Ubuntu :: MP3 Files Won't Import Into Rhythmbox Or Banshee

Sep 5, 2010

I have a Sansa mini-clip MP3 player. Now that I am using Ubuntu I wanted to totally redo my play lists. So using the Sansa menu, I formatted the MP3 player to start fresh. Then I opened Rythmbox and was going to import my MP3 files from my hard drive. Only problem is all of my MP3 files are grayed out on the import files menu. Then I installed Banshee and tried to import the MP3 files and they are grayed out in that program too.

why my MP3 files won't import into Rythmbox or Banshee?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Not Able To Play .m4a/aac Files In Banshee / Rhythmbox

Jun 26, 2010

I have a dsi so all of my music in .m4a I have all the codecs/gstreamers packages installed and they are all from packman it's not my sound cause I can play them in vlc but in rhythm box it says that I do not have the proper codec to play the file. Any ideas? Also I'm on 11.2 latest updates.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: .m4a Files Not Working In Banshee But Working In Rhythmbox

Apr 26, 2011

.m4a files not working in banshee but working in rhythmbox.

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OpenSUSE :: Can't Import Media Into Banshee?

Sep 4, 2010

I can get music from cds into banshee, but when i try to import media from my library in the music folder nothing happens except banshee reports its scanning for a couple of seconds but nothing is imported into banshee,

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Banshee 2.0 Radio Station Did Not Import?

May 3, 2011

I just noticed Banshee is the new default player in Natty so I decided to move over my music and radio stations.The media import worked for my few mp3s (only have a couple on here) I have but my radio stations did not import. Since I mostly listen to the radio while on the computer (ipod when I am not), I bit the bullet and recreated all my radio stations by hand.

Most worked but a few of my favorites do not.BBC World Service did not work so I launched Rhythmbox since it is still installed and BBC and the other stations played fine.Searching around the net it looks like Banshee had problems with BBC before since it is an .asx type link but that was supposed to be fixed in one of the 1.x releases.I found Vermont Public Radio hosts BBC World in a different format but my other stations are out of luck unless I stick with RB for now.

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Ubuntu :: How To Tell Rhythmbox To Import All Your Music

Aug 1, 2010

All I want to do, is import all my other music files to Ubuntu, so I can play them on Rhythmbox music player. The other files are on my Windows hard drives though. Is there some way that I can just click a few buttons and import all my music?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Rhythmbox Won't Import Smb Shares?

May 5, 2010

I've recently installed 10.04 and everything is fine except Rhythmbox.It merely won't add to media library any music file on smb shares I'm using Ubuntu almost all the time and deadly won't to be able to listen to my music on the server

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: 10.04 - Rhythmbox Will Not Import SMB Folders

May 27, 2010

I have Rhythmbox installed in 10.04 on a fresh install with all current updates. I have the FLAC and FAAD libs installed and gstreamer-plugins-ugly, plus the default set of plugins that come with Rhythmbox in 10.04. All my music is stored on a self-built NAS running FreeNAS and serving files over SMB. This NAS has been in use for more than 4 years and has worked flawlessly with all my Windows machines using Winamp as a music player frontend. I can mount the SMB chare in 10.04 and I have no trouble browsing my music files/folders on the NAS.

However, if I try to import the music stored on the NAS using Music > Import Folder... nothing happens in RB. Even dragging and dropping individual music files from a nautilus browser window does not work (nothing happens). Most of the files are FLAC with some MP3's. All music is organized as artistalbum racks. My music collection is a bit more than 16k songs (about 95% are ripped from my own CD's). All tracks are properly tagged. There are no error messages, just nothing happens when dragging tracks into the library or using the Import Folder menu item.

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OpenSUSE :: Banshee 1.5.2 Crashes On Selecting Import Media In 11.2

Jan 9, 2010

I'm running banshee 1.5.2 on opensuse 11.2 (x64) with KDE 4.3.1 release 6. Each time I select the Import Media option banshee simply crashes. I have reinstalled/upgraded banshee from scratch but still get the same issue. Here is what I see in the debug (banshee-1 --debug) log at the point of the crash.

Marshaling style_set signal
Exception in Gtk# callback delegate

Note: Applications can use GLib.ExceptionManager.UnhandledException to handle the exception.

System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at GLib.Value..ctor (System.Object obj) [0x0001c] in /usr/src/packages/BUILD/gtk-sharp-2.12.9/glib/Value.cs:51
at Gtk.ListStore.SetValue (TreeIter iter, Int32 column, System.Object value) [0x00000] in /usr/src/packages/BUILD/gtk-sharp-2.12.9/gtk/generated/ListStore.custom:99
at Banshee.Library.Gui.ImportDialog.UpdateIcons () [0x00059] in /usr/src/packages/BUILD/banshee-1-1.5.2/src/Core/Banshee.ThickClient/Banshee.Library.Gui/ImportDialog.cs:155 .....

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Ubuntu :: Shutting Down Rhythmbox And Banshee?

Jan 29, 2011

10.10 notice that when I shut down either Rhythmbox or Banshee the music keeps on playing. There are no icons on the top or bottom panels that I could right click and quit. At the moment I go System, Admin, System Monitor and kill the process - but this is surely not the way to shut down these apps. The Close box in these apps are not closing down the app.

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Ubuntu :: Replace Rhythmbox With Banshee On U10.04?

Apr 9, 2011

Do anyone know how to replace rhythmbox with banshee on ubuntu 10.04.2? I just don't like the feel of the interface, and it feels cluttered to me. I'm going to install it, the latest version from the ppa, and I feel I want to remove rhythmbox from my computer, but I'm afraid that it will break some packages or destabilize my computer.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: RhythmBox Will Not Import To Library From XP Share

May 1, 2010

I am running the latest version, 10.04 and I am having problems importing music from my XP share. I can see my music in smb://squirrel/music The share on XP has full read/write perms. I then go Rhythmbox - Music - Import Folder and click on "music on squirrel" in "places" and I can see all of my dirs on the XP share. I then click on one directory and click "open" and Rhythmbox goes back to the main screen and there is nothing in Library - Music or anywhere else.

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Ubuntu :: Keyboard Shortcuts In Rhythmbox/Banshee?

Jan 30, 2010

Lately I've been browsing through media players to use to listen to music and I really like the look and feel of both Rhythmbox and Banshee.Problem is, I'm used to the keyboard control scheme of iTunes, where the spacebar and left/right arrow keys control play, previous, and next song respectively. This isn't the case in either of these programs.I am aware of the gnome setting in System>Preferences>Appearance>Interface>Editable menu shortcuts. But I can't get the menu shortcuts to use the left/right arrow keys.My question is.. does anyone know of anyway to use the control scheme of iTunes as i described before in either of these two players? Either by editing the shortcuts or editing a configuration file associated with one of the players?

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Ubuntu :: Banshee Or Rhythmbox Won't Sync Music

Dec 22, 2010

I'm literally banging my head against my computer desk now, because i'm really frustrated about Banshee Or Rhythembox not putting all my songs onto the ipod. I have 930 songs, and they only put 303 songs onto the Ipod. I manually put them in, and still wont work. This is really upsetting. It used to work so perfectly in 10.04, but it's not workin in 10.10.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Banshee And Rhythmbox Close

May 13, 2011

Ubuntu 11.04- Rhythmbox and Banshee used to work ok, but today when either started up they both promptly appear to close down. The only difference is that this morning I had pugged my iPod into the machine, though I don't know if this is relevant. I removed both programs and reinstalled them- now Rhythmbox works, but Banshee still appears and then closes down, whether or not the iPod is pugged in (now suspect this is not part of the problem).

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Samsung U5 Sync Crashes Using Rhythmbox Or Banshee?

Jun 15, 2010

I just got a Samsung U5, and although I could drag and drop, it's not as good as syncing. I've tried using both rhythmbox and banshee to sync my music from a playlist. It only happens when I set it to MTP, that both programs tend to crash. If I set it to MCS none of them will even detect the device, but will both work fine as music players. So far, rhythmbox just freezes and won't let me do anything with the device. Banshee only syncs half of the music files and comes up with this error.
LIBMTP_Send_Track_From_File_Descripto():subcall to LIBMTP_Send_FIle_From_File failed
I've tried several times and it'll only add a couple of more songs.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Rhythmbox ID3 Tags And Banshee Sudden Instability / Fix This?

Jun 21, 2011

I used Easy Tag to edit my songs' ID3 tags. Banshee reads them fine but Rhythmbox misreads them! For eg., blink 182, Blink 182, and Blink-182!!! Apparently it's because Easy Tag makes ID3v1 tags while Rhythmbox read ID3v4? That's SO stupid! What am I supposed to do now? I saw RB had a bug filed but it got closed because "it's not a problem with rhythmbox, it's a problem with ID3 tags." RB should be able to read them! That's ridiculous. So how do I fix the tags? As for Banshee, anyone else move from version 1.6 to 1.7.6? The new one crashes everytime I use it. It's simply awful. And this is supposed to lots of bugs fixed? It's the new stable version? What a joke! How do I fix this now? Or better yet, how to go back to version 1.6? ^ Never mind, I downgraded it. Still have the rhythmbox problem! I'm using Ubuntu Lucid 64 bit with Gnome. RB should be able to read them! That

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General :: Cowon S9 Not Recognized In Banshee Or Rhythmbox OpenSuse 11.3?

Dec 28, 2010

i am not real sure where to place this thread, so i will try here first. i have a Cowon S9 mp3 player that i like to plug into my computer and play music through Rhythmbox under Ubuntu. I have been trying other distros (OpenSuse 11.3 being my current distro). However when i plug in my mp3 player to my OpenSuse box, it doesn't show up in the side bar of Rhythmbox like in Ubuntu. I have shutdown my firewall, i compared the installed plugins under the OpenSuse Rhythmbox to those under Rhythmbox under Ubuntu and they are the same. i've tried Googleing my problem and have not found a solution. Either i am not entering the correct search terms, or NOBODY else is having the same problem i am. I have OpenSuse installed on both my laptop and my desktop and I have the same problem with both.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Rhythmbox ID3 Tags And Banshee Sudden Instability / Sort It?

Sep 29, 2010

I used Easy Tag to edit my songs' ID3 tags. Banshee reads them fine but Rhythmbox misreads them! For eg., blink 182, Blink 182, and Blink-182!!! Apparently it's because Easy Tag makes ID3v1 tags while Rhythmbox read ID3v4? That's SO stupid! What am I supposed to do now? I saw RB had a bug filed but it got closed because "it's not a problem with rhythmbox, it's a problem with ID3 tags." RB should be able to read them! That's ridiculous. So how do I fix the tags?

As for Banshee, anyone else move from version 1.6 to 1.7.6? The new one crashes everytime I use it. It's simply awful. And this is supposed to lots of bugs fixed? It's the new stable version? What a joke! How do I fix this now? Or better yet, how to go back to version 1.6? I downgraded it?Still have the rhythmbox problem!I'm using Ubuntu Lucid 64 bit with Gnome.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Rhythmbox And Banshee Both Crash Immediately After Playing Song / Fix It?

Jan 20, 2011

Both Banshee and Rhythmbox crash, leaving a segmentation fault in the terminal, after playing a song for less than a second. I do manage to get some sound before they crash. This problem seems to have begun only a couple of days ago after doing an update. Unfortunately I was playing playing around with moving my music collection to an NFS share around the same time as the update so I can't be sure which action it was that broke music playback.

Because both Banshee and Rhythymbox are affected and showing identical behaviour I think the problem is gstreamer. Reinstalling everything I could find in synaptic related to gstreamer had no effect.

Some general information:
- My music collection is in FLAC but other formats seem to cause the same behaviour.
- Music from an NFS share or my external USB drive causes the same behaviour
- VLC plays music from my NFS share without any problems
- Removing ubuntu-one (as suggested in some posts) did not help
- I'm using Ubuntu Desktop 10.10 x86

I've had no luck searching the interwebs for help thus far. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Iphone 4.3.3 Will No Longer Work With Banshee / Clementine Or Rhythmbox

Jul 3, 2011

When my Iphone had the 4.2.1 firmware it mounted just fine with Ubuntu, OK sure it took a download of libimobiledevice1 and some other libraries but it worked, and sync'd just fine with Rhythmbox. But, as all manufacturers do, they have released a superior new OS for the phone which fixes all those annoying little bug. I have read from 4.3.2 they changed the itunes database version to an updated one. Now this is fine if you have a windows or mac machine running the latest version of itunes but if like all of us here you have an Ubuntu machine for a very valid reason... i.e you wanted a better operating system that wasnt going to cost the earth.

well, you are screwed as they have locked the third part access to the device's itunes library. I have followed long procedures trying to hack into the phone, modifying certain files, creating a hashfile and dropping this into a system folder to fool the phone into thinking it has the 4.2.1 database still but to no avail. Now my iphone is jailbroken, for the very same reasons as to why have an ubuntu machine, a good peice of hardware with good software that i can customise to run how i see fit, this error is the same with my friends non jaibroken phone and my wifes newly updated iopd..

Surely someone out there who has an ipod, iphone 3gs who are running 4.3.2 or higher has figured out how to fix this annoying "update" problem. The phone mounts fine and i can see a documents drive and the main iphone itself, so it is being recognised but im getting errors when trying ti access the phone in ANY linux media software... They all see the phone but cant recognise the database.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Global Hotkeys To Control Banshee/Rhythmbox/etc Volume With PulseAudio?

Jan 14, 2010

For awhile now, I've been trying to set two global hotkeys to control my volume level in Banshee. Before anyone comes in here and says to use the Volume Up/Volume Down keybinds in gnome-keybinding-properties, that does not work. That controls the master volume. I'm looking for a global hotkeys that control JUST the application volume.I've been playing around now, and I think I might have found a way. Since 9.10, Pulseaudio is integrated and the default sound manager. It also allows controlling the application volume level. While changing the volume would be through Pulseaudio and not in the specific application, this would work.

My question is if there's a way to set a keybind to control a specific application's volume within Pulseaudio? Or even a way to set a keybind to the event that happens when a specific application's volume is turned up or down within Pulseaudio.

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Ubuntu :: Suddenly Rhythmbox Showing New Tab That Says "Import Errors"

Aug 8, 2010

my rhythmbox is showing a new tab that says "Import errors" I am attaching the screenshot of that error report and one major problem I have found out after that is rhythmbox contains non audio formats (like .iso and others) and rhythmbox tries to play these non audio files and make scratchy sounds. how come its reading these formats and it creates nuisance while the song changes and it tries to play those formats. I am using Lucid Lynx.

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Ubuntu :: "The" Filed Incorrectly In Rhythmbox And Banshee

Jul 26, 2010

This is kind of a minor complaint, but nonetheless a problem that I'd like to see resolved. In Rhythmbox and Banshee, artist names that begin with the word "the" are filed under "T" instead of whatever letter comes after that. I'm used to using iTunes, which simply ignores the word "the" and files an artist name according to whatever letters come after "the". For example, songs by the artist named "The Beatles" are filed under "T" in both Rhythmbox and Banshee, whereas in iTunes they're filed under "B". Is there any way to change this?

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Software :: Import .dbx Files Into Outlook .pst?

Aug 12, 2010

I changed job and my new office uses Outlook. I saved my old emails in Outlook Express .dbx files ... is there a way to import the DBX files into MS Outlook?

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OpenSUSE :: Banshee 2.0 "export Playlist" And "import Playlist" Results Differ?

Sep 11, 2011

I have a playlist of 634 tracks that I export to a file. I then try to import that same file and only 627 tracks get imported into the created playlist. The 7 tracks that are missing are:

#EXTINF:125,Elvis Presley - Don't Be Cruel
../../../../media/LinuxHD/Music/Elvis Presley/Elv1s 30 #1 Hits/02. Don't Be Cruel.mp3
#EXTINF:189,Elvis Presley - Are You Lonesome Tonight?
../../../../media/LinuxHD/Music/Elvis Presley/Elv1s 30 #1 Hits/16. Are You Lonesome Tonight_.mp3


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Ubuntu :: Banshee Has Stopped Playing M4p Files?

Oct 11, 2010

I have several files that are from an Ipod that I still have and has worked great with Banshee up until now. All of the sudden, Banshee will not play m4p files. I have Ubuntu Restricted Extras installed, and when I try to play them with Movie Player, it says that it cannot play an encrypted file stream.

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OpenSUSE :: 11.3 Fails To Correctly Import Pps / Ppt Files - Openoffice 3.2.1

Dec 27, 2010

It would appear that novell openoffice on opensuse 11.3 fails to correctly import pps/ppt files. Slide transition data is lost and this results in presentations without sound. This problem does not exist in openoffice from openoffice.org. openoffice from openoffice.org will play pps files with sound which will not play with openoffice from Novell. However the openoffice.org version requires JMF.

JMF is old and 32 bit. I have tested openoffice 3.2.1 from openoffice.org with JMF on a 32 bit 11.2 system and it works. I assume that JMF will not work with a 64 bit JRE. I also assume that it would be difficult to get a 32 bit jre to work with a 64 bit openoffice FMJ is an alternative to JMF. It plays various types of audio including mp3 and wav. It is packaged for installation on 11.3. Does anybody know if this works in place of JMF with openoffice from openoffice.org on a 64 bit system?

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General :: Import Simply Accounting Files Into Gnucash?

Apr 27, 2011

Anybody know how to import Simply Accounting files into Gnucash?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Playing AAC ITunes Files In Banshee?

Feb 10, 2010

im wondering if this is possible. I have downloaded every gstreamer plugin possible and they still dont play.im running ubuntu 9.10

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