OpenSUSE Multimedia :: VLC - 11.4 /w GNOME - Open Video File - Sound And Subtitles Disappear

May 7, 2011

I have problem with VLC player. The problem, from the image below, appears whenever I open video file. I click Ok, and a everything is ok, until I jump to another time sequence, when sound and subtitles disappear.

Terminal log:

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Sound In Gnome-subtitles With Mkv Files?

May 9, 2010

I got a problem with gnome-subtitles when I try to sync an srt file with an mkv file: no sound available, whereas in the case of an avi file no problem of course. Did you experiment the same problem and find a workaround?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Embed Subtitles In Video File?

Apr 30, 2010

I have a film that has been split into 2 files, both of which has an associated srt subtitle file.

I want to embed the subtitle file permanently in the films, so I can subsequently combine the 2 video files (and so have continous playback).

I've tried playing about with Avidemux but no joy so far. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Debian Multimedia :: Sound Is Disappear When Swich Differents Video Files

Jun 3, 2011

I have a: debian squeeze(with last updates),sound system(Bose companion 5 USB) and Alsa Version 1.0.21. Sound system is work(good work) in:Ubuntu 9.10,Suse 11 and Windows But in Debian i have a starange problem:periodic sound is disappear(simply so or when i'm switch differents video files). It's not a problem with video players. /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart(stop|start) not help. Remain only restart all system, but it's not always help.Sometime it's help only 3 or 5 restart time. Mother board audio card is disabled(in BIOS). Detailed about strangeness:

1 Variant: sound is disappear when i'm swich differents video files(simply video or online video).

2 Varian:When Debian is starting:sound eat in logins form(sound a drop),but at once sound is disappear.


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Adding Subtitles To A Video?

Feb 6, 2010

I'm sure this is easy to do. I want to create one of those "Hitler" internet meme things for a presentation I'm doing at work, which of course, involves adding custom subtitles to a video. Now, I've found the tutorial that says how to use the right filter with avidemux, but I was wondering what the easiest way is to create the file for that filter to read. Is it just a matter of manually writing it up in my fav text editor? something that looks like


(one per line) then I'd rather just textedit it manually, but if it's something complicated, then I should use some software to do it...

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Watching Video With 2 Subtitles At Same Time

Feb 23, 2010

How to watch video with two subtitles(different languages) simultaneously?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Movie Player - No Video - No Subtitles ?

May 13, 2010

I have just upgraded to Lucid. While trying to watch movies (i have installed all the requisite plugins), I encountered certain problems. The following is what I noticed after some thorough search into the issue:

1. Suppose one goes to the location of a video file, say, /Home/Videos/Sound of , double clicking the file would open the movie player (Totem) but one would not be able to see any video, though sound is coming.

2. Sometimes, on entering the fullscreen the video started from double clicking the file is visible, but leaving full screen, it is lost again. This however doesnt happen in all cases, because mostly one sees no video if through double-clicking the file.

3. The same operation of playing, if done through the player (by /Movie/Open.. or by Adding a video file in the playlist) happens quite properly.

4. A .mkv file doesnt play for long, since the player crashes.

5. Subtitles are not detected, even after putting the settings on automatic loading of subtitles (/Edit/Preferences/Automatically.....)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Watch Video With Two Subtitles(different Languages) Simultaneously?

Oct 31, 2010

how to watch video with two subtitles(different languages) simultaneously?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Editing Software With Subtitles Capability?

Jul 3, 2011

Can anyone recommend open software that will allow me to edit videos and add subtitles? I have footage in one language and would like to have subtitles for people that are fluent in another language.popcorn for the people watching my videos

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: No Sound In Firefox With Open Sound System?

Jun 24, 2010

I recently installed the x64 rpm of OSS on my Opensuse 11.2 installation (alsa does not have drivers for my lynx card). Sound works beautifully in KDE (login sounds, apps produce sound, etc), EXCEPT for firefox. I can get no sound at all from firefox. I am baffled at why only firefox does not play audio.

OpenSuse 11.2 (it is a pretty fresh install)
OpenSoundSystem 4.2
KDE 4.4 (updated from factory repos)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Convert A Avi File With Subtitles Into An Iso File?

Sep 1, 2011

trying to convert a avi file with subtitles into a iso file ready for burning on to a disc, I am using DeVeDe to convert the file but I keep getting the error SPUMUX when trying to convert. I have no idea on what to do with this, is it because I am trying to convert to ISO? should I just try to convert to MPEG instead would that stop the error?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sound Just Disappear Sometimes / Fix It?

May 8, 2011

Got another problem, sometimes my sound just disappear.

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Debian Multimedia :: Getting The Subtitles To Be Included In The File Dump.vob?

Jul 1, 2011

Doing this: mplayer dvd://1 -v -dumpstream -dumpfile dump.vob Gives me all the audio tracks, but not the subtitles. How can I go about getting the subtitles to be included in the file dump.vob? I've tried something like: mplayer dvd://1 -v -sid 5 -dumpstream -dumpfile dump.vob (where -sid 5 was the correct subtitle) but this does not work. I'm going to use mencoder to make an .avi file (with subtiutles, obviously), so I could, as a last resort, use some other program that extracts the subtitles (suggestions?).

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Debian Multimedia :: Gnome-panel - After Every Log In It Disappear ?

Apr 6, 2011

I've noticed strange behavior of gnome-panel. After every log in it disappear - it's not killed, it's working but seems like completely transparent so i have to touch it twice to get it back. It's 2.30.2 ver of panel.

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Debian Multimedia :: GNOME CD Icon Doesn't Disappear After Ejecting It

Mar 6, 2010

This problem showed after fresh installation of Debian Testing (image is dated at 1 march 2010). When I want remove cd I click button on device but the icon is still at the desktop and in the nautilus too (in the left sidebar). I have to remove it manualy from nautilus or desktop ( option: eject ). This problem shows with packages like gnome-mount or gnome-volume-manager ot without them.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Sound With Video Files?

Jun 18, 2010

I was having problems playing videos at all (here: Video files won't play and Dolphin keeps closing.openSUSE Forums) but now videos will play but without sound.I'm using vlc and smplayer, on a laptop running KDE 11.2, and VLC gives me this error:SMplayer acts like nothing is amiss.I've gone through the restricted media guide, and the first few steps of the audio troubleshooting guide that is linked in another thread and neither have helped.I tried installing alsa firmware which installed something but did nothing, then I tried a soundtest and all I could get back was this.:~> speaker-test -Dplug:front -c2 -l5 -twavIf 'speaker-test' is not a typo you can use command-not-found to lookup the package that contains it,like this:cnf speaker-test and I've just tried the yast step but can't work out how to delete and re-add my card.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Video OK But No Sound From Firefox?

Oct 26, 2010

Somewhere along the line, sound disappeared from my browser. It was working. I have been following this thread and it has not yielded a positive result. I also installed mmcheck from red dwarf and it worked fine. The only exception was that phonon-vlc and libx264-104 from videolan are installed.

I also found in the firefox about:config with filter to flash:

plugin.disable_full_page_plugin_for_types; application/x-shockwave-flash

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Subtitles To High In MKV Files?

Jun 16, 2010

I use divxenc 1.4.6 to create AVI files. Works great. Recently, I started using the option to subsequently convert that to MKV, so I can include multiple subtitles inside the file. Unfortuately, the subtitles show up much to high in the picture. In the AVI format, the subs are just above the bottom of the image. But in the MKV here they appear at about 1/3 up from the bottom. This behaviour shows in both Mplayer for Linux and VLC for Windows. So I guess it's in the file. Is there an updated version of divxenc, or another tool to generate MKV's directly ?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: 11.2 + Gnome : No Sound / Get That?

Sep 18, 2010

I am using OpenSuse 11.2 + Gnome

After following the message "check your multimedia problem in ten steps", I still have no sound.code...

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: No Sound In Flash Video And Mp4 But Can Hear Mp3?

Jan 16, 2011

after installing linux no sound in flash video, no sound mp4 but i can hear mp3.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Encoding Video For DVD - Distorted Sound (AC3)

Aug 1, 2011

It is well known that mencoder can be used to encode video to be burned on DVD with a tool like dvdauthor. The whole procedure is described here:
7.8. Using MEncoder to create VCD/SVCD/DVD-compliant files

Sound for a DVD is normally encoded with AC3. I encountered some cases where the encoded sound was badly distorted. As it seems, the default for the input changed to float at some point. The fix for this is to use:
instead of "acodec=ac3".

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Kaffeine Does Not Show Subtitles Anymore?

Mar 15, 2010

I'm using Kaffeine 1.0-svn3 from Packman repo on openSuse 11.2 with KDE 4.3.5. In Kaffeine, I can not find the menu where I can choose the subtitles. (I want to watch an avi-file with a separate subtitle-file in srt format). With openSuse 11.0, KDE 3.5.8. and an older version of Kaffeine, there was a possibility to select subtitle files (srt).

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: No Sound In Banshee With 11.2 Gnome 2.28.0?

Dec 12, 2009

i have a fresh installation of opensuse 11.2 32-bit. my soundcard is terratec ewx 24-96. the card is detected in yast, and i can play test sound from the yast/sound panel. all volume sliders are set to maximum values (i have also double checked it in alsamixer).

i *can* hear the sound when doing this test from the gnome terminal:

speaker-test -dplug:front -c2 -l5 -twav

however to make this test work:

speaker-test -c2 -l5 -twav

i had to remove the asound-pulse.conf file. after removing this file the second test (speaker-test -c2 -l5 -twav) works. removing this file also solved the problem of missing sound in videos videos played in firefox. the original contents of the asound-pulse.conf file was:

pcm.pulse {
type pulse
ctl.pulse {


the problem is i can't play any audio files (.wav or .mp3) in banshee.

i am sure the .wav file i use while testing is ok as i can play it with aplay.

when i try playing the .wav file, banshee does not complain about any missing codecs. the slider moves as the file is being played. i have also started banshee with the --debug option, but there were no errors in the output.

so my guess is that banshee is playing the files, it's just that it sends the data to the wrong device/channell or whatever it is.

all of the gstreamer packages i have installed are from the packman repository.

when i run gstreamer-properties, the only setting on the audio tab that gives me sound is: alsa (for the plugin) and default (for the device).

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: 11.3 - Cannot Play Files With External Subtitles In Kaffeine

Jul 22, 2010

I'm using openSUSE 11.3 for my laptop and Kaffeine built in as my player. But when I tried to play any files with external subtitles, there is nothing happened. The drop-down list of subtitles is just gray and cannot be used.

So I have two questions:
(1) Can Kaffeine built in openSUSE 11.3 load subtitles automatically?
(2) If it cannot, how to load subtitles manually?

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OpenSUSE :: Gnome Do - Compiz Causes All Windows Title Bars To Disappear

Mar 25, 2009

So I've been testing Gnome Do and I now want to activate docky. To do that I have to activate the desktop effects, so I installed drivers for my graphics card which work fine. But I have an infamous issue with my compiz which causes all title bars of windows to disappear. Is there a solution in which I can activate docky and still have my title bars?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Sound Bugs On Suse 11.3/gnome?

Nov 2, 2010

I have a strange problem with sound, or maybe It's ok, I dunno. The problem is. The first launched program that uses sound, "takes over" the sound or smth, anyway, all programs, started next, just not play sound at all. The only solution is to close all programs using sound and start one I need to "listen". When I get into sound settings menu and see the list of programs using sound, I see just one started first.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: 11.3 GNOME, TOTEM And BANSHEE No Sound On .mp4 And Quicktime?

Jul 17, 2010

I just did a fresh install of openSUSE 11.3 32bit GNOME on my notebook and everything runs fine...yet

But there is an issue with the sound playback on mp4's and quicktime (apple trailers) that I was not able to fix.

I added the Packman 11.3 repo via Yast -> Software Repositories -> Add... -> Community Repositories

Then I used zypper to get the related gstreamer-plugins ffmpeg faad vlc w32codec-all libmp4v2...

So far the media playback seem good, except the issue of "no sound with gstreamer related media players on quicktime and mp4"...

I set all available/related/installed packages to "Packman" (Yast -> Software Management), did zypper refresh + zypper up but I am simply not able to get sound from gstreamer...It works fine in VLC though!

Some google and forum research showed that it's an issue that has occurred over the recent years but I could not found a proper working solution.

If I run totem from the terminal I get the following output (plus a windows asking for permission to search for the required codec 'MPEG-4 AAC Decoder'...but it is not able to find one!):

# totem --debug --play TV-20100717-2030-1301.h264.mp4
(totem:6888): Totem-DEBUG: Received SaveYourself(SmSaveLocal, !Shutdown, SmInteractStyleNone, !Fast) in state idle
(totem:6888): Totem-DEBUG: Setting initial properties
(totem:6888): Totem-DEBUG: Sending SaveYourselfDone(True) for initial SaveYourself
(totem:6888): Totem-DEBUG: Received SaveComplete message in state save-yourself-done
(totem:6888): Totem-DEBUG: totem_playlist_add_one_mrl (): TV-20100717-2030-1301.h264.mp4 (null) (null)

The last Message is interesting "All missing plugins are blacklisted..." hmmm I did not blacklist any plugins...where can you see these blacklist? Is that the point, the plugin is there but blacklisted?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Choppy Sound In Gnome - Installing Xine Backend ?

Jul 23, 2011

In Gnome and XFCE I always have a choppy music playback. The music is never played smoothly. There is always hesitations in the playback, as if the CPU is running on 100% and cannot cope with the system load.

One of the reasons for that is (in my case) Pulseaudio.

Another reason is Gstreamer. When I choose Gstreamer as backend in KDE, I get the same choppy musicplayback as in Gnome or XFCE. With Xine as backend in KDE, everything is fine. So my conclusion is: with Xine, the sound would be fine in Gnome too.

So, I wonder if it is possible to use Xine as backend in Gnome too. Does anyone have experience with running Xine in Gnome and/or XFCE? What do I need to do to set Gnome/XFCE, so that it uses Xine instead of Gstreamer?

Or is there maybe a special setting, I have to apply? In gstreamer-properties I have tried all possible settings, but this didnīt change anything to the quality of sound.

My experience is also: this choppy sound is hardware-independend. It doesnīt matter which hardware I use, the sound is choppy. It is also distro-independend. The sound is choppy in openSUSE (gnome and in KDE with applied Gstreamer backend), in Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Fedora with Gnome, Linux Mint with Gnome.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Play A Mp4 Video File?

Jul 27, 2010

whenever I try to play a mp4 video file I get:

How can I install this codec?

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Ubuntu :: How Do You Save Video With Subtitles Still On It?

Apr 6, 2010

i'm currently subtitling a jpop music video and i was wondering:how do you save the video with the subtitles still on it? i'm half way through subbing, and i want to upload the video to videos with the subtitles attached i can only save them as separate files, and not singular.

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