Ubuntu :: Startup Without Windows' Borders - Shadows And Title Bar?

Nov 25, 2010

I have searched around but did not find anything similar, so I make a new post. I have installed Mac4Lin icons, theme and font, and I am using Emerald (with "emerald --replace" command in the window manager of compiz) and everythin is fine.

Some few times (every 4~5 days), when I start the system, it opens up as the title, like Emerald is not starting or something. If I logoff and then logon again, it is fine. Not that is a serious problem... just annoying in case you want to demonstrate the "power of the system" in an important meeting and it shows up like that.

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Ubuntu :: Compiz: Ditch Title Bar And Keep Borders

Dec 17, 2010

I really hate having a title bar so I went into CCSM and under effects-->Window Decorations found the decorations rule and set to none....

Works great, have new key short cuts for everything I need...

However, I do need the window borders back...

can't find any compiz code anywhere....wiki was worthless..

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Move Windows By Dragging Their Title Bars - Cannot See Close "X" Button In The Title Bar

Feb 8, 2010

Everything worked 100% great untill I change color depth to 16 bits.I do not want 24 Bits, I want 16 Bits. I have good reasons. Never had this problem in Gutsy 7.10 ...I deeply regret in upgrading to 9.10 ...

My video card:

Gforce 7950 GX2

Changes to xorg.conf file: Firstly, I saved it at 16 color depth with the sudo nvidia-settings and by clicking on the save to xorg.conf file Button. Rebooted computer....... It worked, saved file, and I got the following bugs:

*Cannot move windows by dragging their title bars.
*Cannot see close "X" Button in the title bar.
*Cannot see Minimize Button in the title bar.
*Cannot see Maximize Button in the title bar.

Went back to 24 bits and problem got resolved. Then i tryed: I did sudo gedit xorg.conf I changed all the 24's with 16's ... Rebooted computer....... It works GOOD... BUT: I got the same bugs from before. I will retype them below

*Cannot move windows by dragging their title bars.
*Cannot see close "X" Button in the title bar.
*Cannot see Minimize Button in the title bar.
*Cannot see Maximize Button in the title bar.

My xorg.conf file:

# nvidia-settings: X configuration file generated by nvidia-settings
# nvidia-settings: version 1.0 (buildd@palmer) Sun Feb 1 20:21:04 UTC 2009
Section "ServerLayout"


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Ubuntu :: Drop Shadows OVER Windows With Dual Panel?

Feb 17, 2011

Swapped an hard disk from a laptop to another, now on a 2007 Compaq Presario. When in dual screen, the Z-order of windows and shadows it totally messed up. Focused windows appear BELOW nonfocused ones, and shadows appear all OVER the windows.

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Ubuntu :: Shadows Under Windows With GNOME _without_ Compositing?

Apr 2, 2011

I know Metacity has a flag which enables compositing, and draws shadows under windows. Thing is, I prefer shadows because it helps me distinguish stuff on the desktop - a sort of usability an readability feature for me. However, I don't know if my older Thinkpad is too slow to do compositing in X or Metacity code is not optimized enough (yet), but turning compositing on makes my desktop experience too sluggish for my tastes.

I know Windows XP did shadows without compositing big portions of the screen, and it worked fast enough even for the desktop computers of its day. Anyone knows what are my options here? I like GNOME and/or GTK (haven't though much about the important details here) and would like to keep it. Do I need to switch to Openbox or Fluxbox or something like that? I am on Ubuntu 10.04, Thinkpad T43 with Pentium-M 2.0Ghz, 1GB RAM.

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Ubuntu :: No Windows Borders Using Compiz

Apr 17, 2010

I installed ubuntu 10.04 and after installing the drivers for my graphic card ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570, windows borders do not appear anymore. When I type "metacity --replace" borders come back, but I can't use compiz, also when I try to disable "Window Decoration" from the compizConfig Settings it doesn't work, it keeps always enabled. I tried this hack here [URL] but it didn't work for me (or I didn't apply it correctly, I'm new to the system).

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Ubuntu :: Windows Borders Not Showing?

Sep 9, 2010

Randomly my windows borders are either there are not, whats up with this? Its makin things a bit difficult minimizing windows switching windows etc, it doesnt happen all the time, just every other time i boot up, but its happened twice in a row now. And when it doesnt do it sometimes the borders close, minimize and expand boxes just disspear along with the title at the top i.e Firefox [URL]

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Ubuntu :: Compiz Loses The Windows Borders?

Oct 11, 2010

I just installed ubuntu 10.10 on my notebook, and I had a problem with compiz, it loses the windows borders, when i excecute

compiz --replace
i get this output

Starting gtk-window-decorator
compiz: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/compiz/libdecoration.so: undefined symbol: decor_property_to_quads

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Ubuntu :: Compiz Windows Borders Not Working On 11.04?

May 1, 2011

I have recently upgraded to 11.04 and everything works except for compiz and emerald, every time I enable compiz to be the window manager the borders either do not work or they do not appear. I switched the window manager to metacity and now the borders work but I can not get any effects at all. Also emerald never replaced the window borders either.

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Ubuntu :: Windows Are Unmovable And Lost Their Borders And Buttons?

Jun 14, 2010

I'm posting this for a new member who needs help, his registration hasn't gone through yet. His computer (10.04) a fresh install not 3 weeks old, has now had all his windows loose their outer borders and the 3 close, minimize, and maximize buttons. Clicking on one underneath another does not allow any other ones to focus- only the top window, Firefox, remains in focus. None of the windows are movable. I've used force quit to close windows. New windows open the same way- with no outer border, now locked to the upper left corner, and still unmovable.

Things that were open and close with force quit are still in the panel bars, and the panel bars are showing up like they are focused on. I've never seen this problem before in 10.04 or even 8.04. Has anyone else run into this, know how to fix it?

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Ubuntu :: 10.04, Java 6 Update 24 Has Removed Windows Title Bars From Most Windows In Desktop

Mar 25, 2011

I am a ubuntu novice. I am running 10.04 LTS on a Lenova laptop. Runs fine. Yesterday upgraded firefox and upgraded Java 6 from update 20 to update 24 so that I could use the Zotero bibiliographic program in FF. After the upgrade and restart, the windows title bar that includes minimize, maximize and close buttons has disappeared from all windows that I open except google chrome. If I open and app, or FF, or the dvd player, title bar is gone. I have noticed that Java updates have caused similar problems before but none of the prescribed steps seems to have changed my system

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OpenSUSE :: Unable The Top Parts And The Borders Of Windows?

Aug 4, 2011

Is there a way to enable the top parts and the borders of windows in openSUSE to be partially transparent? If so, I'd be grateful if someone told me how. Like in this image, the top part where it says "Mozilla Firefox" and the border of that window are all partially transparent (yes, I know that's Windows, lol). I'm running 11.4 KDE.[URL]..

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General :: Windows Borders Disappeared In Gnome?

Sep 10, 2009

My problem started when I uninstalled then reinstalled my video driver. Now programs such as Firefox and Thunderbird cannot be minimized. The square on the upper right is gone. I am at a loss what to do.

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OpenSUSE :: Unable 'wobbly Windows' And Translucent Borders?

Apr 3, 2010

I'm trying to get to the config page where I once enabled wobbly windows and translucent borders. For the life of me, I can't seem to find it. I would think it to be in the desktop settings and associated with the qt4 engine somewhere, but it continues to evade me. How did I arrive at that config page??

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Ubuntu :: Make Title To The Center Of The Title Bar On Lynx 10.04?

May 2, 2010

after upgrading from Karmic Koala 9.10 to Lucid Lynx 10.04, i notice something different with title bar on every window opened.

for example:

"Google - Mozilla Firefox" is not at the middle of the window title. and on Lynx it's on the left.

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Ubuntu :: Keep Losing Title Bar From Windows?

Oct 17, 2010

Every now and then (that is two or three times a day) the title bar (the one with the exit/minimise/maximise icons on it) disappears from all open windows and any I subsequently open.

The only way to get it back is to reboot.

Not critical, but a nuisance.

Ubuntu 10.10 Fresh install, nVidia drivers activated.

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Slackware :: Terminal Xterm Title Is Too Dynamic (title Doesn't Change Manually)

Aug 21, 2010

So when I upgraded to Slack64 13.1 on my asus MB homebrewed desktop and Slack 13.1 on my compaq presario a900 laptop, I started having issues with the xterm title (in Terminal--not Konsole) being too dynamic. By "too dynamic" I mean that I can't actually change the title. The dynamic title (from my .bashrc) is basically just pwd. Whenever I try to set the title (via terminal->set title (menu)), I changes it for a split second, and then reverts back to the dynamic title.

This is merely a petty annoyance, so to get around it, I added an xtitle function that I grabed somewhere online (just echos "�33]0;$*�07"). So for nano-ing some file, I'd type:xtitle some_file.txt; nano some_file.txt

That works just fine (kind of annoying to type though). running xtitle alone won't actually change the name either though (I'm pretty sure it's the same command as what terminal does anyway). That is, running: xtitle some_file.txt

changes the title for a split second, and the reverts back to my old pwd.What I really want is to have it dynamically name it "some_file.txt" whenever I use nano, but that appears to be a functionality of zsh (with the preexec() fxn).I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and if you have a fix for it.

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Ubuntu :: Compiz Killed Windows Title Bar

May 3, 2011

I created a 2nd login that I set up with Gnome instead of Unity. Unity has a few things that drive me nuts like no notification area among other things. I want to still be able to access Unity to try to get used to it, but will probably use gnome mainly.Anyway, I like using the compiz desktop cube effect (also something I could not do in Unity). When I activated it, all my title bars (the top bar in most all windows) vanished. I have seen this before, but the normal fixes aren't working.

This is one thing that still bugs me about Linux/Ubuntu. A couple clicks and you just hose your desktop/ computer. It is not that easy to screw up a windows machine. It isn't even as if I clicked on something wrong.Is there a something about 11.04 that causes a bigger problem with compiz?

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General :: Set A Custom Windows Title?

Jan 1, 2011

Is there a way to set a custom windows title in Linux?

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Ubuntu :: New Windows Title Bar Initially Buried By Unity's Top Menu

Jun 25, 2011

Starting and application or opening new windows on my machine takes two hands. Once hand with the mouse and one with the alt-key, before I can have normal control over the window. In normal control, I mean the ability to move, minimize and exit the window. That's because every time I start a new application or open a new application window it opens to the top left of the screen.The title bar of the window is buried below Unity's top menu bar. That means I can't grab the window by the title bar to move it or minimize it. I have to hold down the alt-key then grab with the mouse to position the window in a location where I can properly view it (closer to the center of the monitor on my right).I might be missing something if there is an option I can set so the new window locations can remember the position and size from last closed.This is very annoying, whereas I open and lost lots of windows during the course of working. Even browsing this forum, I click on the new posts option and right click on topics from the list to read from a new window. After finishing with that topic I close the window. Often I might open up two or three windows in that topic to type replies or review references mentioned in that topic. Then I close all the windows and open up a new window with the next topic of interest.

It's bad enough that the OS doesn't remember the preferred size and position of the window. But if it were possible to just drive and the window to the position and resist only using the mouse, it would be great, since my hand is already on the mouse. But because the title menu is buried under Unity's Top Menu, I have to hold down the alt-key with my left hand while dragging the mouse with my right hand.If no one has a fix or suggestion and this is affecting everyone, I guess it'll be off to the bug/feature forum to inform the developers of the problem.

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Fedora :: Changing Color Of Title Bar Of Windows In F15?

May 26, 2011

I'm playing with the system now and I have some questions. I wasn't able to find answers to some of them on this forum or the net.

My first question doesn't necessarily lighten me as someone with deep personality: how do I tweak the color of the title bars of the active and non-active windows in Gnome 3?

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Software :: Remove Title Bar From Maximized Windows?

Dec 8, 2010

I wish to remove title bar from maximized windows. It's mostly empty and takes screenspace, and now there's this Panel Buttons application, allowing me to have Close, Minimize and Maximize in the panel instead.

The program Maximus does the job, but there's a bug in it, sometimes making the panel invisible when closing windows. Compiz has a function disabling Emerald in maximized windows, but it requires having the ability of activating visual effects - which my graphic card drivers won't allow. The window manager OpenBox has a similar function but it's not permanent and besides I wasn't satisfied with it for different other reasons.

how to remove the title bar? Aternatives to Maximus? Configuring Metacity or instructions how to modify a Metacity theme to remove the title bar from the maxed windows?

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Programming :: Can't Get Title Of All Windows That I Open / Sort It?

Apr 4, 2010

I am trying to get the title of all the windows that i open,but cant make it right... code...

the problem is,that it will write the current windows many times,until i open another window,and so on.

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Ubuntu :: Close - Maximize - And Minimize Windows And The Application Title Bar Disappear

Jul 3, 2010

I am using GNOME Ubuntu 64 bit Lucid Lynx with Cairo Dock, Compiz Fusion, Screenlets

Sometimes when I start up linux the buttons to close, maximize, and minimize windows and the Application title bar disappear. Restarting usually fixes the problem.

Do you have any ideas why this would happen? Is there a command that will restart gnome without having to restart the computer?

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Ubuntu :: Windows Manager Not Working, No Title Bars, No Window Buttons?

Dec 12, 2010

Today upon booting my Xubuntu 9.04, I see that all new windows I open have their title bar missing and on top of my pannel menu. If I try to run windows manager from the menu, nothing shows up on the screen. Therefore I think my windows manager is not running at all. I have no graphic effects and dont want any. I noticed that nothing shows up on the task bar (bottom bar) when I have anything opened up in the desktop. Can't minimize, can't click close button, ...How do I fix this ? I followed a thread to install Compiz and emerald just so I could get it to work but I do not like this option. I do not want any special effects. The more effects/options I have the more possible problems I may get. By the way I also have this problem on my office Ubuntu 10.04. Both started having this problem recently. I suspect it is an update that was done that is causing this.

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Debian Multimedia :: Title Bar And Menu Of Windows In Gnome Are Gone?

Dec 21, 2010

I don`t know what kind of combination of keys I pressed, but the title bar of all windows in my Gnome vanished. Trying to fix it, I unmarked the option "show menu bar" in one of my windows. Then, I realised I couldn`t put it back either. It`s kind of frustating be stuck in such a small problem, but Gnome isn`t offering me any easy way to put these things back in place. maybe with a keyboard combination of keys that recovers all of this?

I did it, it recovered Gnome windows default, but the menus are still gone. It just erased my customizations (colors, window color, bar size, etc.)

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OpenSUSE :: Gnome Do - Compiz Causes All Windows Title Bars To Disappear

Mar 25, 2009

So I've been testing Gnome Do and I now want to activate docky. To do that I have to activate the desktop effects, so I installed drivers for my graphics card which work fine. But I have an infamous issue with my compiz which causes all title bars of windows to disappear. Is there a solution in which I can activate docky and still have my title bars?

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Ubuntu :: How To Get Rid Of Shadows Behind Fonts

Aug 31, 2010

I have a weird shadow behind my fonts. I don't know how to get rid of it. Its almost hard to see the shadow, but it makes things difficult to read.

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Ubuntu :: Shadows / Ghosting On All Text?

Apr 10, 2011

I am trying to get rid of shadows on all my text that has appeared today. This happens using Firefox,Chrome and Opera browsers. Usually I Google any problems and a solution normally pops up via Ubuntu Forums but no luck this time.

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Ubuntu :: No Window Drop Shadows In 11.04?

May 30, 2011

I've tried disabling and re-enabling Window Decoration in ccsm, I've made sure "shadow windows" is set to "any". Running compiz --replace doesn't help.

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