Fedora :: Use Gmail As The Default System Email Instead Of Thunderbird Or Evolution?

Jan 26, 2010

Is there any way to have Fedora use gmail as the default system email instead of thunderbird or evolution?

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General :: Escape From Evolution And Have Thunderbird Be My Default Email?

Feb 25, 2011

Fedora 14

When I started I took the defaults and ended up with Evolution.

I have never managed to get it set up to send. It and godaddy are on diffferent planets.

Having used Thunderbird in the past, I downloaded it and it automagically set itself up to send and receive.

So now I use Thunderbird - BUT - when I click on a link in an html page - the mailto macro sends me to something other than THunderbird - perhaps Evolution - and nothing gets sent.

So how do I tell the system that when i click a mailto in firefox I want Thunderbird?

PS I think I found it. In firefox - edit - preferences - applications tab - mmailto - it said Evolution. I changed it so say /usr/bin/thunderbird - will now test it.

YES - Seems that asking a question triggers my brain on how to resolve it. Sorry to waste your time.

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Ubuntu :: Some Email From Gmail Account Not Reaching Evolution?

Apr 8, 2010

I use evolution 2.26.1 on my jaunty machine. I have a couple of gmail accounts, and use pop3 to have that mail sent to evolution on my computer. All was fine until a few days ago. Then I noticed that I was no longer getting mail from my freecycle account sent to my machine. I went to the gmail web interface and saw that freecycle mail is still being sent to me. But gmail isn't passing it along to my evolution. The odd thing is, other mail from that gmail account *is* reaching evolution okay.

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Ubuntu :: Thunderbird / Evolution Email Not Working

Jan 30, 2011

Ive tried both Evolution and Thunderbird email, and i prefer Thunderbird, and they wont work, they wont retrieve my email from my email account (yahoo email) or even find the password and username right. Plz help, its kinda irritating.Ive also tried out Empathy IM and it wont work finding my facebook chat account, i havent tried it with anything else yet but its just not connecting.It says theres a network problem or the problems coming from facebook.

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Ubuntu :: Send Email Using Evolution - Could Not Connect To Smtp.gmail.com: Input/output Error

Sep 19, 2010

for like two weeks I have been trying to send email using evolution for some reason I always get the same Code: Could not connect to smtp.gmail.com: Input/output error

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General :: Email - Setup OWA/Outlook With Either Evolution Or Thunderbird 3?

Aug 30, 2010

We recently upgraded to Microsoft Exchange for our web mail. I've never had it setup for my desktop, I've always had to rely on a browser and access webmail. I'm trying to set it up on my Thunderbird 3 on Debian but it doesn't seem intuitive. I've also tried various ways in Evolution.


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Ubuntu :: Forwarding System Email Through External Gmail?

Jan 14, 2010

I have configured a command line (9.10) server to forward all the system email notices to an external Gmail account.

All is forwarding fine except, all the emails from root have a return email address of "root <myaccountname@gmail.com>".

I do not think that it is a big security issue but, I would prefer that the root emails were forwarded to an existing user account on the server and then forwarded to my external Gmail account. That way the return address would not say "root" within the address but rather "existinguser <myaccountname@gmail.com".

Anyone have a thought on this? Is exposing the "root" name within the return email address a serious security issue?

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Ubuntu :: Set Thunderbird As Default Email Client And Get It To Open With The Mail Icon?

Jul 28, 2010

How do I set Thunderbird to be my default email client, and make the little mail icon in the top menu bar?

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Ubuntu :: Kupfer & Default Email For Contacts In Evolution?

Jun 2, 2011

I'm using kupfer 2.06, which is a tremendous little piece of software. The hitch is that when I use the evolution plugin to compose a new message, I'm only provided one email address per contact. I'm wondering if there's a way to designate a default or primary email address for each contact or some other way to influence this behavior. Not sure if the key to the issue lies with kupfer, its evolution plugin, or evolution.

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OpenSUSE :: Allow Evolution Email Client To Automatically Unlock Default Keyring?

May 10, 2010

So I've tried finding a solution to this on my own for the past few days (believing it is a simple solution), but for the life of me I can't figure it out. I'm running 11.2 and I have Evolution as a start-up program and I have finally got my wireless working, so it connects automatically at start-up also. I figured out how to have network manager automatically unlock the default keyring, but...

Each time evolution starts up I am prompted to unlock the default keyring. How can I give Evolution permission / access to the default keyring automatically so it can check me email upon start-up without me having to type in my password?

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Fedora :: Error While Fetching Email. Evolution Version: Evolution 2.28.0

Apr 5, 2010

I had configured the evolution to send/recive email. After it had been configured, it could receive emails. Suddendly it can't fetch email anymore. In the inbox of evolution, there were about 200 emails. There are maybe 5K emails in the server, I guessed. I'm not sure whether it's the problem that there's one email in the server too big, so the evolution can not fetch it. The error of evolution is: error while fetching email. Evolution version: Evolution 2.28.0. OS version: Linux xxx2.6.32.9-70.fc12.i686.PAE #1 SMP Wed Mar 3 04:57:21 UTC 2010 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux I'm sure my network is fine, I use pop3 to receive email.

nslookup result:
$ nslookup pop3.163.com
Non-authoritative answer:
pop3.163.comcanonical name = pop.163.com.
pop.163.comcanonical name = pop3.163.idns.yeah.net.

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Fedora :: Fetchmail Can't Retrieve Email From Gmail

Dec 20, 2010

I use fedora 13 now. I want to try mutt, but I don't know how to make it work.so I search by Google, Then,I add a .fetchmailrc in my home directory as below:

set daemon 60
set logfile /home/kenifanying/.fetchlog
poll pop.gmail.com
protocol POP3
user "abc@gmail.com"
password "123456"
sslcertpath /home/kenifanying/.certs/

There are two files named gmail.pem and Equifax_Secure_CA.pem in ~/.certs/ I create these two files like this: First, I retrieve the Gmail certificate provided by the Gmail pop server: $ openssl s_client -connect pop.gmail.com:995 -showcerts


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Fedora :: Balsa And Gmail / Can Receive Email, But Can't Send?

Jul 12, 2010

Has anyone had success sending email with Balsa and Gmail. I can receive email, just can't send.

update. need to add the port to the server name.

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Fedora :: Add BCC To Thunderbird Or Evolution?

Feb 23, 2010

i finally tried to use a mail client other than gmail, and can't figure out how to Bcc someone. Evolution has a CC field, but i don't see how to make a Bcc field. Thunderbird doesn't show either one. Anyone know how to do this? Btw, it took me about 2 or 4 minutes to setup Evolution, but Thunderbird just asked for my email and password, and set itself up in seconds! I guess that i will be using Thunderbird, since it seems that they're not messing around.in thunderbird, once you already have an email address in the "To" field, you can click the "To:" label, and it opens a drop down menu, and then you can select Bcc.

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Fedora :: Replace Evolution With Thunderbird

Jun 11, 2011

I'm not a fan of Evolution. However, I like how it integrates with Gnome 3's UI. Is there a way to replace evolution with Thunderbird and still have it show the calendar when you click on the time?

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Fedora :: Import Mails From Evolution 2.28.3 Into Mozilla Thunderbird 3.x?

May 24, 2010

I like to import mails from Evolution 2.28.3 into Mozilla Thunderbird 3.x. I guess I'll have to export them into mbox format. Correct ?

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Fedora :: F15 - Evolution Email Won't Start?

Jul 19, 2011

I set up a new machine w/ f15 this past weekend. Everything seems to work fine except Evolution.The first time I ran Evolution I restored my Evolution v2.3 (mbox) files that I had backed up from F13. I did this from the setup wizard so I actually never "opened" Evolution. The conversion to maildir appeared to go OK, and I can see the files in /home/oldan/.local/share/evolution/mail/local/cur. Each file (there are 17,000+) can be opened, so the data conversion is intact.

However, I am unable to open the application at all. In the GUI (KDE) I get a spinning icon that goes away in about 30 sec. From a command prompt as a regular user I get:[oldan@Fedora15-001 Documents]$ evolution (evolution:4822): Unique-GDBus-WARNING **: Error while sending message: Timeout was reached

As root I get[root@Fedora15-001 Documents]# evolution No protocol specified Cannot open display: Any one have a clue as to what might be happening?

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OpenSUSE :: Version Of Evolution - Running The Evolution Mail System Under Fedora - 15 / KDE

Jul 26, 2011

I've been running the Evolution mail system under Fedora-15/KDE for about a month now, and it has some very serious problems. I just noticed that it is available for SUSE, and figured that since KDE is the principal desktop supported by KDE the SUSE version may be fixed. Before I go through the very tedious process of getting the SUSE version to compile on Fedora, I'd like to know whether anyone has seen these problems with the SUSE version of Evolution:It ignores font control from the KDE Settings->Applications Appearance window, both KDE font control and GTK+ font control, also its own internal font control window.

It has trouble sending messages to an SMTP server, sometimes taking a l-o-n-g time, sometimes timing out. This can be temporarily cured by restarting it It crashes when a filter attempts to refile an outgoing message. It often asks if I want to recover messages that have never been lost. It often locks up receiving mail from a remote POP3 server. I can live with these, except for items 1 and 2, since I have workarounds. If you are fairly sure that you have not seen these problems with the SUSE version of Evolution

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Fedora :: Configure Incomming/outgoing Servers For Email/Thunderbird?

Nov 2, 2009

Basically i have no idea to provide proper information in the setup wizerd.

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Ubuntu :: Evolution Email - Intersperse Replies Into Quoted Email?

Apr 24, 2010

I use 'quoted' style for reply emails. I want to be able to intersperse my replies within a quoted reply i.e. if the email had three paragraphs, I'd like to be able to have my replies between each of the paragraphs. At the moment, I don't seem to be able to do anything other than delete from the quoted section - I try to simulate my requirements by cutting and then 'paste quotation', but this doesn't always work as sometimes Evolution adds too many levels of '> ' .

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Fedora :: Signature Doesn't Work In Evolution Email?

Sep 28, 2010

I am using Evolution 2.28.3 with Fedora 12. If I go to preferences and try to add a signature or signature script the textbox goes from slightly blue to white but I can't enter any text or paste anything in it. I also noticed that it won't let be check the box for signature above previous message.

Is it broken or am I missing something?

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Fedora :: F14 Evolution Email Notification Plugin Don't Work / Fix It?

Nov 13, 2010

I have a fresh installation of Fedora 14 and Evolution email notification plugin don't work. Someone else have this problem?

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Fedora :: Saving Email Addresses History In EVOLUTION

Mar 14, 2011

I have a simple question that I can't find the answer so far, I use Evolution email client witch is great, the only problem is that the client does not save previous email addresses so I have to enter them manually each time.

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Fedora :: F10 - Evolution Stopped Sending Email To Exchange Server

Jan 7, 2009

I am working happily with Fedora 8, evolution chatting happily to exchange 2003, calendar sync the works...impressed. This continued through Fedora 9 (though a little bumpy as all odd numbered Fedora releases are). On to Fedora 10, yes works a treat out of the box (DVD). A couple of updates to evolution later, through yumex (fedora updates), and evolution has stopped sending email to the exchange server. It's also touch and go whether I can read email using OWA.

On pressing 'Send/Receive' evolution pops the error,
Error while performing operation.
Exchange transport can only be used with Exchange mail source.
How could I back out these evolution updates?

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Fedora :: Evolution Email Links Will Not Open Firefox In12 - KDE

Feb 13, 2010

Have been trying to resolve this problem for hours using;

However on-click email link I get;

I am at a loss to get this working. I used thunderbird before with no issues, but needed a microsoft-exchange email server for my work account, supported by evolution.

Kernel Info;

KDE: 3.5.10-21.fc12 Fedora

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Fedora :: After Updating To Kernel- The Email (Thunderbird) Fails To Connect To The Pop-server

Jul 13, 2010

After updating to kernel-, my email (Thunderbird) fails to connect to the pop-server, and webpages (Firefox) load VERY slow, if at all.When I go back to kernel-, I have no problem at all.Network chipset: RTL8180

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General :: Download Sent Messages Out Of Gmail Into Thunderbird?

Jan 25, 2010

Any way to get my sent messages out of gmail into my thunderbird. Right now it's getting my incoming messages perfectly using POP but I'm not syncing to my sent messages which is an issue because I have a lot of important stuff in my sent mail inside of gmail. Before I had it all in thunderbird (don't remember how) but I decided to try thunderbird 3 (couldn't keep it because calendar kept screwing up) so I downgraded and now I can't get those messages to show up again. I checked gmail and those sent messages are still there.

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Ubuntu :: Force Thunderbird To Ask Me For My Gmail Password At Startup?

Oct 19, 2010

I just downloaded Thunderbird 3.1.4 and I think I found a security hole.

Whenever I open Thunderbird, it does not ask me to authenticate my account (not asking for a password)

Is this a bug/security hole or something?

How can I force Thunderbird to ask me for my gmail password at startup?
Oh!!! and where can I report this security hole?

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Ubuntu :: Evolution & Gmail Won't Connect

Jul 24, 2010

I've spent ages trying to get evolution & Gmail to talk to each other. Whenever I press Send/receive it tries then I get 'Error while Scanning folders in "IMAP server imap.gmail.com" '. I've tried changing the ports etc, deleting the account from evolution and redoing it. I've looked thru various forums and walkthroughs. I've checked that the right password is stored in the keyring. I'm sure all my settings are right, but evolution can neither sync with my inbox nor send emails.

I have synced my google contacts and calendar with evolution, however. I use my Gmail on a variety of devices so I don't want to use POP and in any case SMTP isn't working either. I'm running ubuntu 10.04 on an acer 5738 thru a not particularly fast ADSL connection.

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Software :: Always Failed To Use Evolution For Gmail?

Mar 18, 2010

I follow the introduction like the web page, want to set up gmail for Evolution.But When I try to send or receive a mail,it always failed.Check the debug logs,showing:Could not connect to pop serverCould not connect to smtp serverCould anyone know what I should check ,in this machine I can connect internet no problem.

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