OpenSUSE Install :: Repair Or Add Repositories After Forcing Kernel Safe Mode

Jan 25, 2011

I got the blank screen when trying to install openSUSE 11.3 x64, so I was able to successfully install by choosing: Kernel (F6) > Safe Mode

Now I am trying to build my wireless driver, and I also notice that my touchpad is not scrolling. I had this OS installed in Windows 7 through VirtualBox before doing the clean installation, and I remember the touchpad scrolling.

I am thinking that by choosing Kernel Safe Mode to install openSUSE, that it did not install all the repositories, and it is why I am running into some difficulty.

what I need to do to fix my installation as if I had not installed in Safe Mode.

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.2 From DVD - Load Kernel Operation Hangs At 97% (using Both Normal And Safe Kernel)

Feb 23, 2010

I am an experienced Linux admin and have been using SuSE for many years. My development machine has had every version of SuSE since '02 and although it is a little old, is in good working order. (AMD
2400, 2 gig RAM, 160 Gig IDE disks - SuSE on disk 2) (OpenSuSE 11.1 with the latest kernel works perfectly. This install is on a spare HDD prior to doing a full install on my usual HDD.)

When I try to install SuSE 11.2 from DVD, the load kernel operation hangs at 97% (using both normal and safe kernel), however, I can install from live CD without any problem. I have tried the same DVD on a few "older" machines and had the same problem. I initially thought it was the actual DVD but re-burning has the same problem. I have also tried another DVD writer - same problem.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Install 11.4 Video Unreadable Except For Safe Mode ?

Mar 30, 2011

My old desktop had a power supply that was going bad, so instead of replacing it again I decided to buy a new PC Desktop. So I ordered from and got a grodd AMD computer without a operating system on it as I didn't want that Windows 7 scheisse on it. So I downloaded SuSe 11.4 64 bit, and installed it last night.

At this point I will tell you the new PC has an NVIDIA GeForce 61100 GPU for graphics with 128 mb memory. Also I use an HP W2007 wide display monitor running 1680 by 1050 resolution, that I got over 3 years ago when I was running SuSe 10.2.

So during installation last night of 11.4 when it did the first boot after install, is when I first saw the symptom which is an illegible white screen, with about 100 3 mm lines on it. So I shut down, rebooted and brought it up safe mode and all is fine. The error screen only appears if I boot GRUB with the Desktop or Xen option and only when the boot would switch to display my desktop.

I recall a similar illegible video monitor issue when I first got the display over 3 years ago, and fixed it by changing a SuSe video configuration option, but being I am getting old and I didn't write down what the configuration file was I am at a loss. All my previous SuSe installations never had a problem as I would always choose the Update rather than new install option thus that configuration file was brought across the many releases installations. This video configuration parameter had the monitor resolution sizes in it.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Fail Safe Mode The System Begins To Boot But Freezes And Will Do Nothing More

Jul 6, 2010

A little while ago i bought a magazine with the openSUSE 11.1 distro on it but couldn't install it so i gave up. I am attempting to have another go. The problem is that the os will work fine when booted from CD in fail safe mode and can be installed from there but when out of fail safe mode the system begins to boot but freezes and will do nothing more.

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CentOS 5 :: Forcing YUM To Use A Particular Set Of Repositories?

Sep 6, 2009

I routinely build systems, and joy of joys, my ISP hosts one of the Centos Mirrors, and ergo downloads from there don't count against my ISP Quota

how do I force yum to use that particular repository for updates.

Alternately, I believe I can copy from there into my "local cache"? How does one do that?

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 Repair / Boot A Recovery Mode From The Install Disc?

Apr 25, 2010

So I have been messing around with the new 10.04 and I managed to screw it up. When I started to log off, I closed the lid to my laptop so it would hibernate, but instead the screen went black and I could only see the cursor. It stayed like that for several minutes so I shut it down manually. When I booted it up again, it froze on the splash/loading screen and I haven't been able to boot it since. I've tried to boot in recovery mode, but I think my campus internet interferes with the downloading of the necessary files from the internet. Is there any way to boot a recovery mode from the install disc? Or am I SOL?

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OpenSUSE Install :: New Kernel - Adjusting Video Mode - 1280x768x32 Vega

Sep 8, 2010

I have updated my kernel to Everything is fine, but when the system boots, it askes for a video mode, which I need to specify manually. The video mode is: 1280x768x32 Vega. This works well, but I want to edit the configfile in order to avoid manually setting the mode in each booting occasion.

My question is which file I need to edit. I have tried to add the note: vga=1280x768x32 Vega to the kernel option when booting. the system always asks for manual setting of the video mode.

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Ubuntu :: Make Grub Boot To Allow Me To Choose Like Safe Mode And Normal Mode And All

Apr 23, 2010

how do I make grub boot to allow me to choose, like safe mode and normal mode and all that second, how do I do automated back ups (preferably using file copy) for something like every sunday at 11:00 am using the command line, i use to know but forgot.

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Ubuntu :: System Won't Boot, Can't Find Safe Mode, Can't Launch Recovery Mode

Nov 18, 2010

I attempted to install Catalyst 10.11 for my ATI HD 2600XT and the system now only displays lines and a large block of pixels where the mouse would go. CTRL-ALT-F1 kills the system and does not provide a command prompt. This is a single installation, not dual-boot, but there is no Press Esc to access the Grub menu during startup so I cannot choose safe mode. I attempted to get into Recovery mode using the flash drive that I used to install the system and it tells me there is no Recovery kernel (I used the 64-bit Desktop installer, not alternative). Does anyone know an alternative to get into the Grub menu other than ESC during bootup? Alternatively, do I need to download the 64-bit Alternative ISO and create a new boot disk with it so I can access Recovery mode? Is there something else I'm not thinking of?

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To To Repair Erased Repositories

May 17, 2010

I upgrade from 9:10 to 10:04 and then I erased some repositories entry now I cannot upgrade. what next

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OpenSUSE Install :: Mouse Just Freezes, Forcing To Restart The Laptop?

Feb 21, 2011

I'm trying to create a portable flash-drive from the openSUSE-11.3-KDE-LiveCD-x86_64.iso-file. I can boot and run it, but everytime I use Yast to install something (language, ...) everything but the mouse just freezes, forcing me to restart the laptop.

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OpenSUSE Install :: All Repositories Are Labeled "11.3" Repositories

May 22, 2011

I recently installed 11.4 32bit on my computer at my summer home. I carry a DVD with all my /home data. Then today I noticed that all my repositories are labeled "11.3" repositories. Everything works. Here is the output from "zypper lr -d"...

# | Alias | Name | Enabled | Refresh | Priority | Type | URI | Service


What is the correct method of moving to the 11.4 repositories?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Repair System Without DVD?

Jan 6, 2010

My system got stuffed after a trivial online update, it downloaded a new kernel update, I rebooted and now it won't boot at all saying "FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/ No such file or directory", then some stuff, then "mount: unknown filesystem type 'ext4'", "could not mount root filesystem"... It's on my laptop without a DVD drive and I've only got a LiveCD USB stick which doesn't have a YAST system repair tool. Is there any way to repair a system without a DVD drive?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Where Is The Repair Facility In The 11.3 DVD

Aug 24, 2010

I can't find the repair facility when running the openSUSE 11.3 install DVD. In earlier editions it was on the Installation Mode screen, three options:

New Installation
Other Options

Under Other Options there used to be a repair function. I can't find the repair facility in 11.3. Is it now located somewhere else, or has it been removed?

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OpenSUSE :: WARNING - Unable To Download List Of Repositories Or No Repositories Defined

Feb 9, 2011

I am running Suse 11.1 64bit, with KDE, recently I received a pop up on my screen, "something about update problems", I used Yast 2 and selected online Update and it couldn't find updates for Nvidia and froze at that point. I dis-enabled that repository and refreshed all of the remaining Repositories individually and it seemed to work. I then went to the repositories listing and selected "Add" and selected "community" repositories and received the following: WARNING Unable to download list of repositories or no repositories defined. What is my problem? How do I acquire the list of community repositories? I can live with out the Nvidia repository for now but would eventually like to get it back.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Clean Install To Repair System?

Jan 21, 2010

I was trying to upgrade to 11.2 from 11.1 by upgrading the OS online. However my internet connection failed and the upgrade has now messed up my system. I have a dual-boot system with Windows XP and I'm wondering if it would be OK in getting the DVD and selecting update? Or do I have to change the boot log etc?

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OpenSUSE Install :: 2 Only Boots In Failsafe Mode Not In Normal Mode

Jan 2, 2010

I played with the graphics in kde4 and seem to have losy my installation. i have tried the rescue system option, recover system options and in desperation (i was just about to reinstall) tried booting in failsafe mode, and it worked!

where do i go to find out what the problem is regarding the normal boot mode? i think my pc is starting to resent the continual use of the reset button!

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Ubuntu :: Can't Boot Into Safe Mode?

Dec 21, 2010

First let me say sorry if this is in the wrong thread. I am a bit of a noob when it comes to linux. I was trying to figure out how to get an external monitor as my primary monitor on my laptop when i made a change that cause the desktop environment to keep logging me out. I got it into safe mode and resolved the issue but i have my account set to not ask for a password on login and it keeps booting to safe mode now. I have tried logging out and typing my username to get the option to select the normal desktop but as soon as i enter my username it boots bake in as safe mode. The option to require a password on login is not working in this mode. Anyone know how I can get this corrected?

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Ubuntu :: Boot Up In SAFE MODE?

Jun 29, 2011

I have UBUNTU 11:04 and prefer the display given by " SAFE MODE" - is there a way that I can lock to ensure that Ubuntu always boots up in safe Mode.Save me having to remember to change the preferences every time I reboot. Alternatively can I change the display to be equal to that given in Safe Mode.

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Ubuntu :: How To Boot In Safe Mode

Aug 23, 2011

how to boot into Safe mode.

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OpenSUSE Install :: EXT4 Corrupt, Repair Fails Too?

Feb 23, 2010

both root and home partition have suddenly become corrupt, and the repair tool from the installation disk just loops (Do you want to repair? Yes! Do you want to repair? Yes! Do you...).

[ 54.209685] ata1.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x1 SErr 0x0 action 0x0
[ 54.209758] ata1.00: irq_stat 0x40000008


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OpenSUSE Install :: Not Booting And 11.2 Repair Doesn't Recognize Itself?

Jun 11, 2010

but I know a fair amount about the OS. I really like openSuSE, and I was trying to install 11.2 on my laptop, completely blank hdd. It installed just fine;I used the default options (the partition scheme was /boot, swap, root, /home) and started thesktop without a hitch. However, when I restarted, my BIOS would not even recognize an OS on the hard drive. I was also unable to boot using the installation DVD. I tried to use the repair feature, and I would either get a message saying that the boot loader was corrupt,d could not be repaired, or that the package database didn't match the version of openSUSE installed. I've tried re-installing multiple times, all with the same results. I have tried different partition schemes and I've tried different booting settings, such as enabling boot from root or /boot partition

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OpenSUSE Install :: Repair Bootloader In Opensuse 11.3?

Aug 14, 2010

I have made the mistake of installing windows XP on one of my drive after I've upgraded to opensuse 11.3 on my other drive. Now, my computer is always booting to XP and doesn't load Grub anymore... I guess I should have seen it coming I previously had similar problems with my boot loader which I could resolve using the Repair boot loader utility distributed with the installation DVD. Apparently, this utility is not distributed anymore with opensuse 11.3... so I'm a little lost. I'd like a bit of advise before I start messing with Yast / boot loader and potentially break everything.

My system is setup as follows: sda is partitioned into sda1 (swap), sda2 (root / in ext4), sd3 (/home in ext3) and sd4 (/windows/F in NTFS containing virtual machines) sdb is partitioned into sdb1 (my Windows XP install in NTFS) and sdb2 (another storage drive in NTFS).

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OpenSUSE Install :: Safe To Upgrade To 11.4?

Mar 15, 2011

I'm using OS11.3 64bits with KDE 4.6.1 and its working fine.

Would anyone recommend me to do an upgrade to 11.4 or wait? If 11.4 is good, then would anyone recommend me to do a network upgrade, or clean installation?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Mirroring Repositories With Rsync: Module Opensuse-full Is Broken?

Dec 1, 2010

The rsync module "opensuse-full" which worked well so far seems currently broken. It tries to mirror a huge number of additional stuff (factory?) but fails with "permission denied". Any place where I could report this?Command:

rsync -rlpt -hi -stats /drive/repo


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Fedora :: Firefox Kills F13 Even In Safe Mode ?

Aug 13, 2010

On my friend's fedora 13 install, firefox was working, it seems, until the recent kernel update (kernel is now

After the upgrade, opening firefox would crash the system shortly after starting, so firefox was re-installed (once using rpm, once using yum).

After a re-install of firefox (using yum: firefox version is now 3.6.7) and Until a reboot, the repeated error report went something like this:

After checking to see if the flash plugin was still around and then doing a hard re-boot, however, just opening firefox immediately freezes the system.

Konqueror will run (albeit rather lamely)

In that I don't know the schedule for f13 kernel updates, if indeed the new kernel is causing this problem, does f13 save old kernels? How do I get the older kernel to start (with fc9 the option could be set in grub, or I could startx from a terminal but I have not been keeping up and am not sure how to do this.

I see there are many firefox issues lately...

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Ubuntu :: Lost Windows Safe Mode?

Jun 29, 2010

I upgraded my video card today on my dual booting windows 7 ult. x64 machine. I tried to go into safe mode to clean the old drivers out with Driver Sweeper, but when I boot I get a menu asking me which disk I want to boot from (Asus motherboard P5Q <green>) and I have gotten this before and I usuall just hit esc to use default drive and start pressing F8 repeatedly but it just goes to GRUB dual boot menu and there's no safe mode for windows listed. I also tried pressing F5 as that used to be the safe mode command, but it does nothing and goes straight to GRUB.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Safe Mode Are Listed Twice ?

Jul 2, 2010

When I first started to install Ubuntu to my system, I got an error that told me Ubuntu was not successfully installed, so I restarted my computer and tried again. That time it works, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the OS. I noticed that when I start up my computer and I have the OS boot list, Ubuntu and Ubuntu safe mode are listed twice. How do I remove the 2nd one, and is it still installed on my other partition even though it said failed?

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Ubuntu :: Thunderbird Won't Launch Without Safe-Mode

Sep 16, 2010

I have the Lightning and Enigmail extensions added, and Thunderbird won't launch with these extensions unless I first open a terminal and give a "thunderbird --safe-mode", wait for Thunderbird to launch in safe mode, quit Thunderbird, then relaunch Thunderbird normally,

I looked at Thunderbird's man page, and was unable to find a debug mode; does anyone know if Thunderbird has a debug mode?

I am running Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, Thunderbird 3.1.1, Lightning 1.0b2 and Enigmail 1.1.2.

(Note that, on a different computer, I am running Kubuntu 10.04, same versions of Thunderbird, Lightning, and Enigmail, and have no problems. Also, on a third computer, I am running Linux Mint 9 Isadora, same versions of Thunderbird, Lightning, and Enigmail, and also have no problems.)

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Ubuntu :: GNOME Only Starts In Safe Mode?

Oct 14, 2010

I did a clean install of 10.10 on my Asus A6R laptop today. Previously i had 10.04 on it.

After installation and the first reboot my GNOME won't start in normal session. If I select Ubuntu Desktop Edition (safe mode) everything works fine, but on the normal Ubuntu Desktop Edition session, GNOME just won't start. I have a mouse cursor that i can move around and a normal background. Also i can hear the usual startup sound.

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