Fedora :: Can Sync Tomboy Notes To Ubuntu

Jun 16, 2011

I would like to keep my Tomboy notes synced between my home computer and the LiveUSB I'm using at the classroom. I used to sync them to Ubuntu one back when I used Ubuntu, but now that I'm using Fedora their server doesn't seem to respond.Is there a way that I can sync the notes, either using Ubuntu one or any other solution?

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Ubuntu :: Tomboy Notes Sync To Ubuntu One With 10.04?

Nov 9, 2010

At home I run 10.10 and set it up last night to sync to Ubuntu one. I figured this would be handy since I often work in the evenings on work projects while at home. My work laptop is 10.04, and I'd prefer to keep it that way with it being an LTS and all, as stable as 10.10 seems to be.Problem is within the Tomboy preference menu I don't see a way to sync my notes to Ubuntu One. I even got the latest PPA, but no dice.

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Ubuntu :: Names Tomboy Notes Application Gives To Notebooks And Notes?

Mar 21, 2011

Can anyone tell me what names the tomboy notes application gives to its notebooks and notes? Not the file format (xml) I found that on the web, but the filenames and directory where it stores things.

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Fedora :: Removed Tomboy Notes From System Startup?

Oct 20, 2009

I've removed Tomboy notes from the startup applications by accident :-( I've tried to re add it again by typing in tomboy in the command area, but when the system starts up, the main window for tomboy notes opens up & when i close the main window tomboy shuts down.How can I get it the way it was before, just a icon in the notification area on system start up?take a look at the system start up command for Tomboy Notes and post it I know the command tomboy notes use in the applications menu * it's Tomboy* but I can't remember the code in the start up applications or system start up command to get it just a icon in the notification area without the main window opening up every time I start gnome,

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Ubuntu :: Copy Old Notes From My Old Disk To New Disk - Where Does Tomboy Saves Notes ?

Jan 14, 2010

i have switched disks and i want to copy my old notes from my old disk to new disk.so which folder does tomboy saves data so i can copy them over?

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Ubuntu One :: Cannot View Notes Via Web And Sync Notes

Mar 14, 2010

I'm getting a "Server Error Something has gone wrong (500)" when i try to access the notes page for several days now. When will it be OK?

Bug report:[URL]

Just now:

Something has gone wrong (500) This is a robot

We've recorded this problem and it will get investigated with the logs. If this problem is urgent, please file a bug report and include this number: OOPS-ID-1534appserver79128

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Ubuntu :: Moving Tomboy Notes From 10.04 To 10.10?

Feb 10, 2011

My laptop has 10.4 and desktop has 10.10.My HD is damaged due a power surge. However, I was lucky to access my ubuntu home directory. How can I move my Tomboy notes from my laptop to desktop.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Synchronize Tomboy Notes ?

Apr 29, 2011

How to sync notes to Dropbox, but after the upgrade to 11.04, I can't get Tomboy to sync.

I get the same error as here: [url]

Where the details panel is blank.

But I don't know what hidden file he's talking about. When I press ctrl+h in all the Tomboy folders, nothing comes out, but there are a few manifest.xml files.

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Ubuntu :: How To Recover TomBoy Notes

Jun 10, 2011

Installing 11.04 has been a disaster.

I had backed up by copying my /home file to an external hard drive, but will that save notes in TomBoy?

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Ubuntu :: Where Does Tomboy Notes Store Data

Jan 30, 2010

After a prolonged absence, version 4.10, I have started dabbling with Ubuntu again. It was a HDD crashing that sent me down this path. Needless to say, the ability to backup my user data to a second HDD is an important task to me. I'm currently using Back in Time to accomplish this and all is well. However, there is one thing missing. I can't locate my Tomboy Notes data within the file system. I expected to see a "hidden" folder in my /home, but do not. Where this information is stored so I can back it up as well?

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Ubuntu :: Tomboy Notes Startup In Background?

Apr 30, 2010

Is there a way to make Tomboy Notes startup in the background when Ubuntu is lunched? I added the command "tomboy --search" to startup applications and whenever Ubuntu starts, Tomboy Notes opens the [Search All Notes] window.

In the previous Ubuntu version, I used to use the Tomboy Notes applet from (Add to Panel) and it used to startup without opening any windows. This method still work on Ubuntu 10.04, but I liked the new icon for Tomboy Notes that appears in the status bar.

Is there a way I can do that?

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Find Where Tomboy Notes Are Located

Nov 9, 2010

I cannot find where tomboy notes are located im trying to change from one comp to another, i have already seen the thread that says they are in ~/.tomboy ".note" files but they are no where to be found and neither is that file?

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Ubuntu One :: Update Tomboy Notes From Local To Webserver?

May 1, 2010

It's always update my local file from web server,which is not my want it.I have beem overwrited by web server many times.It's made me so mad.Is there any way to just only update webserver from local and keep my local files original?

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Ubuntu :: Tomboy Notes Stored Outside Home Directory?

Jul 3, 2010

I want to store all my Tomboy notes not on the default directory but I want to put them on a shared partition (I'm dual booting Vista and Ubuntu 10.04). The scenario is that I want to keep the same notes accessible from both Vista and Ubuntu 10.04). So I created a directory on the shared partition (FAT32 partition): /media/STORAGE/Tomboy_notes and store the notes there. On its website, it says "On any operating system, you can override the location of the note directory by setting the TOMBOY_PATH environment variable" but unfortunately I don't know how to do it (I'm blind on this thing).

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Ubuntu :: Syncing Tomboy Notes To Multiple Locations?

Sep 3, 2010

Is there a way to sync Tomboy notes to multiple locations? I would like to be able to sync them to my UbuntuOne account and at the same time to my local NFS server, but from the looks of it Tomboy only lets you choose one location for syncing. Maybe there's a workaround for this or something?

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General :: Closest Equivalent To Tomboy Notes On Mac OSX?

Jun 26, 2011

This was the most useful program I had under Ubuntu and I miss it greatly; evernote is bloated and complicated. Is there something like tomboy for the mac? Bonus points for iphone sync.

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Ubuntu One :: Tomboy Syncs - And Promptly Deletes All My Local Notes

Jan 14, 2010

I attempted to sync Tomboy notes with Ubuntu One, the process claimed to be successful - and deleted all the notes on my computer, with no warning at all. Thankfully I had just backed things up yesterday...

I'm running Karmic, the Tomboy is version 1.0.0, and the Ubuntu One client is 1.0.2 (I think).

A little while ago I was having problems with Tomboy syncing with Ubuntu One at all. Then things worked, but I ran into problems with the program declaring that the notes online were newer than my local ones - which was certainly not the case, as I only use my Ubuntu One account with a single computer. Some of the notes were conflicting, though there were also problems with templates (probably something similar to this bug here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone...rs/+bug/502017).

So I deleted all the notes, manually, on the Ubuntu One site, thinking this would help. It certainly didn't help with my template problem, and now when I sync it declares "Synchronization is complete, 32 notes updated. Your notes are now up to date." - and lists all of my notes stating that they were deleted locally! And indeed they are.

If I go online and look at Ubuntu One, the notes tab simply says: "You have no notes (yet!)." I tried to see if this was recurring, and it is. Every time all my notes are deleted.

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Ubuntu :: Tomboy Notes Won't Open - How To Open It

Mar 11, 2010

I've been using Tomboy Notes on Mac and, when I recently came over to Ubuntu, was thrilled that I could use it still. However, it quit working. I cannot open it in the Applications Menu, I can't open it via terminal (this is what I get if I try:

brasel@sonny:~$ tomboy -new note
(/usr/lib/tomboy/Tomboy.exe:7009): GLib-WARNING **: g_set_prgname() called multiple times
/usr/share/themes/Human/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:85: Murrine configuration option "gradients" is no longer supported and will be ignored.


I can't open it at all.I don't have a .tomboy file in my /home directory, or in my /home/brasel directory. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, I even cleaned out my computer via the computer janitor and it still wouldn't re-install and run.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Release Notes Flash Player 10.2 Release Notes?

Feb 9, 2011

release notes Flash Player 10.2 Release Notes

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Fedora :: Firefox Sync Can't Sync Well Under F13

Jun 3, 2010

It seems that selinux has stop weav to sync the bookmarks.I followed the fix code as SELinux suggested,but it can't work.Does anyone know how to solve it?

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Fedora :: F13 - Gnote Not Importing F12 Notes

Jul 5, 2010

Virgin install of F13. Rsync (copy) notes from backup harddisk of F12 to /home/bill/.gnote. Release notes say "Notes stored in previous versions are automatically migrated from .gnote to .local/share/gnote in the users home directory." Nothing is migrating anywhere. Before I start messing about. I have I missed something dumb?

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Fedora :: How To Share Gnote Notes Between Two Computers

Jul 22, 2010

I would like to share gnote notes between two computers. The documentation talks about synchronizing with a server, but there are no synchronization menu options as the manual suggests. Is is possible to either synchronize notes between two computers or at least export notes from one computer and copy to another? This seems incredibly simple and basic but surprisingly I can't find a way to do it.

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Fedora :: Gnote Removed - Programs Still Takes Notes

Jun 19, 2010

There's a Gnote icon on the panel. I removed the application using the add/remove software GUI
(System-> Administration->Add/Remove Software)

When I click on the panel icon, the un-installed programme opens up. I removed the application using the terminal. When I click on the panel icon, the un-installed program opens up. How can I get rid of it?
# find Gnote (or gnote) doesn't find anything, but the program still takes notes.

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Ubuntu One :: Sync Chewing Up CPU Cycles - Using From 50-80% Long After Any Sync-able Files

Sep 10, 2010

I've got Ubuntu One syncing a single 25MB folder on 4 computers. On one of these computers, the ubuntuone-syncdaemon process constantly pegs the CPU, using from 50-80% long after any sync-able files have been modified and successfully synced. The process is only using 8.9MB of RAM.

Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid)
Kernel 2.6.32-24-generic
1000.8 MB RAM
Pentium 4 2.53GHz
Free disk space: 280.9 GB
System monitor shows 56.8% total RAM usage, 15.4% swap file usage.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Sync Audio On Already Badly Out Of Sync Video?

Jul 9, 2011

Audio sync method. "Stretches/squeezes" the audio stream to match the timestamps, the parameter is the maximum samples per second by which the audio is changed. -async 1 is a special case where only the start of the audio stream is corrected without any later correction.Searching the net makes one believe that this command is just some sort of magic.People just put it in the line and it just works. Isn't that nice?

It says nothing about how to change the TIME the audio starts syncing. Like do I want it to start 5 seconds delayed? Or what about 5 seconds sooner?What if the audio gets more out of sync as the video goes on? Can I slip it a little at a time? What? No magic?No one mentions a file that already has badly synced audio.So what -async 1 really does is simply start the audio at the beginning of the file. LIKE AS IF THAT ISN'T STANDARD PROCEDURE?So what is the exact solution to syncing a messed up video? And why can't it just do the proper "timestamp" sync in the first place?No docs, no info and you are left out in the cold.

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OpenSUSE :: Sync Pim Data With Palm Treo 680 Via Bluetooth - Jpilot Sync Suddenly Broken

Oct 24, 2010

I use jpilot on opensuse 11.3 64bit to sync pim data with my Palm Treo 680 via bluetooth. This worked fine until today. Now I get the following error message when I try to sync: Syncing on device bt: Press the HotSync button now dlp_ReadSysInfo error Exiting with status YNC_ERROR_PI_CONNECT Finished.

The last successfull sync was on the 20th October and today is the 24th October. I did not change any settings in jpilot or on my palm device. So I guess there must have been an update of opensuse which causes this error. But I do not now how to look up the updates during this period or how to undo them. Was there an update between the 20th and the 24th Oktober, which might affect either jpilot or bluetooth functionality?

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General :: Sync Thunderbird Contacts Between Computers, Like Firefox Sync?

Sep 19, 2011

I've discovered Firefox Sync a while ago, and it's absolutely awesome. Now of course I'd like most of my software to work this way! So is there a way to get the same behavior with Thunderbird?

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Ubuntu :: Tomboy Does Not Launch?

Jan 6, 2010

I am attempting to use tomboy and it does not launch giving me the following:
~$ tomboy

(/usr/lib/tomboy/Tomboy.exe:3602): GLib-WARNING **: g_set_prgname() called multiple times
(/usr/lib/tomboy/Tomboy.exe:3602): GLib-WARNING **: g_set_prgname() called multiple times [INFO]: Initializing Mono.Addins


installing all the packages again without comment or error, but the problem persists with exactly the same error as above.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Add Tomboy To Panel In 10.04

May 3, 2010

I upgraded to 10.04, but now I cannot add tomboy to the panel. Each time I try I get this error message: The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:TomboyApplet".

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Ubuntu One :: Deleted Tomboy Still In Desktopchurch

May 10, 2010

Are there any reason why deleted tomboy notes still can be found in the desktopchurch database?

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