name it). This is even apparent in the Ubuntu startup, where the default startup theme is often choppy on load (though I attribute this particular instance to be due to high CPU usage on startup.)

I've spent a LOT of meticulous time trying to figure out EXACTLY what is causing it, and I'm only taking to these forums after MONTHS of research and failed investigation. It doesn't necessarily seem to be a CPU-activity related error, as the sound often will cut out just playing MP3 or WAV files with almost no CPU usage. On the other hand, it doesn't really seem to be a specific software-related error, as uninstalling PulseAudio or reinstalling ALSA seems to have little-to-no effect on the problem. To date, no program has been immune from this error.....

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Sound Output But Device Shows Up In Sound Prefs?

May 8, 2011

I have a fresh install of Natty and i'm having some issues getting sound to work. My laptop has a built in sound card which works just fine. However, i also have a usb 5.1 sound card which isn't working at all. Both devices show up in 'Sound Preferences' but when i select the 5.1 device as the output device sound doesnt work. I ran the script and the output can be found here.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Change The Sound To The USB Headset (sound Output) The Webcam Does Not Work In Skype

Jun 21, 2010

I am using a USB headset and a logitech QuickCam Pro 4000 with Ubuntu 10.04

1. When I change the sound to internal sound the webcam works in Skype but I have not sound.
2. When I change the sound to the USB headset (sound output) the webcam does not work in Skype.

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Hardware :: No Sound On Headphone's Jack - Normal Sound Output OK?

Feb 16, 2009

I have installed Fedora 10-x86_64. I was happy and content with the distribution. Earlier, I found that there is no sound on my headphone's jack where as the normal sound output from my laptops's speakers is OK. I fiddled with the available mixers but couldnt get anything. There seem to be 5 different mixers (HDA, ALSA, OSS), 3 for the playback and 2 for the capture.

I am using an acer 4530 laptop. It has a nvidia Nforce MCP77 chipset. and the o/p lsmod| grep snd :


I did a alsa-info and upload the details at:[url]

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Debian :: Unable To Get Sound On 5.0.3?

Jan 22, 2010

I have loaded Debian 5.0.3 onto my desktop and have no sound at all. I've completely removed and re-installed ALSA, OSS, everything to no avail. Computer is a Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P MB with AMD Phenom @ 3.4 Ghz and 4 Gb memory. Machine is dual boot with Win XP and sound works fine for Windows. I've tried the on board sound (Realtek 888) and an old PCI board. Both work ok on Windows but nothing at all on Debian.

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Software :: Unable To Get Sound On Debian

Nov 11, 2010

I just installed a fresh install of Debian on my machine, and I have this very weird problem. If I run a song in rhythmbox, it just crashes, after 10 to 50 seconds. The only solution is to run:

alsa force-reload

And this will get it working for another 10 to 50 seconds. I only have installed Google chrome ontop of my base install. So why is Debian not giving me sound? This should be a known problem, and hopefully with a known solution, because it seems the problem is everywhere on the net, but the solution is not...

I wanted to add 1 thing. And that is that I have 2 sound devices installed, both supporting alsa. 1 onboard, 1 pci card. The strange thing is that only from the pci card, I can hear sound out of the speakers (after replugging the jack in the back off course ). But if, after an alsa force-reload, only the onboard sound card is detected, it does play the whole song, but does not output any sound.

PS, I have a this sound card: [URL]

PS2: The PC is a AMD Athlon 3000+ with a rather old sound card...

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SUSE :: Unable To Boot Properly - System Is Unable To Read Startup Information From Hard Drive

Jan 19, 2011

I am running the latest suse release downloaded directly from their website. I ran the installation after buring the dvd and everything seemed to be working fine. after the installation i ran updates and used it for a little bit. When i shut it down that night and went to restart it I got an error that stated the OS wasnt there. I then went through the installation and everything and it retained the information from the installation before (web history etc.) but for some reason every time I reboot or shut it down the system is not able to read the startup information from the hard drive and will not come on without me re installing it.

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Debian :: Input Sound Not Working?

Jul 9, 2010

So I have this cable going from a cassette players "phones" jack to my computers input jack but there is no sound coming from my speakers though it did with Windows XP.

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