Ubuntu Installation :: Lucid Installation Freeze

Jun 14, 2010

After screwing up my current UNR install, I have decided to get a fresh installation of regular Lucid without all the BS that comes with the netbook remix, BUT when I boot from usb and start the process I can't get past the keyboard selection phase... it just hangs there forever. I tried making a usb with the alternate text based version too but it halts at the same spot, namely detecting hdd's. Now, I've installed the UNR previously from usb without any problems so something is wrong here, I just haven't got any wiser from reading whats online either. I checked the forums etc but didn't find any answers... I'm on an Asus Eee 1005PE by the way.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrade To Lucid 10.04 - Freeze On Graphical

May 23, 2010

After running 9.10 (Kubuntu) uneventfully on my Thinkpad x100e (chip: AMD Neo MV-40, graphics: Radeon HD 3200), I upgraded to Lucid and am getting a system freeze/hang.

I'm running the Xorg radeon driver.

At first the freeze was on the KDM login screen, right after the audio drumbeats. I upgraded the BIOS to the latest from Lenovo, and now I can log in, but it freezes right away while trying to build the desktop. I've tried the failsafe graphical boot, and all I get is a black screen.

I've seen some threads related to the i845/i855 chips, but that shouldn't be an issue here (although I tried some of the workarounds which didn't help). I'd like to avoid the fglrx driver if I can, but I'll give that a shot if I can't get past this.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Lucid & 2.6.36-1 Kernel: Random Freeze After Boot

Oct 26, 2010

I am using Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 (64 bits) in my Asus U30JC laptop (Core i3 M350, intel 4500MHD + nvidia 310M with nvidia Optimus, 4GB RAM). I am content with Lucid and I don't want to upgrade to 10.10 for now. However I read that the new 2.6.36 kernel has some good improvements, such as improving system interactivity while intensive I/O (such as copying large files), and improved energy management for i3/i5 processors (which I hope translates into more battery time, which is a problem of Ubuntu vs Win7 in my laptop).

I discovered I had 2 options: compile the kernel myself, or use the Ubuntu Kernel PPA (maintained by the Ubuntu Kernel Team). I decided to use the PPA, so I added it to my software sources and installed the generic"linux-lts-backport-natty" kernel (2.6.36-1).

Package installation went fine, and after reboot, I could log in to the desktop no problem. Everything seemed fine, but after a few minutes, the system freezes completely: mouse did not move, none of the indicators moved, even Ctrl + Alt + F1 did not work.Where is the log file where there might be a message related to the freeze? Do you think that the kernel developers would try to fix a bug that probably only affects people running the 2.6.36-1 kernel on a distribution that was not built around it?

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Ubuntu Installation :: 11.04 Amd64 Installation Freeze?

May 31, 2011

I have recently added a couple of HDDs to my system and wanted to try 11.04 on one, so installed on my smallest empty hard drive. The installation went fine, but upon booting to that drive the system froze at the 'Verifying DMI pool data' screen, and didn't boot. I thought it could have been that drive, so I tried installing on my 500gb drive which had 10.10 running on it. After backing up files etc., I tried a fresh install of 11.04 on this drive, but with the same result, same freeze at the same screen.

During this process I noticed that the Live USB I am using has been quite glitchy (eg. selecting a menu option and it hangs for about a minute before any action), which makes me suspect that it could be the image I'm using. I've downloaded it a couple of times just in case it was a bad image (has happened to me before), but that hasn't fixed it. Both times I used the image in the Internode mirror repository, [URL]...

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Ubuntu Installation :: How Stable Are The Lucid-proposed And Lucid-backports Options In The Software Sources Settings

Oct 11, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 how stable are the lucid-proposed and lucid-backports options in the software sources settings?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Procedure For Updating From Lucid Beta 2 To Lucid LTS?

Apr 30, 2010

What's the procedure for updating from Lucid Beta 2 to Lucid LTS? Is it just "apt-get upgrade"? Or would I be better off with a clean install?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Vista Installation Won't Start After Upgrading From Karmic To Lucid

Apr 30, 2010

My Windows Vista installation won't start after upgrading from Karmic to Lucid. If I select it on GRUB2, it leaves a blinking cursor on screen. And I tried doing the whole test disk thing and the boot info script. This is what my Results.txt file says


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Ubuntu Installation :: Canon MX Printer Installation On Kubuntu Lucid 10.04 AMD64

May 20, 2010

Canon MX320, MX330, MX860 printer installation on Kubuntu Lucid 10.04 AMD64 bit. I am sure Ubuntu Lucid is similar. Once I upgraded to Lucid 10.04 AMD64 bit I found that getting a Canon Pixma MX printer installed was not going to be easy. So I thought it help others if I posted my experience here. To pull this off you will need both the Debian package, (.deb), and the source package from either

Canon Europe: [URL]... Or Canon Australia: [URL]... NOTE: The only reason to get the source is to access the ppd files. They are in the Debian package but it is a lot more work to walk newbies through unpacking the .deb. Since there are errors in the source code it makes impossible to compile a driver. Therefore, you will need to install the 32bit Debian package and force the architecture, then add the correct printer driver from the ppd file in the source package. While these instructions worked for me there are a few assumption I make which mat affect your outcome. My MX860 has a wireless network connection.

In other words I have no idea if this will or will not work on a USB attached printer. (If someone would be kind enough to post back if they get that configuration working that would be cool.) The other assumption is that the general reader is relatively new to Lunix and the command line interface. The commands were cut and pasted from my working kconsole, so they should work for anyone.Here we go:........

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To Switch From Lucid 32 Bit To Lucid 64 Bit

May 9, 2010

I recently upgraded from Karmic to Lucid via the Update Manager. I would like to upgrade further by switching from 32 Bit to 64 Bit. I downloaded the Lucid 64 Bit ISO and wrote an install disk. When I reboot the computer with the install disk nothing happens.

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 - Lucid Lynx - Random Freeze - Hang-up

May 10, 2010

It seems that my Ubuntu 10.04 (clean install) to randomly freeze / hang (mouse/keyboard unresponsive, only a hard reboot is available as option) but with no garbled screens/windows/etc. There's no pattern why or any application that could be responsible. It could happen ten minutes after it is started or after 2 days but at some point and suddenly the system will become totally unresponsive, freeze and hang up. I used the same PC with Karmic Koala and releases before that (sometimes on for days) with no such problem so it shouldn't be a hardware problem.

I thoroughly check system logs after the hard reboot (System > Administation > Log File Viewer) and there's no entry around the time of each freeze / hang to pinpoint me to something.

The only thing that is certain is that the following errors / warnings always appear in .xsession-errors file:

Here is also some info about my system:
CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
Graphics: ATI Radeon 9100 IGP

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Ubuntu Installation :: Freeze During Upgrade To 8.04 To 10.04?

Jun 22, 2010

I started the upgrade from Ubuntu 8.04 LTS to 10.04 LTS last night and it seems to have frozen during the "Installing the upgrades" portion. My mouse works and so do my Application menus, etc. Just the upgrade process has frozen.

In the upgrade window, there is a drop down box showing the terminal. Below is the last install it shows and at what point it froze:

Setting up dbus (1.2.16-2ubuntu4)...
Installing new version of config file /etc/dbus-1/session.conf...
Installing new version of config file /etc/dbus-1/system.conf...
The system user 'messagebus' already exists. Exiting.

What should I do now? I left it overnight and nothing has changed. Should I reboot?

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04/10.10 Freeze While Opensuse 11.3 Not?

Dec 26, 2010

I am a user of Ubuntu since 5 years, never had a problem like that before. (lot of install, update on many computers)Today, a friend, give me an old computer but it freeze with a fresh install of ubuntu if the hyperthreading is enable in bios. After 5 minutes or sometime less ... lost the keyboard, the mouse andnothing to do exept switch off !!The same computer never freeze with a fresh install of Opensuse 11.3 when the hyperthreading is on.I there any major difference between this 2 linux which could explain this ?Could someone help me to find the solution ?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Dualboot: Freeze After Grub

Feb 8, 2010

I just tried a dual installation. Win7 sits on my internal HDD, Ubuntu has a partition on my external HDD. The external Hdd is set up to have ~900GB of NTFS file storage and ~100GB for / (ext4) and a seperate swap partition. I partitioned it that way from the livecd installer. I have to say that I'm basically fresh out of ideas. I can boot Ubuntu 9.10 64bit just fine from a Usb stick. Installation also worked fine, I had the installer install Grub on the external Hdd. I am quite sure that it actually *is* on the external hdd, since unplugging it as well as changing the boot order to internal hdd first results in a straight boot to Win7.

Anyways, booting from the external device, I get as far as the grub OS selection prompt. Windows 7s loader can be started without any problem from here. However, choosing Ubuntu (recovery or not) results in... nothing. The system plain simply freezes up (I gave it some time) and can only be reactivated by resetting it. So far, I tried manually editing the boot entry by pressing "e". I changed the root entry from 2,2 to 2,0 to 2,1 to 2,3 and 2,5. Afterwards I tried booting by pressing ctrl+x. The result always stays the same. No boot, frozen system. Pc: C2D E6750, Gf8800GT,4GB Ram. Pastebin of grub.cfg: [URL]

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Ubuntu Installation :: System Freeze After A Few Seconds?

May 17, 2010

[I'm not sure if this is the right forum. This is the closest I've found]. I've installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (dual boot with Windows XP SP3). After Ubuntu starts, it takes about 10 seconds, and the computer halts. No screen/mouse/keyboard activity. If I start Ubuntu under Recovery Mode, with failsafeX, it doesn't happen.

In the Windows all is fine. What did I wrong? [My CPU is: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2140 @ 1.60GHz, if it matters...]

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Ubuntu :: Installation Freeze On Old Compaq (1998) / What To Fix It?

Jun 30, 2010

I burned ubuntu 10.4 desktop onto a CD and tried to install it on an old compaq. It was really slow but got to the popup window that asks your language and if you want to demo it or install it. I click on the try it button, but then it doesn't respond. I can move the window, but nothing else. It only has 128 meg of RAM, and hard drive shouldn't matter. The processor (I think) is a "AuthenticAMD AMD-K6(tm) 3D. I couldn't find the processor speed. Would it help if I tried the netbook edition?

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 Freeze After Couple Of Minutes

Aug 26, 2010

I've just installed Ubuntu 10.04 on a AMD processor with a nvidia graphic card in dual boot with windows xp. First the live-cd was already freezing after a couple of minutes so I had to install Ubuntu with the alternate cd. Now it freezes whatever I do after 2 or 3 minutes. I had exactly the same problem with the 6.04 version but I had only to remove powernowd from /etc/init.d/ to make it perfectly working. But unfortunately this file seems not to be there in this version.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Random Freeze After 10 Minutes In 10.10?

Oct 14, 2010

I am a Ubuntu user since a few years (Breezy Badger was my first) now but I still don't know much about computers or commands so please bear with me. I used 10.04 on my HP pavillion PC of two years old without any problems. Now I upgraded to 10.10 with update manager. And it boots fine, but whatever I do, after aprox. 10 minutes everything just freezes. And I don't remember the magic phrase for soft reset, so I hit the power button.

I have searched the forums and could not find a satisfactory answer to my problem. I found this thread [URL] but have no idea how to do what's requested. Could anyone please tell me what to do?I know how to open a terminal, and type a command or two but that's basically it.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Freeze After Partial Install?

Dec 15, 2010

Today I tried to upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10. It got through probably 50% of the install and then everything froze. I had to hard restart the computer, but when I try to boot to ubuntu, it just gives me a prompt and acts as if everything is wrong. I have tried a few things (sudo dpkg -configure -a; sudo dpkg -reconfigure; etc..) but it all seems to lead back to the prompt with no success. Is there anyway to recover my upgrade? Do I have to resort to a reinstall of ubuntu and lose all my data?

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Ubuntu Installation :: System Freeze On 11.04 Happening Often

May 9, 2011

I built a new system for 11.04

Intel i5
ASUS P8H67-M LE motherboard
4 gigs of ram
2TB Hard drive
DVD writer

I am getting system freezes, but the mouse pointer still responds (moves arounf).

I suspect that it is the Sandy Bridge video. The freeze is preceded by video corruption.

How do I proceed to get this resolved and report the errors to the development people?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Freeze During Partition Resize ?

Jul 18, 2011

This is my first time using Ubuntu, so I don't really know much about it. I tried installing it from a DVD earlier, but it wouldn't work. Then I tried on my flash drive, still didn't work. I realized that the downloaded iso (Ubuntu 11.04 64 bit) was only 411 MB instead of 698 MB. I then tried to download it again, and it was the correct size.

I booted it off my flash drive, and tried to install. It asked how much of the HDD space I wanted to reserve for Ubuntu, I think. I can't quite remember, but I dragged it over to 30 GB. Now I realize that I don't actually need that much, oh well. I got an error, can't quite remember what it said, but then the same window came up again asking to resize the partition. There was only about 20 GB availiable this time (instead of the 320 before), I reserved 6 GB, and clicked continue. I checked back after like 3 hours and the window is white and frozen.

Is there any way I can restart my laptop and correct the issue without messing anything up? If it matters, I'm installing it on an Alienware M11x laptop.

I'm not quite sure, but I think the specs are:
Nvidia GeForce 335M
320 GB HDD
i5 U520M processor @ 1.07 GHz (ranked over 3.0 GHz)
Windows 7 64-bit

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Ubuntu Installation :: 9.10 Upgrade - Deep Freeze And No HD Activity

Mar 4, 2010

As part of a standard update from Update Mgr, I was proposed an upgrade from kernel (pae) to (again, pae). Installation went smoothly, as a number of similar upgrades before. Machine is a plain dual/boot (win7+karmic), no wubi.

Mandatory reboot after upgrade... grub... then freeze.
Deep freeze: blank screen, no HD activity.

None of the existing kernel flavors (2.6.31-17, 31-19, 31-20) is able to boot, either in pae, general or recovery mode. It's only BIOS sequence, grub, choice... frozen. Blank screen, no message whatsoever. (btw, win7 boot appears not affected)

Attempts so far:
* Following some hints here for similar situations, I checked my disk w/ gparted and found no issues.
* Partition's UUID is nicely set.
* Recovered Grub, as per its tutorial...

I'm attaching here my grub's config, from a script I've seen in multiple questions.
Boot Info Script 0.55 dated February 15th, 2010
Boot Info Summary:
=> Grub 2 is installed in the MBR of /dev/sda and looks on the same drive in partition #5 for /boot/grub.....

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Boot In 9.10 Login Screen Freeze?

Mar 9, 2010

I have a dual boot configuration (WinXp and Ubuntu 9.10) on a PC (my video card is an ATI Radeon 4850), i have been configuring ubuntu for the past 5 days and everything was working fine. Today i installed Screenlets (through synaptic manager), and i was adding a screenlet when the screen froze. I could move the cursor, but couldn't click anything. I left it for about 5 minutes to see if anything changes, and since it was still frozen, i did a hard reset (restart from the button).

In the grub menu i chose the normal linux boot (not the recovery mode), it loads up the welcome splash screen (with the tribal sound and the bar moving), and then the little circle cursor appears, turns into the normal arrow cursor and it hangs. I can move the cursor, but the screen is stuck with the ubuntu splash screen.I restarted (again from the button) and went into recovery mode, but in the recovery console i can't select any option from the keyboard (i tried hitting the cursor keys, enter, nothing happens). I hit ctrl+alt+delete and it restarted the system (so the keyborad does function). In XP i found a recommendation to restart the Xserver, so i rebooted in the Ubuntu splash screen, hit ctrl+alt+F2, logged in, typed the command i found:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorgrestarted (sudo reboot), and got to the splash screen, which after playing the tribal sounds, turned semi-transparent (i could see the desktop wallpaper, taskbars and a black rectangle where my cairo-dock should appear), but again it freezed, no cursor. I hit ctrl+alt+F2 to go into console mode, and uninstalled screenlets (since it was the last thing i installed before the initial freeze).Screenlets uninstalled properly (i used sudo apt-get remove screenlets) so i rebooted, but it still freezes at the ubuntu screen splash (this time it wasn't transparent, just the standard screen splash). So i tried getting into console mode again, but this time my screen displays lines in a lot of colors, randomly (probably a failure from the video adapter)

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Ubuntu Installation :: Windows XP Dual Boot Freeze

Apr 4, 2010

I am running a Dell desktop with Windows XP Home Edition, which is up to date. My security suite is the Comcast-branded version of Norton 360. Following the directions in a Smart Computing article, I downloaded wubi.exe and ran it. I get the options screen, used the default partition of 17 GB, chose a password, and then I'm directed to reboot. I reboot and get the bootup option page. So far, so good. But then I have a problem. I click on Ubuntu and then I see a white three-sector circle against a black background. It pulses a little bit for a few seconds and then nothing happens. It just sits there, with no hard drive activity. I waited for a while, with no activity, then shut the PC down, deleted Ubuntu and re-downloaded everything. Still have the same result.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Freeze On Boot - HP Pavilion Dv6 - 2020sa

May 12, 2010

However i've decided to kick the nasty habbit that is windows. I've just installed Ubuntu 10.04 onto my HP Pavilion dv6-2020sa. Its a full install no partitions (i jumped straight into the deep end) However when i start her up, she gets to the loading screen of Ubuntu and the Welcome sound, blurts out of my speakers, but then repeats and repeats before stopping... the system then freezes, keyboard and mouse stop responding. Running from the Live CD works fine. I was reading through the forum and understand i need to get the boot info script, so here she is.


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Ubuntu Installation :: Odd Fix For I8xx Chipset Xorg Freeze In 10.04?

May 18, 2010

Now, this works for me for reasons I'm not going to try and pretend to understand. I only know that this works (for now) for me without reverting to the vesa driver as detailed in [URL]... I'm using the intel 855gm chipset on an old dell inspiron 700m laptop (really, I just need to buy a new laptop ). After updating to 10.04, the laptop froze to a blank black screen on boot (after grub). Using Workaround A in the link above got me to some boot code or sometime the Ubuntu splash screen before freezing, so I figured Workaround F was the way to go. Of course I've since then learned that AccelMethod and VideoRam are moot. BUT I made a typo while editing my xorg.conf file, which gave me the "Linux running on low graphics mode" (or whatever it says). I chose to boot anyway, and everything works fine. Videos, 3D graphics, everything I've been able to test so far. If I take out the text in the xorg.conf file that can't be parsed, I'm back to the freezes.


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Ubuntu Installation :: Install Freeze On Splash Screen?

Jul 8, 2010

I have failed to install kUbuntu for a several days already, so I am currently on SuSE (hate it, love ubuntu...). I don't know what is wrong with my PC, but something ain't right. I tried:1st: Installing kUbuntu x64 - Result: Freeze on loading screen (I think..don't even remember anymore ).2nd: Running Live CD ("Try Kubuntu") - Freeze on splash screen, at the Hard Disc icon (can't get past that one).3rd: Installing Ubuntu x64 with Unetbootin - (GNOME variant). - I get a nice graphic card error, can't unerstand anything - screen messed up.4th: Installing Ubuntu x86 with Unetbootin (GNOME) - same as 3rd time.5th: Decided that maybe something was wrong with the download. Downloaded kUbuntu via torrent. Installed with Unetbootin in a flash - no change.6th: Installed SuSE7th: Downloaded kUbuntu x86, burnt, tried installing, back to 1st step.Is this an infinite loop ?Hardware specs:

250GB x 2 Seagate Barracuda ( I had them connected in a RAID0 via bios previously(Windows 7), had trouble installing suse because of this, but I deleted RAID information and disabled raid in BIOS setup )GeForce 9800 GX2Quad 2 Core 2.664 GB unbuffered ram ( 4 x 1 GB)

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Ubuntu Installation :: 9.10: Restore Unbootable System / Freeze?

Jul 11, 2010

I updated 9.10 and system crashed during update and is now unbootable. It seems to freeze (or is just taking a really long time) at fsck. Is there any way to make my computer usable again without reinstalling the whole OS?

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Ubuntu Installation :: System Seems To Freeze While Booting / Resolve This?

Sep 19, 2010

So when i initially boot (both using wubi and a usb stick.) it will start to go and then do the alternative boot option with a 5 second count down. Then if I'm lucky it will get passed that then either a black screen with just a flashing _ on it and it will freeze there. Or it will go to the ubuntu opening with the little dots for initial boot and it freezes there. (the dots don't move more then two and then it really freezes.) My specs are
i5 750
Nvidia Geforce GTS 250
1.5 TB harddrive
ASUS P7P55-M LGA 1156 Intel P55 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
Windows XP home edition 2006 with SP3.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Login Screen Freeze After Update?

Feb 19, 2011

so I updated to a new build (I don't know if that is actuaaly what its called), and now my comp freezes everytime after I put in my password to load the system. from the grub menu i can load the previous build and it starts up just fine. Any thoughts why/how to fix it. by build i mean its the same ubuntu version 10.10, but the grub menu has 3 different builds for my system

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Ubuntu Installation :: Freeze / Halts At Boot Point

Feb 25, 2011

no cd-rom USB installer UBUNTU 10.10 stick when it boots it halts. screen reads: "syslinux 3.81 2009-05-29 ebios copyright (c) 1994-2009 h.peter avin et al" and below that.... the blinkin line

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