Ubuntu :: Program To Edit A .dat File For R4 Card?

Mar 24, 2010

ive been looking for a program to edit a .dat file for my r4 card thats used on my nintendo ds does anyone know anythign that

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Ubuntu :: Edit File Inside It, Open It, Edit A File, Then Remake The Bin File?

Mar 3, 2011

I have a linux.img image for ubuntu.I want to edit file inside it, how can open it, edit a file, then remake the bin file?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Cant Edit Raw Files With Any Program?

Apr 15, 2010

I haven't put this in the forums for any of the separate programs, because im having the same problem in all of them, im thinking maybe its a problem elsewhere?I recently got a Canon DSLR. It can save in Raw format, I use this function. Canons Raw format is "Whatever.CR2"F spot viewer and all editor programs see then and 'preview' them with no problem. The images appear to have no problem until you load them into GIMP (with UFRAW) UFRAW standalone, RAWStudio etc.

They load, but only as a small vertical rectangle. Often very purple in colour.I thought maybe it was something wrong with just the way it looked, so I just loaded one, went save as (a jpeg) and then loaded it up, it loaded as a small picture of the same purple-haze bar.Have I done something wrong? I googled it, downloaded UFRaw, even Ubuntu studio, same problem before and after studio installation. All these programs claim to read raw images.Just as an example, In RawStudio:I load up the folder of raw images. I can see all the images clearly with no problems in the preview slider up top. I can scroll through them and see them all no problem. When I click on one, it loads in the editing box as some weird bar (always vertical in orientation) often faintly resembling part of the photo but with seriously acid trip colours. Eg massive purple hazes, green everything etc.

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Ubuntu :: Allow One Program To Edit A Read-only Folder?

Nov 20, 2010

I use Deluge as a bittorrent client to download music.However, if--or rather when--other programs like rhythmbox edit the tags in the file (or change the file in anyway) deluge downloads the file againI thought that making the folder which Deluge downloads to a read-only folder would stop this from happening. But I need a way to allow Deluge to still be able to download to this folder.s there a way to do this

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Program To Convert And Edit .m2t Files?

May 20, 2010

I used dvgrab to pull the video off of my Cannon HV30 HDV camcorder. Now I have a bunch of 5 minute clips at about a gig each. I need to edit these together and use a better file type. What should I convert to, and what program should I use for encoding and editing?

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Ubuntu :: Plugin For Shutter Program To Allow Edit Function?

Sep 28, 2010

Which additional package should I install in order to get the Edit feature running on the Shutter Screenshot program?

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Ubuntu :: Program To Edit Grub For Add A Picture Behind The Letters Add New Lines And Change The Name Of The Menus

Oct 29, 2010

So I've been trying to find a program to edit grub ,so that I'll be able to add a picture behind the letters add new lines,and change the name of the menus. I know in Backtrack that I used a program,I don't really remember which one it was,I think KGrubEditor,but that is a KDE app,and I cannot find a place where I could download it anyway. Do you guys know any alternative,or any way I could do this? I know how to edit grub.cfg,but I want some features besides that.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Program / Software Available That Allow To Edit Live Graphical Feed Of Camera?

Apr 6, 2011

I have a Gateway NV53 with a built in webcam.Now my issue is, it DOES work, but is there a program or software available that would allow me to edit the live graphical feed of the camera? For example, on Windows the webcam software allows me to edit the saturation, contrast, brightness, etc the levels of it while I'm giving off a live feed.So while I'm on webcam 0 can basically change the saturation level while I'm on skype and go from live in color to live in black and white? Is there a rogram available to UBuntu that would allow me to do the same thing?SO that if I'm doing a live feed of my webcam I can basically change how much color I am in etc.I'm running ubuntu 10.10 if that matters

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Fedora :: Downloaded The Komodo Edit 5 Program For Wysiwyg Web Edits

Dec 28, 2009

I downloaded the Komodo Edit 5 program for wysiwyg web edits, unpacked the tar ball and installed. However, I cannot find it using the Menu Updating tool.

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OpenSUSE :: Converting Or A Program That Can Edit Microsoft Publisher Files?

Mar 24, 2010

I was able to convert a Real Estate Firm from using Microsoft OSS to OpenSuse 11.2.The Real estate agents in the firm are pleased and some are not but it's the cost of doing business and saving money.I am at a cross road or should I say I have come to a bump in the road. Most of the agents create their flyers and signs in Microsoft Publisher, I tried Open Office 3.X and I'm unable to open or edit the files in question.Do have any suggestions or could you point me in the direction of a solid solution that will help me either convert the files or a program that can be used with-in OpenSuse 11.2 that can edit the files

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Ubuntu Installation :: GRUB Edit And Sound Card Not Detected

Aug 6, 2010

I'm a Linux noob, so please go easy on me! I've been desperate to get rid of my Windows install for a while now and have finally started to make the move over, but have a problem with my Ubuntu 10.04 install. I've scoured the help documentation and forum for days now without managing to resolve my problem, and have finally resorted to posting my problem. So I'm sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.

1 Installed Ubuntu on my laptop (Viglen Furtura S200) but the only way I have been able to get it to install and boot properly is edit the GRUB with the following acpi=off i915.modeset xforcevesa. I had to add these parameters even to boot the live CD as well. I think I'm right in assuming that this is forcing the use of a generic graphics driver, consequently leaving some visual features unavailable. I'm not really sure what turning acpi off is doing. Is it possible to resolve this? Is this the cause of problem number 2?

2 After install there is no sound. Sound preferences shows no hardware and ALSAmixer is empty when opened. I have followed the sound troubleshooting through and it looks like my sound card is actually being picked up on the board, but I fall at the point of checking the loaded ALSA Modules as my report shows that none are loaded?!

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Ubuntu :: When Open Any .pps File With OO.org (impress), It Starts A Slideshow And It Doesn't Let Edit The File?

Aug 24, 2010

When i open any .pps file with OO.org (impress), it starts a slideshow and it doesn't let me edit the file. If i click on "end slideshow", the program exits.i ran it in a terminal and there's no error messages.[EDITED]Well, i found the answer, just renaming it to ".ppt".

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Fedora :: Best Program Have Found To Make Or Edit Epub Files / Sigil

Jun 11, 2011

Has any one got this to run on Fedora 14. I have it running just fine on Ubuntu 10.04 but it will not boot up under Fedora. It seems to install just fine.Best program I have found to make or edit epub files. Sigil

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Edit A Text File To Delete All Commas In The File?

Jan 4, 2011

i want to find a command line way to edit a text file to delete all commas in the file. i do not want to replace them w/ anything.

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Ubuntu :: Drawing Program - Edit And Make Images - Drawing Pads Will Work On?

May 11, 2010

I'm a web designer, and a key part of my job is to edit and make images and designs

On windows, I'm used to Fireworks, and illustrator.

Whats the equivalent in ubuntu?

Windows stinks, macs are overpriced, and linux rocks. taht's why im trying to design on linux :-

Also, do you think drawing pads will work on ubuntu?

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General :: Create A Program File For A New Program?

Mar 8, 2011

How do I create a program file for a new program?

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Programming :: Open Or Run A File/program Through A C++ Program

Jan 15, 2010

Ok so Basically i have 2 questions

1. i know how to create a file with c++ using but is there a way to save it to a specific location on your computer with windows and linux


2. i need to know how to run/execute/open a file in a c++ program im using and its not working


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Ubuntu :: Can't Edit A File

May 7, 2010

I am trying to edit a C++ source file, but gedit wont allow me to save changes to it. Gedit says:

A file with the same name already exists. Please use a different name.

Right. Of course the file exists, I am trying to edit an existing file.

About the same happens with kate... Kate opens the file in read-only mode.

However, if I edit the same file with nano, editing and saving works. So the problem shouldn't be with access rights. Also "ls" shows rw rights to the file.

What could be the problem? I can use nano, but I would need the syntax highlightind, and other features of a better editor.

And whether I use sudo or not has no effect. The same happens with or without sudo, and I am the owner of the file.

PS. luckily I am still dual booting with Hardy. I can always go back.

Oh and this is a new installation of ubuntu 10.04

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Ubuntu :: How To Edit A Pdf File

Jul 8, 2010

What linux software is available that allows you to edit a PDF file?

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Ubuntu :: Way To Edit Pdf As Ether .odt Or .doc File

Jun 22, 2010

I need a way to edit a pdf as ether a .odt or .doc file and I read that I should be able to do that using Kword so i installed kword. However, when I try to open or import a .pdf there not listed at all. When I looked in the file format filter drop down menu I don't see PDF. I look in synaptic for any additional packages I might need and I didn't find anything that helped. I also did find and useful documentation on the koffice website.

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Ubuntu :: How To Edit A File That Is Read Only

Jul 5, 2010

i log in and went to the policy folder to erase the file prefernces.fdi and it would not let me delete this file /move it to the trash or even edit it it said something like you are not the owner ,so i could not change the permissions to overwrite this file.what should i do i just want to be able to change this file to true so it will see my internal sc dar reader right now when i put in a sd card it does not show up.i also tried changing this in the terminal there was a post on one blog that showed how ,but i was having trouble edit the xml file in the terminal so for me it would be easier to just overwrite the prefernces.fdi file since im a beginner.

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Ubuntu :: How To Edit The Grub File

Aug 22, 2010

i have to edit grub etc/default file but when i open it, it is a read only file (i have to put "i915.modeset=1" in it ) i think i need to do it through the terminal

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Ubuntu :: Edit The Grub.cfg File?

Oct 4, 2010

Since I updated my 10.04 LTS program from 2.6.32-24 to 2.6.32-25, both of these show up at the dual boot start up menu. Back when I had 8.04 LTS, I was able to edit my menu.lst file to delete past versions. How do I remove past versions from the grub.cfg file at present?

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Ubuntu :: Get Permission To Edit The File?

Feb 20, 2011

I hate ubuntu because EVERYTHING i need a permission. How can i edit an stupid file? Said i have no permission. **** IM THE ADMINISTRATOR, HOW CAN I HAVE TOTAL CONTROL ON MY COMPUTER -.-' ?

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Ubuntu :: How To Edit The Sudoers File

May 16, 2011

I want to create a group called scripts, add www-data to that group. I then want to edit the sudoers file and tell it that the script group doesn't need a password. Where should I put this line excatly in the sudoers file?

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Ubuntu :: [bash] Edit The End Of The First Line In A File?

Jan 18, 2010

if I can create a bash script that once executer will edit or replace a line a in a file this line is the first one and its just one character that needs to be changed from a 1 to a 0.

How do I go about this? it is for a game called EVE Online, heres what my .sh look like atm

echo fixing prefs.ini
#fix for prefs goes here
echo starting eve

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Ubuntu :: Edit The Xorg File In Kubuntu?

Apr 18, 2010

I want to edit it so I can do this: [URL]

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Ubuntu :: How To Edit File Owned By Root

May 31, 2010

I am trying to edit limits.conf, changed file permissions:
sudo chmod limits.conf -rwxrwxrwx

But got this message:
"Could not save the file /etc/security/limits.conf. You are trying to save the file on a read-only disk. Please check´╗┐ that you typed the location correctly and try again."

I followed these instructions:
"copy - paste this code into terminal
gedit $HOME/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/Open as root
copy-paste this text into that file and push 'save'
gnome-sudo "gnome-open $uri" &

now copy-paste this code into terminal
chmod +x $HOME/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/Open as root

Now you can right click on the file you want to edit, select 'scripts' and say 'open as root' to let you modify it". [URL] the right click worked but the file didn't open.

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Ubuntu :: How To Close File Which Gedit Edit

Jun 8, 2010

in shell ,i can usegedit /home/test.txtto open my file /home/test.txti want to know ,in shell how to use command to close the file which gedit edit?

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Ubuntu :: Edit Your X Configuration File And Restart

Oct 3, 2010

Everything was running fine, then I installed ardour (doesn't work, but that not what I am here for), I rebooted and now everything is in low res, and looks horrible, I tried uninstalled and re-installing the driver and that did nothing. When I go into the control panel for the video card I get:
You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.

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