Hardware :: Bluetooth On Fedora 13 / Cannot Get The Bluetooth Service To Start?

Aug 7, 2010

I just bought a Bluetooth dongle for my laptop with fedora on it and cannot get the Bluetooth service to start. Tried to do the same on my imac running Fedora and the same thing happened, it said service refreshing and never did.

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Fedora Hardware :: Bluetooth Service / Bluetooth Is Disabled After Some Time?

Sep 12, 2010

I'm using fedora 13 x86_64 on amd machine. I use usb bluetooth dongle. The bluetooth service doesn't start at all. When I click on bluetooth icon-preferences-turn bluetooth on, after some time it says, bluetooth is disabled. What should I do to enable bluetooth?

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Fedora X86/64bit :: Unable To Use The Bluetooth Service?

May 23, 2009

I am using Fedora 10 64 bit, KDE. I have installed KDEbluetooth application. but I am not able to use the bluetooth service. Is there any other application in fedora?

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Fedora :: Unable To Start Bluetooth On Laptop?

Nov 6, 2009

I have a dell studio 1555 laptop , i m facing the very strange problem with my bluetooth , my bluetooth is not working on my F11 , means to say i cant be enable the bluetooth on my box , i thing its a driver issue

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Ubuntu Networking :: Bluetooth - SPP Mode / Listen (and Also Send) To Serial Comm Msgs On Bluetooth?

Jun 25, 2010

i have a bluetooth modem (BlueSMiRF) that is connected to Arduino Duemilanove. I am trying to see serial communication messages from the bluetooth modem.

I have Blueman Device Manager that enabled SPP (Serial Port) and it says :

Serial port connected to /dev/rfcomm0
How do I see the serial communication on this?

I tried on console

$rfcomm listen 0
but it's stuck at
Waiting for connection on Channel 1
Is there any other way to listen (and also send) to serial comm msgs on bluetooth?

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Ubuntu :: Changing The Bluetooth Service Name?

Oct 4, 2010

I have Ubuntu 10.04 LTS installed on a Dell Desktop with a USB Bluetooth dongle.

I have a bluetooth device, whose security is based upon searching not for the bluetooth service name but a renamed bluetooth service. The device comes with instructions on how to do it with a small subset of Windows XP machines but I feel like this should be a simple thing to do here.

Is there a simple way to either add an extra bluetooth service on a different name? Change the current bluetooth name? Ubuntu has a wiki that led me to the bluetooth preferences window and a services tab but that doesn't seem to exist in 10.04.

where to go in GUI or command line tools that will help with this?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Bluetooth Not Working With USB Bluetooth Stick / Resolve It?

Apr 24, 2010

When i connect to my laptop a bluetooth usb stick, the bluetooth could not be turned on.
the bluetooth dameon is on, and when i press the turn on button, nothing happens.
in windows the stick works fine.

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Ubuntu Networking :: The Bluetooth Manager Does Not Detect A Bluetooth Dongle?

Nov 2, 2010

The bluetooth manager does not detect a bluetooth dongle .trying to use ndiswrapper to fix.I installed device manager and the results are shown below.i downloaded the windows driver suite. It has 4 .exe self extracting driver archives and a setupconfig.ini. The .ini file is below.I was able to extract one of the 32bit archives on a windows machine and it had about 8 .inf files that are titled weird and would not install properly using ndiswrapper probably because im using the 64-bit architecture. there are 2 64bit .exe's in the driver download, but how can i extract them in ubuntu and do i really need to install all 8 .inf files. also do i actually need to make a .inf file? if so how?

Asus - BT211 mini bluetooth dongle

Code: http:[url].... - windows driver under download section.

Device manager

Model: Unknown model (id =0x3000)
Vendor: atheros Communications, inc[code]....

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Ubuntu :: How To Make Bluetooth Service Disabled At Startup

Jun 5, 2011

I have recently installed Lubuntu 11.04 on an old system. the problem is that it hangs at startup when tries to "Starting Bluetooth". I have searched through this forum and the web and it seems that the problem has something to do with my TV Card. But I can't remove the card because it is a part of my Graphic Card which is an "ATI Radeon 8500DV All In Wonder". I can start the machine with Lubuntu Live CD, and so I thought that maybe I can change a value in a file from installed Lubuntu through Live session that makes the Bluetooth Service disabled at startup.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Bluetooth Device Does Not Support Input Service

Jan 6, 2011

I have a bluetooth usb dongle which I cannot get to work. I start kbluetooth. The icon in system tray is blue (not grey).
Right click on it -> Device Manager -> New
The wizard starts. It sees my Palm, but then says: "Sorry your Bluetooth Device does not support input Service". I don't know what to do.
Opensuse 11.3 kde 4.5
kbluetooth 0.4.2-10.5

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OpenSUSE :: Bluetooth File Transfer Error: The Name Org.openbox.client Was Not Provided By Any .service Files?

Apr 20, 2011

I was trying to copy a few files to my phone via bluetooth when the file transfer window popped up with the progress bar stating "Connecting" and an error: the name org.openbox.client was not provided by any .service files..

I am using: openSUSE 11.3
Gnome 2.32, Kernel 2.6.38,
obex-data-server 0.4.5-12.2,


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Hardware :: Bluetooth Daemon Will Not Start?

Jan 22, 2010

I cannot get the bluetooth daemon on my laptop to start - it is not running by default and running

sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth start
does nothing.

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Fedora :: Disable Bluetooth Such That It Does Not Start In "on" Mode When Boot?

Aug 23, 2011

How do I disable bluetooth such that is does not start in "on" mode when I boot into fedora?

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Slackware :: Bluetooth Manager - Blueman Cannot Start Properly

Feb 26, 2010

I have a problem with BT again, I installed blueman from SlackBuild at [URL], but when I start it (from Setting > Bluetooth Manager), it was running with a minimized window at the taskbar for a while and not appear any window or icon on the system tray.

I track its process, there's still it running background
tridc@latix:~$ ps aux | grep blueman
tridc 5394 0.0 0.4 26052 15708 ? S 15:54 0:00 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/blueman-manager
tridc 16171 0.0 0.0 2204 628 pts/0 R+ 16:41 0:00 grep blueman

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Hardware :: How To Start Writing Code For File Transfer In Bluetooth

Mar 22, 2011

I have installed bluez libs,utils and all the requirements for bluetooth communication. And i am able to scan other bluetooth devices around. Will somebody please suggest me on how to start writing code for file transfer in bluetooth. Or can I get any packages online to do that for me. I am using RHEL5 and x86_32.

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Fedora :: How To Set Up Bluetooth DUN

Feb 17, 2010

I have used USB and/or built-in wireless broadband devices that the system detected (I assume) and set up the software appropriately at install time. I have a netbook and after setting everything up, I later added a bluetooth dongle which it uses easily. I was able to connect to my phone without trouble... or at least it appears to. In the network manager applet, there are only two connection types available. Wired and wireless. On my laptop with built-in wireless broadband, there is a 3rd option for wireless broadband.

How do I enable this option in this case? I have installed any and all packages I imagine could be relevant including wvdial and all that. I have restarted Network Manager and even the whole machine numerous times. When right-clicking on NetworkManager and doing "Edit Connections" I am able to manually add an entry for mobile broadband, but it is never accessible in any way.

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Fedora :: How To Use Bluetooth Dongle

May 4, 2009

I had a lot of problems at first working this one out. So I made a program to create the bluetooth com port.

1. Download and install the program sjdsoftbt-tool from my website[url] or directly here *sjdsoftbt-tool*

It was made in gambas 2.0 but it should install the required dependencies automaticly .

2. Follow the instruction on my How to Guide this covers most phones and there pit falls and problems you can have.

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Fedora :: USB Bluetooth Not Enabled On F13

Jun 4, 2010

It appears that the problem of Bluetooth which I suffer of them in version 12 is still in version 13, where I've upgraded and there are still problem. Bluetooth was working version 12 (before update). I was hoping that the problem is resolved version 13 but still problem I've had:
Bluetooth is connected to usb , but the computer does not recognize
Click on the button enable

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Fedora :: Browsing Bluetooth On KDE

Nov 5, 2010

Dolphin does not currently browse bluetooth devices, and they are not automatically mounted or seen as potentially mountable. [As an interesting aside, I ran into a snag pairing my phone: I can initiate pairing for the first time, with pin and all, from the phone, but I cannot initiate such pairing from the computer. This behavior is identical under KDE and Gnome. Does anyone have a clue why? Both devices were bluetooth visible, so that isn't the problem.]

However, it is still possible to browse bluetooth devices, provided they have been paired, by executing obexfs -b <bluetooth address> <user-writeable mount point>. Unmounting is done through fusermount -u <mountpoint>. Now it seems to me to be very easy to extend Dolphin's functionality (and the device detecting/mounting application) to include the above behavior automatically. Case in point, Nautilus has no problem doing all that.

So, I'd like to file a bug report and prod the appropriate instances, but given that google searches on this issue bring up mostly old pages, I wonder whether anyone know whether (a) this is a KDEBluetooth issue, (b) a Dolphin issue, (c) a Fedora packaging issue, (d) other (please specify).

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Fedora Hardware :: Getting Bluetooth Working

Nov 16, 2010

i am kinda new to fedora. just installed 14 on my hp mini 5102. trying to get bluetooth to work and cannot figure out how. it has built in BT.

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Fedora :: Bluetooth File Transfer On 15 ?

Jun 20, 2011

when i try to transfer a file via bluetooth ,i turn bluetooth ON but i can't toggle "visibility" ON......how do i do it...I even can't add a new device....how do i then transfer file via bluetooth...?

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Fedora :: No File Browsing By Kde Bluetooth

May 28, 2010

I use fedora12-Gnome as my major desktop OS. Every basic need was fulfilled , until I tried Fedora12 KDE. The problem is with Bluetooth connectivity to my cell phone device. It connects to the cell phone and set trusted but I can't seem to see any option of "Browse files on Device". Does that mean in KDE I actually can not browse my Bluetooth connected devices?

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Fedora Networking :: 10 - Cannot Access My Bluetooth Printer Any More

Jan 2, 2009

After an update to fedora 10, I cannot access my bluetooth printer any more.

I used to run hcitool to discover the printer, which still works


In the printer configuration, I used to enter a URL like this Printer URL bluetooth://000CF606C08A/

Note, the "bluetooth" protocol is not offered any more in printer setup.

I read that Fedora 10 comes with an updated BlueZ 4 package, which has an improved gnome applet.


The applet discovers the printer, but fails pairing with the device. There seems to be short flash up of a pincode error message (which I cant read).

I've been using blurtooth printing with no problems since Fedora 6.

How to configure bluez cups printing on Fedora 10?

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Fedora Hardware :: Bluetooth Headset Disconnects?

Jan 23, 2010

I am on Fedora 12.I have a USB bluetooth dongle and a bluetooth headset.The dongle gets recognised fine and I can pair the headset as well. PulseAudio sees the input and output of the headnet perfectly. It also runs perfectly for about one minute, and then the headset is disconnected. Why?During the sixty seconds where everything works, I also hear a beep (about every 20 seconds).After disconnecting I have to put the headset back into pairing mode and then remake the connection. And then everything works for another minute, and then the headset is disconnected again. Why

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Fedora :: Remove Pulseaudio Without It Having To Take Gnome-bluetooth With It?

Feb 18, 2010

How do I remove pulseaudio without it having to take gnome-bluetooth with it?

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Fedora Hardware :: Asus G51 Bluetooth Not Working F12

Mar 27, 2010

How to get my bluetooth working thats integrated in my laptop (Asus g51).

I have the tools installed that manage things, but it doesn't see anything.

Any troubleshooting tips?

I have tried looking for something in the output of lsusb, lshal, and lspci. No dice there. The Bluetooth application (bluetooth-properties) doesn't see an adapter present. And there is nothing in dmesg either. The device worked under Ubuntu 9.10 and of course the preload of Vista that came on the machine when I got it from the store.

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Fedora :: How To Pair Bluetooth Device Without Pin Code?

Jul 12, 2010

I have laptop with bluetooth and I bought PS3 bluetooth remote. In windows this remote is working with EventGhost and I would like to use it in Fedora as well. This remote has to be paired without a pin code, which is how I paired it in windows.In Fedora, however, there is no such option "no pin" when using a standard way to connect bluetooth device.How can I pair this remote in Fedora?

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Fedora :: F13 Sends Corrupted Files Over Bluetooth?

Jul 21, 2010

It seems there is a bug with F13Files send over Bluetooth to my WM phone are corrupted.When I send files, the Bluetooth transfer starts normal, then when the transfer finishes the window stays open (like it does not complete the transfer).I am unable to run or use that files on the WM (they are binary or data) so I assume they are corrupted. I have no problem with Ubuntu/Opensuse (I have a test disk with Ubuntu and OpenSuse) only with F13.

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Fedora :: Bluetooth OBEX File Transfer

Dec 12, 2010

Has anyone had any luck with OBEX file transfer on an f14 machine? I have a Samsung Hue SCH-R500 that works fine transferring files as long as I use a windows machine to do the work. With my f14 machine I can mount and list the folders but it says (Folder contents could not be displayed, Message did not receive a reply(timeout by message bus)). This is also the case with my f14 laptop.

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Fedora Hardware :: Bluetooth Adapter Is Not Working

Apr 26, 2011

i have dell inspiron n4010 having widdcomm bluetooth device and i am using fedora 14. it shows bluez-daemon not working when i start kbluetooth and it shows bluetooth adapter not detected.

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