Server :: Set A Real System User In ProFTP To Set To A Specific Directory?

Nov 30, 2010

I have a real system user say 'test', created in a number of system groups, up to 3 additional groups (including ftp of course). Its set to the usual standard directory /home/test. But what if I wanted to use /home/test as their home directory but login to what would be unknown to them to be ProFTP to make them go in say [URL] or something random like that, how is this done? Just been through things like this:


ServerName ""
ServerAdmin "me@localhost"


But nothing seems to work.

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Ubuntu Servers :: System Users - Proftp Works With Only 1 System User?

Apr 14, 2011

I'm niomi and I'm the first account with sudo. I add an account, bob. niomi can get in reliably on active mode. (maybe relevant?: passive doesn't work) bob is jailed to his home directory, niomi is in ftp-special which gives her access to /. bob can't log in and his shell is set to bin/false. What could have gone wrong?

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Server :: Make VSFTP So One User "bird" Logs Into To A Specific Directory Like /foo

Jan 19, 2011

Im trying to make it so one user "bird" logs into to a specific directory like /foo

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General :: Add User With Specific Home Directory That Already Exists

Apr 9, 2010

Im trying to add users to my nfs server with a specific home directory that already exists. Can this be done? I've done some research on google and other forums but cant seem to find the answer.

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General :: Give Directory Permission To A Group And Not Specific User?

May 26, 2010

I'm trying to do something like thisi created a group called www and made this group the owner of the directory/var/www/htmlso i can read and write to it.of course I've add my self to this group, but it seems i can't read and write.the syntax i used was something like chown :www /var/www/html.didn't workonly when i used chown samurai:www /var/www/html i could finally could create new file.the reason i don't want to specify the user name is because I'm thinking of a scenario when i need to give permission to a large group of ppl and don't want to do it user by user.

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CentOS 5 :: Do I Need To Build Rescue CD Containing Directory Info Of Specific System?

Sep 14, 2010

I have been reading about rescue CD's but haven't found out whether I can make one using my currently running Centos(centos-release-5-4.el5.centos.1 ).I tried to use a Centos cd we have here and it looks fine till it asks where the 'tree' structure is located, when I select cd it ejects it and asks the same question again. Do I need to build a rescue cd containing directory info of my specific system?This is related to wanting to fsck my file system.

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Fedora Servers :: Proftp Behind A Router - List The User Dir It Freeze

Jun 9, 2009

I got Fedora 10 and I installed a proftpd server it works in local network but not from outside. Actually I can see it checks for user and pass but when it has to list the user dir it freeze. The server is behind a router. I am using passive ports 60000-60100 and I forwarded all connections to and from 21 to 60000-60100 onto internal ( IP address.


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General :: Alert Message When A Specific User Is Login To The System?

Nov 25, 2009

Can advise if I want to have a alert message when a specific user is login to the system , what can I do ? that mean if a specific is login to system then send me a alert message ( by any way ) to inform me the user is login , what is the method ?

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Server :: Limit User To Their Mailbox In Specific Size?

Sep 13, 2010

How can i limit user to their mailbox in specific size.

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General :: Mount A Specific Directory On Server To A Local Windows Machine?

Jan 20, 2011

I have a directory on my server at /home/dave/www/images/site (ext3) which I want to mount directly to my Windows computer so that I can transfer data easily via command line tool. Is that something possible?

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Server :: Redirect / Forward Mail To Another User From Specific Address?

Jun 30, 2009

I wish to intercept/forward emails that is sent to one user on multi user mail server.I only want email from one specific address or group,to be redirected and it will be redirected to another user on same server.The email should not arrive in original users inbox.".forward" file can not give me such solution,because ".forward" file will forward all mails to another specific mail id,which i don't want. I want only specific users mails onto another local user.Is this possible in sendmail?Anybody have clear idea of "virtusetable" & "aliases" file?

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Ubuntu :: Giving A Specific User Permission To Start/stop A Specific Service?

Jun 8, 2010

How do I give permission to a logged in user to stop/start a specific service without entering a root/sudo password? So they can do a simple "service SomeService stop|start" It is for a headless Ubuntu server.

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Ubuntu :: Allow A Specific User To Mount Or Remount A Specific Partition?

Jun 9, 2010

my system I want user1 and only user1 to be able to mount and unmount a specific partition, this partition contains backups and is usually mounted read only, needs to be temporarily mounted read/write by user1 while doing the backup.user1 is an unprivileged user. I've read that the user option will let any user mount the file-system (and only that user can then subsequently unmount it) and that the users option allows any user to mount or unmount the file-system.I also found this in mount's man pageQuote:The owner option is similar to the user option, with the restriction that the user must be the owner of the special file. This may be useful e.g. for /dev/fd if a login script makes the console user owner of this device. The group option is similar, with the restriction that the user must be member of the group of the special file.So it looks like I'd need a login script for that user to make the user owner of the device file (/dev/voiceserv/backup in this case)

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Server :: New Open File Size Limit Is Getting Reflected In The Specific User?

May 16, 2011

Last weekend i have increased the open file size (ulimit -n) for the application user id i have update the limits.conf file with necessary inputs restarted the service and the server as well, when i check the ulimit value for the specific user by switching user from other user it shows the new value (10240) but if i login directly using the application id the ulimit value shows as 1024 which one is the default one.

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Server :: Accept Mails To Unknown Users And Route Specific User

Jul 31, 2009

I need to instruct sendmail to accept mails that are destined to users that are not available on my server and then forward those emails to catchall@mydomain.tld.Please remember that i don't want to forward every single mail to catchall user. I just want to forward those emails which would be destined for users that do not exist on my server.i have used define(`LUSER_RELAY', `')but it doesn't seems to work.

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Server :: Proftp Can't Connect To Ftp Client?

Feb 3, 2011

I am running CentOS release 5.5 (Final) with PROFTP installed.

I am able to connect to the ftp server from local, but when I try it from dream weaver CS5 it can't connect to the server. I ran a port scan and 21 seems to be open:

21/tcp open ftp
22/tcp open ssh
53/tcp open domain


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Server :: ProFTP: Disable Account After 3 Tries?

Nov 9, 2010

I'm running a ProFTP 1.3.3 server on a CentOS 5.5.What has come to my mind in terms of security is to have the server disabling / deactivating account that enters the wrong password, lets say three times.Using MaxLoginAttempts only limits the possible retries on a open connection.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Setup An Apache Server On Computer Which Will Allow Browsing Of Files In A Specific Directory And Subdirectories?

Jun 13, 2011

I'm trying to setup an Apache server on my computer which will allow browsing of files in a specific directory and subdirectories, without needing any sort of authentication.

I've got the Apache2 server up and running through yast, and everything works fine as long as I try to point it to the /www/htdocs folder. However, I want to point it at another folder, which is on another partition. This partition is formatted as NTFS, if that matters at all (here's some background on some permissions issues I had with the NTFS partitions recently).

When I change the "Directory" setting in the Yast http server configuration utility to the directory on the NTFS partition I wish to use, attempting to access the server results in the following error:

Code: Access Forbidden: You don't have permission to access the requested directory. There is either no index document or the directory is read-protected. If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.

Error 403
Mon Jun 13 23:43:29 2011
Apache/2.2.17 (Linux/SUSE)

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Ubuntu Servers :: TLS With ProFTP - Server Seems To Be Terminating The Session

Sep 1, 2011

I have been using proftp for about 8 months. After getting the configuration right, it worked perfectly. It is only used intermittently, so I don't know for sure when the problems started, but I suspect it was triggered by a recent OS upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04 (64 bit). I have proftp set up so that TLS is required on both the data and control channels. The problem is that, after successful login, the server seems to be terminating the session because the client (FileZilla) is attempting to renegotiate something (probably the TLS). The client settings didn't change, nor did the server settings.

I have tried switching off the TLSRequired flag, and am then able to establish a non-secure FTP session which works (but that does not meet my requirements). I wondered whether the OS upgrade had somehow invalidated my TLS certificates, but the symptoms don't seem consistent with that cause. The TLS part of my proftpd.conf file is:


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Server :: ProFTP Masquerading Setup Uses IPChains Convert To IPTables

Jan 25, 2011

How to Nat. I wanted to be able to resolve something like to
Then to

Just as a random example, I know these cannot be done using name based virtual hosts like in Apache. But I got this working internally using my LAN connection and the 2 IP addresses above, with Bind DNS pointing the dns's to those 2 ip addresses respectively. This worked, yet when I tried connecting from my work place to transfer some files, it kept going to the default user's home directory. Just wanted to get this project finished, 2 domains and one public facing IP address.

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Server :: User Access To Directory On Server (SUSE 9.1)

Apr 19, 2011

I am new to Linux and need to add user access to a particular directory on a Linux server (SUSE 9.1).I am able to access the directory via telnet however I do not know the commands to add the user. userBFA needs readwrite access to the SMF directory. Please let me know if any additional information is needed.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Gadmin-proftp Unable To Connect To Server / Settings

May 24, 2011

have setup proftpd via gadmin, all is well and is activated.This is where im being stupid - what setting do i use in my ftp prog (filezilla)??

host: ive put my ip address (
user name and password

However, i have a number of computers on my network, obviously when i try to ftp into my server how does it know which one to connect to? or is this not required.i need to get this working within the next few hours, or ill be in do-dos.

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General :: Filter And Block Failed Attempt To Access Proftp Server?

Jan 7, 2011

I want to filter and block failed attempt to access my proftp server. Here are few line from the /var/log/secure file:Quote:

Jan 2 18:38:25 server1 proftpd[17847]: ([]) - Maximum login attempts (3) exceeded
Jan 2 18:38:27 server1 proftpd[17864]: ([]) -


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Server :: How To Control Windows System Under System Like Active Directory Authentication

Jul 18, 2010

How to control a windows system by using linux server i know linux is a cross flatfarm. But how to Authenticate windows system like in windows we use AD for user authentication.

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Red Hat :: Ftp User Can't Create A Directory On Ftp Server?

Jan 27, 2010

i'm using ftp server with RHEL-5.1 now i wish to an anonymous user can create and upload some file on my ftp server...for this i configure the entries in /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf

# Uncomment this to allow local users to log in.


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General :: Copy Files From Directory Of One User To Directory Of Another User?

Apr 15, 2011

Is it possible to copy files from directory of one user to directory of another user in linux?

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Server :: Not Able To Create A New User In Directory Server / Fix It?

Jul 15, 2010

I have just configured a Directory Server and I have been able to login using the credentials as a Directory Manager on the server.

I am working on the server through VMWare.

After logging into the server, when I am trying to add a user, say "user1" I am unable to do so, in the name of the user name field, all I can see is a "u" and not the complete user name, the same thing happens in case I try to setup a password, so i really don't know whether the password that I am setting up is being accepted or not.

Also while trying to add a user, i can see the logs running in the background on the terminal, that a java program is running as I typing or clicking on any button.

Can someone suggest me what to do to proceed ahead, I know its a strange issue, but I have to do it.

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Server :: Allow Access To Directory Only To Single User

Jun 30, 2010

I have a file server on my network. It is accessed mainly by linux machines throught NFS, but sometimes I need to access it from windows, and I managed to get Samba up and running with only one share with no password, which is what I want.My users have their "private" folders which are just chmodded 700, and under NFS it works fine, but on samba I get, of course, access denied.How can I configure samba so that it asks a password to access those directory? They can become separate shares, and have their own username and passwords (not the ones in /etc/passwd in the server), I don't care.

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Server :: Openldap 2.3.43 Directory Read Only User?

Mar 8, 2011

I have no ACLs in place yet but want to use a user called ldap-auth-user to bind to the ldap servers directory from the client servers. However I keep on getting ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49). Error. I know the UserPassword is correct because I can log into a server using that id and password through the LDAP directory. I am guessing it has something to do with the way I created the account.

This Works:

ldapsearch -D 'cn=Manager,dc=test,dc=com' -x 'uid=testuser' -W

This Doesn't:

ldapsearch -D 'cn=ldap-auth-user,dc=test,dc=com' -x 'uid=testuser' -W

Here is the ldap-auth-users entry in the directory

[root@ldap-build-01 ~]# ldapsearch -D 'cn=Manager,dc=test,dc=com' -x 'uid=ldap-auth-user' -W
Enter LDAP Password:
# extended LDIF


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Red Hat :: Anonymous User Can't Create A Directory On Ftp Server

Jan 27, 2010

i'm using ftp server with RHEL-5.1 now i wish to an anonymous user can create and upload some file on my ftp server... for this i configure the entries in /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf

# Uncomment this to allow local users to log in.


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