OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Stream Webcam Video To The Net?

Mar 7, 2010

I wonder if anyone here has succeeded in streaming the video of a local webcam to the internet? Some research has turned up webcam_server Project Home Page but unfortunately it only supports v4l, not v4l2 and is no longer maintained. It seems to be possible with VLC server, but I'm a bit reluctant, because their repo is said to break other things. I still have 11.1 here.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Capturing Video Stream From Webcam - FFmpeg Relocation Error

Jul 24, 2011

I am having problems with ffmpeg. My goal is to capture a video stream from my webcam and feed that into a webcam-capturing program. But to get that to work, I will need ffmpeg to work. I need the following command to work, but I get an error:

$ ffmpeg -b 100K -an -f video4linux2 -s 320x240 -r 10 -i $device -b 100K -f image2pipe -vcodec mjpeg - | perl -pi -e 's/\xFF\xD8/KIRSLESEP\xFF\xD8/ig'
ffmpeg: relocation error: /usr/lib/ symbol avformat_find_stream_info, version LIBAVFORMAT_53 not defined in file with link time reference

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Programming :: Sending Video Stream From Webcam To Online Computer

Mar 16, 2009

How could I (using c++ language on linux machine) put media stream (like mpeg4 movie) into the udp packets and send it to other computer in the network?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Adobe Flash Local Settings Not Available For Facebook Embedded Video / Webcam

Jul 27, 2011

In [URL] I can right-click on a flash video and have the option to access "local settings" under "Settings" to specify configuration for webcam, mic, etc. But in Facebook I need to adjust a setting and the "Setting" option for local config is gray-ed out, I can't access it.

I'm running OpenSUSE 11.4, and I've seen this in GNOME and KDE within Firefox.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Messy Video Playback Also Appears When Use Cheese To Capture Video With My Webcam

Feb 26, 2010

video playback is like I have applied a blueish sepia filter over it. And this is just the playback from totem player or mplayer, and not the playback from ..... (and generally online streaming) - this works just fine. this messy video playback also appears when I use cheese to capture video with my webcam. Note that the preview picture of the video file on nautilus has the natural colours it should have.

at first when I installed the os this particular problem didn't exist, but it came up the time I decided to follow the "comprehensive multimedia guide". So now I have all the pros of following the guide, but this is a major con...

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Audio Stops When Stream A Video

Nov 10, 2010

We have a Jetway JBC600C99-52W-B (Mini-top) with Xubuntu 10.10 and Logitech Z-205 USB Speakers but I have no sound. EDIT: fixed after installing gnome-volume-control and selecting my output device. Now i have a other problem, when i stream a video it plays sound for 1 second and when i click the play button it works fine for a while but after a few minutes the audio stops again. the video plays fine.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Open Source Video Stream Ripper?

Dec 15, 2010

I'm vaguely remembering a video stream ripper that was open source and could be compiled for linux, mac, and windows. It's name ended with ++ and I can't remember anything else Basically, it was like StreamTransport but open source and multiprotocol capable. Can anybody help me find it again? I'd be open to alternatives too of course! My basic need is to rip anything being rendered by my video card.

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OpenSUSE :: Ushare To Stream Music And Video To 360

Jul 30, 2010

I'm trying to us ushare to stream music and video to my 360. I have ushare setup and my 360 sees ushare but none of the files I'm trying to stream. When I run ushare -x it only sees the two folders I'm sharing and none of the files.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Way To Play Video / Animation As WebCam

Feb 14, 2010

I was just wondering, is there any way to play a video/animation as a WebCam? I'd like to use that with Skype or etc

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Using Cheese To Record Video From Webcam?

Feb 20, 2010

I'm having a problem using cheese to record video from my webcam. The image is extremely slow to update. Especially when there is lots of movement it sometimes freezes for about a second.

When I use the webcam in Skype it works fine. Does anybody have a clue what might cause this and better yet, how to fix it.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Blank White Box Where Webcam Video Should Be

May 6, 2010

I have a Sager NP5797 running Lucid (32-bit) with a BisonCam NB Pro (V4L2) webcam on /dev/video0 In Flash (like [URL]), everything works great. My video appears to both myself and others, and I see incoming video. (I am using the 10.1 RC, downloaded from Adobe's site) But in applications like Cheese, Skype, etc., I get a big blank white box where video should be: Cheese (as well as every other app I try) sees the camera on /dev/video0:

In Skype, the person I am calling sees my video perfectly fine. So my camera is "working" and sending video. But I cannot see my video, nor can I see their incoming video. It's all a big white box just like the one in Cheese in the shot above. Taking the other person out of the equation, when I go to use the "test" in Skype, it's just a blank white box too. The video will not draw for me.

Again, I do see video in Flash-based web apps that use the webcam. And other people are seeing my video. But webcam video (both mine and the incoming stream) won't "draw" for me. What makes V4L video not draw? I am using the binary NVIDIA driver for the GTX 280M chip in the laptop, and I am using Compiz. Though I tried turning Compiz off and Cheese still just showed the white box.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Webcam Video Has Pink Color?

Jul 3, 2010

I have a Sapphire PC USB webcam. It has a driver cd for Windows and it works fine there. But in Ubuntu 10.04 I get pink, hazy video when I use Cheese.I tried Camorama but in that software I get 'No Video' error.What should I do?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Ffmpeg Video Capture - From A Webcam ?

Aug 30, 2010

Anybody had any success in getting ffmpeg to work as advertised with video capture from a webcam? I really want to convert the webcam output to VP8 or H264, but apparently ffmpeg can't even capture the webcam with a video4linux device.


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Create A Video Within Webcam's Images?

Dec 6, 2010

I have a very big image directory: One image per minute, whole a year, captured from a webcam. Now I want to make a video (15 or 24FPS) with all the webcam captures, to see how it changed during this period. I've tried automotion, but it makes a very low quality video, besides it blocks with lots of images. I've also tried dvd-slideshow, but it's not possible to make a more-than-1FPS video.

I also need to change the date in each webcam's images, because they are wrong, so it needed to overlay a little layout with the right date for each image, is that possible to manage within some application? Preferibly shell applications which supports lots of Gb of information (anyway I always could make little videos and then glue them)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: External Webcam - Won't Show Up As A Video Device

Jan 10, 2010

So my Microsoft Lifecam NX-3000 used to work with 9.04, but I can't seem to get anything from it now (Xubuntu 9.10). It still shows up fine when i enter lsusb, but it won't show up as a video device anywhere else. I have faith that this bug is a simple fix for someone who knows what they're doing, but unfortunately I don't. If it's relevant this is on my aging Toshiba Satellite.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Webcam (Inbuilt Or USB) Video Recording Software?

Mar 18, 2011

Any software for Ubuntu that will record video using the built in laptop webcam or a usb webcam. I am looking for something that works by motion detection so it isn't constantly recording. I installed Zoneminder since it was the only thing I could find, but I couldn't get it to work.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Low Ringing Sound When Starting Webcam - No Video ?

Mar 21, 2011

Video was already choppy since upgrade to 10.10, updated my xorg and now webcam is not working and I hear a ringing sound... its a lenovo webcam

system specs:
AMD Athlon II Dual Core M320
Gnome 2.32.0 / Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick
Linux 2.6.35-28 Kernel
ATI Fire GL Driver



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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Ekiga Recognizes Webcam But Does Not Show Video?

Mar 27, 2011

I get the following information : "Your video driver doesn't support the requested video format" while trying to use video in Ekiga, using 10.04

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Webcam - Uvcvideo: Failed To Resubmit Video URB (-27)

Aug 20, 2011

I have a Dell 1300 running Kubuntu 11 and attached is a Logitech Pro 9000 webcam. It works OK - in the sense that Cheese, VLC etc display correctly. I'm trying to set up video streaming for security monitoring - and because the Dell is pretty slow, I need to stream at a low rate of frames/sec to keep a reasonably low cpu utilisation. I've tried various things, but the most successful is the motion package, which I can set up with a new frame each second, which is fine. However, the motion server stops after a seemingly random period with the message ...

[0] Thread 1 - Watchdog timeout, trying to do a graceful restart
[0] httpd - Finishing
[0] httpd Closing
[0] httpd thread exit
[0] Thread 1 - Watchdog timeout, did NOT restart graceful,killing it!
[0] Calling vid_close() from motion_cleanup
[0] Closing video device /dev/video0

Motion hasn't crashed, it's still running. I also get a message in syslog ... uvcvideo: Failed to resubmit video URB (-27)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Webcam Effects In Skype And Other Video Chat Rooms

Feb 15, 2010

I use skype and other video chat rooms like tinychat and have alway notice windows user doing cool webcam effects. I want to know if there was a program in ubuntu that would allow this.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Webcam - Video And Pictures Actually Works Good - No Sound

Jan 7, 2011

I have a vx-6000 and the video and pictures actually works good but there is no sound can you get sound to work and how?

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OpenSUSE :: 11.2 - VMware And VBox (Webcam Video Garbled)

Mar 25, 2010

I am running OpenSuse 11.2 64 - I have vmware Player and Vbox loaded and working fine - I have XP running in each VM - I have a Creative Live cam and was accessing it in each of the VM's, because I can't access it in Suse. This worked very well until recently. I received updates for Suse, one of which was a kernel update - I installed and rebooted. All of a sudden my time to boot took for ever - however - once up and running every thing seemed fine. After a few boots the system started booting normally and the video from my live cam in both VM's is garbled and and essentially not working right.

Video seems to work correctly in all other areas - I removed the creative software and reinstalled in each of my VM's No change. One last thing - I recently (a week or so before my problems) installed an Nvidia video card. I previously used on board video (also Nvidia) I had no problems either in the VM's or Suse until the kernel update. I have removed Vbox and reloaded and set it up (/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup) problem still there.
My OS is:Linux x86_64
New Video is: G96[GeForce 9500 GT] Driver - nvidia

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OpenSUSE Network :: Send Webcam Video To Webpage?

Dec 31, 2009

Have searched and not found much to show/tell me how to go about sending video to a web. The code for the page and the way to tell the camera to send or ftp or ...?

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General :: OpenSuse - Video Calls / Webcam Chat

Mar 4, 2010

Whats the best app/client for video calls in OpenSuse 11.2 or any other OpenSuse for that matter, other than Kopete or Skype?

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General :: Stream Webcam Using On A Distant SSH SERVER?

May 30, 2010

Step #1: Generate DSA Key PairUse ssh-keygen command as follows:$ ssh-keygen -t dsaOutput:

Enter file in which to save the key (/home/vivek/.ssh/id_dsa): Press [Enter] key
Enter passphrase (empty for no passphrase): myPassword
Enter same passphrase again: myPassword


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Ubuntu :: Current Video Stream Of Oil Leak In The Gulf But Page Of The Video Is Black?

Jul 16, 2010

I wanted to see the current video stream of oil leak in the gulf but when I go to the page the video is black. When I click on the video it give the error message Quote:

An Error Occurred: Could not write to resource. I am not sure what that means or how to fix it.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Export Video Frames / Edit And Return Frames To Stream?

Oct 16, 2010

I'd like to edit a few frames from some videos, and then return them to the video stream for playback. What are the best tools to do this with?

I tried exporting a frame with Kino, editing with GIMP, and then re-inserting it into Kino, but Kino rejected the attempt.

Will Kino do this, or do I need to be using something else?

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Fedora :: Webcam Streaming Software That Can Stream Over HTTP

May 2, 2011

I'm looking for Webcam Streaming software that can stream over HTTP.I've done a bit of looking on google and can't find a good solution.Ideally it would be streaming video with sound.

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Ubuntu :: Notebook Webcam Stream To File On Desktop At Home

Feb 17, 2011

So I have a notebook with a web cam and ubuntu on it, I would like to use the webcam to stream videos that I take in class to my desktop at home (dual booting ubuntu and 7). The idea is that I can take video notes in class and when I get home I can look them over because they've been saved to my desktop. What would the best course of action be in this instance?

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General :: Stream Webcam On A Specific Port For Friends Having Windows?

Jun 2, 2010

Linux machine is running a webcam. I export my webcam with fswebcam for the moment on a ftp and ssh, but it is so slow.

I wanna stream it, how can I make it and make it simple for the friends ?

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