General :: Fully Automated From Boot To Loading File?

Nov 18, 2009

While I have been using Linux for many years (Slackware), I have found myself facing a special need that I can't quite figure out.I work at a club where I use iMovie on my Mac to create a DVD that plays on all of our TV's displaying our upcoming lineup of bands.In order to save on DVD's, I would like to create a very small form factor PC running Linux with the following requirements: the computer must boot into Linux and log itself in, the computer will boot up with a thumb drive attached containing a movie file of the most Linux compatible video format. After booting up and logging itself in, the video on the thumb drive must start playing automatically in full screen mode and in a continuos loop.So the whole thing needs to be automated from boot to playing movie; only the power button should ever need to be touched.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Fully Automated Network - Host Name Configure And DNS Register In The First Boot

Jul 29, 2011

My organization is running a VMware vSphere based platform. On top of that we have a Sun Gridengine cluster consists of a number of ubuntu VMs.At the moment, we deploy new cluster nodes from the VM template. Although it already saves us lots of time, we still need to configure the network, host name, register DNS record manually.In a near future, we will need to add 100+ more hosts to the cluster. So we are seeking a automated deployment so that a VM does the following during its first boot:

1)configure the network for the correct IP with DHCP or manual.

2)request a designate host name (maybe from a pre-defined datasource?) and configure host name.

3)register itself to our DNS servers.

We don't really have experiences for running big cluster. So welcome to share your opinions and experiences.Specially I'd very keen to find out if there is any well-proven solution right there or I will need to implement from the scratch.

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Ubuntu :: 9.10 Not Fully Loading KDE Desktop?

Feb 25, 2010

This has happened to me twice in a row while installing kubuntu 9.10 on the same machine:I get the OS installed and it prompts me to reboot the machine. I do so. On the first reboot, the KDE login screen never loads, and I just get a blank black screen.I then do a hard reset. From there, everything appears to work. I use the machine for awhile and all is well. For whatever reason, I end up rebooting, and when I log back in to KDE, not only do I not get my custom wallpaper, but I also don't get any desktop icons, a taskbar, etc.Right-clicks don't even work. The only thing that was loaded both times was the terminal that I had left open the last time.

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 Netbook Edition Not Fully Loading

Jun 24, 2010

i just upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04 and the interface isn't completely loading. the desktop loads and i can run programs through alt-f2, but no interface shows up.

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Ubuntu :: Browsers Always Hanging On Web-pages / Not Loading Them Fully

Jan 28, 2011

browsers consistently hanging and not fully loading web pages. this happens in all the browsers i have tried. Opera and Chromium and Firefox. This only happens in Ubuntu. All the other computer in this house load fine and this windows side of this computer loads the pages the right way. At this point i don't know what to do but keep hitting stop and reload and few time till the page loads. can anyone help with this? Also I have tried to clear the cashes. One question where do the temporary Internet files go so I can manually clean that folder out. And also Firefox isn't to bad and the other browsers I just don't like it that much as I like the opera.

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General :: File Is An Automated Backup Script,

Sep 13, 2010

Can some one give me a sample of a crontab for backing a directory please, System is Ubuntu 9.04Quote:

# this file is an automated backup script,
# this backs up my domain site.


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Programming :: Automated Ftp Download Of File With A Name That Changes

Apr 30, 2010

I am trying to create a script to do the following.. Login to a ftp and download a with the following naming convention xmtvMMDDYY.xml.gzon a daily basis followed by extracting that file. which I can do easy enough with a static filename. but the variable filename is throwing me off. I was planning on doing a mget with wildcard to just grab the entire directory but this found to not be as clean as I had hoped. Mainly due to the admins of the ftp keeping multiple days of the above mentioned file on the site.

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Debian :: Automated Boot On 0h00 Sunday?

Jun 26, 2011

I'm still kinda noob in linux and I've installed Debian Squeeze (LXDE version) and it boots itself (the whole computer) at midnight from saterday to sunday. This is somewhat troubling me as I'm trying to sleep at that time. I've googled about this but I couldnt find very helpful information.

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Ubuntu :: Won't Fully Boot After Plymouth Change

Aug 23, 2010

I changed the Plymouth Theme following the direction on this page:


Basically, I put this in the Terminal: sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth

I then selected a theme (I believe it was spinning something or other). Then I entered: sudo update-initramfs -u

Now, when I boot up, it just sits on a blank screen after I select to start up with ubuntu. I can't boot into ubuntu at all.

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Ubuntu :: Rsnapshot - Automated Data Backup Of Remote File System

Aug 28, 2010

Rsnapshot is a software written in Perl to make backup of local and remote file system. The well proven rsync is behind this utility. rsnapshot does not need root user intervention to restore the data of a normal user. It does not take much space in your Backup server. It can be easily automated (scheduled) to make life easier. Just setup once and forget it configuration. Basically it takes snapshot of file system (or a part of) in regular interval such as hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.

This can be configured easily through a simple text based configuration file. The above task can be setup in a few easy steps in a few minutes. Two major tasks are configuring rsnapshot and openssh automatic login. To make the backup automatically, we need to automate the remote login in a secured way. This can be done through openssh tools. This scenario depicts backup of desktop (assuming that IP address is data to a backup server. My desktop runs on Ubuntu 10.04 and backup server runs on Debian Squeeze. [URL]

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Ubuntu Security :: Rsync Automated Backups Of Entire File Structure Over Ssh?

May 16, 2011

I am in the process of writing an rsync script to run unattended backups of my entire file system to another system located on my local network using ssh and password-less rsa keys.

I will absolutely will not use password-less keys with the root account and this is the limitation preventing me from accomplishing my goal because root is required by rsync to access the / tree and copy it to another location. I decided that if I compiled the script into a binary that I didn't have a problem with the password being contained within the binary itself but from what I've read there is no way to elevate to root and then back down to user level from within the script/binary.

I can create the script as the user and use chroot to make it owned by root but retain execution permission for the user but it will still cause the ssh login to be under root and therefore require either that I am there to enter my password or the use of password-less keys under the root account which I reiterate I will NOT do. Currently the script is executed by the user on the machine containing the files to be backed up.

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Fedora X86/64bit :: 11 Takes 45+ Minutes To Fully Boot

Jun 22, 2009

Machine Specs: Asus P5B Deluxe w/ Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, 8gigs of ram and an Asus GeForce 8400 GS. I downloaded and installed the x86_64 DVD Installation disc for Fedora 11 the day of the release. I allowed the installer to utilize 100% of the disk with the default partition configuration. I only installed KDE.

Upon first boot the machine didn't boot in under 20 seconds, but it wasn't slow enough to give it any though. Once logged in, everything ran great. The system has been running great since the launch date. I rebooted once or twice since them and thought the same thing as the first boot, not particularly fast, but not slow enough to care.

This morning I rebooted and it almost seemed broken. It takes about 20 minutes to get past the loading bar, and way too much time to log in. When the loading bar is going I hit escape. It looked like "Starting system message bus" took the longest, but it wasn't the only slow thing. After some more time, the background for the log in prompt appeared. Once the log in prompt fully appeared I mistyped my password. It took a good four minutes to authenticate unsuccessfully. I reentered my information correctly. It took another four minutes for the prompt to disappear, then it continued to load very slowly.

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Security :: Secure And Automated Backups - Add Public Key To Authorized_hosts File On Prod Server?

Mar 13, 2010

I'm trying to find a secure way to backup files on my Prod Server to Backup Server. It must be automated, so I will need to run a command with cron which will login to Prod Server from Backup Server and backup data. 1. Do you think it would be secure enough to do this by creating an passwordless RSA private key on Backup Server and adding it's public key to authorized_hosts file on Prod Server? I can't think of a way to Automate this without having to enter any passwords without passwordless RSA key. Is there another. more secure way? 2. Should I create a special user for backup, which will only have read access to all files in the directory that I am backing up? If so, How can I run a check that this new backup user indeed has read access to ALL files in the folder that I intent to back up? How can I ensure the backup process will not skip files due to some permission problem? 3. I'm thinking of using rsnapshot tool, which uses rsync.

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General :: Loading The Generated Lib File To Tcl Module?

Feb 23, 2011

while loading the generated lib file to tcl module i got following as belowi know it is searching for "Tcl_DecrRefCount()" method please tell me the library name where above method is defined..!orif anything bad in my program

[root@localhost swig]# tclsh
% load ./ example
couldn't load file "./": ./ undefined symbol: Tcl_DecrRefCount


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Ubuntu :: Get A Fully Functional Desktop At Work Without A Dual Boot Setup?

Apr 6, 2011

I am once again trying to get a fully functional desktop at work without a dual boot setup. One issue is file searching. I have looked at beagle, tracker and Google Desktop. I am currently testing Google Desktop and it appears to work well, but it is not integrated into nautilus and it appears to not index my email in evolution that is accessed via an exchange server.

Beagle appears dead. Tracker looks promising, but I can't tell if it integrates into Nautilus currently without rebuilding Nautilus. If you use Tracker, can you tell me how it works with Nautilus, mapped cifs drives on windows servers and evolution in exchange mode. Also, the current version of tracker is 0.10.6, but on 10.04 only 0.6.X is available and Natty looks poised to ship with 0.8.X. Is there any advantage to compiling it? Are there Ubuntu specific tweaks that are lost if you go with source?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Fedora 12 - 8.04 Dual Boot - Fully Install While Retaining My Music ?

Jan 30, 2010

I have ubuntu 8.04 installed on a full disk partition. I've just bought a linux magazine, which came with a CD containing Fedora 12. I want to dual boot or fully install while retaining my music, if at all possible.

I've tried running the Fedora disc and choosing to fill empty space with Fedora, but I get an error informing me that I don't have enough space. Presumably, this is because I have a full disk partition.

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General :: Loading Of Lucid Puppy 5.20 - Says Boot Partitions Not Found ?

Jan 5, 2011

During booting of lupu 5.20 ,It starts searching for puppy files in computer disk drives,says boot partitions not found, dropping out to initial ram disk console then /bin/sh: can't access tty: job control turned off # it remains at this position for ever. I have been using lucid puppy 5.1.1 with pen drive through multibooting software of pendrivelinux. I have P2 with 256MB ram, hdd 10GB,usb pendrive 1 GB.

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General :: Error While Loading Shared Libraries - Cannot Open Object File

Apr 12, 2010

I am trying to create a package for Moblin using the Moblin Package creator application in Ubuntu. The RPM package gets created successfully, but when I execute that package in Moblin OS in the terminal I get the following error message: Error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

I understand that the above libraries are missing on my system and I need to add them. My question here is do I have to add them manually after the installation of the package or can the package itself include these libraries and copy them to proper locations when the package is installed. In case the libraries can be included in the package I want to know how that can be done.

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General :: Boot / Loading - Lenovo S20 Workstation Allergic - Get A Blank Screen

Apr 25, 2011

I got a new Lenovo S20 and I am having trouble loading Linux. I've loaded these variants with no success:

Ubuntu desktop
Ubuntu server
Linux Mint
vmWare esxi

The live CD's run, and very nicely at that. But once I install to the workstation they won't boot. I just get a blank screen. I've tried different bootloaders.. I've toyed with different BIOS settings.. I've even installed to different drives (a hard disk and an SSD). Maybe a hint: BSD installs and runs with no problem at all. I have PC-BSD running at the moment. It's nice, maybe I'll keep it. But I'd rather have Linux.

My amateur computer science mind sees this as not a boot loader issue (recovery mode shows Linux seems to be loading to a point.. but I can't see the script line just before the lockup) not graphics related; UB Server and vmWare are text-only and they won't load either probably not a bios issue (liveCDs run and other people run Linux on S20s) not hardware (Windows and BSD run on this one)

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General :: Can I Change 30second Delay Before Loading In Dual Boot Xp / Ubuntu

May 30, 2010

I am brand new to Ubuntu and I am trying to find out if its possible. When the laptop starts it gives me 30secs to choose windows or ubuntu? Is there anyway to change the order or the timer?

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General :: Ubuntu 10.04 Not Loading - Sticks At GRUB Loading

Oct 27, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 not loading. Sticks at GRUB Loading message.

Read the other threads re OS not loading and GRUB. The talk about code goes over my head.

Local techie says the hardware is good. Tried reloading Ubuntu from CD. Tried loading the unmentionable OS.

Tried using Spotmau Powersuite.

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General :: Automated Installation With Perl?

May 21, 2011

I am making some scripts to automaticly install linux-software.gcc,kernel,binutils, etc.) I have made a command to extract the packages, but how can I check if I can re-use my already extracted source-archives?

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General :: Automated User Loggin?

Feb 6, 2010

how to automate user's loggin ?can we do something like the user get automatically looged in without displaying the welcome screen..?

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General :: Automated Telnet For Testing Servers

Aug 20, 2009

So I have a script that is supposed to check to see if a mail server is up and responsive. What I want to know is how I can send it the telnet escape character. I've tried:VAR=`(sleep 5;echo quit) | (telnet 25 2>&- )`

This works BUT there is a problem as the mail server may have been accidentally firewalled off. If this happens, my automated checking script will hang. What I want to do is send the escape character so that the '>' prompt comes up. They I should be able to send it "quit" even if it is hung on not getting a response from the server. VAR=`(sleep 5;echo -e '^]';sleep 1;echo quit) | (telnet 25 2>&- )`

The above doesn't work. telnet interprets CTRL+] as '^]' but you can't type '^]' and get the same effect. So I guess what I need is to send the actual keystrokes. Like echo "somenumber" ; echo quit

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General :: Create An Automated Shell Script?

Sep 16, 2010

I am a complete newbie to linux. I am currently taking a course at Devry university called netw240. I am in my 2nd week of class and am required to turn in a paper at the end of the coures were I write an automated shell script. I am currently using Fedora 12 on a Vmware player and want to try to write a script that automates the process of Logging user login activity to detect unauthorized remote access attempts.I am looking for pointers on were to start, examples, ect.. anything that can get me started. Also, is this type of script to much for a beginner?

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General :: Disable Automated Updates (and Notifications) In Kde Debian

Apr 6, 2011

I am using Kde 4.5 in Debian and I get some notifications after start that I need to update something. How can I disable it (I often don't want to waste bandwidth for such things)? I am using Debian Wheezy and Kde 4.5

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General :: Automated Printing From PHP/MySQL Web Form Information?

Mar 22, 2011

I am learning PHP to take information submitted in a web-form and store it in a MySQL database, but I also need it to automatically print to the laser printer I have setup. So that a notice or printout is produced of the information.

My question is... what route do I go to automate printing from web-based information in a PHP/MySQL database?

Is it PERL ? or does PHP have a feature to do this?

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General :: Automated Remote Installs Of Ubuntu Using Kickstart?

Apr 18, 2010

I want an automated install (via CD or USB) of Ubuntu 10.04 ...on 100 remote machines located all over the country, using a Kickstart configuration file accessible from my web server.

How do I create the boot CD (or USB)?

How do I specifically add the boot parameters to that boot CD (or USB) to tell it the URL to use for it's automated Kickstart install?

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General :: Ubuntu Server 10.4.1 Automated Full Backup?

Sep 27, 2010

This is my first post and I am a linux newbie.. took on the challenge of setting up an ubuntu server with proxy and firewall with vpn access as well.. sounds good? While messing with things, I installed ebox server, know called Zentyal and perform backups, however, when performing a full restore, following instructions and all it does not restore correctly. I ran many attempts with verious configurations and still allways got some errors, such as eboc-ebackup failing to start, etc. most noteably wa sthe ldap error, which i figured out how to fix by restarting once logged into and then rebooting.

I say the Clonezilla options for a full backup, and it sounds great, but does require me to perform a full abckup, while bring the server down to perform. What I wanted to know, was what do you recommend for performing a full backup (possibly to NTFS partition or USB key with FAT32) with automation or even if i had to perform the trigger, just without needing to bring the server down, so when i go into production i dont have any issues backing up anytime?

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General :: Script For Automated Torrent Downloads (from Announce Urls In IRC)

Oct 12, 2010

Some time ago I read a discussion in /r/linux and someone mentioned a script that checks new messages in IRC channel (in irssi client) and if they contain announce urls for torrents, they are passed to a torrent client (rtorrent) for downloading. Sadly, I didn't bookmark it, nor I could find it now. Maybe someone has a similar script?

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