Software :: Program PHOTOREC For A Crashed EXT3?

Feb 28, 2010

I actually used dd

dd if=myimageof16mboffat16.img of=/dev/sda_my2gbext3
Yeah, I killed my disk, I was tired, or I dont know the crap what I did that day.

After several times using Photorec, it is basic program that has no other better alternative. It can try to recover files. But one is limited by: - one cannot select a new type of files, example avi extensino isnt in there even and one has a limited possibilities of files - it is not recovering folders, because it doesnt care. it cannot create a new *.img (raw or gz) file of a crashed harddisk, *.img that is readable my mounting + loop one have to have a larger size harddisk to recover your data one has to seek the whole harddisk, and the user cannot have a list of files, and then give the possibility to recover (copy) only the one wanted to be recovered photorec does not recover the filenames even, Or is there better program / code from Freebsd or MacOsX or windows (all platform) that we could compile? I mean that cannot be. In Windows there is so many apps and disk utilities. something exactly like this for ext3:[URL]..

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Fedora Installation :: F11 With Ext3 Instead Of Ext4 - Crashed Or Failed

Jun 14, 2009

It has crashed or failed to install on a known good system for the 5th time now. I have never had that problem with fedora before. I am now installing with ext3 instead of ext4. I am hoping for better success with it and will update. I was able to try MinGW with WINE before the first crash and I liked what I saw there. Only hoping to be able to get a good install this time.

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General :: Restart Program When Crashed ?

Feb 5, 2010

I have a program called HelloWorld, but it crashes a lot,

is there anyway to tell Linux to automatically check if Hello World crashed, and if it is crashed, restart HelloWorld? Running Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu :: One Of My Program Is Not Executing - Fgsd Crashed

Jun 7, 2011

I m using ubuntu 10.04. I have install flightgear Scenery designer(fgsd) and it executed successfully, but during working on it I selected any option of it and fgsd crashed. After that it is not getting execute. Throwing following error on console. buffer overflow detected ***: fgsd terminated

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Fedora :: Can't Delete Files From Photorec

Aug 29, 2011

I just used photorec to recover files from a 40GB laptop HDD. I saved the files to my video folder in my Home folder. Now my home folder is full. When I login to my computer, in about 30 second I get this error:

Quote: Oh no! Something has gone wrong. A problem has occurred and the system cant recover. Now I tried logging out, restarting, etc etc. Still get the error. I also did


I cant delete the files from photorec because the are protected. And I cant start up firefox or thunderbird

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Ubuntu :: Photorec Rovered File Directories Permissions?

May 4, 2010

I recently accidentally deleted a wrong directory of images from a USB memory stick, which I managed to successfully recover using Photorec . Photorec created a couple of directories (which I asked it to put in Documents), which i was then able to re copy back onto the USB disc. My problem now however is that I do not need that almost 4GB of files on my PC but I cannot delete them since the files are all root owner, and being somewhat new to ubuntu I am not sure of how to go about changing the permissions and deleting these files.

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General :: Remove Multiple Photorec Files (recup_dir.)?

Jan 13, 2010

I was doing some data recovery with Photorec and by the time I was done I have over 700 folders (recup_dir.).The only solution I was able to apply was the one posted by pljvaldez on this site dated 04-09-08, 09:01 AM. After doing the same thing for at least 70 times I decided to ask, so, is there anyone that knows how to delete multiple folders at the same time.

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Ubuntu :: Recover Lost Data From NTFS Partition Using Testdisk/Photorec?

Mar 8, 2010

My main partition having all my data like movies, music, files,etc has become inaccessible. Its file system was NTFS. Due to some recent resizing using GParted, the partition as well as my WIndows 7 OS has become unbootable due to some errors. The data partition's file system has become unknown. I don't care much about the OS but I would like to recover my drive. I am trying to achieve this using Testdisk and Photorec but haven't met with much success so far. The main problem is I can see my partition and all my files through Testdisk but I am not able to copy them to another drive. When I try to copy the option I get is of copying them to the DVD and not to any other partition.

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Ubuntu :: Deleted Photorec Backup Files Taking Up Disk Space?

Mar 13, 2011

I used photorec to recover lost files and it brought up 70gb worth of files, when I was done looking through them I deleted these files. but these files still seem to be taking up my disk space. When I try to access my trash bin with root I get a message that reads...."The folder contents could not be displayed. sorry, could not display all the contents of "trash": operation not supported." if I open my trash bin when I'm not in root, the bin is empty.

How do I free up my disk space?

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General :: Recovering 1Tb Ext3 With Fsck.ext3?

May 20, 2011

I Tarred and GZipped most of the data on one 1Tb partition and stuck the archives on a second 1Tb partition on a separate disk. I then proceeded to format the first partition with NTFS (from Linux.) The only problem is that I completely forgot that I had a CD drive and formatted sdc1 instead of sdd1! I began doing a full NTFS format and after a minute or two I cancelled it and decided to do a quick format. I then realized my mistake. I managed to find a copy of the superblock and began trying to recover the disk. fsck -t ext3 recognized the partition as NTFS but I luckily didn't have fsck.ntfs installed so it didn't touch it. I managed to get it working with fsck.ext3 (with -b,-B and -y) fsck.ext3 didn't mind that it was an NTFS partition.

Roughly how long will this take? It's running from Knoppix within a virtual machine to a USB hard drive which is 100% full. Days? Being that for a few minutes I attempted a full format am I going to end up with a bunch of corrupted archives? If I do end up with file corruption can anyone recommend a way of recovering the data / sorting it out? Is it likely to be just a few old files that are corrupt (It's my understanding that filesystems like to keep files in the same area on the disk to minimize the amount of head travel.) This might just be wishful thinking but as the filesystem fills up will ext3 put the newer files towards the end of the disk? If so then I'm hoping that a full NTFS format starts at the beginning of the disk.

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Ubuntu :: Get PhotoRec To "see" 8 GB SD Card?

Feb 24, 2010

I accidentally deleted pictures off of an 8GB SD card while trying to import them. I then locked the card so that I wouldn't accidentally write over anything and tried to use PhotoRec to get the pictures back. Unfortunately, PhotoRec/testdisk won't find the SD card.

I've inserted the SD card into the camera and plugged that by USB into my Ubuntu 9.10 computer, and it gets mounted as a camera with 3.7 GB of space (?), but testdisk/PhotoRec won't see it.

I've also inserted the SD card into the built-in card reader on a Windows machine and CD-booted RIPLinuX, but that won't see it either.

Any ideas on how to get PhotoRec to recognize the SD card?

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Crashed Very Often In 10.04

Jul 29, 2010

In My system I have installed 10.04 Ubuntu 64bit version recently. From the beginning itself, my web browser firefox crashed and disappeared very often in between my surfing.

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Ubuntu :: SOS Crashed During Upgrade

Sep 1, 2010

My laptop crashed in the middle of upgrading from Hardy Heron to 10.04. Now I can't boot at all. It'll load grub and let me pick an older kernal which gives me a reasonably familiar shell or I can let it go to the latest and it gives me some strange shell with very limited commands.

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 On VirtualBox Crashed?

Sep 21, 2010

I installed Ubuntu 10.04 on VirtualBox, installed on top of a Mac so I can learn programming (studying for certification for my job).

Just now, it went black, so I sent the power off signal. However, when I restarted, I keep getting the following error as shown in 01-error.png. When I enter help, it displays following commands shown in 02-error.png

Tried researching the problem myself, and found the following link


However, I am not sure if it applies in my case because this is on a virtual machine. And what am I supposed to mount?

I need to recover data I saved on this VM, re-installation is the very last resort.

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Ubuntu :: HDD Crashed After Installing 10.04?

Oct 8, 2010

I have 2 hard disks installed in my system, 160 GB and 500 GB. I have using windows 7 installed on the 160 GB disk for past 2 years now and never faced any problem with my HDDs. Now this 500 GB is some problematic one. Remember the 500 gb disks from seagate which was a huge failure, i have that model. I bought it with 3 more of my friends. All other's HDD's crashed again and again except mine. I did some scanning and all with all sort of HDD softwares but all is well, except one soft called HDD health that showed my 500 gb has 48% health. It remain like that for an year, so i stopped worrying about that. I have stuffed my disk with data and never faced any problem up untill now. Now yesterday i decided to install Ultimate edition 2.7 64-bit. I downloaded it and burned the dvd at 4x speed and how i wanted to install it is like the way that it should go into the 500 gb one without having to do anything with 160 gb one having windows 7. I have done this earlier and it caused absolutely no problem. I just change the boot sequence to whatever disk i wanted to log into windows or linux(remember i did that with the same disks). Now i emptied a partition in 500 gb one, deleted it with the help of partition manager inbuild in windows 7, unplugged the 160 gb and booted thru live cd of UEU 2.7 and started the installation. When i got on the partition selection screen, what it showed me was just a 500 gb of "unallocated space", which i s actually healthy 6 partitions containing data which i have been using for years. No traces of the 30 space i unallocated in windows for linux. Now first question, "Why the hell did it not recognized my HDD when its perfectly operational in windows and i have installed UEU 2.5 on it once". It should have shown me the partitions. Does that means that my HDD was having some problem already ?? Now i booted back in windows, reallocated my 30 gb space, emptied some space from a 160 gb HDD's partition and got back into linux, with both HDD's plugged in this time. Now i started the installation. Again it didnt recognized the 500 gb chunk but did recognized the partitions in 160 gb and also recognized windows 7 installation. I formatted the partition with ext 4, didnt provide any partition for swap as i have 4gb ram and changed the boot loader to GRUB. Installation was successful. I can see all the drives from 160 GB one but only one partition from 500 GB one, no traces of other partitions, not even in Gparted. And yeah, the disk was mounted. Now everything was looking fine, i switched back and forth from windows to linux a couple of times, switched off the computer for some time, switched back on and watched a movie and finally shut down properly last night.

Now this morning my brother switched on the PC and it just wonts start. It restarts again and again just after the BIOS screen. I checked everything but couldnt find the problem. So finally i de attached the hardware one by one and found its the 500 GB that was causing the problem. I plugged it out and booted in again. To my surprise, the windows 7 booted in from 160 GB HDD with no traces of linux what so ever. Its was in the same HDD, i installed the common boot loader and have seen it my self when i switch on the pc, showing all linux options first and then windows 7 as other OS. It has nothing to do with 500 GB one, no dynamic partition, no system files or any thing. I suppose that windows 7 cant take back te boot loader without the help of installation disk and i have not used any. There was not even any kind of system recovery installed. Then how the hell windows 7 came back and linux just disappeared. The partition manager shows that the newly created partition for linux as "healthy and primary" partition.

say it once that all this mess was only due to i screw up the installation and my 500 GB is not dead. I will die without my data.

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Ubuntu :: OS Crashed On The Laptop?

Oct 12, 2010

I am using Ubuntu 9.10 on a Sony viao laptop. (not right now 'cause it won't start up). I've been tring to turn it on all evening with no luck. I turn the power on. The first bios screen show the read out and then the Ubuntu icon shows on black screen and then the screen goes black. At that last stage I would have expected to see the brown Ubuntu screen and then the log in screen but it doesn't show up.

Is my hard drive damaged from being shaken around? I carry my laptop in a backpack designed for that and place in my car trunk (carefuly, I don't throw it around like a ball) If the hard drive is damaged, the way do I see the first black Ubuntu srceen on start up? Does Ubuntu burn that on to the bois? I tried starting up from an Ubuntu instalation CD and a Puppy CD and got the excat same results as listed above.

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Ubuntu :: Minecraft Crashed ?

Jan 4, 2011

Have found nothing useful Minecraft has crashed!

Minecraft has stopped running because it encountered a problem.

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Ubuntu :: Geany Is Being Crashed

Mar 29, 2011

I am using ubuntu 10.04 . when i try to compile some C++/C code using geany it suddenly crashes sometimes . I have run geany from terminal and when it crashed it has left.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Xfce Has Crashed?

Oct 28, 2010

I am fairly new to linux but have been working with it for a good 3 months now, as usual linpus is giving me some hassle.I did the basic hack a while ago and everything was fine until the other day.I deleted firefox as it wasnt working properly and for some reason unknown to me firefox deleted some core pieces of info for the entire desktop....all i have is the bottom bar and the search bar...if i go through my files and run some xfce files; few of which will now load, i can get a basic desktop with some icons(file system, user files, SD card)but it only stays on for that load, if i start the laptop again its gone and i have to go through the whole process again.

everything runs fine just no desktop and it wont keep the simple desktop (if not better than original linpus desktop up) is there any code i can use in terminal to lock the desktop when i get it to the point i can get it to...?is there any code i can use to system restore to an earlier date, or similar?I have been thinking about downloading ubuntu and installing that as i have used that before and found it wonderful, problem being as its an acer onethere is no CD drive and now that everything is kaput it wont accept USB sticks either. know this can be done and i know i can find coding to get the usb drives to work again so no problem there, its just the whole desktop being shot is the issue reallyany help would be greatly appreciated ive been sifting through forums for 2 days now and i cant find any similar problem

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Programming :: Program A SH - Bash Program With Zenity To Play Radio Based On A Site?

Feb 15, 2011

I will have to code this. However I am lacking of time since I have too much to do. make a short code bash/dash to prompt the country with Zenity, then, get the PLS or m3u url and prompt with another zenity which radio to play.

My code to get url's radio country.htm is:


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Ubuntu :: Inbuilt Logging System - Ran And Installation - Program Opened Automatically - Can't Find Program Executable

Feb 23, 2011

I was wondering whether there is an inbuilt logging system in UNIX?

I ran and installation and the program opened up automatically but I can't find the program executable.

If I could find a log then I could locate this file.

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OpenSUSE :: Execute Program On Wake / Kill Program On Suspend?

Apr 15, 2011

I have problems to get it work. i have tried to use pm-utils, but it does nothing.

What is need is to kill application, when pc is going into suspend to ram and run that application again on wake. It's a graphical application.

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General :: Make A Script To Open A Program Then Operate Within That Program?

May 7, 2010

I am new to linux and am trying out script writing. I am using shell. How can I make a script to open a program then operate within that program?

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Software :: Open Source Dvd - Cd Copy Program - Burning On The Fly Program?

Dec 14, 2009

Is there anything like burning rom from nero or roxio cd/dvd copier. Do you know of any dvd copying program? like without making the image and then burning with just one process just copy the disc sorta program like roxio dvd copier? I wanted to make copies of movies I made a dvd of but aside from image burn which is a hassle to make the image first. is there something for burning on the fly or dvd/cd copying? infrarecorder and cdburnerxp do not work for me at all.

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Fedora :: System Crashed During Update

Dec 26, 2009

I was updating my F12 and the system crashed .. no idea why.. anyway I cannot boot anymore using the kernel, but I can boot using the ... now when I issue the yum update, the system says its there any way to 'force' the yum to update the system again ?

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Fedora Installation :: F15 Crashed - Won't Boot Even From DVD

Jun 21, 2011

I installed F15 a couple days ago without much difficulty (and upgraded the kernel to the most recent, along with all the accompanying applications). However, I wanted to enhance my experience with the terminals, etc. So, today, I installed a gnome-3 advanced tweak or something along those lines (I forget the exact name already). This is software that is supposed to allow us to specify user-defined shells (not active yet), modify the terminal bars, etc. After installation, a menu bar came up, which allowed me to run the application. I ran it and it crashed.

Then I went to the applications section and started that job again and the whole system just froze, showing just a rotating wheel (as if a process is in progress). Nothing worked. So, I manually shut the system down and turned it back on again; and all I saw was that turning wheel and a small half-inch by half-inch square box (with just noisy colors). I then inserted my F15 installation DVD (the same DVD I used to install my OS), and started the machine; and the response is exactly the same as before: just that turning wheel with the noisy small square box. When I move my mouse around the wheel moves about in response. But, the system is just frozen.

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Fedora :: System Crashed During Yum Update

Jul 11, 2011

My system system suffers from frequent kernel panics, which I think are due to gnome-shell with the nVidia driver. (I see no panic message and nothing is logged, but I've enabled magic SysRq and it makes no difference.) Twice this has occurred during yum-update's install stage, which is making me wonder. Uum-update then complained about an unfinished transaction, so I ran yum-complete-transaction as suggested. I've also tried yum-clean-all and rebuilding the RPM database, suggested in other threads, but I'm still seeing the following errors on yum-update:

--> Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: Protected multilib versions: 1:cups-libs-1.4.7-3.fc15.i686 != 1:cups-libs-1.4.6-15.fc15.x86_64
Error: Protected multilib versions: libuuid-2.19.1-1.3.fc15.i686 != libuuid-2.19.1-1.2.fc15.x86_64
Error: Protected multilib versions: krb5-libs-1.9.1-5.fc15.i686 != krb5-libs-1.9-7.fc15.x86_64
You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem
** Found 23 pre-existing rpmdb problem(s), 'yum check' output follows:
1:NetworkManager-0.8.9997-5.git20110702.fc15.x86_64 is a duplicate with 1:NetworkManager-0.8.9997-4.git20110620.fc15.x86_64
1:NetworkManager-glib-0.8.9997-5.git20110702.fc15.x86_64 is a duplicate with 1:NetworkManager-glib-0.8.9997-4.git20110620.fc15.x86_64
1:cups-libs-1.4.7-3.fc15.x86_64 is a duplicate with 1:cups-libs-1.4.6-15.fc15.x86_64
ibus- is a duplicate with ibus- More errors of that ilk.

I don't know where these 32-bit packages have come from this is an x86-64 system and the only x86-32 stuff I've intended to install is the Adobe flash plug-in. Also the later dupes are different 64-bit versions. I've tried "package-cleanup --cleandupes" as suggested in this thread: [URL]. It wants to remove the old versions, but also wants to remove packages that depend on them, including clutter, so I cancelled that. The first time round I was left with a barely usable system and had to reinstall, which I'd rather avoid, especially if this is going to be a regular occurrence. I'm not familiar with RPM (or kernel panics for that matter).

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OpenSUSE :: 11.3 Crashed 5 Times) Within 25 Minutes?

Oct 31, 2010

i just installed 11.3 from live cd--after a recent update basically wiped my whole 11.2 setup into oblivion...i want to say that i like 11.3 better, however, i have not had a chance to even use it.......after installation, and then updating and adding repos, i tried to install a couple programs through yast. on the three occasions of trying, the computer crashed--screen goes blank, the CAP/NUM lock lights flash on and off...i tried to install adobe reader from their site two times, and the same thing happened twice--screen goes blank, the CAP/NUM lock lights flash on and off.i'm just beginning to get my computer back in order, after my 11.2 died.and since installing 11.3, i can even begin to begin!

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OpenSUSE :: Vmware-user Has Crashed?

Jul 25, 2011

vmware-user has crashed. I have this bug when I try to cut and paste with Libre writer in 11.3 and just do not know what action to take. it also comes up when I boot up.

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OpenSUSE Wireless :: Wlan0 Is Down - Got Crashed ?

Feb 28, 2010

After executing glxgears, my laptop got crashed.

I pressed Power Button and I turn it off. When I turn on the system again, the wlan0 dosent work.

I tried:


The result:


I tried:


The result:


RTNETLINK answers: No such file or directory

Cannot enable interface wlan0. interface wlan0 is not up

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