Ubuntu One :: Deleted Tomboy Still In Desktopchurch

May 10, 2010

Are there any reason why deleted tomboy notes still can be found in the desktopchurch database?

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Ubuntu :: Deleted Files On USB Drive Not Actually Deleted?

Jun 7, 2010

I searched the forum with various terms and didn't find anything, so my apologies if this is a common and/or newbie problem.It seems that when I have a USB driveplugged in to switch the files around, those that I delete are still taking up space. I first noticed it with a Chinese MP3 player and thought it was the player being crappy. I could still play all the songs that were supposedly gone. Today, I noticed it with a little thumb drive that I've had for years. I plugged it into my husband's computer running winXP, and the files showed up in a weird, unusable form. I was able to delete them for real.

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Ubuntu :: Tomboy Does Not Launch?

Jan 6, 2010

I am attempting to use tomboy and it does not launch giving me the following:
~$ tomboy

(/usr/lib/tomboy/Tomboy.exe:3602): GLib-WARNING **: g_set_prgname() called multiple times
(/usr/lib/tomboy/Tomboy.exe:3602): GLib-WARNING **: g_set_prgname() called multiple times [INFO]: Initializing Mono.Addins


installing all the packages again without comment or error, but the problem persists with exactly the same error as above.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Add Tomboy To Panel In 10.04

May 3, 2010

I upgraded to 10.04, but now I cannot add tomboy to the panel. Each time I try I get this error message: The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:TomboyApplet".

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Ubuntu :: Start Tomboy In Tray?

May 31, 2010

I'm trying to start tomboy in the tray, but every time it starts the "Search all notes" window pops up...

How can I stop it from doing this?

If I don't have it running and run command tomboy, it starts in tray fine, running again brings up the search all notes window... If I put tomboy in the startup preferences, it acts as if it's been called twice (But if it's not in there it doesn't run at all)

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Ubuntu One :: Need To Access Tomboy Bkup

Jan 28, 2011

I am a long-time ubuntu user, but today I installed Debian on my netbook, just because I wasn't happy anymore with Ubuntu.So the install went OK, but now I remember that all my Tomboy notes are on my Ubuntu One acct.So, I ask you.can you teach me how to access my Ubuntu One acct if I don't have Ubuntu anymore.I'm only concerned about my Tomboy backup.

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Ubuntu :: Tomboy Crashes For No Reason

Jan 30, 2011

My tomboy always ran very fluently until one day I tried the tomboy-image patch. When I tried to resize a big image in my note, tomboy crashed. This was the first time I experienced tomboy crashed. I felt bothered. As a result, I removed the tomboy-image. Later on, sometimes I clicked on a link to another note or when I clicked on a note and then tomboy crashed. It is not very often but bothered me a lot. Especially after I kill the process, I can't reopen it right away. I have to wait a while. I don't know if it relates to the installation of tomboy-image or not? Since I already remove it, how can it still in effect? Or tomboy normally acts not that fluent when the amount of notes become larger? (I have 6xx notes so far).

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Ubuntu :: Tomboy Crashes When Started?

Feb 9, 2011

When I start Tomboy the applet comes up on the task bar and then it crashes.

I have tried re-installing Tomboy and Mono but it still happens.

I ran Tomboy --debug in the terminal and this is the output:

at Mono.Addins.Serialization.BinaryXmlReader.Skip () <0x00068>
at Mono.Addins.Serialization.BinaryXmlReader.Skip () <0x00068>
at Mono.Addins.Serialization.BinaryXmlReader.Skip () <0x00068>
at Mono.Addins.Serialization.BinaryXmlReader.Skip () <0x00068>


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Ubuntu :: Moving Tomboy Notes From 10.04 To 10.10?

Feb 10, 2011

My laptop has 10.4 and desktop has 10.10.My HD is damaged due a power surge. However, I was lucky to access my ubuntu home directory. How can I move my Tomboy notes from my laptop to desktop.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Synchronize Tomboy Notes ?

Apr 29, 2011

How to sync notes to Dropbox, but after the upgrade to 11.04, I can't get Tomboy to sync.

I get the same error as here: [url]

Where the details panel is blank.

But I don't know what hidden file he's talking about. When I press ctrl+h in all the Tomboy folders, nothing comes out, but there are a few manifest.xml files.

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Ubuntu One :: Bookmarks And Tomboy Not Syncing, 11.04?

May 21, 2011

I've used Ubuntu one for file syncing on my work and home computer (started on 10.10 only recently upgraded to 11.04, work is XP) and while it seems a tad slow in syncing it worked okay. Though I've used alternatives because they seem more responsive.

Well I've recently upgraded to 11.04 on my comp at home and installed 11.04 on my lappy (new install). Both are 64-bit version of Ubuntu. Thought I'd start using the other sync features and see how it fairs.

Well files appear to be okay (though I haven't tested it thoroughly yet), but I cannot get firefox bookmarks or tomboy to sync at all. I've searched through the forums but it appears to be only comments about it not working, I've yet to see anyone with a solution. I've checked out .cache/ubuntuone/log and all the syncdeamon exception logs are empty. I also just threw a file into the Ubuntu One folder and it synced damn fast. so it appears the only issues is with the bookmarks and notes.

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Ubuntu :: How To Recover TomBoy Notes

Jun 10, 2011

Installing 11.04 has been a disaster.

I had backed up by copying my /home file to an external hard drive, but will that save notes in TomBoy?

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Fedora :: Can Sync Tomboy Notes To Ubuntu

Jun 16, 2011

I would like to keep my Tomboy notes synced between my home computer and the LiveUSB I'm using at the classroom. I used to sync them to Ubuntu one back when I used Ubuntu, but now that I'm using Fedora their server doesn't seem to respond.Is there a way that I can sync the notes, either using Ubuntu one or any other solution?

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Ubuntu :: Draw A Picture That Will Show Up In Tomboy?

Jan 26, 2010

Is there a way to draw a picture that will show up in tomboy?

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Ubuntu :: Where Does Tomboy Notes Store Data

Jan 30, 2010

After a prolonged absence, version 4.10, I have started dabbling with Ubuntu again. It was a HDD crashing that sent me down this path. Needless to say, the ability to backup my user data to a second HDD is an important task to me. I'm currently using Back in Time to accomplish this and all is well. However, there is one thing missing. I can't locate my Tomboy Notes data within the file system. I expected to see a "hidden" folder in my /home, but do not. Where this information is stored so I can back it up as well?

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Ubuntu One :: Special Characters In One Tomboy Web View?

Apr 15, 2010

Just a small issue:I have a note in Tomboy called "Today's tasks".When I access the synchronised note on Ubuntu One, in the tabbed view it is called:"Today's tasks"Perhaps someone working on this would like to investigate it.

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Ubuntu :: Tomboy Notes Startup In Background?

Apr 30, 2010

Is there a way to make Tomboy Notes startup in the background when Ubuntu is lunched? I added the command "tomboy --search" to startup applications and whenever Ubuntu starts, Tomboy Notes opens the [Search All Notes] window.

In the previous Ubuntu version, I used to use the Tomboy Notes applet from (Add to Panel) and it used to startup without opening any windows. This method still work on Ubuntu 10.04, but I liked the new icon for Tomboy Notes that appears in the status bar.

Is there a way I can do that?

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Ubuntu :: Linking To External URLs In Tomboy?

Jul 18, 2010

Is there any way to embed a URL to an external web page in the text of a tomboy note, in the same way that other notes are linked to? I know I can just pates the URL into the note and have it link out, but when the link is over a hundred characters long (not kidding) then that stops being an option.

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Ubuntu :: Tomboy - Gnome Shell Conflict

Oct 19, 2010

I've updated to Maverick and I'm running Gnome Shell at login, the version from the repos.

My problem is that Tomboy in the tray does does not list the titles of my notes. There's just the yellow note icon. The rest of the text (Synchronize, Preferences, etc) all work normally.

If I log in to the normal Ubuntu desktop, there is no problem with Tomboy.

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Ubuntu :: Tomboy Global Hotkeys Not Working In 10.10?

Oct 27, 2010

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10 (all the way from 8.04) and I can't seem to get Tomboys global hotkey bindings to work. In addition to Tomboys own settings, I have been messing with gconf-editor, but had no success there either. All I need is Alt+F11 combination to open the default note and I have no idea where to go next

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Find Where Tomboy Notes Are Located

Nov 9, 2010

I cannot find where tomboy notes are located im trying to change from one comp to another, i have already seen the thread that says they are in ~/.tomboy ".note" files but they are no where to be found and neither is that file?

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Ubuntu :: How To Completely Remove Tomboy And All Its Associated Files

Dec 16, 2010

I used synaptic package manager to remove tomboy notes and marked it for complete removal. But when I typed "locate tomboy" in the terminal window there were over 50 folders or files listed. Is there a single command I can use to remove all these or do they have to be deleted one by one.

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Ubuntu :: Patched Version Of Tomboy Not Compiling?

Mar 11, 2011

I grabbed a pacthed version of tomboy from this in order to use tomboy Task manager addin created by the same developers I guess. Well I managed with the

scripts until I came up with a valid make file. I later ran


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Software :: Tomboy Alternative On KDE 4?

Mar 19, 2011

I used to use tomboy in Gnome, now a changed to KDE 4, and i want to use tomboy, but it needs a lot of gnome libraries (~300MB), so i don't want to install it.

Is there some GUI for tomboy in qt?, or Is there some kde application that uses the same note files of tomboy and can sinchronize the data online?

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Ubuntu One :: Update Tomboy Notes From Local To Webserver?

May 1, 2010

It's always update my local file from web server,which is not my want it.I have beem overwrited by web server many times.It's made me so mad.Is there any way to just only update webserver from local and keep my local files original?

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Ubuntu :: Start Tomboy Minimized To Gnome Panel?

Jun 24, 2010

I'd like to start Tomboy (the sticky-note application) at start-up but have it minimized to the Gnome panel. I tried adding tomboy to System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications, but then Tomboy opens up in full-screen mode. Then I tried adding tomboy-panel instead, but that doesn't seem to do anything at all. What's the trick I'm missing?

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Ubuntu :: Tomboy Notes Stored Outside Home Directory?

Jul 3, 2010

I want to store all my Tomboy notes not on the default directory but I want to put them on a shared partition (I'm dual booting Vista and Ubuntu 10.04). The scenario is that I want to keep the same notes accessible from both Vista and Ubuntu 10.04). So I created a directory on the shared partition (FAT32 partition): /media/STORAGE/Tomboy_notes and store the notes there. On its website, it says "On any operating system, you can override the location of the note directory by setting the TOMBOY_PATH environment variable" but unfortunately I don't know how to do it (I'm blind on this thing).

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Ubuntu One :: Forces Separate Device For Tomboy Authorization

Jul 29, 2010

Before I submit a bug, I wanted to see if anyone can tell me why this happens. When I first start using UO, it requested that I add my computer to my UO account. I entered the name of my machine, ie. "desktop-name". Once I did that, the music store worked properly, and I was able to use the Evolution Contacts sync and regular files in the ~/UbuntuOne folder. These all showed up in my web interface.

Now, when I set up Tomboy to sync with UO (Tomboy Web), it sends me to the Confirm Computer Access page again, asking me to put in my device name again. So I enter again "desktop-name" and it logs in and Tomboy syncs. The problem is that two devices now show up under Machines, and also under System > Preferences > UbuntuOne > Devices. I've tried deleting both devices, and starting from scratch as described here but it always does the same thing.

Is there a reason I must have two devices listed when I'm on the same system? Has anyone else noticed this? FWIW, each confirmation request lists a different token, it just seems that once I have authorized my system, that all the sync connections should auth under the same credentials.

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Ubuntu :: Syncing Tomboy Notes To Multiple Locations?

Sep 3, 2010

Is there a way to sync Tomboy notes to multiple locations? I would like to be able to sync them to my UbuntuOne account and at the same time to my local NFS server, but from the looks of it Tomboy only lets you choose one location for syncing. Maybe there's a workaround for this or something?

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Ubuntu :: Tomboy Links For Folder Names With Spaces?

Oct 20, 2010

The title should be clear enough. I'm sure its bad practice, but I have loads of folder names with spaces in them. In the terminal I would use the backslash e.g. /home/me/D O C S/More DocumentsBut how do I get Tomboy to recognize the link?

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