Software :: Mono 1.1.12 - Install Older Mono To Co-exist With Current Version

Feb 28, 2010

I would like to know if anyone has run more than one version of mono concurrently. I want to host a Battlefield 2 server with bf2ccd that requires mono 1.1.12. CentOS 5.3 repos provide mono 1.2.4 which is neither new enough nor old enough to support bf2ccd. I have considered compiling a newer version or an older version to accommodate this but I think that the only fully supported version is the 1.1.12 and I want to have the newer mono for other projects. I have used Slackware exclusively up to now and am not familiar with CentOS yet so I would like to avoid compiling if I can. The server is an unmanaged dedicated server so I'm not certain of all of the details. AFAIK it is a standard CentOS 5.3 install.

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General :: Why Is Ubuntu Trying To Open Mono App With Wine Instead Of Mono

Aug 24, 2010

So, I have compiled a C# program on Linux using MonoDevelop. When I try to execute the resulting binary, my system tries and fails to run it as a windows executable, with wine. Wine gives me the following message:

$ ~/bin/MyMonoApp
wine: Install the Windows version of Mono to run .NET executables
~/bin/MyMonoApp: command not found

I can only convince it to run by explicitly calling mono:

$ mono ~/bin/MyMonoApp

So, how can I make this the default, so I don't have to explicitly call mono every time?

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Ubuntu :: Install Mono Error "Package Mono Is Not Available But Is Referred To By Another Package"

Mar 18, 2011

i first noticed when i tried to get mono via sudo apt-get install mono i got the error


E: Package 'mono' has no installation candidate then i tried to get it through the software center and i noticed the software center wasn't opening.... so i tried searching to find if someone else had the proroblem, they did, one solution was to reinstall python but if i open syapitic software i get the error


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CentOS 5 :: Mono - Only Locate Very Old Version 1.x

Jun 2, 2009

my App requires at least version 2.0 of mono. (Suse is up to 2.5) I have searched and searched repos, including Groups and Testing for any mono and can only locate very old version 1.x.

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Fedora :: Running Ratiomaster In Fc6 - "install The Windows Version Of Mono To Run .NET Executables"

Apr 24, 2010

i am trying to wine ratiomaster.exe in fc6 but i get the following message: "install the Windows version of Mono to run .NET executables"

does anyone knows what to do? ps: no, i cant upgrade fedora but i think this should not be a problem.

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Fedora :: Install Mono 2.8 In F15?

Jun 22, 2011

I don't know how to install mono 2.8 in Fedora 15. I couldn't find it in the repositories, and I don't know how/if I need to build it from the source. I need it for WINE.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Install Mono In Centos?

Mar 7, 2011

I want to install .net framework, ERP & Oracle Runtime 11g in linux, using mono. how to install mono in linux & .net frame work.

Destribution CenOS/Fedora.

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Software :: Install Mono Develop On Puppy

Jul 28, 2009

There isn't a package for puppy linux and I have no idea how to install it.

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Slackware :: Can't Find Gmcs.exe When I Install Mono 2.8.1 / Why Is So?

Feb 8, 2011

I'm a new user of Slackware Linux.I wan't to learn c# under Linux, so I downloaded Mono 2.8.1 source package. I read the README and downloaded the pkg-config, libgdiplus, glib-2.4.0 and install successfully.
But when I "make install" mono, make told me "[MCS] Can't find gmcs.exe", I don't know why.

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Ubuntu :: Mono Fails To Install / Uninstall - Start Fresh?

Jan 13, 2011

Specifically, libgtk2.0-cil, seems to be giving me a world of trouble.
I tried to install mono so that I could use an application. When it went to install libgtk2.0-cil, everything broke. I've tried to reinstall, purge, remove, and each time it fails. I've gone through a few iterations of trying to get things to remove cleanly to start fresh, so there are a few packages that are dependent on libgtk2.0-cil causing issues as well.. but thats to be expected. code...

I tried, and cannot locate the files it notes; `/usr/share/cli-common/packages.d/policy.2.6.gtk-dotnet.installcligac. I tried to create them real quick with touch, it removes what I make but still does not uninstall and still gives the err.

Can anyone offer assistance on removing this so that I can start fresh?

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CentOS 5 :: Why Is Kernel Much Older Than Current Stable Version?

Jan 21, 2010

I just ran "yum update" to download the latest kernel from the repository, and noticed that it's 2.6.18-164.11.1 while the latest on is of curiosity, why is there such a discripency between the two? Lack of resources to test and build binaries?

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Fedora :: Mono Won't Run On 13?

Apr 30, 2011

I'm trying to run Emulare ( Android emulator ) under Fedora 13 using mono. It fails with this error:


mono /src/Arduino/Emulare/emulare_1.7/emulare.exe
Unhandled Exception: System.TypeInitializationException: An exception was thrown by the type initializer for System.Windows.Forms.XplatUI ---> System.TypeInitializationException: An exception was thrown by the type


I think it is the mono setup but don't know what to fix?

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Fedora :: How To Remove (Lib) Mono In F11

Nov 8, 2009

I'm not happy about having mono on my system, is there a way to uninstall it? I just installed fedora 11.

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Ubuntu :: Mono / .NET Is Not Working?

Mar 4, 2010

I been trying to load one applcation is using .NET Framework 2.0. I went to Mircosoft to get the .NET 2.0 and attempting to install it but got a error. I look it up in the internet. Many topic point out that I have to install Mono to get it to work. I went to Ubuntu Software Center to get Mono, only one that I am unsure of is "MonoDevelop". But i installed it anyway and it still not helping. So I went to google to find info on how to install Mono on my Karmic. Found this, [URL] They point out that Ubuntu do have Mono pre-installed but they are using the old version, So I have to update it. By following those terminal command to get Mono installed. Then I got to the end and it said to check if Mono is installed. It comfirmed that it is there. So I went to install NET. 2.0, it still having error to install. I check what the error signature, it said something about Visual Studio setup.exe

I thought to try to open the applcation that is using .NET 2.0, it still have error. How I able to get it to work?

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Ubuntu :: Run Net Application Using Mono

Sep 21, 2010

I heared that there is an application for ubuntu that can run .net application under ubuntu... They told me to use mono. Since, wine cannot run .net application, it only can run .exe files....

I did installed mono using this tutorial in this site[URL] and I did installed mono utilities from synaptic. but, I don't know how to run the application using mono !! I tried to click the right mouse and run it with it. but I didn't see mono from the list. also, I tried to search for it from the application & I didn't find it. Maybe its just a setting and cannot run it like an application... If that its right, how can I run the application then ??

Note: I'm running under ubuntu 10.04 64bit, and i'm trying to run subtitle workshop under ubuntu. It requires the .Net framework 2.0. When I run it under wine, it tolds me that it needs .net framework to run...

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CentOS 5 :: Using Mono Under Apache On 5.2?

Mar 27, 2009

I have developed a web application written in c# I'm using:

O.S. : CentOS 5.2
WebServer: Apache (2.19)
Mod Mono (1.9)
DB server: MySql

Some Configuration parameters:

Max Connection number: 200

When the site receives more than 50 simultaneous connections, it becomes unreachable even thought Apache seems to work. I attach:

- Apache server status when the service falls down

- Apache configuration file

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Fedora Servers :: Get .net (mono) To Work On 10?

Mar 3, 2009

Has anyone managed to successfully get .net (mono) to work on fedora 10?

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Fedora :: Mono - Mysql Very Slow ?

Mar 25, 2010

Currently I have a huge issue with Mysql on a basic Fedora 12 installation (no update strait from dvd). Only a console.

Mono JIT compiler version (tarball Thu Jan 14 10:27:43 UTC 2010) Mysql Server version: 5.1.44 Source distribution

When I what to connect with the mysql database using the 6.2.2 Mysql.Data.dll using the socket (/var/lib/mysql/myqsl.sock) I get the error:

If I connect with localhost it is very slow: Query time(0 logitem(s)): 0.805234 seconds

When I connect to that shame version using the same application from a window machine over a network the result are: Query time(0 logitem(s)): 0.23646 seconds

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OpenSUSE :: Are There Any Security Risks To Mono

Jul 17, 2010

Are there any security risks I should be aware of if I have Mono installed?

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General :: Force Mono Sound On 9.10?

Mar 15, 2010

My headphones broke so audio only works on the right speaker. As a temporary fix I want to force all sounds to play in mono in the right speaker. I run Ubuntu 9.10. Is there a way to complete this?

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Ubuntu :: Mono Fails To Start .exe?

Apr 13, 2010

Ubuntu 9.10 Mono On running; $ mone /path/to/.exe following warning popup:

Fatal Error System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException. Argument is out of range Parameter name: index at System Collections Generic List`1 [System String] get_item (int32 index) [0x00000] at Verse_of_the_Day.MainForm.ctor () [0x00000] at (wrapper remoting-invoke_with-check) Verse of the_Day.MainForm.ctor () at Verse_of_the_Day.English.ReadWrite () [0x0000] I have been searching around and could not find a solution.

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Ubuntu :: Use A Mono App As A Desktop Environment?

Apr 19, 2010

I have a shell I have written in C# for Windows. I have ported it over to Linux (Ubuntu) and it works well as an app running under Gnome.

What I would like to know is how to use the shell I have written instead of Gnome? What I want is a way of booting straight into my custom shell without the default desktop environment loading.

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Ubuntu :: Running Program With Mono?

Feb 20, 2011

I want to use a program, that runs windows and "linux with mono". I run Kubuntu 10.10.


koen@Koen-Kubuntu:~/Documents/Software/SuperOneClick_1_6_5$ mono SuperOneClick.exe
** (SuperOneClick.exe:4191): WARNING **: The following assembly referenced from /home/koen/Documents/Software/SuperOneClick_1_6_5/SuperOneClick.exe could not be loaded:


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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Changes In Mono To Check In With Server?

May 26, 2011

I have a service the uses Mono to check in with a SQL server at a set interval. For some reason in 11.04 The service is only able to run for a short period of time without crashing. This service worked/works perfect in all previous versions. Any ideas as to what could have possibly changed? I'm really just looking for ideas on what to check.

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General :: Way To Switch To Mono Output?

Mar 27, 2009

I'm running Debian Lenny, most of the time with KDE 3.5.10. I've got a great old stereo that I'd like to pump my audio through. It sounds fantastic, but it only seems to have one channel. Is there a way I could all my audio output to be mono so that I can get all of the music on one track? I guess there's probably a stereo to mono adapter that will do the trick, but if I can save the trip to Radio Shack, so much the better, right?

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Slackware :: Use Sox To Make A File Mono?

Dec 2, 2010

Kernel 2.6, GNU (Slackware 12.0). sox 12.18.1

bash-3.1# file receive48.wav

receive48.wav: RIFF (little-endian) data, WAVE audio, Microsoft PCM, 16 bit, stereo 48000 Hz bash-3.1# This file, I intend to make it mono. That is, to mix both channels. I know this is a piece of cake for sox. But exactly how do I do it?

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Fedora :: Installed Bless Hex Editor On 14 Laptop - Shows "mono-core Wants To Install A Font Language Code Not Matched: Utf-8"

Feb 22, 2011

i have installed bless hex editor on my fedora 14 laptop.However when i open it ,it shows "mono-core wants to install a font language code not matched: utf-8" i am not able to use bless hex editor properly.

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Debian :: Cannot Paste Into Terminal (only) From KeePass (using Mono)

Jun 12, 2010

I'm using KeePass 2.10 (with mono) and I am able to copy a password from KeePass (Ctrl+C) and paste into ALL applications except for the GNOME Terminal. When I copy something, I am not able to paste into the terminal, and find the Paste menu item in the edit menu disabled. However, if I paste into another application and cut from there, I can paste into the terminal.

(if it is a bug) which project I should report a bug to (gnome or KeePass?).

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Debian :: How To Remove Mono From Squeeze Gnome

Sep 6, 2010

i am interested how to remove mono from my Debian Squeeze Gnome.

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Debian :: Music Player Like Banshee But Do Not Want Mono

Apr 27, 2011

I am looking for music player like banshee but do not want mono . Banshee unfortunately requires mono


Obviously have not given all all the deps, but the last 7 odd ones tell you what I mean. If anybody knows of any good music player which has similar functionality as banshee lemme know. Look for two things:-

a. Should be able to play all and any music format (have all the plugins)
b. Should be able to close it and have it in the system tray playing in the background.

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