Ubuntu Multimedia :: Finding The Program For Broadcasting (shoutcast)?

Jul 16, 2010

Yes I know there was so many themes created about broadcasting shoutcast radio, but I wasn't got information where program work good. I have tried IDJC, but not work. I need the program that I just install it and works. Program should have 2 audio players (1 is good too) and microphone "player" for talking (key OFF/ON).

P.S.: My PC runs Ubuntu 10.04

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Program For Broadcasting Live Music?

Mar 15, 2011

what program can i use with opensuse to broadcast live music , i was using IDJC with suse 11.3 after updated to 11.4 IDJC will not work .

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Finding A Program Compatible With Intel Mobile 4 For Brightness Adjustment

Apr 24, 2010

I've got: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller as vga screen, and I would like to be able to change brightness and contrast.

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Debian Multimedia :: Finding A RSS Program That Can Run On The Desktop Command Line Style

Jun 8, 2010

I am looking for a good RSS program that can run on the desktop command line style.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Finding A Program Just To Film And Eventually Save From Webcam?

Dec 11, 2009

I am looking for a program just to film and eventually save (this is not very important) from my webcam.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Rygel Not Broadcasting All Specified Files And Folders?

Jun 9, 2011

I was using rygel two months ago with ubuntu 10.04 and it worked great. Then I installed windows so I could have a dual boot system. This week I finally got around to reinstalling Ubuntu, and upgrading it to 11.04 and am having issues. I went into rygel's preferences and specified the directory I wanted to share. In that directory i have the movies sorted into eight folders by genre. At first I used the MediaExport plugin but three of the folders don't have content when I open them on the bluray player (LG bd570). When I use the Tracker plugin it seems I get completely random movies broadcasted but definately not all. I added tags to my movie files so I didn't have to scroll through all of them to find what I wanted and although the tags I added show up under the tags folder in the bluray none of the tags have any files under them.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Adding Shoutcast To Amarok 2?

May 28, 2010

I am running 10.04 Gnome. I have installed Amarok and would like to use the Shoutcast internet radio streams. How do you do that?

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Debian Multimedia :: Radio Broadcasting Software For Linux

Nov 4, 2015

I have finally made the switch from Windows to Linux even in my workstations at home, after several years running it in servers, routers etc and i only miss one single program that can make me delete my last virtual machine with Windows 7 forever, a professional radio broadcasting program. I have been broadcasting radio for several years and have mostly used Sam Broadcaster for Windows, have been testing a lot of linux-variants but nothing can compare with Sam or Radiodj.ro on the Windows-side. I found the package "Mixxx" lately and it's almost suit my needs but still not quite there yet with soundFx, station ID's jingles, request functions etc.

I have managed to get Sam Broadcaster (version 4.9.1) working very well with Wine, the only problem is that the audio sounds really bad. The sound crancle a lot and i have been trying several workarounds and spent hours on google without success. If i could get the audio sounds better i think the best solution for now is to stick with sam since i know that program in my sleep and it can be configured to use MySQL database to store everything from playlists to lyrics of songs etc, it will be some job to switch program if it doesn't use MySQL.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Connetct IDJC To Shoutcast Server On Web / Fix It?

Jan 26, 2011

I'm trying to connect idjc to a shoutcast server which is running on a web server (i'm not trying to use a local instance of shoutcast), while idjc is running on my computer.

In the sc_serv.conf file as SrcIP I use ANY, cause I thought I was trying to access the server from another machine.

idjc gives me this output (in a terminal) when I try to connect with the web server code...

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Tunapie2 Won't Display Any Shoutcast Radio Channels

Dec 17, 2010

i am trying to list radio channels in Tunapie2 and it won't list anything. It will display TV stations, but not radio.

I removed the software and Re-installed it with the same problem. I even removed most files from my .tunapie folder under my home and just left prefs and favorites alone. I did this before re-installing the software.

Icecast works fine, but not Shoutcast Radio.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Exaile Radio Not Loading Shoutcast Stations

Dec 17, 2010

genre breakout with shoutcast stations.today no radio.ran in terminal did reinstall, remove/ install in synaptic; still no go.upgraded exaile to; still no go.did do automated system update today.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Finding A Program That Converts AVI Files To VOB Files?

May 23, 2011

Is there a program for Ubuntu that converts AVI files to VOB files? This is the only type of file that will burn to a DVD and successfully play on my DVD player. I can use DVD Flick on Windows but I'm sure this can't be the only way. There has to be a way to get VOB files on an Ubuntu operating system.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Add Shoutcast Free Internet Radios Directory To Rhythmbox

Nov 2, 2010

Just want to point your attention to this fantastic plug-in for Rhythmbox. No more copy-pasting URLs from Shoutcast.com!


Use the "Featured downloads" links to retrieve the plug-in and follow the install instructions at [url]

Really you need to quit and restart Rhythmbox after activating the plug-in.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Exaile Player - Error Connecting Shoutcast Server

Dec 29, 2010

I have been using Ubuntu for almost one year or so. I use to have a good experience with it. But, since last few days I have been experiencing something nuance with my Ubuntu and most particularly the Exaile player. It use to connect to the Shoutcast server fine. But, these days I can't connect it. Everytime I try to connect it; it shows the message, "Error connecting shoutcast server". I have tried reinstalling it along with the normal plugins that use to work fine. But nothing seems working.

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Ubuntu :: Finding A Program To Use With Dazzle?

Apr 21, 2011

i just install the driver for dazzle dvc100. i tested out on vlc and cheese and it work. but now i need other program other then using wine, cheese and vlc. cheese and vlc is so laggy and cheese records in black/white and super duper uber laggy. so any program to record gameplay?

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Ubuntu :: Finding A Program By Category?

Jun 17, 2011

I am having troubles getting used to the new Ubuntu UI - Unity. One thing that bugs me is that I don't know how to find a program if I don't know the program's name. For example I remember I have an IRC client but I don't remember its name and its name does not contain IRC. Before I had Unity, programs were organised in categories, so to find the irc I just looked in the Internet category. The same happened to me with the writer program and others..Can anyone tell me how I can find a program by its category? I was surprised that I could not many complaints like mine on the web. I don't want to give up and go back to the old gnome cause I figure that there is just a learning curve to pass and beside there are some feature in it that I like.

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Ubuntu :: Finding A P2p File Sharing Program?

Jan 10, 2010

just wondering does unbuntu come with a file sharing program like lime wire or somethig like that? if not what is the best out there for ubuntu

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Ubuntu :: Finding A Program In The Repositories For Physics?

Jun 12, 2010

Is there a program in the repositories for physics? I don't mean a program that makes graphs etc. I just want a program such as the one I'm attaching but much more effective and that does more than just a spring on an inclined plane. I want torque, rotational motion, kinematics, pulleys and a system with two objects instead of one only etc in the program. If it doesn't exist, I'll make it myself but I will have the knowledge in probably close to a year from now so I unfortunately cannot do it yet.

Basically (like what I attached - except that it's not so great) is something that I can visually test my homework with. If there are programs for other aspects of physics that do the same thing such as for waves or optics etc, I'd like to have those too but my priority is mechanics right now.

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Ubuntu :: Finding A Program That Change OS With 1 Click?

Feb 22, 2011

whenever i plug in my xbox i can't hear it but i can see it so i have to change to windows i have no problem with that. But my question is Is there any "APP" or program that lets you change OS with one click instead of restarting the computer? I know the xbox sound problem does not belongs here its just that i wanted to throw/point this out here in case anyone knows what may cause this, and the reason why i want that "1 click change OS"

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Ubuntu :: Finding A Program Similar To URL Snooper?

Jun 6, 2011

finding a program similar to URL Snooper?

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Ubuntu :: Finding A Program To Store And Retrieve Data?

May 22, 2010

I am looking for a program to help me store, organise and retrieve information. The aim would be to keep notes from literature, concepts and ideas which i come across during my studies. It's always a hassle to retrieve this information when i have to write a paper for instance. So in fact what i need is a sort of wikipedia-like program where information is searchable and where perhaps hyperlinks could lead me from one word/note to another.

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Ubuntu :: Finding A Program That Would Automatically Copy Podcasts To Mp3?

Oct 24, 2010

is there a program that would automatically copy podcasts to my mp3

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Ubuntu :: Finding A Tasker/Locale Type Program?

Nov 17, 2010

I'm wondering if there exists software that serves the same kind of function as Tasker or Locale for Android except for Linux. I think it would be really great to be able to have certain things run automatically based on a set of conditions. For example, I would like to automatically sync my mp3s to my laptop from my home computer when my laptop connects to my home network.

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Ubuntu :: Finding A Simple Program That Pops Up Reminders?

Jul 20, 2011

I am just looking for a simple program, nothing overly complex with crazy features. Just something that pops up above any browser/window and remains that way until you click it or something. The pop up would occur periodically or at sometime each day. It would say something like "TAKE A BREAK FROM COMPUTER" lol and other things. not suppose to be some full reminder program like a calendar.

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General :: Finding Location Of A Program With PID Known?

Feb 23, 2011

I've used ps -p to find a certain program. but how can i find the location of this program? as in the path to this program.

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Ubuntu :: Finding A Program That Will Work With The Taskbar Applet Other Than Gwibber?

Sep 22, 2010

Is there any other program that will work with the taskbar applet other than gwibber? I tried using it, but the interface seems really vague to me and drives me nuts. At the same time, the taskbar applet (showing up under the mail icon), makes it much more integrated than just installing a random standalone application.

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Fedora :: Finding A Serial Console Program?

Jan 14, 2011

i was using a serial console program (not minicom) two weeks back but took a break and have no idea what it is! man, it was awesome, too. it had a nice gui, similar to hyperterminal...and from what i think i remember it came packaged with f14.

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SUSE :: Finding A Program To Burn Avi Files To Dvd?

Oct 27, 2010

i am looking for a linux program to burn some avi files i have to be able to watch them through my dvd player onto my t.v. i have tried devede and it works but the files i used were iso files and i am not sure it would work with a avi filese?

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General :: Finding Installable Packages For A Program?

May 24, 2010

What's the name of this program? [URL] I wanna install it on Mint 9... And there's no "figure" in repositories:

aptitude search figur
p configure-debian - central configuration program for packages using debconf
p libclaw-configuration-file-dev - Class to process configuration files
p libclaw-configuration-file1 - Class to process configuration files


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Software :: Finding A Mp3 File Analysis Program?

Jun 8, 2011

I am looking for a mp3 file analysis program ( shell preferred / or X ) - something that would give me similar output as >LAME< does during the encoding phase.


Frame | CPU time/estim | REAL time/estim | play/CPU | ETA
9342/10156 (92%)| 0:06/ 0:06| 0:06/ 0:06| 39.940x| 0:00
32 [ 80] %***


any app that can analyze VBR/ABR filez - not just output a bogus bitrate, but return a more detailed info. LAME has a '-g' (run graphical analysis) option which has to be enabled during the compile time - tried several ways and -g is still disabled, plus there is not much info on -g and i do not even know if this is what I am looking for.

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