Hardware :: Can Install Something That Will Allow To Access Data On Windows Drive?

Sep 12, 2010

I've got Debian Lenny on dual boot with windows. My windows shows up a OS in computer, if I try to open or mount I get "nvalid mount option when attempting to mount the volume 'OS'." I've tried to install some NTSF programes from apt-get but none help.Can I install something that will allow me to access data on the windows drive? As I'd like to access some files.

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General :: Installation Of Ubuntu Alongwith Windows Xp And Unable To Access Data From Windows

Mar 1, 2011

Last week I installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my system in dual booting. I had installed succesfully both but unable to see data files from windows OS. Though I have excercised the options in various resources available on internet/blogs. System takes about 03 hrs during installation process. I am also unable to configure Thunderbird.

System hardware info is as -
System ManufacturerVIA Technologies, Inc.
System ModelKM266APro-835
System TypeX86-based PC


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Hardware :: Access Data From Old LVM Drive

Jun 12, 2009

I have a server which had one drive in it that was using LVM. I removed it and moved it to the secondary bay in the same server, then installed a fresh new blank drive in the primary bay on this server.

I then installed CentOS 5.2 on the new drive. During the partition phase of the install, I partitioned my new drive and MAY or MAY not have removed the LVM from the second drive and left the partition there, not sure exactly what I did.

After install I wanted to try to mount the old drive so I could access the files on the old drive. The /boot partition shows up when I do a df -h but not the / partition where everything I need is stored.

When I look at the drives in Webmin, the second drive is there and shows up as LVM but has not LVM name.

Basically what I need is on /dev/sdb2.

How I might be able to mount this partition which seems to still exist when looking at webmin.

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Fedora Hardware :: Access Data On Old Hard Drive ?

Jul 30, 2009

I've got an old EIDE hard drive that used to be used for a dual-boot WinXP and Linux (not sure what version - either RH9 or FC1), and I'd like to pull some data off it. That computer died, and I reformatted the Windows partition, but left the Linux portion alone. My current Linux (FC10 + XP) computer uses a SATA hard drive, and I'd like to get the data from the old drive to the new one. I've connected the hard drive normally, jumpered as a slave drive. Linux now boots normally, but I can't access the older hard drive. I tried the techniques in the following thread: [url] and commented there (with more info), but I thought I would be more likely to get a response by starting a new thread.

Here's a summary of what happened: ran "fdisk -l": the command saw both hard drives ran "tail -f /var/log/messages" and got the following: Jul 30 16:00:44 localhost kernel: EXT3 FS on sdb8, internal journal Jul 30 16:00:44 localhost kernel: EXT3-fs: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Jul 30 16:00:44 localhost hald: mounted /dev/sdb8 on behalf of uid 500 sdb8 was a FAT partition I had set up for moving files back and forth between XP and Linux (none of the other partitions were reported). ran "vgscan", which only returned one volume group When I ran FC10's Local Volume Management tool, it sees the hard drive and its partitions, but reports them as "Uninitialized Entities".

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Ubuntu :: Can't Access Data From Server Hard Drive

Jun 20, 2011

My servers (10.10) motherboard has failed so to access my data I've taken the hard drive out and tried to connect to it via my ubuntu desktop (10.10). I've tried it in a hard drive caddy and installed in my pc, but could only see a 255Mb Filesystem with a few folders and files on it. how to mount the portion of the disk that I can't see? Ie. the part with all of the data on it.

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Ubuntu :: Data Recovery From Windows NTFS Drive?

May 5, 2010

The other day one of my hard drives on my windows system decided to stop working. Not entirely sure what happened, but it seemed that it just erased its partition header, although I wasn't able to recover it.

Anyway, I successfully got an image of the drive using GNU_ddrescue (yay!), and I'm currently salvaging what CAN be salvaged with foremost.

way to get EVERYTHING off of the drive? I mean, it seems that it's all intact (since foremost is finding so much stuff).

I've tried mounting the partition, but it's not working. (I'd post the output from the terminal, but the forum thinks there is/are URL(s) in it....)

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OpenSUSE Install :: Recovering Data From Drive ?

Jan 8, 2011

I've accidently begun installing Ubuntu Studio onto my OpenSUSE drive I stupidly forgot to to swap my hard drive cables around.

Luckily, the Ubuntu Studio install failed before I noticed the problem, but I need to access the SUSE drive to pull some date off of it. Whats the best way of doing this?

I used a program in windows XP to try and pull the data (mainly holiday snaps) off the drive, but it only works on NTFS file systems, so didn't get me what I need.

How can I access the data on the linux partitions? I'm fairly certain I was using 11.2, which after a bit of googling seems touse the EXT3 file format. Correct?

I'm in over my head here really, as you can probably tell, but what my limited knowledge leads me to believe is that the Ubuntu installer overwrote my partition table (is that right?) but left all the data there still.

Ideally I need a program very similar to the one that I used, but which works for the SUSE filesystem, and runs under XP (my only working OS at the moment)

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Access (10.10) Share Drive On Windows PC?

Jun 29, 2011

Unable to access linux(ubuntu 10.10) share drive on my windows PCIn my office we have few linux (obuntu 10.10) computers and 3 computers running on windows. We have data stored on one of the shared drives of a linux(ubuntu 10.10) system which has samba installed and we are able to access that folder from other linux systems and 1 windows xp system where it asks for user name and password and is able to access the data while in other 2 windows systems (with 1 having xp and 1 having windows 7) we are unable to access the folder because it does not ask for user name and password and it shows an error network drive not accessible as you may not have the permission.

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Applications :: Access My Windows 7 Primary Drive In Ubuntu?

Dec 25, 2010

I have mounted hard drive, but there is no data that is supposed to be on my Windows 7 partition C:

How can i access my data? How can i scan drive C: with antivirus?

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Software :: Access Windows Hard Drive On Network ?

May 8, 2009

I am trying to access the files on my windows pc. I am trying to access them from my laptop which has mandriva 2009. I have both computers connected through the same internet router, and i am succesfully accessing windows share files and remote control. The problem is, i dont want to move the files i want from their current location, to a share folder, and then onto my laptop. The main problem is that my whole family uses the pc, and while they are logged on i cannot remote control.

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OpenSUSE Install :: View/access/read The Files From Data Partition?

Dec 1, 2010

I am a total noob when it comes to opensuse. I just read the reviews and comments from forums taht's why I wanna try this alternative. I have 1 physical drive that has two partitions. 1 is dedicated for my windows OS (20 GB) and the other for my data (approx. 100GB).

How can I install opensuse 11.3 to just 1 partition (20GB) and leave my data partition (approx. 100GB) as it is? Can I still view/access/read the files from my data partition after I have successfully install opensuse 11.3 to my Os partition?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Recover Data Off A Shot Hard Drive XP System?

Dec 1, 2009

Trying to recover data off a shot hard drive. XP system. says I don't have permission to open the drives/folders.. not the owner...

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Ubuntu Servers :: Access The Data In .fbd Data File

Feb 19, 2011

We purchased a new database system at work last October, ditching the old system because of a lack of support from the vendor. This is a retail Point of Sale and Backoffice database system. I am not sure what system the new one runs on, but the system we replaced was a Firebird data base. The reason I am posting is because we are now in need of the information contained in the old database which was not completely imported into the new system.

Basically the problem is this: The database in on a Windows XP system and I found a copy of SQL Manager Lite 2008 on the system, which after quite a bit of studying, I figured out how to extract the database into a removable file. I have this file (178MB) on a USB stick in a file called Backoffice.fbd.

My studying suggests to me that I can get into this database with MySQL. I have never used this and have no clue how to do this. All I want to be able to do get into the database and create tab deliminated spreadsheet files for each of the database sections (Customers, Repairs, Sales History, stock files, etc.) Is it possible to do this with Ubuntu and MySQL and if so, can expert suggest one or two things to get me started. While a guided tutorial would be nice because I am not an expert, I am willing to learn on my own if someone could point me in the right direction.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Sharing Data Between System(s) And MS Windows XP?

Jun 2, 2010

Is there an actual How-To or something like it about sharing data between linux system(s) and MS Windows XP?I do not think there is a golden path but maybe a list of possibilities and their pros and contras would be fine. As I understood there are different ways of sharing data (and so of setting the partitions)

1. Accessing the data of a MS Windows (NTFS) partition from a linux system (contra: possible data loss/data corruption?).

2. Accessing the data of a linux (ext3) partition form a Microsoft system (XP) (contra: possible data loss/data corruption?).

3. Sharing a data partition (FAT ?) (contra: problems with large files).

4. Visualization (contra1: If the main system gets broken, the guest is broken, too?; contra2: not so easy?; contra3: windows male ware in linux?).

I am thinking about reorganizing my hole system of sharing data and of partitions (including my NTFS partition for XP data and FAT partition for data shared with XP and linux).Now I am using mostly a FAT partition for sharing data but this seems to me not the way (for big files and especially because of data security).

I thought of making my /home partition bigger and use a windows program to get excess to ext3/ext4 from MS XP. I also thought of deleting my hole NTFS data partition and use only /home with document-folders etc. for each user / for the linux users and for the Mircosoft users. But this seems not so wise jet from I have read (at least not with an ext4 data partition):

[all variants] ext4 support on Windows XP - Ubuntu Forums
Ext2read - View ext2/3/4 partitions from Windows

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Ubuntu :: Windows Install On A Seperate Drive From Windows?

Jul 6, 2011

I recently have Decided to Try Ubuntu, So i choose the Windows Installer Method. I am Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on a 1 TB Drive with a 250GB and 500GB Secondarys. I have more than enough power to run the System this is a Custom Built $1700 Gaming Rig.So i downloaded the Installer and choose the 500GB Drive which is not the Windows Drive for Ubuntu to install to. The installer went through Successfully no issues i did the Reboot as Prompted and Choose the Ubuntu from the Duel Boot Screen but when it loads it can not find any Build information. What did i do wrong?Could it be that i need to have it attached to the same drive as my Windows operating System or am i not doing something correctly? I followed all the directions from the Installer Information on the Download Site

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Ubuntu :: Completely Delete Windows Data And Clean Install 10.10?

Dec 6, 2010

First how can I clean install Ubuntu 10.10? I am currently using Windows 7 and want to clean install Ubuntu 10.10.

Secondly, I have Apple iPod Touch 4th generation 32GB model. So how can I install iTunes on Ubuntu??

installing Ubuntu. I want to completely delete my windows data and want to clean install Ubuntu 10.10

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Ubuntu Installation :: 3 Disks Partitions And Windows XP - Install 10.10 In SDB Without Loosing The Data In SDA And SDC

Oct 11, 2010

I'm trying to install Ubuntu 10.10 in a desktop computer with three disks. SDA with NTFS in SDA1, where I have Windows XP, SDB where I had Ubuntu 10.04, and SDC where I have an NTFS partition. I want to install Ubuntu 10.10 in SDB without loosing the data in SDA and SDC. When I try to install it, when I choose specify manual partition, I only find this: Where is SDB abd SDC? What do I choose in Device for Boot Loader Installation?

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Fedora :: Access Another Install On Another Hard Drive On This System?

Nov 4, 2009

This probably isn't the best way to go about this, but I am pretty nooby. I took the hard drive with Ubuntu install and made it the second SATA drive, and then put a new SATA drive in as the first and installed Fedora on it.Now I want to access my files from the Ubuntu drive and put them on the new drive but when I try to access it, I can look at some files but the majority of them (like my music and a lot of my documents) it says that I don't have permission.Is there some way I can get to these files? I tried searching but I couldn't find anything relevant

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OpenSUSE Install :: "write" Access For Data Stored In NTFS?

Jun 20, 2010

I have acces to NTFS partitions from OpenSuse 11.2, and read data, yet I cannot write changes of it. I tryed to change "rw" attributes using "sudo", and was not possible. Even the windows version I had is 7, the NTFS partition I want to access for writing, comes from a previous XP install. Is there a way to have "write" access for data stored in NTFS? I recall an install I had on a laptop with Windows XP and Ubuntu... and Ubuntu was able to write on NTFS; would it be possible in OpenSuse?

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CentOS 5 :: Is The Separation Of OS Drive And Data Drive Recommended

Jan 13, 2010

- 160gb is where i install CentOS (pretty much the hard drive for operation system) - Lets call this drive A

- Two 1TB drives run in RAID 1, using software RAID (this is where i will store personal data, pictures, movies, music, etc...) - Lets call this RAID 1 setup drive B

I am planning to run a virtual Win Server 2008 using Xen and have that be my domain controller. I will use samba to share drive B and have the network drive map when user login to the domain.

- If for some reasons i have to reinstall CentOS, this pretty much mean drive A will be formatted and reinstalled. Knowing my self i probably will goof up some config in CentOS and will need to reinstall the OS to fix it. Since drive B will be the centralize location for my home network, i dont want to lose the data. Will i be able to re-setup the RAID setup of drive B and still have all the data stored on it intact after a reinstall?

- Is the separation of OS drive and data drive recommended?

- Are there any better way to accomplish my setup? I am pretty much just looking to make a linux file server and windows on client's end.

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OpenSUSE Install :: MBR Boot - No Cd For Xp And Cannot Access Windows

Jul 7, 2011

I have done my due diligence looking for some kind of USB recovery prog or "diskette" that I can get into recovery system or even just boot a xp cmd prompt so I can fix it from there. I have tried several different programs and none seem to work. Go figure. Anyone know of any recovery disks for windows xp that can be booted from a USB?

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Installation :: Linux Install Works / Can't Access Windows As Before

Jun 15, 2010

I had some issues with Wubi installations of Ubuntu, so I figured out how to create a LiveCD and to install from the CD. I am working on Linux now and I am having no issues as far as the Penguin goes. I hash-checked the iso and used older CDs more suited for booting.I chose to install from the CD, and I selected the option which partitions and installs Linux alongside Windows. I was prompted to import some user folders from my Windows Vista, and I agreed. These appeared in Linux and also work fine.

However, after a few hours of messing with my new Linux, I restarted and I realized all I have in my boot menu now are some Linux options, memory test, and a Vista loader & vista recovery. I had intended to have a dual boot system. Did I delete my Windows without meaning to, or can I change the bootloading process somehow to include both Linux and Vista?

Upon selecting the Vista Loader, I was asked if I wanted to recover my files, etc. I refrained because I wasn't sure what the effect would be on Linux. Is there a way to have both Vista and Linux show up normally in my boot menu, or will I have to go back and forth recovering every time I chose to use the other OS?The only reason I still want to use Windows occasionally is because I had Maple software in Windows which was useful for school.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Access Files From Windows From An Ext4 Disk?

Feb 5, 2010

I am dual booting OpenSUSE and Windows 7 Pro x64. Each OS is installed on a separate 1Tb hard drive. One question that I have tried to Google for a solution with no success is, how do you access ext4 from Windows? Shortly after I installed OpenSUSE, my OpenSUSE hard drive "vanished" from Windows 7. aturally, I can access all my hard drives from OpenSUSE, which does support the NTFS. I am quite sure that I am not the only person who has this problem as I know that dual booting Linux and Windows is quite common.

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CentOS 5 :: Install X Windows From Terminal On System With No Internet Access?

May 29, 2009

I am working on a system with no internet access so I cant use yum. How do I install a feature like X-Windows or GNOME Desktop Environment(using groupinstall) directly from DVD?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Cant Use My Windows Hard Drive

Oct 21, 2010

j have just installed suse linux 11.2 on my pc , the problem i am having is i cant use my windows hard drive . i have downloaded and inatalled NTFS-3G and still it wont work . i can access the windows hard drive and look at what is on it ,ie pics , music ,films.

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Ubuntu Installation :: How To Install Windows 7 Without CD Drive

Aug 2, 2010

I am having an issue where i can not seem to figure out how to install windows 7 on unbuntu. I have a netbook and it has no cd drive so what i did was copy all the windows 7 installation files over to my desktop in a new folder and just ran the setup.exe using 'Wine'. That goes ok and it pops up saying install windows 7. After hit that it tells me"."Windows installation encountered an unexpected error. Verify that the installation sources are accessible, and restart the installation.

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Ubuntu :: Make A Windows Xp Install Drive?

Nov 6, 2010

i need to make a windows xp install drive in ubuntu

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Ubuntu :: Windows Xp Installed On C Drive And Install It On D?

Feb 9, 2011

I downloaded Ubuntu 10.10.

I extracted the iso file.

2] I made a bootable cd out of the extracted data.
3] Now the CD does not boot

I have windows xp installed on C drive and wanted to install it on D.

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Ubuntu :: Install Windows 7 To A USB Flash Drive Using 10.10?

Feb 14, 2011

I need to put Windows 7 on here, I have the ISO file. I don't have a cd-rom drive, only a USB port. None of the applications on here allow me to put Windows 7 onto the flash drive, I tried multiple commands to 'try' but they all failed. I searched online for most of the day, some said to try Win-To-Flash but of course it only runs in Windows, I tried it in wine only to get a error message. I also tried Windows 7 usb-dvd-download from cnet download. I ran them all in XP, Vista, 7 and what-not and they still come up with a error that keeps me from continuing. I also tried running the command "sudo dd if=/home/sean/Downloads/X15-65732.iso of=/dev/sdb1" without the quotes of course, but it appeared to only copy the contents and doesn't load Windows 7.

I need to, I'm guessing, burn it to the flash drive. Its a Centon Data Stick Pro 4GB. I also tried USB Startup Disk Creator but it only works with Ubuntu .ISO's not Windows, and half the time or well basically all the time it never pulls up the ISO when i click on it I'm not sure why? I also tried Unetbootin, but it doesn't work with Windows. It only shows 'default' and 10. Clicking on Enter does nothing. Nothing loads. how to install Windows 7 to a USB flash drive? Or should I try running a windows program from some other computer just to do this task?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Access Windows Vista Files (documents And Pictures)

Jul 8, 2010

I am looking a way to access my windows vista files (documents and pictures) in opensuse. I have a problem my Vista doesnt load anymore and I really need to recover some files from it before formatting.

I know very very veeeery little about linux. I installed few month ago but then didnt have time to really work on it. I checked on google but it's more confusing.

I have three partition. One is for Vista home edition 64 bit, the other one opensuse 11.1 and a third one for dell stuff (not sure what is it exactly )

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