Ubuntu Multimedia :: Lucid Won't Recognize RCA M4204 MP3 Player?

Dec 30, 2010

I was just wondering why Ubuntu 10.04 won't recognize or mount my MP3 player.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Laptop Will Not Recognize MP4 Player

Oct 14, 2010

I have a cheap 32GB MP4 player I bought on Ebay. I was made in China. I paid $20.00 for it. Under WinXP my laptop recognized it as a flash disk. I used Win Media Player 11 to Sync up my downloads. WMP 11 did NOT have to be running in order for the OS to recongnize the player. I could treat it just like a jump drive.

Ubuntu 9.1 (64bit) won't recognize it. I don't use ver. 10.04 or 10.10 due to problems with video, wireless and other problems. 9.1 works like a dream on ALMOST everything. I'm tired of dual booting.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: DVD Player Does Not Recognize DVD Movie Disk

Jan 4, 2011

I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 My cd/dvd player recognizes game and data CD'S/DVD'S the cd/dvd icon appears on desktop and I can access the file as well as playing games off the cd's.

When I try movie DVD's I get no desktop icon nor is it shown in the file managers. When trying to access the movie via VLC (open disk) I get the following error:

Playback failure:
DVDRead could not open the disc "/dev/dvd".

Your input can't be opened:

VLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd:///dev/dvd'. Check the log for details. (Don't know what log its referring to)SMplayer and xine won't work either

I have tried every tip I could find on this forum. I installed all restricted format files including libdvdread4 and then ran this command sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh

followed all the advice from this restricted formats/playing dvd's

Its like the drive won't recognize a movie DVD.

Just as a side not I use to run simply mepis with no issues with movie dvd's. I also dual boot to Winxp no problems their either

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: 10.04 Won't Recognize Sandisk Sansa Player

Apr 14, 2011

Ubuntu 10.04 won't recognise my Sandisk Sansa Clip+ as installed on comp. It sees memory sticks and memory cards. Are there drivers that I need to install?? Anything in Synaptic Package Manager that needs to be installed?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: DVD Player That Recognize Inputs From Remote Control?

Nov 14, 2010

Do you know any dvd playback app that can recognize inputs from a remote control (like play, pause e.t.c) and at the same time when I launch it to check the dvd rom and resume playback from last time. I used vlc but it does not seem that works like the way I do.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: How To Set Default Dvd Player In Lucid

Jun 18, 2010

I would like to set xine as my default player for DVD playback and cannot figure out how. I have read other posts that state to right click on file>properties>open with but do not seem to have the open with option when right clicking a dvd that is in my dvd drive. I would also like to change the open with option in the right click menu. The current option is to open with movie player, and movie player cannot seem to find additional plug ins to open file with.

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General :: Movie Player And Dragon Player Not Working In Kubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

Sep 20, 2010

I recently installed Kubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. It is working well, but Movie Player does not work, and Dragon Player plays videos/movies but with no audio. VLC works fine. how to either remove Movie Player and Dragon Player or make them work. I tried apt-get remove mplayer but that doesn't work. If not that, I wonder if the default media player can be changed to VLC, e.g., when you click any video it will start to play using VLC?

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Ubuntu :: Lucid Does Not Recognize RAM?

May 3, 2010

I just upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 this morning and half of my RAM is not recognized!

Specs: Pentium 4 2x 2.80GHz, 1001.6 MiB RAM (should be 2x this), Ubuntu 10.04.

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Ubuntu :: Rhythmbox Doesn't Recognize MP3 Player?

Feb 20, 2010

No media player recognizes my Philips MP3 Player as such, I've put all my hopes into Rhythmbox, it seems to be the most likely one to work. Anyway, I have created the empty .is_audio_player file but still the player does not show up in RB. I can access the player just fine through Nautilus, and syncing it actually worked for a while, but now for some reason it has stopped.

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Ubuntu :: Use The Option On The Player To Recognize The Subtitle?

Oct 4, 2010

im opening greek subtitles on ubuntu but i cannot see them i know this happen because the subtitle created on a windows system but if you tell me a method step by step (because im begginer ) for how to be able to open the srt file and see the normal greek characters i dont want to use the option on the player to recognize the subtitle. i want to be able to open the srt and edit some words for example

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General :: Make Mp3 Player Recognize Ogg Vorbis?

Aug 16, 2010

I have a Sony Walkman 8gb model NWZ-S544. It does not recognize ogg vorbis, and I would like to know if anyone has found a way to make it play that file type, so I can get rid of mp3's.

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Hardware :: Can't Get Suzie To Recognize My Dvd Player / Make It Possible?

Jun 24, 2009

I have tried for days looking for information on getting my dvd player to be recognized by linux Suzie.

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Ubuntu :: Lucid Lynx Doesn't Recognize Flash Drives Or External DVD / CD Roms

May 16, 2010

i just installed 10.04 and everything works fine except that it does not recognize my external cd/dvd rom and my usb flash drives, I already found some threads related to this and they that talk about going to config editor and activating these options: media_auto_run and automount_open.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Media Player With The Feature Of Crystal Player

Oct 20, 2010

Crystal Player has one very good playback speed troubleshooting feature - it uses large buffer of decoded frames (about 50% of RAM). Is there any player with such features in ubuntu?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: RIP DVD - Movie Player (or Vlc Player) Returns A Error

Nov 4, 2010

I have a DVD with a error located at a certain time. Each time I watch the DVD and then come to that point Movie Player (or vlc player) returns a error. Now I want to rip this DVD but all the rippers I tried return a error at that point when they try to rip it. Rippers I tried:

- dvd::rip
- Acidripper
- Avidemux

Now I want to know ain't there a ripper which can read over these errors and still make a decent rip?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Movie Player And VLC Media Player Not Playing DVD?

Aug 1, 2011

When playing coyright protected DVD's in Ubuntu 10.10: the following errors occur:Movie Player Error message:Error occured Could not read from resourceVLC media Player Error essage:Playback failure:DVDRead could not read block 0.Non copyright protected DVD's play fine

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Ubuntu :: Can't Install Vmware-player On Lucid

May 3, 2010

When I try to install vmware-player it complains that it can't find the kernel headers for my running kernel (2.6.31-20-generic) to compile its modules. I did have this working on 9.10. No amount of googling revealed the name of the package I need to get this working in Lucid.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Files With 64-bit Kaffeine (favorite Player) Or Any Other 64-bit Video Player?

Jun 25, 2010

I've been away from Linux for a while, so I need to get informed about some of the 32- vs. 64-bit issues concerning video players and codecs. So, what is everyone using these days?

More specifically, is it possible to play, e.g., .wmv files with 64-bit Kaffeine (my favorite player) or any other 64-bit video player? If so, then which combination of player and codec should I use?

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OpenSUSE Install :: VLC Media Player Is A Highly Portable Multimedia Player For Various Audio And Video?

May 26, 2011

in software.opensuse.org site if we serch for a software the result will be like the following

KDE:Unstablelayground/openSUSE_11.4_KDE_Distro_Factory This is the stripped version of the VLC media Player. VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video

1-Click Install
Manual Package Download
Go to OBS Project
i586 vlc-
src vlc-
x86_64 vlc-

if i like to keep the setup(rpm) of the software which i should chose the above?

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Ubuntu :: COWON S9 (a MP3 Player) Won't Mount After Lucid Upgrades?

Jan 29, 2011

I have a COWON S9 (an MP3 player that normally mounts like any memory stick) and I noticed that when I connect it, it won't auto mount and does not seem to be recognized by Lucid after yesterday's kernel updates.

This player has always auto-mounted without any problems until yesterday's (2011 Jan 27) kernel updates. I rebooted and made sure I'm on the latest kernel.

Anyone else experiencing things not auto mounting? I can't get it to manually mount either. It doesn't seem to be recognized at all now.

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General :: Flash Player (APT File) Unknown Channel Lucid Partner

Nov 13, 2010

I download the flash player from the adobe's site as an APT file but while i click to install it shows me an error saying
Unknown channel 'lucid-partner'
The channel 'lucid-partner' is not known
I searched other ways of installation like download the deb file and opening it but I got that error. Photo of 2 errors [URL]

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Applications Recognize Gnome Shortcuts For Multimedia Keys?

Jan 8, 2011

Recently I installed MPlayer with its default gui and its interfaces SMPlayer and GnomeMPlayer. When I'm using GnomeMPlayer it responds to multimedia keys as configured in Gnome shortcuts, even if it's minimized or running in another virtual desktop. But it doesn't happen to the other two gui's mentioned above. I have also noticed that native Gnome applications or with Gnome support like Banshee and Rhythmbox rspond to multimedia keys even when the gui is closed and they are running only in the system tray. But it never occurs in non-Gnome applications like VLC, MPlayer and others. Jetaudio wich responds to these keys in MS Windows running under Wine doesn't even recognize them.

So I came to the conclusion that only native Gnome applications or with Gnome support recognize multimedia keys because, as it seems, they receive the signal from Gnome configurations. Others applications doesn't do so. Here is my question: Is there some way to make all applications recognize the configuration of Gnome multimedia keys shortcuts? (Of course it would not be fine if they recognized ALL Gnome shortcuts because they could conflict with shortcuts from another applications. The idela would be that they recognize ONLY Gnome multimedia shortcuts.)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: 10.4 Won't Recognize Some Mp3s?

May 30, 2011

I have an external hard drive with most of my music on either mp3s or ripped from cds. I have imported the folders into gmusicbrowser but it doesn't show up some of the files. I have also tried rhythmbox and banshee media player but they all have the same problem. The files play fine on my other pc runnin xp pro so they are fine. Also some folders have nothing in under ubuntu but have mp3 files in (as they should) under xp.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Default Audio Player - VLC Doesn't Show Up On The List As Preferred Applications For Multimedia

Oct 12, 2010

Ubuntu insists on using movie player as the default for audio files. I would like to use VLC. VLC doesn't show up on the list as preferred applications for multimedia. I tried using custom with vlc %u but it doesn't work.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Videocamera - 9.04 - Will Not Recognize The Camera ?

Feb 3, 2010

I have a Medion camcorder with a DV-out, that I had (previously) connected to a Windows machine, on the windows machine i can connect true USB.

Now I have a Ubuntu 9.04 laptop and it will not recognize the camera.

The command lsusb I see the camera either. Now my question (s)

1. this camera,can i connect it with USB?
2. how can I install this
3. I do manage that, what software can I use best. ?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Wont Recognize Screen?

Mar 30, 2010

Ubuntu wont detect my screen (mag bf22) correctly..that causes poor resolution (1152*864 max) my screen is able to at least a 1600*1200 resolution (witch i use in my windows boot )
is there anything i can do in order to fix or increasee resolution ? i've already installed the drivers correctly

asus p7p55d
intel core i5 750
nvidia geforce 9500gt
wd640GB black caviar

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Multimedia :: Ubuntu Doesn't Recognize My Webcam / What To Do?

May 20, 2010

I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 on my MSI-16362 laptop and it doesn't recognize my built-in webcam. last time I used Ubuntu (9.04 I think) it recognized the LT webcam w/o any problem. Does someone has any idea how to fix it?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Get Convert X To Dvd To Recognize Drive?

Aug 13, 2010

How do I get convert x to dvd to recognize my dvd drive?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: DVD Drive Won't Recognize DVDs

Apr 13, 2011

I'm usually an Arch Linux Fellow so I have little experience with Debian based systems. I'm installing Ubuntu 10.10 on this laptop for my mum, everything works fine apart from the DVD drive. It refuses to detect DVDs at all (I've tried 8 different ones). It grinds and grumbles at me and makes all sorts of ungodly noises. The drive works fine mechanically as it's been used before under Arch and I used it to install Ubuntu yesterday. I've installed all the relevant codec packages and other odds and ends to play DVDs with, but still nothing.


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: 11.04 Can't Recognize Or Play DVDs

May 14, 2011

I've tried everything that I can find. Nothing is working. I'm sitting here with my netflix delivered copy of Farscape: peacekeeper wars. And I can't play it. 8( I have another DVD that is a how to for comps(A+ level type stuff) and it won't work either. If I go to home and look it only says cd/DVD drive. I have two. I'm very new to ubuntu. Are they supposed to do like windows and show they have anything.

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