General :: Running Website Using Secure Connection (HTTPS)?

Feb 23, 2010

I have the following details on my system:

- CentOS
- RHEL 5
- WebWare for Python

We have an exisiting website written in Python and was developed by other entities and now being maintained by us. We want to run the website using secure connection (HTTPS), I tried reading this article and successfully executed every instructions but still failed to run the website using HTTPS.


The way we run the website is using port 8080, e.g. [URL] I am sure I am missing something here, first, I am still looking on where does the port 8080 comes from since I've checked the httpd.config and it wasn't there.

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Ubuntu :: Dansguardian And Block Secure (https://www...) Websites

Nov 1, 2010

I have installed Dansguardian on my little brothers laptop (using Tinyproxy and Firehol too) and I have it mostly configured the way I like it. The only problem now is that I can't seem to block secure (https://www...) websites, and he knows a few proxies that use secure domains. I was wondering if anyone has been able to make Dansguardian block these websites or is it just not doable?

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Security :: If Visiting An Https Website Is There Any Added Benefit To Tunneling Through Ssh

Apr 4, 2011

Basically, whenever I am on an unencrypted wireless hotspot, I open up an SSH tunnel to my home server to do all my browsing for the privacy and security it provides.But I got to thinking, and now I am curious, if I am visiting a site like gmail for instance that always uses SSL/TLS for it's connections, is there any added benefit to also using an encrypted tunnel? or is it perhaps superfluous to use both

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Ubuntu Security :: How Secure Can Website Really Be

May 25, 2011

I want to set up a website that hosts very confidential business information. The info needs to be accessed by multiple people in different geographical regions. The entire website would require the high security (ie: there are no little sections that are publicly viewable). While the site will be run with Ubuntu server, I will be hosting it in Amazon's EC2 cloud.

So, if I use the HTTPS protocol with an SSL certificate, am I pretty well reaching the most secure possible situation? Are there any concerns with using the EC2 solution? Obviously there are a LOT of variables involved with maintaining website security, but I want to know if HTTPS is the current best bet (in addition to all the "best practices" of securing a site) or if there is a more robust way of securing content.

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Ubuntu Security :: Logging Into The Secure Website?

Oct 8, 2010

A friend of mine has a private forum setup so he and I can communicate back and forth so we don't have to send emails. The link is a "https://" so I'm assuming it's secure. I'm a newbie to ubuntu and I have already switch 3 of my computers at home to ubuntu.

I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 and google chrome as my browser. When I log into his forum it pops up with a screen saying "The site's security certificate is not trusted" and I always click proceed anyways. I'm not worried about this because I'm 110% sure that it's his website that I'm trying to access. My question/problem is it also pops up with a little box telling me to enter my Username and Password every time. When I was using WindowsXP, I had to enter this info once and then I wouldn't have to enter it again.

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General :: Secure The Usb Port By External Device Connection?

Apr 14, 2010

i want to secure the USB port by any external device connection. so i need the code of detection of an external device when plugged in the USB port.

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Ubuntu Servers :: SSL Setup - Connection Error Unable To Make A Secure Connection To The Server

Feb 10, 2011

I am running an Ubuntu Server on a VirtualBox VM running on my windows machine. So I've created a self-signed certificate using the following tutorial: [URL]

From this tutorial I'm left with 3 files:

Then I found this very similar tutorial that has an extra bit on installing the certificates in apache: [URL] So I followed it's instructions which boil down to this:


So I'm thinking this should work now. However in Chrome I get: SSL connection error Unable to make a secure connection to the server. This may be a problem with the server, or it may be requiring a client authentication certificate that you don't have. Error 107 (net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR): SSL protocol error. IE8 gives me a typical "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" Note that [URL] fails while [URL] works fine, so it's definitely something in my ssl setup I'm thinking.

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Networking :: Double NAT & HTTPS Connection Timeouts?

Feb 2, 2011

I am having a problem with HTTPs in a double NAT'd network configuration. The scenario is like this..


Machines on these LANs can talk to each other no problem. There is also a NAT rule configured for traffic going from LAN A via LAN C out to the Internet. The Nokia is also doing NAT'ing. Normal web browsing works fine with this setup, but whenever I try to access HTTPS sites, it just hangs and eventually times out.Packet captures have showed lots of TCP Retransmission messages. If I logon directly to the Linux Router and fire up a browser, I am able to access HTTPS sites without any problems. This appears to be something to do with the traffic being NAT'd twice. Is there a way I can get around this without changing the config of the Nokia?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Can't Access Https Pages - Running Firefox In 10.10

Nov 19, 2010

HTTPS doesn't work. Im running firefox in ubuntu 10.10.

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Server :: Sticky Connection And HTTPS Support For HAProxy

Feb 24, 2011

We have 2 HTTP Load balancer with HAproxy and heartbeat. There are 4 nodes in this cluster. It's doing round robin load balancing. The HTTP cluster working fine. We are having problem with our portal because it uses SSO. We need sticky connection support in our HAproxy. Also we need load balancing for HTTPS traffic. Here's our HAproxy conf file.


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Red Hat :: Kickstarting Over HTTPS - Do The Rhel/fedora/centos Install From Running Apache With SSL Enabled?

Aug 13, 2010

Has anyone successfully kickstarted a rhel/fedora/centos over HTTPS ? In other words, is it possible to do the rhel/fedora/centos install from running apache with SSL enabled?

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General :: Lpq Printer 'sdst@other.domain' - Cannot Open Connection - Connection Timed Out Make Sure LPD Server Is Running On The Server

Mar 23, 2011

Linux printing appeared to be working fine up until yesterday. Today typing lpq gives the following: lpq Printer 'sdst@other.domain' - cannot open connection - Connection timed out Make sure LPD server is running on the server

The /etc/cups/printers.conf file is properly set, the printers appear in localhost:631 and they are printing test pages. However, all command line print commands seem to be trying to print to sdst@other.domain I don't know why printers.conf is being ignored and why and how sdst@other.domain was added. Seems like it might have been auto-discovered?

# dit: sdst@other.domain was mentioned in /usr/local/etc/lpd.conf I'm not sure why lpd.conf is being used instead of /etc/cups/printers.conf

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Ubuntu Servers :: HTTPS Forced Non Https:// Protocols?

May 22, 2011

I have set up certain portions of my web site to be forced https:// How do I force, non https:// protocols. I know this sounds confusing, so let me give you an example.


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Ubuntu Security :: Secure Running On Windows Virtual PC ?

Sep 25, 2010

I wanted to know if I install Ubuntu on my virtual PC on Windows 7 is it just as secure?

If I have a keylogger or some spyware will that affect the session I have running on the Virtual PC? Can they still steal my passwords?

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Server :: Keep Servers Running In Stable And Secure State?

Aug 2, 2010

As far as I know, servers are stable and don't go down easily, but every single server will eventually go down some day, either from hardware/software failure or from hacking.

But as sysadmins, our job is to keep servers running healthy as long as possible.

So I'm conducting another short survey (I might start more survey threads, and thank everyone for kindly replying my previous post):

1. Have you encountered server failures? What's the most common cause for server failure?
2. What is your most important trick in avoiding your server go down?
3. What security rules do you follow to protect your servers?

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Ubuntu :: Specify Password In Script For Secure Connection?

Aug 3, 2010

I'm writing a script that tars, bzips, and encrypts a set of files to my GPG key and then (ideally) uploads the files to a backup directory on my school's web server. I want to run it daily as a cron job. Problem is, the web server only allows connections with scp and sftp.

Neither program allows specifying a password as a switch. I want to run it as a cron job, so I won't necessarily be present to type the password, and I'd like to just be able to specify the password in the script.

"Ah ha!" you're thinking. "He needs to generate a keypair and set up ssh to not require a password!" And I've found tutorials on the web that show me how to do just that. Problem there is that they all require me to install software and/or access files outside my home directory on the remote machine.

I have zero access to anything other than my own home directory on the remote machine. None. Nada. Zip. I can't install software, access files in /var or /etc, or find out anything about running processes. The local IT priesthood won't give me any information about what's running on the machine or how I can connect to it (and has made a point of telling me that they don't care for Linux users and I should stop asking questions).

I'd really like to to just be able to specify my password in the script. I understand that scripts are really just text files and that anyone who can get at my desktop computer can read them with a text editor and that this would reveal my password and blah blah blah, but I'm willing to trade that particular risk for the convenience of not having to be awake and monitoring the computer when the cron job is running.

Is there any way to specify the password in the script itself? I'd be happy using either sftp or scp (I've used them both successfully from the terminal to transfer files to this machine).

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Ubuntu :: Secure Internet Connection By Hiding Ip With Another Ip?

Jun 21, 2011

I want to secure my internet connection by hiding my ip with another ip so I can log to my server with 2 ips . and when someone is tracing the "fake" ip it wont affect me .

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Ubuntu Security :: Secure SSL Connection Through Proxy

Jul 6, 2011

Is my ssl connection secure if I'm going through a proxy. Is it possible to craft a malicious proxy to steal/crack authentication?

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Networking :: Vpn Connection / Non Secure Gateway / LAN Not Trustworthy

May 10, 2011

I've installed (Slackware 12.2) Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client for vpn connection (it is OpenSSL based app). When I'm trying to connect using this agent I get the error

Code: AnyConnect cannot confirm it is connected to your secure gateway.The local network may not be trustworthy.Please try another network.I don't know much about vpn. Any help are very welcomed.

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Server :: Error: Secure Connection Failed

Jan 3, 2010

My server is suddenly getting giving the following error: Quote: Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a connection to SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length. * The page you are trying to view can not be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified. * Please contact the web site owners to inform them of this problem. Alternatively, use the command found in the help menu to report this broken site. I had been trying to configure the server to do secure logins (before Christmas) , but I don't think I had completed the configuration and I'm not sure how to reset it so that I can start again.

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OpenSUSE Wireless :: Connect To Bt Openzone Of Bt Fon But Not Secure Connection

Jun 22, 2011

I have a compaq pressario v6000 with broadcom wireless card bcm4312. I was running Suse 11.3 and one day the wireless stopped working so after several hours googling I gave up and installed 11.4 but I have exactley the same problem I can connect to my bt openzone or btfon network but not to my own secure network I have tried everything I can think of including disabling security settings on my homehub but I can't get it to work at all I have used network manager and traditional I just can't get it to work.

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Ubuntu :: Apache2 SSL Setup - Secure Connection Failed

Mar 23, 2010

I followed the tutorial found here [URL] but when I try to access [URL] I get the following:
Secure Connection Failed
An error occurred during a connection to
SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length.
(Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long)
Not sure what I might have done wrong... I have retraced all of my steps and I don't believe I missed anything.

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Ubuntu Security :: How Secure Is A Bluetooth Keyboard Connection

May 6, 2010

Since important information like pass-phrases is sent via a Bluetooth link, I wonder how secure this is. I think it must be quite a weak point.

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Security :: Seeing The Ips With Many Connection On Website?

Nov 1, 2010

on my linux server i have many websites, before i use this command

netstat -anpl|grep :80|awk {'print $5'}|cut -d":" -f1|sort|uniq -c|sort -n

to see all the ips with many connection but the problem is is show me all the ips from all the websites from the server, can be another way to show me all the ips just from my website ?

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Software :: Running Windows Server 2003 Under Qemu In Secure Sandbox

Feb 15, 2009

Does anyone know if it would be possible to do this? I read of people who have run Windows Server 2003 under qemu.. but i was wondering if i could get it easily to work in a secure sandbox, so i could run it as a internet server - knowing that it was secure and no one could then hack my computer.

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Ubuntu Networking :: SSL Handshake Failed - Secure Connection Truncated

Jun 16, 2010

I'm having a problem with Subversion. When I try an "svn up" it gives me this error message:
SSL handshake failed: Secure connection truncated
I'm running Ubuntu 10/4 but I also had this problem with 9/10. Does anyone know what this error message means? It appears to be an SSL problem but it's not clear to me what exactly the problem is. I do not have this problem with svn on my other office computer, nor my home computer. FYI, I'm running subversion on the Regina project.

The full error message is this:
svn up
svn: OPTIONS of '[URL]': SSL handshake failed: Secure connection truncated [URL]. Although I don't think there's anything specific to Regina about this svn problem, as I mentioned, I can "svn up" from home, or from my other office computer.

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Networking :: Connection Closed By UNKNOWN Entry In Secure Log File

Oct 14, 2010

Several of our servers that do not have direct exposure to the Internet have the following entry appearing in their respective /var/log/secure files.Are these messages harmless? If so, is there any way or reason to suppress their appearing in the log files?

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CentOS 5 :: Write A Simple Client That Opens A Secure Connection?

Jul 10, 2009

I am trying to write a simple client that opens a secure connection. My intent is to use the OpenSSL library.

I am following this tutorial: [URL]... The tutorial mentions that I need a trust certificate store called TrustStore.pem. However, I can't find that on my machine. Is there a way to generate it? I separately downloaded the source from the OpenSSL website. The source distribution doesn't have it either. There is a whole bunch of .pem files. Can I use any one of them?

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CentOS 5 :: Can Test Website On PC Without Running Any Stack

Oct 20, 2009

I have Centos 5.3 installed on my pc. I have mysql, PHP and apache server running on my computer too.Is there any way I can test my website on my pc without running any stack ( lampp )?

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Networking :: 2 Internet Connection For 1 Website?

May 12, 2011

I have ubuntu 10.10 server with a web site I am mess up in NIC configuration. I have only one web site on my server. I Have 2 Internet connection with static IP. I have 2 Network Card as follow eth0 (1st internet with static IP without firewall) eth1 (2nd internet with static IP without firewall) when i restart my networking it give me following error


shah@server:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart
[sudo] password for shah:
* Reconfiguring network interfaces...


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