General :: Keyboard Input Time Is More For Typing Commands?

Aug 15, 2010

While typing commands it takes more time to type.let me know on how to correct this

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General :: Write A Script To Execute A Fortran Code That Reads In Parameters From Keyboard Typing?

Apr 18, 2011

I am trying to write a script (especially C-shell) to execute a fortran code that reads in parameters from keyboard typing. I will have to process this .F code for many times with the parameters the same for all my data files, therefore, I don't have to type in everytime I execute the .F code. But I don't know what is the command in c shell to read in a text files that contains all the parameters I want and can make the shell read in appropriately to feed the .F code.

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Software :: Applications Not Taking Typing Input?

Jul 8, 2010

I'm using an application, then suddenly, it won't take any typed input. Happens on my internal and USB keyboard (is a laptop). Happens usually to just one application at a time (I can type in other applications). The only way I see to fix it is to quit the application, and restart the application. Very bad if I have lots of work open!

Software where I have seen this problem:
save dialogs

My setup:
Debian 5.0.4

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Programming :: Python - Find And Replace While Typing In Raw Input

Apr 30, 2010

I'm writing a program in Python that presents a place for the user to input one-line of text (using raw_input). I need, however, as the user types, for certain words to be replaced, even before the user hits enter.

I try to make an animation so you can see what I mean, here the word "pig" gets replaced with "sheep":
>I |
>I l|
>I li|
>I lik|
>I like|
>I like |
>I like t|
>I like to|
>I like to |
>I like to e|
>I like to ea|
>I like to eat|
>I like to eat |
>I like to eat p|
>I like to eat pi|
>I like to eat pig|
>I like to eat sheep|

Note, the user never typed "sheep", the program replaced "pig" with "sheep" as soon as they finished typing the word "pig". The user did not use "Enter". Is this at all possible in Python?

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General :: Script To Input Commands Into Gnome-terminal?

Nov 24, 2010

I'm trying to get a script to open a gnome-terminal and input commands into it, just as you would typing them in. That way, I can automate commands using bash, even if the terminal is running a non-bash program like telnet, mysql, vim, etc.

So, for instance..

I would like to open telnet to connect to a mud (I'm aware of the security concerns) and input commands through a script.

This way, I can log in, enter name/password, and do some start-game stuff automatically.

This isn't just for a mud, though. I'd like to be able to script inputs for any terminal application... maybe automate vim, mysql, or whatever.

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Ubuntu :: T Mobile Dongle 120 MF262 - Typing Commands Into The Terminal - Get Lost

Jul 17, 2011

Im having a lot of trouble getting my t mobile dongle to work. I have looked through most of the other threads about resolving the problem. when I see the answer about typing comands into the terminal I get lost and dont know what to do... I now have ubuntu 10.04 and 11.04 duel boot on laptop (hp nx6325). Cant seem to get it work on either virsion. I have tryed to chance passwords as other threads have sugested.

Am now trying (and failing) with this thread I have downloaded the mode switch and extracted it to the desktop. In the above thread it say "3) Open the Terminal, and go to the location of the decompressed file and execute"

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General :: Change The Input Keyboard From EN To DE?

Sep 3, 2009

I installed SuSe Linux. By the installation I forgot to set the key-board to German. How can I change it now? I don't think I have to re-install the Linux again, right

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General :: Custom Keyboard Commands?

Apr 18, 2011

I found that Linux Ubuntu has custom keyboard commands.his is awesome.What I'm trying to do, is make a command that will shut down the computer with a single button with no dialog windows.For you know, being grounded nd stuff.I found the command for it is "shutdown" with a few options.But when I tested it, being bound to pause/break, it did nothingAm I writing the wrong code, as I'm not using any options, or is this not possible?

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OpenSUSE :: Response To Keyboard Typing Delayed?

May 21, 2011

I have openSUSE 11.3 on my Lenovo Thinkpad X61. It has been running fine for many months, but yesterdaychanged. For example, between the two previous words I had actually typed "something" ("yesterday something changed") but it was lost. I type at normal speed but the machine cannot keep up. Hopelessly annoying. This happens in every application I have checked. The only unusual thing I did yesterday was to load a bunch of photos off a relative's digital camera. I'm concerned I may have picked up spyware.

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Programming :: Read Keyboard Status (not: Wait For Keyboard Input)?

Jun 28, 2011

has bash a command that reads the keyboard status and exits? I want to write a loop of this form:

while [ 1 ] do
sleep (1)


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Fedora :: Keyboard Gone Wonky - Speaker Beeps On Typing

Aug 11, 2009

The keyboard is acting strange ever since having to reinstall the gnome desktop, and sound alsa and pulseaudio. The lastest kernel update was what started the whole mess. What is happening is as I type about every 4 or so letter, the pc speaker beeps, and the status leds for caps lock, num lock and the third status leds turn on at random. When I hold down a key and have auto repeat kick in then for each character typed, there is an associated beep. I checked the keyboard setting in user preferences and there is a setting to enable beep on type, but it's not enabled, nor does changing the setting cause a change. I'm pretty sure it's just gnome related, as it doesn't occur in kde, but I can't be 100 % at this point.

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Ubuntu :: Activate Onscreen Keyboard OnBoard WITHOUT Typing?

Jul 23, 2011

My keyboard on my laptop has died but I'm on a working vacation, so in the meantime I really need to use my laptop. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to activate the on screen keyboard (onBoard) without typing, except at the log-in screen. There must be some sequence of mouse clicks to get there, otherwise that was a serious design flaw. The other posts I found here explained how to do it but only with typing involved.)

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Ubuntu :: Keyboard Delayed Typing When Xserver Starts

May 29, 2010

My keyboard was working fine then all of a sudden it started acting up. Now when I boot into linux the keyboard works fine till I start the Xsever. At first I thought that the keyboard stopped working so I restarted it and still had the same problem. I ended up restarting it 8 times then I finally started to hit the keyboard now when I was done hitting it I kinda kept my hand on it and noticed it still types but I have to hold it for a long period of time for it to start typing. I have to hold the button for like 1-2 Sec for it to type one letter. Then I checked the keyboard setting and they were fine.

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General :: Prevent Pinentry From Stealing Keyboard Input?

Oct 4, 2010

I am using gpg keys with passphrases set to connect to different jabber accounts. When I restore from hibernate I am prompted by two pinentry dialogs for these passphrases. But very often one of these dialogs that is not in focus steals keyboard input from the other dialog. Even worse, they steal keyboard input from fluxbox and other applications and I am unable to do anything until I enter it or click cancel if I do not want to input password right now. How can I forbid pinentry to steal keyboard input and to get it only if it is in focus? I am using pinentry-0.8.0 on Gentoo amd64 with USE="ncurses qt4" (/usr/bin/pinentry is a symlink pointing to pinentry-qt4).UPDATE:After some research, I found that pinentry accepts --no-global-grab option, which, according to the info page, should be used only by developers. Still unsure how to make it default: having#!/bin/zshexec /usr/bin/pinentry-qt4 --no-global-grab $@in place of /usr/bin/pinentry symlink does not work (this script is launched, but option is ignored), if I place it into /usr/local/bin it is not launched at all though I have /usr/local/bin in $PATH before /usr/bin.

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Debian :: Keyboard Skipping Letters And Continuously Typing Same Letter

Jan 30, 2016

I recently built my first computer which has Debian Jessie running on it.

Everything was running great until I updated the computer a few days ago. After doing that and turning it on a few hours later, the keyboard started missing letters (as in it wouldn't register every key click) and was also typing some letters over and over again. It seems that it doesn't matter what key I press, the same problem occurs.

I tried using the keyboard on my laptop; it worked perfectly. I also tried connecting up another keyboard I had laying around and that seemed to have the same issue. Both keyboards are mechanical.

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Ubuntu :: Wireless Keyboard Is Typing Random Letters Not Even Touching?

Aug 5, 2010

I have a wireless keyboard and for some reason it is typing random letters, symbols, and numbers while I am not even touching the keyboard. I tried a different wireless keyboard and that worked for awhile, but even that started to do the same thing. I plugged in a cord keyboard and that has been working fine, but I am unable to type my password if it goes into sleep mode or select my windows partition. It's very confusing and I plan on reinstalling both windows and linux anyways it's that time, but I have to figure this problem out before I do.

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Ubuntu :: Keyboard - Typing In An Application, The Cursor Will Jump Up And Over A Few Lines

May 12, 2011

I am running Ubuntu 11.04 on a DELL Latitude E6510 (bios A07). I am experiencing an annoying problem: It has this weird keyboard issue where whenever I am typing in an application, the cursor will jump up and over a few lines. The problem also happened under Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 and under bios A03.

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General :: Input Any UTF-8 String As If Typed On Keyboard From Console In Xorg?

Oct 6, 2010

Like in xte "str ў", but with support of all characters.

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General :: Nawk - Input From A Pipe And A File At The Same Time

Sep 16, 2010

I am tying to read a file in with nawk whilst trying to take input from a pipe. I've come across the getline option and no matter how hard I try, I can't figure out the correct syntax. What I want to do is to take some input from the pipe and make a comparison with all of the values in a file and print a match.


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General :: Define A Keyboard Layout / Input Method For Ubuntu In Python?

Jun 20, 2010

defining keyboard layouts in linux (ubuntu 10.04 here). there does not seem to be any easy, graphical way to define keyboard mappings (except for keyboardlayouteditor, but frankly, i do not understand the installation description.i am using an apple aluminum keyboard with a german layout, but no matter what i do the (<>) and (^) keys are always swapped (i did manage to change the default behavior for the f1...f12 keys from multimedia back to 'ordinary', application-centric... all you have to do is add the line echo 2 > /sys/module/hid_apple/parameters/fnmode to /etc/rc.local... this is so bloody obvious i am ashamed i had to search the web for this!).

adding to my distress, i find the chinese IMEs a horror (not a single one of the many i tried does anywhere come near google pinyin for windows), and have gotten neither ibus nor scime to work in a satisfactory way for me. i find linux keyboard handling a morass. i know this must be one of the hardest problems in computer science, since this subject gets so convoluted no matter whether its on windows or in-the-browser javascript. as a linguist i am well aware of the inherent complications proper text handling poses, but looking at descriptions how to configure xkb makes building interstellar spaceships look like a cakewalk.

find a place in the system where keystrokes are recorded;read out those codes (could be scan codes or character codes) using a daemon (implemented in python; i heard you have to listen to IOCTL or somesuch); when certain code combinations appear, switch them to do what you want;applications now get to see a X where formerly the got to see a U and vice versa;profit!

Is there a place, in ubuntu / linux systems that does allow reading out keyboard codes? Is there a way to block processing of such keyboard actions until an intercepting daemon has processed them? Would such an interceptor work for a broad range of use cases? like on the command line, in a gtk app, in wine, in firefox and so on? An alternative would actually be to grok keyboardlayouteditor, so if someone could post about a readable, complete installation instruction or point out installable packages, that'd be great, too.

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Ubuntu :: See What Time Unlocked The Lock Screen (by Typing The Password)?

Feb 24, 2011

Is there a way to see what time I unlocked the lock screen (by typing the password)?

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OpenSUSE :: Kickoff Menu Hangs Long Time While Typing Appname / Fix It?

Feb 10, 2010

Sometimes I get this weird thing where typing a name into the kickoff menu hangs after a few letters. It hangs the entire computer! Once it happens, I try to close it but have to wait about 20 seconds before I can do anything on the computer. Then everything else works fine (after it's closed). But if I go back to kickoff and try again, it does the same thing! I can't seem to find anything in "top" to indicate what's happening.

openSUSE 11.2
KDE 4.3.4
Linux i686
AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3100+ 1.8 GHZ
nVIDIA G98 GForce 8400 GS with nvidia driver

Total memory (RAM): 1.4 GiB
Free memory: 541.6 MiB (+ 506.1 MiB Caches)
Free swap: 2.0 GiB

Here's "top" during a recent issue where konqueror wasn't opening to show sysinfo and there was some hanging (although this was after it came back from kickoff hanging) code...

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General :: Free Command Line Tool Time Which Can Be Used To Find Timing Statistics For Various Commands?

Jun 24, 2011

I'd like to measure network latency for SNMP GET request. There is a free command line tool time which can be used to find timing statistics for various commands. For example it can be used with snmpget in the following way:$ time snmpget -v 2c -c public . = Counter32: 112857973real 0m0.162suser 0m0.069ssys 0m0.005sAccording to the manual, statistics conists of:

the elapsed real time between
invocation and termination,
the user CPU time (the sum of the


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Ubuntu :: Click On A Text Box To Write And Star Typing Only To Find Out Typing Somewhere Other Than Where Clicked?

Jun 17, 2010

Half the time I click on a text box to write and star typing only to find out I'm typing somewhere other than where I clicked.It's not dwell click and the active text box seems to be related to mouseover.

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General :: Disabling Keyboard For Some Time?

Feb 23, 2010

I want my keyboard to be disabled for sometime say 5min or more. My keyboard gets loaded more than fingers it bears sometimes loads of books.So want to disable for a specific time

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Ubuntu :: Daemon That Executes Commands Based On Input Device In Use?

Jan 28, 2011

I have a computer with a trackpad and a touchscreen. I want to run unclutter if I use the touchscreen, and kill it when I use the trackpad or a USB mouse.

The I'm pretty sure the touchscreen is /dev/input/mouse0, and the trackpad is /dev/input/mouse1

I have a general idea of how this should work, but no idea what tools and commands to use to implement it.

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General :: Keyboard Activating SHIFT Randomly For A Short Time

Feb 14, 2010

I think this might be related to the changes to using udev or DeviceKit. It started when I was running the beta versions of F12. Then it crept into Debian Sid. And my Arch Testing and Gentoo also suffer from the same.

What happens is that I'll be working along. Then when I press any key it is as if the SHIFT key is pressed. When I press CAPSLOCK, some of the keys react as they would normally. This never lasts for more than 5 minutes. And seems to happen infrequently. I say seems because there are the times I am at work and it could be that the same thing is happening only there is no one on the keyboard.

The reason I pick out udev/DeviceKit is that when it used to happen to F12 beta, the other distros had not yet made the move. So back then it was only a F12 issue. Now it is happening across the board. And only started recently.

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General :: Server Terminal Keyboard Shortcut "F5" To Run Commands Sudo Apt-get Update

Sep 10, 2010

I was wondering is there a way to bind say "F5" to the command sudo apt-get update so I can press one key to write this into the terminal?

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OpenSUSE :: Getting Japanese Input On US Keyboard?

Feb 11, 2010

I know it is possible, and I have been trying everything I can find, but I can't seem to get it to work. I went to languages in YaST and enabled Japanese as a second language, and I have tried adding japanese as a secondary keyboard layout under configure desktop-> regional and language settings. I have a little flag in the system tray that I can click to change from US to Japanese, but all that does is change what the punctuation buttons do.

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Ubuntu :: Get Into The Terminal From Keyboard Commands?

May 6, 2011

I upgraded to 11.04 today and wanted to reconfigure so that I could have the desktop cube again. Once I started trying to switch my settings for the cube configuration compiz asked whether I wanted to turn off various features and apparently among them was the control bar on the side and top of the screen. Now I log in to Ubuntu and I get my workspace and that's it. No control bars, just the workspace. I need to know a few things:

1) Has anyone else had this problem?

2) How do I get into the terminal from keyboard commands?

3) What terminal commands do I need to bring back at least the main toolbar so I can access programs.

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