Programming :: OpenCV - Color Detection / Tracking

Oct 14, 2010

I've introduced myself to OpenCV a bit now and can do some of the most basic things with it. My current goal is to have a solid color object (say a red ball) and have a camera be able to find that object. Anybody know of any resources to start learning how to do this? Any tutorials/books? Or is there something I should be searching for instead of color detection and tracking that will give me things more in the right direction?

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Programming :: OpenCV - Pixel Format Of Incoming Image Is Unsupported By OpenCV

Nov 6, 2010

I'm using a logitech quickcam pro 3000 on Ubuntu 10.04.

When I run a simple program with OpenCV to display the output from a camera I get the following output:


A window still opens with the output from the camera, but it seems very low quality and has far less pixels then it should. The camera built into my computer runs the same program with no problems.

My code for the program is simply:


One further note to make is that I still have the bad quality and low number of pixels with the logitech even when using webcam program. I can seem to find any drivers to update or anything though.

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Programming :: OpenCV Programming - Highgui.h: No Such File Or Directory?

Jul 1, 2010

I installed OpenCV and am trying the example programs. When I try to compile like in the tutorial it is not finding highgui.h.I have 64 bit Mint if that helps at all

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Debian Programming :: How To Install OpenCV 2.4.9 On 7.6

Oct 14, 2014

I am a new man on using both of the opencv and debian. In china, few people use debian linux and have nothing paper about how to insall opencv on this os ... Looking for detail step of installation of opencv on this OS?

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Programming :: Opencv Related - Find Out Corresponding Points Of Same Scene On Two Cameras?

May 2, 2011

I've a question regarding two camera images. Suppose I've detected 2d window coordinate of 8 markers of an object in a scene in one camera and detected window coordinates of 10 markers of the same object on another camera.

I've detected the marker. It was easy. Now how do i know which window coordinates on two cameras are the coordinates of same marker? I mean there are markers captured on both cameras and some of them are representing the same marker in both cameras. I just like to know which ones are same on both cameras. Is it possible to find that out using opencv?

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Programming :: Favorite 256-color Vim Color Scheme

Feb 25, 2011

What is your favorite 256-color color scheme for vim?

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Debian Hardware :: Mouse Tracking Error - Mouse Not Tracking Correctly

Jan 8, 2011

I had been running "Etch" and upgraded to "Lenny". Now my mouse is NOT tracking correctly. When I move the mouse and then press and release the 'ctrl' key to show where the mouse pointer is the circle indicators are not where the pointer is. I therefore cannot make any selections from menus as 'lenny' thinks the mouse is somewhere other than where the pointer is. Also are there keyboard hot keys that i can use to access the menus?

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Programming :: Detection Of A Command In Shell?

Apr 2, 2010

I would like to know if there is any way to detect a command if it going to be executed in the shell?

Cmd: sudo apt-get clean I want a C program to be called before this cmd is executed.

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Programming :: Pattern Detection In The Logs + Notification?

Sep 6, 2010

I'm looking for a solution of pattern detection in the logs and then allows to send me an email notification if it detects the previously specified term.I use already Logwatch, but I do not know if it is possible to configure it for that use.

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Programming :: Hough Transforum Ellipse Detection?

Apr 12, 2010

I am trying to detect ellipse in an image through hough transformation. I am looking for sombody who can guide me the sequence of operation needed to perform and the accurate order of those operation.

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Debian Programming :: Opcode Collision Detection Library

Mar 2, 2015

I would like to use the collision detection routine from the OPCODE library, newest version 1.3 ... There exist documentations, e.g. Opcode.pdf and OpcodeUserManual.pdf, but they do not agree with the source code, neither the current nor the previous version 1.2.

Any working example to check if to meshes collide? I only would like to define the meshes using triangles and connectivities (no callback function). I started with a code like the following, but not successfully.

#include <Opcode.h>
using namespace Opcode;
int main(void) {
IceMaths::IndexedTriangle *Tri0 = new IceMaths::IndexedTriangle[10];
IceMaths::Point *Pnt0 = new IceMaths::Point[10];
MeshInterface Mesh0;

[Code] ....

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Programming :: Effective Tool For Run Time Errors And Memory Leaks Detection

Dec 28, 2010

Created application is working too slow, looks like there are a lot of memory leaks, there are a lot of pointers. Any effective tool for run-time errors and memory leaks detection in Visual Studio C++?

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Programming :: Get Console Font Color

Jun 20, 2011

I've coma across a problem I have not been able to solve myself. Is there a function in the linux API similar to GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo() on Windows? refer to:

I only need to get the current color settings of the active terminal.

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Programming :: Emacs's Color Theme Installation

Dec 28, 2010

I extract color theme under ~/bin, and my .emacs file is as below: However, there is an error when loading color theme.


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Programming :: Program For /usr/bin For Scanning With Color Using Scanimage?

May 21, 2010

scanimage is cool. It would be great if there was a command line that one can configure to scan without X, and with rather quite some options to configure... convert to jpgcapable of finding -d snap:lib... whatever you plug and replug the scanner

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General :: Desktop Environment Color Settings / Do They Affect Web Browser Color?

Jun 14, 2011

Kernel, Slackware 12.0
KDE 3.5.7
(Mozilla) Firefox

Do color settings in the desktop environment affect color in the web browser? Thanks.

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Programming :: Get Pixel Color From Screen In Bash Script?

Nov 25, 2010

I would like to get the pixel color from screen at (320,240) and if the color = 0xFFFFFFFF , i would like to execute a command.

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Programming :: Changing Color Of Output From Bash Script?

Apr 22, 2010

I am writing a bash script that utilizes the output of another script (which I will refer to as script#2.) Script#2 is not owned by me, I cannot modify it. All of the output from script#2 is blue, which makes it difficult for me to read.

I would like to have the output of it changed to grey. Is there a way I can do that in my script? A command I can pipe the output to?

Edit: One other question related to this. I put a trap function in my script that works well. Script#2 essentially runs a tail -f. When I ctrl+c to stop it, it stops script#2 and never calls the trap in my script. Is there any way I can work around that?

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Programming :: Easier Way To Color Text In Perl Like BASH?

Apr 8, 2010

I've been trying to figure out a way to more easily color text in Perl like I do on Bash on a Linux box. In bash, what I'll do is set color variables up to equal the escape sequence, then echo out with escape seqeunces to print it exactly how I want it. Typically I'll want a character or a word in a different color, not the whole line. For example

echo -n -e "My face is turning ${RED}red${UNCOLOR} like a lobster." In Perl with the term::ANSIColor module, it seems to just do a line. Am I being dense? Is there a way that I can do it like I do it in BASH that's fairly easy to read after the fact?

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Ubuntu :: Can GNOME Color Be Used To Alter Ambiance Theme Color?

Jan 12, 2011

Can GNOME Color be used to alter this change directory color in Ambiance theme? I'd rather have white.

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Software :: Screen App / Retain BG / Color Background Color Gets Lost

Jul 6, 2009

I am using the screen app, and have set bce to on, and issued the following commands to set my background and foreground color: tput setab 4; clear; tput setaf 7; clear;

This temporarily sets everything properly on my screen. However, when I issue any commands that change or set their own background color (for example, when I issue an "ls" command with colorized output), the background color gets lost for any new output and I have to reissue the commands listed above in order to retrieve my background color.Ideally I'd like to keep my background color when issuing these commands, as it serves as a good way to remind me of what environment I am currently issuing commands in.

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Debian Programming :: Analyze Image Or Screen For Existence Of A Color

Jan 4, 2014

I have a problem for which I imagined a radical solution. Okay, I have a script that uses Alltray's "menu" feature as an interface. It's working greatly, EXCEPT sometimes lxpanel (the panel and tray of LXDE) has a hiccup and restarts, at which point the alltray menu is still running, but the icon is gone from the tray.

I want to somehow test the screen for the existence of a color, a color that is likely only to exist in the icon I've chosen for the chat menu. If the color exists on my screen, then the script can continue to do nothing, but if the color doesn't exist, then that means the alltray icon with my custom icon has disappeared, at which point I should have my bash script close the alltray process and start it again.

How to accomplish the checking of my screen for the existence of a particular color? To simplify, I already have simple screenshot scripts (scrot is good for it), so it would be fine if I could simply analyze an image.

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Programming :: Clear - Ls Script - On The Command Line They Are Color Coded ?

Mar 19, 2010

I find that when I am using bash, I like to type clear <enter> ls.. or clear; ls.

I wanted to these two commands into a script called cls so I can call the script to clear the screen and list files at the same time. My script looks like this:

I did chmod a+x and put it into /usr/bin

The script works fine, except that when I execute it, the folders/files are not color coded. If I type clear; ls on the command line, they are color coded.

How can I make this work in the script?

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Programming :: Bash : Searching For Info And Changing The Color Of Keywords In The Results?

May 5, 2011

(bare with me as I am sort of new with scripting) I am trying to figure out how to run a script that does a basic chkconfig and to get only those services that are running, but changing the color of "on" to red in my output file. Here is what I am working with so far:


RED=$(tput setaf 1)
BLK=$(tput setaf 0)


*I had to substitute a "-" and <colon_symbol> for ":" in front of the on's, because the forum thought they were smiley faces (i.e. n) how to make the "on" to be red while the rest of everything remains in black text. I have been trying to read up on sed and awk, but it is still pretty much a mystery to me right now. There will be other things in the output file that I wouldn't want a rogue "on" to be in red, so just the instances of "on" in that one chkconfig return.

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Ubuntu :: Any Way To Get OpenCV 1.1 Through Aptitude?

Jun 9, 2010

I need to run Opencv 1.1 or lower to be compatible with the systems at my University where most of my work is done. 9.10 allowed 1.1 through apt, but before that I remember all kinds of nightmares getting OpenCV to run with FFMPEG. If I go back to self-installing 1.1, am I going to have a repeat of those nightmares? I guess a better way to phrase it, is there any way to get opencv 1.1 through aptitude?

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General :: OpenCV - Some Packages Could Not Be Installed

Feb 5, 2011

I am learning image processing and hence using opencv-2.2.0. I am following the link [URL] to install this. But even the first command to install build-essential.
apt-get install build-essential
is giving following errors...

Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or been moved out of Incoming.

The following information may resolve the situation:
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
build-essential: Depends: gcc (>= 4:4.4.3) but 4:4.4.1-1ubuntu2 is to be installed
Depends: g++ (>= 4:4.4.3) but it is not going to be installed
Depends: dpkg-dev (>= 1.13.5) but it is not going to be installed
E: Broken packages

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Slackware :: How To Get OpenCV Library Location

Aug 22, 2010

I recently installed openCV using [URL]. I am unable to locate library location to be included while running programs. Does this version of openCV needs libraries to be downloaded externally or they are inbuilt and I am unable to get their location.

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Ubuntu :: Shell Script For Opencv Compilation?

May 30, 2010

I installed Opencv in Lucid.But i dont know how to compile a program (.c/.cpp) by giving additional opencv flags. So i found another method, There is (given Below) along with the samples in Opencv Source.I copied to my working directory and using it but there is a problem that each time it compile all the source files in the .

But what i need is a "" file such that it compile only the argument file given from terminal using opencv flags as in like follows

sh ./ prog.c
then it will compile prog.c
sh ./ prog2.cpp
then it will compile prog2.cpp

its for my project .imy entire project using opensource tools and softs only. if possible somone pls explain the shell script in build


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Ubuntu Installation :: OpenCV Application Not Running

Sep 3, 2010

unable to run opencv opllications on ubuntu(10.04)error:OpenCV Error: Unspecified error (The function is not implemented. Rebuild the library with Windows, GTK+ 2.x or Carbon support. If you are on Ubuntu or Debian, install libgtk2.0-dev and pkg-config, then re-run cmake or configure script) in cvNamedWindow, file /home/p/OpenCV-2.0.0/src/highgui/window.cpp, line 100.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Getting Opencv To Run With Python Support?

Oct 10, 2010

So I followed all the steps here.[URl].. whixh is basically the same steps as in the installation wiki.The problem is that I can't find the file in /usr/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages . the folder is empty.

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