Ubuntu Installation :: Precautions To Take When Upgrading Windows On Windows/kubuntu Dualboot PC?

May 31, 2010

I have a Vista/Kubuntu dualboot, with grub2 as my loader. Because i have read that Windows likes to ignore something else present on the system and overwrite everything with itself. So i installed Vista, then Kubuntu.Now i want to upgrade my Vista to Win7. My question is - what should i do in order to keep my current dualboot intact (Grub2 as a loader, and kubuntu fully functional). I fear Win7 might even never ask me about keeping my kubuntu dualboot, just overwrite everything. PS: My bootinfoscript output

Boot Info Script 0.55 dated February 15th, 2010
============================= Boot Info Summary: ==============================


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Ubuntu Installation :: Trying To Dualboot Windows 7 - Doesn't Recognise That Windows Is There

Jan 3, 2011

So I shrunk my Windows 7 partition. Now I have a 450GB partition with Windows 7 on it and a 50GB partition for Ubuntu that is unallocated space currently. So when I go to the setup for Ubuntu, booted into using my USB flash drive, it doesn't recognise that Windows is there. It thinks that the hard drive, all 500GB of it, is free space. Going into GParted, it also seems to think that the entire hard drive is a blob of unallocated space. According to tutorials online, this shouldn't be happening. It should recognise the two different partitions. So I went into Computer in Ubuntu (Live) just to double-check and indeed all my Windows files are there and I can still boot into Windows just fine.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.10 With Dualboot To Windows 7 ?

Oct 21, 2010

I have a problem installing ubuntu 10.10 (64 bit) with dualboot together with windows 7.

The situation is a follows: on the pc is windows 7 (home premium) installed, the windows bootloader is in the MBR and THIS CANNOT BE CHANGED (it's not a private pc).

I wanted to do this the way I have done with the previous ubuntu realeaes I used (8.04 and 9.04): install everything normaly and only tell the installer to install GRUB into /dev/sda5 (root-partition of the ubuntu-System). Then I used


To copy the bootsector in a file and integrate this file into the Windows Bootloader. The problem is: this file has only zeros inside (00hex), so it seems, that there is no GRUB written into the bootsector of the linux-partition.

The whole procudure works without any problems using Windows 7 and ubuntu 9.04, but I want to have the new release of ubuntu!

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Fedora Installation :: Unninstall Windows Vista In Dualboot ?

Aug 9, 2011

I have 2 HDD's on my computer. On HDD 1 i have a Windows Vista installed, on HDD 2 my fedora is installed. I am so pleased woith the fedora system that i dont even use the windows system anymore.

Now i want to uninstall the windows. How can i do this the best way that the result is that the existing Fedora stays and boots on computerstart and that i can use the HDD where windows was on the fedora system to store stuff (now the fedora system cant see the windows hdd becouse its NTFS)

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Ubuntu Installation :: Installing Windows XP Dualboot - Error Along The Lines Of A Missing/corrupt Hal.dll

Jun 30, 2010

So I have a single hard drive with two partitions, and I am trying to install a dual boot of Windows XP and Ubuntu. However, I am having an issue installing the Windows XP component.

I keep getting an error along the lines of a missing/corrupt hal.dll after the first restart in the install. This has happened every time I tried to install windows XP, from several different discs, all of which I have confirmed to work on another computer.

I have tried several things for fixing this, from repairing the MBR and boot.ini to replacing hal.dll from hal.dl_, and nothing works. However, Ubuntu 10.04 installs and boots properly.

What I can do to get Windows to install properly?

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Fedora Installation :: Dualboot Windows F12 - Just Get Black Screen With Flashing Cursor

Dec 17, 2009

I have installed F12 on the remaining space on my disk and now Windows does not boot anymore. I get to Grub and choose windows and then just get black screen with flashing cursor.

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Fedora Installation :: DualBoot Windows Vista And 14 - Play All Media Formats ?

Dec 13, 2010

I am planning to buy a new system. I am planning to use fedora and windows vista (I have a legal copy with me and I dont want to buy a new one. That's why no windows 7 here).

How shoudl I proceed? Which OS to install first? I believe (from reading the threads) that I should install windows vista first and Fedora second.

The main question I have is this. I heard that HDD makers will no longer ship the current HDD's in Jan. Heard that 512 byte hard drive format is to be replaced by 4KB. I read somewhere that this can cause issues when we go for dual boot. Is this true? In that case, what steps can I take to ensure no problems occur?

I really want to use Vista only for running certain applications which do not run on linux. I have heard WINE can simulate a WIN environment. But is this really true? I mean, can it simulate WIN environments perfectly?

My next question is regarding dual HDD. I am planning to go for 2*500GB HDD instead of 1*1TB HDD... So will it be better if I dedicate one HDD to Vista and 1 HDD to Fedora? (I know it will be a waste of space since I will be using Fedora mainly and hardly aropund 10-20 GB for Vista. But I can access the Vista partitions)

Does fedora play all media formats? I know out of the box it might not.. But does having VLC help?

I dont see any firewall protection in Linux. I have heard of using IPTables, but then how efefctive are those? I will be doing many online transactions and I want my system to be secure. I know Linux is pretty secure. So should I harden the security with a hardware firewall?

I will be watching a lot of DVD movies, AVI movies and some HD movies as well. Does linux have issues rendering HD movies properly? I have read somewhere that fedora has issues while Win is good and Debian/CentOS (Not sure which one was mentioned) is even better. I had a pretty powerful config in teh past and yet I have seen that my Vista machine had trouble rendering a HD movie properly.

I will be buying AMD configuration along with an ATI graphic card (sometimes). Does Fedora have any driver issues?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Precautions And Procedure - Upgrading The Kernel?

Jun 21, 2010

What are the precautions and procedure do i need to follow while upgrading the Kernel?

Please let me know the complete details of a procedure of upgrading a kernel in a production environment?

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Dualboot W/ Windows 7 ?

Jul 28, 2011

I've been trying to dual boot with Windows 7. I installed it on my backup harddrive. I've tried booting it from there but no luck. And I'm not seeing a boot from message.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Installing Windows 7 Over Kubuntu?

Mar 30, 2010

how to install some windows programs I have, Like the Magic Jack phone thing.Well needless to say, he bailed on me and I havent heard from him in several days and I have been sitting without a phone since last Friday.So basically, I want to remove this kubuntu and put windows 7 back on my system so I can get all my window programs back.

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Ubuntu :: Dualboot With Windows 7 - No Errors - Just Blank Screen

Jan 4, 2010

I tried using Wubi to install Ubuntu 9.10. It worked fine in the Windows part of it. After the restart, I got the ubuntu option. Selected it. Something about pressing ESC for more booting option came. Then two lines of something, and then a BLANK screen for the next hour. I hard rebooted then. Selected Ubuntu again, and pressed ESC and booted into Verbose mode. Still the blank screen ALWAYS comes. No errors. Just the blank screen. What am I supposed to do? I tried reinstalling through Wubi, but the BLANK SCREEN ALWAYS COMES. I am trying an online tutorial for dual booting Windows 7 along with Ubuntu, but the guy in the tutorial says just boot live. What is that? Like just setup your BIOS and put the cd in? I am gonna try it in sometime, after my cd is burned, but still, better if I get a reply before that.

Okay, I tried with the cd, selected the option of trying Ubuntu without installing, but again the BLANK SCREEN loves me, so it won't leave. Do you think I've got a corrupt copy of Ubuntu. It is the torrent, that is linked on their official website. Should I like redownload it and try? I really want to try out Ubuntu.

With the cd I also tried checking the cd for errors option on the screen, and that too showed no errors. I want my windows installation to stay but I want to try Ubuntu along too. Still I tried installing Ubuntu, without trying to let Windows stay or something, but still, obviously the BLANK SCREEN.

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Ubuntu Networking :: 10.10 No More Internet After Dualboot Windows Install

Dec 20, 2010

I have a Dell XPS 420 with Ubuntu 10.10 (2.6.35-23-generic x86_64). My internet used to work (out of the box) without any problems, but after install of Windows Vista (Home Ed. 32bit), I am unable to use the internet in Ubuntu. The network card is a Linksys WMP600N Wireless-N PCI Adapter. In Windows it works without problems.

In ubuntu, the network manager indicates that I am connected to the network, and I have an IP address in the 192.168.* range. I am able to ping the router, but unable to ping outside addresses. I have not changed anything, but still my wireless connections has stopped working.


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General :: Dualboot - Windows Xp And Fedora Core 6 ?

May 23, 2010

Im trying to dual boot windows xp on my computer already running fedora core 6. I have some experience with dual booting- i had a windows xp laptop, and now it runs both windows and ubuntu. Ive done some reasearch, but still not clear on how exactly I should go about dual booting xp on fedora.

I forgot to mention above I do not have internet access on that computer. I do, however, have a laptop (windows xp) that i can download things on and burn on a disc if needed. it has internet. If you know of any solution to run programms such as visual studio and dreamweaver on linux which dosnt require dual booting(i tried wine but didnt work for me)

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CentOS 5 :: After Upgraded To Windows 7 - The Dualboot Is Apparently Gone

Aug 31, 2011

I've recently upgraded my Lenovo Sl500 laptop from windows vista to windows 7, both 32bit.

Prior to this i had dual boot between CentOs 5.6 and windows vista.

After i have upgraded to windows 7, the dualboot is apparently gone, I am no longer able to boot in linux.

My question is now, how can i fix this, or create a new dual boot?

Im currently left with two partitions, one with Windows 7 installed, and one with CentOs 5.6 installed, but as said, I am unable to acces my linux.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Cannot Boot Windows 7 After Upgrading To 9.10?

Feb 2, 2010

I installed Ubuntu 9.10 on Windows 7 system using Ubuntu disk partion option. Unbuntu works great but I can no longer access W7. Windows Loader Boot Option is in normal position as last selection of Grub menu but arrow keys do work. Acts as if keyboard is locked. System defaults to Ubuntu 9.10. How do I select Windows Loader Option

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Ubuntu Installation :: Windows 7 64 Not Booting After Upgrading From 9.10 To 10.04?

May 7, 2010

I am sorry to post another thread regarding this problem, but after searching for hours in this forum and the internet, no suggested solution fixed my problem.I have 3 disks of 1TB in size. The first /dev/sda is where windows 7 64 is installed (partitioning: MBR).The second /dev/sdb is where I installed ubuntu 10.4 64bit (partitioning: GPT).The third is just for storage and is ntfs. No boot here.the grub2 is installed on mbr (/dev/sda)Also did a update-grub just to be sure, and testdisk.Grub finds all the oses and sort the to the list (including windows 7).Upon selecting Ubuntu, ubuntu boots fineBut If I select windows 7, I get a blackscreen and a blinking cursor on top left. No disk activity.I had a similar problem booting windows 7 when I had installed 9.10 in the past. The fix was to add the line:echo insmod part_msdoson the /etc/grub.d/00_header file because grub was inserting only the part_gpt module thus not recognizing the mbr partitions.

This is not a solution anymore.Trying to have a fix at least to boot into windows 7 using the windows disk, using repair, and command prompt as suggested somewhere here on the forum, did not solve anything. On the Repair dialog on start, windows see the installation, I choose fix, and it ends up that there are no problems to fix. After going to console, and issuing The BootRec commands, the /ScanOs and /RebuildBcd, say there are no windows installation. Great work Microsoft!. The installation is found on gui screen, but not on console.I did a clean install from the ubuntu 10.04 cd, just to see if solves the problem. but no. Same thing.And a stupid thing I did on update: I checked to install grub on every disk (just disks not partitions), when grub-config window showed up. Don't ask me why, I ask myself and I don't get an answer.Anyway, as I said, at least ubuntu boots fine and all disks are accessible. So, fortunately no data loss. The windows 7 option available on the grub menu ends up in a blinking cursor.Just in case, here is the results of my boot info script:

Boot Info Script 0.55 dated February 15th, 2010
============================= Boot Info Summary: ==============================


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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Boot After Upgrading Windows?

Jun 24, 2011

I had ubuntu 10.04 dual boot with win xp and I recently decided to upgrade windows to win 7. Once I did that I could no longer see the grub therefore I couldn't manage to boot into ubuntu. I don't know what to do, the installation is there because I never touched that partition

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Ubuntu Installation :: Safe To Dual Boot Kubuntu With Windows 7?

Jan 19, 2010

I really hate to ask this. I have been searching for almost 2 days for a comforting answer but still not satisfied. I have a new Dell Studio 1555 64 bit system with Windows 7. I really like running dual boot systems and this is my first W7 machine. Is it vaguely safe to attempt to install Kubuntu 9.10 on this system? It still smells new and I'd hate to wreck it this soon, LOL. The vast amount of info on this forum along with the sheer number of posts makes it difficult to sift through sometimes.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Cannot Access - After Upgrading Vista To Windows 7?

Jan 12, 2010

I had partitioned my dell inspiron 1525 to have Windows Vista and Ubuntu 9.04. I upgraded Vista to Windows 7. Now whenever I start the computer it goes directly to Windows 7. Is the Grub been deleted? How do I get to my Ubuntu. I have the Ubuntu Live CD with me

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dual Boot Windows 7 & Upgrading?

May 3, 2010

I've heard people have been finding that when they upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04 on a machine that dual boots 9.10 and windows 7, they can't boot windows 7 afterwards. There is a fix to this problem but I would rather prevention to a cure.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Unable To Boot In Windows 2K3 After Upgrading To 10.4?

May 31, 2010

I am new to Ubuntu. I recently upgraded my Ubuntu from 9.10 to 10.4 (64bit) since then I am unable to dual boot to WIN2K3 from the same HDD as my Ubuntu. I have ran some of the suggestions like: Sudo update grub and Testdisk both did not provide any errors on my partitions and my primary partition displayed in Testdisk was WIN2K3, now when I reboot and select it from the boot menu it just simply show a blinking cursor.

I am out of ideas and I need a solution to suit my configuration. I prefer not to re-install or repair any WIN2K3 OS. Can someone assist and let me know what you need from me to further understand my issue.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Boot To Windows Vista After Upgrading To 10.04 Lts

Jun 4, 2010

I had Ubuntu 9.10 and windows vista on my laptop and both systems boot normally throw grub but after I upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS windows is shown on the grub loader but if I selected it all I get is blinking cursor, Ubuntu boots just fine.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrading Windows Get GRUB Back?

Jul 6, 2010

I had Vista loaded on my computer, then loaded the BRILLIANT ubuntu onto a second partition! This gave me the GRUB boot loader which is fine.My 2 points are;1. Can I change the position of the items in the GRUB loader so if no keys are pressed it loads Windows automatically?? (Its for my sons computer!!) Also can I edit the GRUB so its less complicated for him??2.I want to update his Windows to Win 7, free upgrade! This over rights the Win partition and will therefore get rid of my GRUB loader. When I have updated how can I get back the ability to chose between booting Win 7 and Ubuntu?? How do I get the GRUB back?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Unable To Boot Into Windows After Upgrading Grub

Apr 10, 2010

I upgraded from grub to grub2 recently, and during an update of my system, it ran the update-grub command which prompted a window asking me where to install Grub. Since I didn't know what partition to install it to and the help suggested to install it to all if I was unsure what partition to install it to - I accidentally installed Grub to my Windows partitions (both the regular and the recovery console).

So now, I can't boot into Windows - the computer just hangs after Grub with a blinking cursor and I have to perform a hard reset. Is there any way for me to restore the boot record for the windows partition without having to reinstall windows from the ground up?! I can't use Linux for my webbanking and other important tasks, so (unfortunately) I need Windows back desperately!

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Ubuntu Installation :: Occasional Blank Windows In Gnome After Upgrading To 11.04 / Why Is So?

Jun 11, 2011

I upgraded to 11.04 and now I get these occasional blank windows. Anyone have an idea on what is going on?

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Fedora :: 13 Windows 7 Dualboot And Hard Disk - Complete Loss Of All My Data

Oct 11, 2010

Last time I installed Ubuntu in a dualboot configuration with Win7 on one of my machines, my entire boot sector and Windows install got corrupted, resulting in a complete loss of all my data and requiring a fresh install of Windows.

I looked into this a bit after the fact, and it seemed to me it was due to conflicting hard disk geometry between Linux and Windows.

My question is, how likely is this to happen with Fedora? Is this because of Ubuntu? A bad install? Is there someway I can avoid this from happening when I install Fedora if it will happen?

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Debian Installation :: Upgrading Windows On A Computer With Dual Boot

Aug 30, 2014

I recently installed Debian 7 on a dual boot with Windows Vista. Thus, when I boot the computer, I am prompted by a GRUB screen to select Windows Vista loader, Debian, and Debian (recovery mode). I would like to upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7. Will this cause an issue with GRUB? Will a Windows 7 loader be added to the list or will a Windows 7 loader replace the Windows Vista loader? Will there have to be a setting change within Debian? Within Windows?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Parts Of Keyboard Freeze / Keys Do Not Response In Kubuntu & Windows 7 Login Screen?

Jul 12, 2011

I cannot use several keys (1,`, q, a, z & Esc) on my keyboard.I have just installed Kubuntu 11.04, AMD64 version via Wubi. Everything went well w/o any errors. At 1st boot, I also logged in w/o errors, and then tried some apps for Office & Network and shut down. The keyboard was still alright at that time. However, The problem started on the 2nd boot after the installation. Those keys do not response in Kubuntu & Windows 7 login screen and even in my PC's BIOS setup.

My laptop model is Dell Lattitude E6410, core i5, Intel HD Graphics, WD HDD 160GB. And I installed on the other partition, not my Windows one.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Login After Upgrading To Kubuntu 10.04.1?

Dec 8, 2010

I have a problem after upgrading from Kubuntu 9.10 to 10.04.1 (LTS): after reboot I get the login panel but when I type login + password, the system begin to go ahead but immediately comes back to login panel, so I can't get the Desktop obviously .

I checked the following : The kubuntu-desktop is already in place the kdm I think it works well (start & stop work) and the file xorg.conf has been rebuilded with the cmd "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg".

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrading To Koala - And Kubuntu Both Installed

Jan 2, 2010

I tried to upgrade through Ubuntu Jaunty .04 to Koala but couldn't, I think it had something to do with the Kubuntu I have dowloaded also, (like it goes to the same splash screen and I choose if I want to go to Ubuntu or Kubuntu) the kubuntu is on the 8. version. how do I fix this so I can upgrade to Koala?

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