Ubuntu :: Install The Nvidia Drivers From Nvidia Website?

Dec 12, 2010

I have Ubuntu 10.10. I want to install the from the nvidia website. The propriatary drivers from Ubuntu aren't great. I have downloaded the file, but what do I do with it now? How can I get it installed?

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To Install Nvidia Drivers For Nvidia 8800 GT Video Card

Apr 3, 2011

I can't figure out how to install the nvidia drivers for my nvidia 8800 GT video card. I've followed some other posts and all the posts seemed either incomplete, or led me down a path of which eventually broke my installation, that I needed to reinstall the entire ubuntu system.Again, it may not have been broken, i just didnt know how to get back in to the gui version of ubuntu, the instructions took me to the console terminal

1.) I've installed the ubuntu 10.10 64bit for i386 in an oracle virtualBox..

2.) downloaded from nvidia.com "NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-260.19.44.run"

3.) Stuck don't know what to do.

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CentOS 5 :: Can't Install Nvidia Drivers (Unable To Load The Kernel Module "nvidia.ko")?

Jul 28, 2009

So I have been trying to install these drivers forever and after going through a million forum posts and Google searches I have been unsuccessful. The process I have been trying starts as such: I hit ctrl-alt-f1 and then login as root. i then change to run level 3 by doing /sbin/init 3. After that's done I cd to desktop and do sh NVIDIA-LINUX-x86-185.18.29-pkg1.run --kernel-source-path /usr/src/kernel/2.6.18-128.2.1.el15-i686

If I don't give it the source path it can't find the source tree. Eventually I get the error: ERROR: Unable to load the kernel module 'nvidia.ko'. This happens most frequently when this kernel module was built against the wrong or improperly configured kernel sources, with a version of gcc that differs from the one used to build the target kernel, or if a driver such as rivafb/nvidiafb is present and prevents the NVIDIA kernel module from


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OpenSUSE :: Running A Nvidia Gtx260 And Have Installed Nvidia Drivers For Series 6 And Up?

Jun 9, 2010

opensuse 11.2 ,my monitor keeps going to sleep or somthing and this is a problem when im watching videos,ive set screens power setting but they dont seem to be whats doing it.im running a nvidia gtx260 and have installed nvidia drivers for series 6 and up.dont know if its the divers or somthing else.

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Fedora :: Uninstall Nvidia Drivers (kmod-nvidia)?

Mar 12, 2010

I've tried to install nvidia drivers using this commands:


yum install kmod-nvidia
yum install akmod-nvidia
yum install nvidia-xconfig

After rdblacklist=nouveau in grub it runs, but I am having several issues and therefore I would like to downgrade to nouveau or whatever I had running with basic fedora 12 installation.

My GPU is nvidia gtx 280:


[root@localhost ~]# /sbin/lspci | grep VGA
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GT200 [GeForce GTX 280] (rev a1)

My kernel is:

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Fedora :: NVIDIA Recalls Drivers Over Fan Speed Bug - Install Kmod With Beta Drivers?

Mar 7, 2010

[URL] I just updated and then saw this news , whats the solution for me, I either want to go beta or downgrade, If i try to boot to previous kernel, boot hangs in graphic mode, I cant start X and gdm . How to install kmod with beta drivers? Or whats the solution, nvidia ver: 195.36.08


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Ubuntu :: How To Re-install Nvidia Drivers (8.10)

May 31, 2010

I have a desktop installation of Ubuntu 8.10 which has somehow lost parts of it's nvidia drivers. Is there some way, short of reinstalling Ubuntu, that I can completely remove the dregs of my nvidia installation, and then re-install it all afresh ?

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Ubuntu :: Install PPA For Nvidia Drivers?

Sep 3, 2010

teh current version according to Hardware Drivers is 195.36.24 the current one on nvidia's site is 256.53 if there is a way to sue the package manager to get it that would be preferable I know how to install their run files they have

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Ubuntu :: Can't Install NVidia Drivers On 10.10

Jan 4, 2011

I've got Ubuntu 10.10 and a nVidia 8400GS but when I try to install the newest drivers I get the following error:

ERROR: You appear to be running an X server; please exit X before installing.

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Ubuntu :: Best Way To Install NVidia Drivers?

Apr 29, 2011

I did alot of reading on installing nVIDIA Drivers So far, I did it through the Package Manager. But I got the older 260.* drivers. I downloaded the main drivers from nVIDIA Page. Ran the RUN file. I'm running an Giada PC with ION 9400 IGP. What do you people recommend the best way to install? Custom build? Which I don't know how to. I tried to get vdapu installed as well. But I still get Undefined Rendering in Flash Player. And Boxee plays videos cropped on the left hand side. Right now I have 270.40.16 drivers installed.

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 - Cannot Install NVidia Drivers From CD

Jun 15, 2011

Just installed Ubuntu 10.04 on my desktop, inserted a nVIDIA cd in order to install the nVIDIA control panel plus drivers, a CD icon appears on the screen but nothing happens, I have right-clicked the icon and selected open but it show me just a folder with 'bin', autorun.exe' etc. and the cd wont start. Same for other cds.

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Ubuntu :: Install NVIDIA Drivers On Bootable 10.10 USB?

Dec 16, 2010

i am totally new to linux and ubuntu (10.10 is the first release i have used) I have successfully managed to create a persistent ubuntu 10.10 bootable usb drive. I really want to enable the advanced 3d effects that ubuntu offers but I'm having trouble installing the drivers for my geforce 6600LE on the persistent usb.

I attempted an install from the Appearance window, the package failed to install after downloading. So i used the following commands someone posted:


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Ubuntu :: Install The NVidia Video Drivers?

May 1, 2011

I just installed 11.04 and I knew I would have to install the NVidia video drivers. So it was no surprise when it popped up a warning and dropped me into Gnome Classic view. So I turned on the NVidia drivers and rebooted. In my desktop selection menu on the login screen I have "Ubuntu" and "Ubuntu Classic".

Unfortunately they look exactly alike, with the Gnome panel along the top, and the panel with the taskbar, desktops and recylce bin on the bottom. I've gone back-and-forth a few times and nothing has changed. Some changes in one environment is not set in the other, like they really are 2 different environments.

According to the Software Center, Unity (not Unity 2D) *is* installed.So how can I boot into the Unity desktop?

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Ubuntu :: How To Install Nvidia Drivers In Debian 6

Aug 16, 2011

I am trying out Debian 6 and was wondering how I install the Nvidia drivers. In Ubuntu, I just had to launch Hardware Drivers and install the drivers from there. Is Debian a harder distro to use than Ubuntu? Like I said, I am trying it out. I have a tendency to explore the different Linux distros hopefully finding one that is drop dead easy to use and maintain.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Install NVIDIA Drivers

Feb 9, 2009

When I go to System>Administration>Hardware Drivers a new window pops up (no proprietary drivers are in use for this system). I click on version 177 and activate, but all that happens is a smaller window comes up (downloading and installing driver) although it never goes over 0% and then quickly disappears without any "changes applied" message.

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Ubuntu :: Install Nvidia Drivers For Kubuntu?

Jul 26, 2009

I want to install the nvidia drivers for Kubuntu 9.04 I know I can run the drivers from Nvidia, but does Kubuntu have its own drivers.

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Ubuntu :: Having To Keep Install Nvidia Drivers When Rebooting?

Aug 8, 2010

Anytime i reboot or shutdown linux i get an error saying it cant find my drivers or somthing before x starts... i tell it to shutdown to terminal rerun drivers and everything works untill i reboot again <.< for now i just been keeping my computer on but i would rather figure this out... i have searched high and low and finnaly have given up trying to get it to work with just using google research...

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Hardware :: Can't Install Nvidia 180.51 Drivers For Ubuntu

May 15, 2009

How I install the Nvidia 180.51 drivers for Ubuntu?

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Debian :: Nvidia Drivers Won't Install

Aug 11, 2015

I installed Debian 8 on my new computer 3 days ago. Everything went fine, until I tried to install the nvidia non free drivers version 352.21 (for a GTX 970M).I read a lot about that, figuring out I had to add the experimental repo. Here's my sources.list for reference :

Code: Select all# deb cdrom:[Debian GNU/Linux 8.1.0 _Jessie_ - Official amd64 DVD Binary-1 20150606-14:19]/ jessie contrib main

# deb cdrom:[Debian GNU/Linux 8.1.0 _Jessie_ - Official amd64 DVD Binary-1 20150606-14:19]/ jessie main contrib
deb http://ftp.fr.debian.org/debian/ jessie main non-free contrib
deb-src http://ftp.fr.debian.org/debian/ jessie main non-free contrib


E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."but it is not going to be installed" ?I searched on various search engine for this issue with no revelant result..

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Fedora :: Can't Install Nvidia Drivers

Feb 13, 2011

when i try to install the nvidia drivers with 'yum install kmod-nvidia' its worked before, but now i get this (look at the bottom for where it goes wrong)

[root@localhost Tom]# yum install kmod-nvidia
Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit
Adding en_US to language list
Setting up Install Process
Resolving Dependencies


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Install Nvidia Drivers Forced To Run In Low-res

Aug 27, 2010

10.04 64-bit
NVIDIA GeForce 8500GT 256MB

So I kind of had ubuntu working, but then I tried updating to the newer nvidia drivers and I broke it. I had to uninstall/purge nvidia so as to get ubuntu past the black screen/no signal to monitor...

I had been using a "Broadcom B43 wireless driver" which used fwcutter to extract firmware from various source files. I have never been able to get this install working with nvidia drivers and am about ready to try anything (including yet another reinstall).

**Nvidia drivers 96, 173, & current cause my system to freeze, lock up, reboot, fail to boot, etc. You name it and it's happened.**

I tried using synaptic, jockey and the terminal to install nvidia drivers. Then I tried adding the swat ppa and installing through System-Admin-Hardware Drivers to no avail.

Every time I start my PC it displays this window.

And when I open Hardware drivers this is what appears.

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To Properly Install NVidia Drivers On 10.04

Oct 8, 2010

Being a total beginner to linux, I can't seem to find a decent guide on how to install these drivers without much hassle, even though I've been searching for almost couple of hours now.

First, my system specs, taken with Hard Info
Processor: 2x AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 240 Processor
Memory: 3091MB (1865MB used)
Operating System: Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS

Resolution: 1360x768 pixels
OpenGL Renderer: GeForce GT 220/PCI/SSE2
X11 Vendor: The X.Org Foundation

Audio Adapter: HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia
Audio Adapter: HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia

-SCSI Disks-

Now, I've installed the "default" (dunno if that would be the correct categorizing) driver with the "Hardware drivers" utility from System->Preferences->Hardware drivers because I've failed numerous times trying to install the package from nVidia site ; I would always get an error while trying to run the package :
"It seems that X server is running on your linux, please deactivate it to install this package" or something like that, but I'm sure it was about X running.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Seem To Kill The Xserver To Install The Nvidia Dev Drivers

May 17, 2011

I'm running the latest Xubuntu and can't seem to kill the xserver to install the nvidia dev drivers. where I could find the program to kill the server? I tried Top and it kept coming back!

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Ubuntu :: How To Install Nvidia Drivers Without Losing Menu

May 27, 2011

how to install Nvidia drivers without losing my menu.Slightly more specifically: When I go to install the drivers for my graphics card (Nvidia 7300 SE/ 7200 GS) under the 'Additional Drivers' menu in Administration, it does everything fine, wants to restart, and when it does, I have no menu, no bottom bar, nothing. The only thing on my screen is my wallpaper. (I'm using the gnome set-up, not Unity) For whatever reason, my Linksys adapter stopped working with Windows7. I dunno why, I tried everything, it's just not working. Yet when I boot into Ubuntu 11.04 x64 it works perfectly. HOW ON EARTH a Linksys device is working better out of the box on Linux than it does on Windows is profoundly beyond my level of understanding, but no complaints. Once I found out that Ubuntu can actually run World of Warcraft better than Windows, given the right adjustments.I removed Windows from my hard-drive post haste.I've gotten WoW to run on Ubuntu now, but it runs horribly, like 1fps. Added the OpenGL text to the config.wtf file, and it got only very slightly less horrible, but I'd like to assume that having an actual driver for my graphics card would make the game playable.

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Ubuntu :: Stop Unity To Install NVidia Drivers?

Jun 7, 2011

This is probably very simple but can someone tell me how I stop Unity in order to install graphics drivers?

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Debian Configuration :: FATAL: Error Inserting Nvidia (/lib/modules/2.6.26-2-686/nvidia/nvidia.ko): No Such Device

Mar 15, 2010

I'm trying to install the nvidia drivers but it is not working.

lspci | grep VGA

02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX - nForce GPU] (rev a3)

My xorg.conf looks like this:

# xorg.conf (X.Org X Window System server configuration file)
# This file was generated by dexconf, the Debian X Configuration tool, using
# values from the debconf database.


And after that my X is not working. And when i try sudo modprobe nvidia I get this:

FATAL: Error inserting nvidia (/lib/modules/2.6.26-2-686/nvidia/nvidia.ko): No such device

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Debian :: Install Wireless And Nvidia Drivers?

Apr 29, 2010

I looking for a new disto been using ubuntu. my friend recommended Debian, I just installed it and made it unusable very quickly by trying to use repositories for ubuntu. I'd like to know if there is an easy way to make my wireless work like in ubuntu it just does, (i don't even need to attach a cat 5 cable after install), and I'm happy in my blissful ignorance. Also an easy way to install nvidia drivers?

I need Broadcom and nivida 173 drivers. I looked through the Debian forums while I had a working system but found nothing easily and iceweavel was so slow, unless there was something wrong with my wired connection. Is there an easy way to install no free drivers?

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Fedora :: Install NVidia Drivers For Laptop?

Sep 8, 2010

I am a real Linux noob lol XD. So sorry if this questions seems a bit easy for some. So here it goes: I want to install NVidia drivers for my laptop and need a compiler to actually install them. I do not have any installed and would like to know how to install gcc, as in the error when i run NVidia driver it says that I need it.

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Fedora :: Cannot Install Kmod-Nvidia Drivers

Sep 14, 2010

I've been scouring google, using all forms of guides to try and get these damn nvidida drivers installed so I can move my resolution from 800x600 to 1280x1024 (I have a small monitor) I'm running a NVidia GeForce 260 GTX. I've executed yum update I've run rpm - [URL] and everything installed. I've edited grub.conf to disable the default drivers.


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Fedora :: Install Nvidia Drivers On System?

Mar 9, 2011

I'm new to linux and am trying to install Nvidia drivers on my system. The install says to :-

1. install Binutils (which i've managed to do)
2.stop the X service from running (here I'm having problems)

I've tried "X -terminate" but I just get an error message. point to how I can terminate the service.

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