Ubuntu :: Erratic And Random Character Cursor Jumping

Dec 20, 2010

I have a dv7-4172us laptop from HP, a new laptop. It has AMD Phenom II N950 -64 bits processors. I am running LiveCD version 10.04 LTS 64 bits in "Try Ubuntu" mode. If I type type fast, the character cursor (not the mouse pointer ) moves away randomly, like a few rows up from present typing location. Sometimes, something else, like another application scrolls it self while I am using Gedit to type this posting. the cursor jumps here and there. Typing on this forum page also produce the same erratic cursor jumping problems!

I also disconnect my optical wireless USB mouse, and still have the same erratic cursor problem. I do not have the ANY problems with Win 7 -64 bits. This is a serious problem. It will render any laptop useless with Linux I so look forward to using Linux.

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Ubuntu :: Mousing Cursor Jumping Across Screen?

Nov 9, 2010

I have a problem with my mouse jumping to the top left of the screen (hovering over Applications), this will happen roughly every 5-20secs and makes it impossible to use.This started happening completely out of the blue after several hours of using my desktop today. Before anyone asks: It is not the mouse or hardware related.I have rebooted into fail-safe graphics mode and the problem has disappeared so I guess something related to nvidia driver or compizThere are similar bugs I have found but the solution are not applicable to my system.System: Dell Precision M4300, nVidia Graphics, Ubuntu x64 10.10

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Ubuntu :: Cut Random Text And When The Cursor Focus Jumps Back To The Location Of The Cursor On The Screen

Jul 1, 2010

Im running netbook remix on a eeepc 1005ha. It is my only OS and Im loving it except for one obnoxious quirk. It randomly cuts text and randomly pastes it. If there is something in the clipboard, it will usually paste that, but just as often it will cut random text and paste that. The pastes occur when the cursor focus jumps back to the location of the cursor on the screen. I dont know a better way to phrase that, but thats what it is doing. Say... I put the cursor over the word "pastes" in the paragraph above... even though Im typing in this paragraph, the focus will "jump" to the cursors physical locale (the word "pastes") and then paste whatever is in the clipboard. If the cursor is outside of the textbox, the page will jump to the bottom.

This behavior occurs across programs and in any place text can be entered. I can find no rhyme or reason for it... it just... happens. Sometimes even when Im away from my computer, so its not like Im hitting some key on accident. I have loved everything about this ubuntu distro, but this issue is just toany obnoxious. Writing psych papers on this thing is going to be near impossible if I dont get this fixed before I go back to school.

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Debian :: Firefox / Thunderbird Jumping Logo Below Cursor For Long Time In KDE

May 7, 2011

I downloaded Firefox and Thunderbird from the mozilla site and unpacked them and added the executables to the main menu. When I start either of them, the respective logo jumps up and down below the cursor for more than 10 seconds after the program has finished loading. Is there an easy fix to this small but annoying issue? I run Squeeze with KDE on a Thinkpad R61.

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CentOS 5 Hardware :: Laptop Touchpad : Mouse Cursor Jumping After Boot / Fix It?

May 20, 2011

I have a small issue I couldn't find a solution for. I'm running Centos 5.5 on a Fujitsu-Siemens S6120 laptop. When I boot my system and use the touchpad for the first couple of seconds my mouse cursor jumps around the screen sporadically and also mouse buttons "gets pressed" by themselves (without me actually touching them). After 1-2 seconds the situation becomes absolutely normal - mouse moves good and buttons work only when I press them.
Everything repeats after the reboot.

I see the following error in the system log:
psmouse.c: Mouse at isa0060/serio4/input0 lost synchronization, throwing 1 bytes away

It appears right when I try to use the touchpad for the first time, I guess.

The situation isn't critical, but is quite annoying. Is there a way to get it fixed? I searched the Net, but found mostly issues with mouse loosing sync during operation - such thing never happened to me, as my issue appears only once per boot.

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Slackware :: The Last Character Covered By The Cursor In A Terminal?

Jun 21, 2010

The last character covered by the cursor in a terminal . what can i do?


after this revised i got a kde with chinese, i do not kown if it is right. also,Sometimes the terminal fonts garbled,for example i use the pppoe cmd.


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Programming :: Perl Match Character - Random Sentence Generator ?

Aug 11, 2010

I am trying to make a random sentence generator in perl. So far I can loop it x times to make a fixed quantity of words, but I don't want to do that. Or I can let it go on until I hit ctrl-C :/

I want to have it so that when it reaches a word with a sentence terminating punctuation mark it stops.

My attempt to do that was with:

This is doing the woooosh text until ctrl-C thing...

Now however I am not sure how I can cut off everything after the punctuation mark (when it exists).

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Ubuntu :: Mouse Cursor Becoming Unresponsive At Random Intervals

Jun 21, 2010

Once every, say, 12 hours of use, I find that the mouse cursor spontaneously becomes unresponsive. The rest of the system is fine, and it responds to the keyboard, but the mouse does nothing. I'm pretty sure this isn't a problem with the mouse itself, because when it happens I've tried unplugging the mouse and plugging in a different one, and the problem persists. The problem doesn't seem to be correlated with any particular program or type of activity. I realize that this probably isn't much to go on. The next time it happens, is there at least anything I can do by way of diagnosis?

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OpenSUSE :: Thunderbird Icon Jumping / Stops Jumping / Thunderbird Does Not Start

Mar 15, 2011

I have installed 11.4, and it seems (seemed) to work OK so far. I installed Thunderbird via the opensuse "1 click install". the installation ran smoothly, but now a click on the Thunderbird icon does not activate any mail client; the only success is that Thunderbird icon jumps joyfully and then disappears.

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General :: Use The Man / Info / Apropos Pages - Character Instructed The Shell To Interpret A Special Character As An Ordinary Character?

Mar 27, 2010

1.What character instructd the shell to interpret a special character as an ordinary character?

2.What directory contains some of the utilities available on the system in the form of binary files?

3. What command is used to search the location of a utility?

4. What command is used to instruct the editor to write the file and quit the editor?

5. What key quits the more utility and displays the shell prompt?

6. What command starts a child shell as the super user, taking on root's identity and environment?

7. Which wildcard characters can be used for searching all the files in the system that start with "A"?

8. The user name or login name of the super user is????


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Copy Random Jpg From Random Folder

Jan 19, 2010

I'm looking for a script that copies a random .jpg from a random folder in my ~/Pictures folder to my ~/temp folder with a standard filename. This file will then be displayed in Conky. I can fix the last part, but I cannot find a way to do the first part.

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Ubuntu :: 9.04 Jaunty Jumping And Flashing

Feb 7, 2010

I switched to Jaunty as I was tired of the constant & multiple bugs that I experienced with 9.10. However, after a few days, Jaunty has already begun acting up as well. The screen is intermittently jumping, flashing & shifting, for lack of a better explanation. It doesn't matter what I am doing, whether using FF, Evolution or checking my preferences, this new issue occurs. The pc is dual booted w/ Windows, which is behaving normally. This is a new one! I have never experienced this w/ Windows or Ubuntu.Any thoughts, other than upgrading to 9.10 ?

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Ubuntu :: Erratic Images In Top Panel

Sep 1, 2011

Does anyone else experience this phenomena? It only happens on one of my PC's, my Compaq Presario M2000 laptop.The icons for various applications in the top panel load eratically on boot up. E.G sometimes the wireless icon doesen't appear , sometimes it loads twice. Sometimes the Sound Preferences (the speaker icon) is missing, Evolution Mail etc etc. Even the shutdown icon occasionally is gone. It sees limited to the ones on the right side and doesn't seem to affect ones such as Firefox that I've dragged up there myself. It doesen't happen every time, I'd say about 20% of boot ups this happens.

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Ubuntu :: Frozen Panel - Messing Around With The Alternate Character Panel App And Made A Custom Character Set

Jun 12, 2011

I was messing around with the alternate character panel app and made a custom character set. I then wanted to put it on a new panel and created a new panel. I moved the character set to that panel, and then started to mess around with the panel settings (auto hide, show hide buttons, and expand, to be specific.) So far so good, until I moved the panel from the right side of the screen to the top. I already had a panel here, and it seemed not to like hiding a panel when there was already one on the top.

When the new panel hid itself, all my panels stopped responding (any clicks on them did nothing) and my processor started going at 100%. I tried a reboot and the only thing that changed is that now I can't even see my panels. I'm guessing I need to change the settings back manually through the prompt, but I don't know how to do that. I am using 10.04 and have not upgraded gnome since upgrading to 10.04.

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Ubuntu :: Slow/Erratic Scrolling In Chromium?

Apr 23, 2010

I just upgraded from 8.04 to the lucid beta (yes I was slow to move on that), and chromium's scrolling is HORRID! It jumps and skips both when I use the mouse wheel or when I drag the scroll bar.

Any ideas? Firefox scrolls just fine. It makes using chromium very unpleasant because any time I have to scroll I feel like I'm back in 1992.

I did some searching and found lots of complaints, so I thought I was close to an answer until I looked at the date, it was late 2008/early 2009 when this was an issue.

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Ubuntu :: Erratic Write Performance On USBs

Sep 12, 2010

I've been having some problems copying files to USBs. If I'm copying a large (100MB+) amount of data, at random points the transfer will just stop for 30+ seconds before continuing. Sometimes it doesn't start up again at all. Consequently, the write speed drops to less than 1MB/sec, sometimes as low as 100 KB/sec. I do not have these problems on Windows 7, where I achieve speeds of ~16 MB/sec easily. I have had the same results with several USBs (2-32 GB) on several file systems (fat32, ext2) with several different computers running fully patched versions of Ubuntu 10.04, which suggests the problem is related to the way the OS accesses the hardware.

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Ubuntu :: Extremely Erratic RAID 5 Performance

Jul 16, 2011

I built a RAID5 storage array using 'mdadm' on 3x WD Green 1TB hard drives. I used the Disk Utility GUI to create the array and it took about 24 hours to build. When I started copying files to it I noticed it performed at decent speeds for a while, then got really slow, the sped back up. Just for laughs I ran the Read-Only Benchmark function in the Disk Utility and got a graph that would even confuse stock brokers.Any thought on what the issue might be? I tried searching around for an answer, but most people are only affected by wirte performance issues not reading.

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Ubuntu :: Erratic Booting And Often Screen Fails

Mar 23, 2011

Sometimes the screen displays four miniature versions of itself. Sometimes there is no display of the pre-boot message. When normal boots occur, often the screen display disappears entirely and irrevocably after about ten or twenty minutes.Sometimes everything behaves well with no troubles.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sound Erratic After Motherboard Upgrade / Fix This?

Mar 6, 2010

I upgaded my system last weekend with a Gigabyte GZ-X58A-UD5 motherboard, i7 processor, ASUS EAH5770 video card, and 12 GB RAM. Sound has been erratic since then. It generally works for a short time after a reboot, but after awhile (within a few hours) it stops working properly or even completely. I've tried several different settings in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf, but nothing I've tried helps.

I am running Kubuntu 9.10 64-bit.

Here is the output of aplay -l code...

I don't have anything connected to the HDMI connection on the ATI video card, and only inputs on the M Audio Delta 44 card.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Totally Erratic Wireless In Maverick

Nov 2, 2010

wired is fine and fast. Wireless connects but connection goes from 100% to 53% at random, making the connection pretty pointless to use.Probably get fixed in an update. I have tried uninstalling network manager and using wicd. No luck. Well, luck, as in I could connect, but exactly the same as Network Manager.The card is a Realtek RTL8191SEvB. Machine: Toshiba Satellite Pro L510. Any takers? Would really like to get this happening as everything in Maverick is working great apart from it.

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Ubuntu :: Prevent Programs From Automatically Jumping To Different Workspaces?

Jan 16, 2011

is there a way to prevent programs from automatically jumping to different workspaces? Example: I have DeVeDe running on Workspace 2 and I switch back to workspace 1....DeVeDe completes its job and then it pops itself into workspace 1 and I have to manually move it back.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Cursor Is Always Busy Cursor After Upgrade To 10.04

May 1, 2010

Am running Ubuntu NBR as the sole OS on my Dell Mini 9. Switched over in March to 9.10 NBR. Everything worked fine.Upgraded to 10.04 when it was released. It's awesome EXCEPT for this busy cursor thing.As soon as I log in, all the time my cursor is the spinning wheel of busyness.... It works just as a normal cursor would - my computer also does not seem to be slower due to any operations.If I open an application, the cursor will behave as usual within the window but if I more my cursor to the title bar or switch out of the application, the "busy cursor" resumes.

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OpenSUSE :: Erratic Window Behaviour

Feb 7, 2010

I am having a problem with how my windows behave.My windows will maximize and minimize over and over, scroll bars will scroll to the bottom/right automatically, if I click a menu it will pop up for a fraction of a second and then go away. It makes my desktop almost unusable.I can't figure out if this is a mouse or video issue. I have a radeon 9500, and a logitech LX3 optical mouse. BTW, this problem is present in other distributions on my system. I am running KDE. It even does this on the livecd.

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Ubuntu :: Karmic Goes Muck-jumping Into Septic Tank - Error 0 And 6

Feb 22, 2010

Been using Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 for a few months- but now it has a mind of its own. About a week ago, Firefox would crash for no apparent reason. Then it became an increasing event. Today, after using the machine normally for several hours, it started crashing Firefox and Yelp before they loaded completely. It crashed again and again until it finally froze, I had to do a hard reboot and then it would not load properly and then crash. I checked the event logs and saw some warnings about an ALSA bug and then more as it deteriorated.Now it seems to boot but then when the Ubuntu logo shows up all it does is flash for a few minutes and then the screen goes black and the system freezes. I tried using the recovery disk, but after 1 1/2 hours of black screen it reported HD Error 0 and 6 Bus errors And finally ended with invalid user "Ubuntu"

Then I put in a fresh copy of Karmic and ran it in recovery mode. It didn't recover and from the machine I then tried a live CD and it booted to the black screen and froze And after I tried to do a new install I am getting lines and lines of errors like this [ 1047 .871988] SQUASHFS error: Unable to read data cache entry [27f21194] And about 1000 more similar. I ran a disc integrity check which found errors, I was going to just do a re-install, but when it started it froze and that's whats been happening. I don't know what to do at this poit because All I can think about is the data I will lose if I have to slick the drive AGAIN to get this sucker working.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Karmic Goes Muck-jumping Into Septic Tank

Feb 24, 2010

Karmic goes muck-jumping into the septic tank Been using Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 for a few months- but now it has a mind of its own. About a week ago, Firefox would crash for no apparent reason. Then it became an increasing event. Today, after using the machine normally for several hours, it started crashing Firefox and Yelp before they loaded completely. It crashed again and again until it finally froze,I had to do a hard reboot and then it would not load properly and then crash. I checked the event logs and saw some warnings about an ALSA bug and then more as it deteriorated.

Now it seems to boot but then when the Ubuntu logo shows up all it does is flash for a few minutes and then the screen goes black and the system freezes. I tried using the recovery disk, but after 1 1/2 hours of black screen it reported HD Error 0 and 6 Bus errors
And finally ended with invalid user "Ubuntu" Then I put in a fresh copy of Karmic and ran it in recovery mode. It didn't recover and from the machine I then tried a live CD and it booted to the black screen and froze And after I tried to do a new install I am getting lines and lines of errors like this............

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Lucid Upgrade; Have Sound But Erratic Volume?

May 16, 2010

Upgraded via Update Manager from 9.10 sound-previously-working-just-fine-system. Now, for example, running any audio-producing app (Rythmbox is a good example but its the same for anything including out of a VirtualBox XP install or with MythBuntu): The main volume control functions, but goes from muted to full volume in just 4 steps; raising it higher has no effect. It gets stranger: in Alsamixer or gnome-alsa-mixer I can see that lowering the desktop volume control to mute causes Master, PCM, Front, Surround, Center, LFE, and Side all to go to zero. Raising the desktop control one step causes all of these but Front to go to 100% instantly. Increasing the desktop control by a few more steps causes Front to step to 100%, after which no further volume increase is perceived. It's as if each step in the desktop volume equals some 25% of the Front setting, and 100% of the others. The audio setting in System, Preferences, Sound, Hardware is "Analog Stereo Output."

If I click 'Mute' on Master in the mixer then all the speakers mute, but unmuting Master does not unmute anything else. Only after I move and release the mouse-down state from the master volume do the other channels unmute. The volume control in Rythmbox, on the other hand, works seemingly correctly (maybe its going thru Pulseaudio?) And as an aside, why are there no controls for Pulse if it sits on top of ALSA?

I'm really confused by this, as all of it work as "expected" while running 9.10. Here is some output from this system (an ASUS M4A78T-E):


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Volume Levels Jumping Randomly / Stop It?

Jul 7, 2010

I am currently troubled with a very annoying problem - the volume level of the PC is jumping higher and lower at random intervals. It makes listening to music very difficult, as at times the music can go from just right to overly loud, just to fall right down so that it is hard to hear. I've only noticed this problem in the past few weeks, and I can definitely say it wasn't an issue in 9.10. This is a fresh install btw, not an upgrade.

Some details:
Using motherboard sound, Realtek HD Audio, iirc. Below is the output of lshw, with the irrelevant parts cut out.code...

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Fedora :: Mouse - Suddenly Jumping And Scrolling All Over The Desktop

Jan 23, 2011

Suddenly, today my mouse seems to have a mind of it's own. For no reason, it's suddenly jumping and scrolling all over the desktop in rapid fashion and apparently left-clicking at will. Reboot does not solve the problem, although it became less after the reboot.

Updates today were:

This is a generic optical mouse that's been used for several years without incident.

So, is there anything that might have caused the problem or is the mouse kaput?

Okay, dug through the drawers and found a Logitech usb optical mouse. Giving that a try as it seems to me that the mouse may be shot.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Erratic Laser Mouse Movements

Jul 14, 2010

Just installed OpenSuse 11.2 and I am having problems with my logitech laser mouse. I am getting erratic laser mouse movements when the mouse wakes up I get not only the movements but it opens files, dances around the screen opening things and has even jacked up my panels.

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Fedora :: Sound Cutting Out And Video Jumping While Local Playback

Aug 30, 2009

I have had some issues since installing Fedora 11 on my desktop (well not after I installed it, once I installed the updates). Anyway sound was cutting out, videos were jumping, speeding up with no sound etc online such as ....., when playing local songs and videos etc. Anyway I followed this guide [URL] and that fixed my playing of online videos, music and when I play local music in totem etc. IN fact there is no issues with sound in those.

However; when I try to play a local video in any medial player it jumps sound, crashes, if it starts playing sound it will cut out and if I move the video forward it cuts out and sometimes crashes the video player. Any ideas why that guide fixed all online video and local MP3 but is till messed up playing local videos?

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