General :: Fluxbox - How To Configure Menus And Hotkeys

Feb 16, 2011

switching to Fluxbox. I've already discoveded how to configure menus and hotkeys but still not sure about appearance configuration. In the Fluxbox menu I chose nice-looking style and want to customize it - background color, font, font color, size of the panel (I want it widescreen and make it bigger in height), color of this panel, amount of desktops (2 instead of 4), etc... Where do I customize all this?

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General :: Configure Mouse And Keyboard In Fluxbox?

Mar 12, 2011

In Gnome I have Gnome apps to configure keyboard and mouse as "gnome-keyboard-properties" and "gnome-mouse-properties". How do I configure them in Fluxbox? Acceleration of a mouse, keyboard repeat delay, repeat speed, etc...

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Slackware :: Install Some Netowrk Manager And Configure It In Fluxbox?

May 28, 2011

I have problem with my new distro and fluxbox. So I installed a slackware 13.37 with fluxbox, this is my first time with slack and fluxbox
I dont know how to install some netowrk manager and configure it in fluxbox I need wifi.

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Ubuntu :: Global Hotkeys On Audacious Don't Respond Unless Open Preferences, Open Settings For Global Hotkeys, Then Close Down The Settings?

Feb 19, 2010

I have two major issues, and one minor one, after I started using Ubuntu, I tried searching the forum for them, but couldn't find anything relevant to my problems.First issue: Screenshots and the cursor.This is probably a very easily fixed issue, but none-the-less, I can not figure it out.How do I NOT include the cursor in my screenshots on Ubuntu 9.10?What I do is, I press the Prt Scrn button, and my cursor is always there in the image, and I don't want that.Second is pidgin.I love it, but every time I boot it up, my friendly name is reverted back to firefoxfag.I think it has something to do with me using gmail for msn, but I'm not sure...Also, as a last very small issue, the global hotkeys on audacious don't respond unless i open preferences, open settings for global hotkeys, then close down the settings..

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General :: Openbox Using Lot Of Ram + Hotkeys?

Jan 12, 2011

i have recently installed arch linux with just openbox and tint2. i have heard that openbox is a light desktop enviroment but at boot it uses about 300 mb of ram and it seems alot to me.i am also trying to get alt+F2 hotkeys to open gmrun so i added this to the openbox config file:

<!-- Keybindings for running applications -->
<keybind key="C-F2">
<action name="Execute">


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General :: Can't Control The Brightness With The MSI Hotkeys?

Feb 28, 2011

I have an Intel GMA 500 and driver support is iffy plus when I installed ubuntu netbook remix, it only runs in desktop mode not netbook mode. Plus I cant control the brightness with the MSI hotkeys.

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General :: Map Characters To Chosen Hotkeys?

Jan 13, 2011

I would like to map characters to chosen hotkeys.
for example, I'd like Alt Gr + a to output �.
How do i do that?

I'm using Gnome 2.30.2 on Slackware 13.1

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General :: Less Hotkeys Not Working - Printing Keycodes Instead Performing Action

Mar 14, 2011

When I try something like

php -i | less

Less is not responding to hotkeys, but prints them like pressing "q" results in statusline


Pressing ENTER like "executes" the keycode and less perfoems the action. Piping trivial small stuff work however... OS: Fedora 14

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General :: Disable Screensaver In Fluxbox?

Mar 12, 2011

In ~/.xinitrc I have option:xset -dpmsI also read this page about screensavers and found that I didn't install any of those programs for blanking the screen.But after some idle time Fluxbox turns on the blank screen. Why? How to disable it?

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General :: How To Switch Over To Kde / Will Have To Remove Fluxbox

May 2, 2011

i have fluxbox as my desktop manager but i want kde instead so i installed it and i don't know how to switch over to kde. will i have to remove fluxbox??

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General :: What Would Be The Best Distro To Install Fluxbox On?

May 18, 2011

I have been hearing some cool things about window managers like fluxbox and I was wondering what the best distro is to put it on? Is fluxbox the best window manager to use?

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General :: Fluxbox Startup File Not Working?

May 7, 2010

I am placing apps into my fluxbox startup file as per the instructions, however nothing starts up except fluxbox.It doesn't matter what app I try, so it isn't an app problem.

here is my startup file:

# fluxbox startup-script:


I have also tried tests such as "touch ~/testwoked" and such, nothing works.It makes no difference if the file is executable or not.

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General :: Gnome-panel In Fluxbox - Performance Degrades?

Nov 28, 2010

I'm toying around with fluxbox and like it's speed and simplicity. However, the gnome-panel is great and I would like to use it in fluxbox. Specifically, I like its system monitor, typing break, gnubiff and clock (which world clock support). My question is: if I'm running the gnome-panel in fluxbox will this degrade performance, for example, since the gnome-panel needs to load all the gnome related libraries etc.? One of the main reasons I'm looking into fluxbox is for speed so I don't want to lose that just because of the panel.

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General :: Keyboard In Fluxbox - Repeat Speed And Delay?

Apr 1, 2011

Does setxkbmap configure keyboard repeat speed and delay time? If not, how do I configure it? Unfortunaly Google

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General :: Ubuntu Based Distro With E17 Window Manager Or Fluxbox?

Aug 23, 2009

any current(9.04)ubuntu based distro's that Exclusivelyuse fluxbox or enlightenment that anyone knows about?I can't seem to find any.

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General :: Netbook Keyboard No Longer Working On Archlinux/fluxbox/ROX?

Aug 12, 2010

I installed Archlinux yesterday on my Aspire One netbook. I installed fluxbux window manager with the ROX file manager/desktop manager.Everything was working fine until I was walking through a guide to set up the Fn keysto use the keyboard hotkeys for changing the brightness and audio settings here: [URL]I used xmodmap to set additional short cuts. Every since, I can't use my keyboard when I run 'startx'. My laptop touch mouse is working but I noticed the cursor speed has slowed down drasticly since I input the above changes.

I tried putting in 'setxkbmap no' in my ~/.xinitrc, 'no' was the language which is set up in my /etc/X11/xorg.conf and was working before. I also reverted to a back-up of my xorg.conf which I had saved a few hours before, which also didn't work.What could the problem could be here? How can I ensure my keyboard is being properly initialise when I start up Xorg/fluxbox?

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Hardware :: KVM Hotkeys Fail In KDE?

Nov 7, 2010

I have a USB trendnet TK-209 KVM switch. It switches between all the machines I've tried it with when the NumLock-NumLock hotkey sequence is pressed.t's worked successfully on:Windows XPWindows 7OpenSUSEDebianHowever, it's not switching on my Slackware box while I'm in KDE. If I log out of X, it does work though. It seems like KDE isterfering with the key sequence.

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General :: Find All Menus Available For GUI?

Apr 21, 2011

I was wondering if there was a bash command or something that would probe an application to maybe list the GUI menus (arguments) you could input to the application. This would also be interesting for CLI.

Let's say there was not a manual page for a bash command (options) and you wanted a "tire on the road" proof and not just recall something that is assumed to be correct or you did not want to click here there and e very where to see if a menu opened for a GUI?

I assume that this process could also work on the source code by searching for a input type of command.

This is just something I though would be a helpful hack type of thing and I'm not involved in a project for this type of functionallity. It's a shame that GUIs dont always list what they are capable of.

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Fedora :: Install Hotkeys Program For F15?

Jul 13, 2011

How do I install the Hotkeys program for F15?

In F14 this was a default app on the Live CD. F15 Live doesn't have this included or is it not available for this OS version?

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OpenSUSE :: HotKeys Won't Turn Back On

May 26, 2010

I accidentally turned off hotkeys (so now print screen button won't work) so I turned the service back on (in "configure desktop") by hitting "start" but the "print screen" button still won't work.

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OpenSUSE :: KDE 4.x: Global Hotkeys For All Users - How To Do It

Jul 23, 2011

Using KDE 4.6+, I'd like to have a predefined set of hotkeys for all users of the computer. E.g. the "XF86Calculator"-key starting "kcalc" as a default for all users without everyone being forced to deal with the absolutely messy and un-intuitive KDE hotkey configuration. Is there a way to do that? Preferably something like an "*.desktop"-file in /usr/local in order to be consistent with the rest of the system.

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Ubuntu :: Hotkeys Aren't Working?

Feb 16, 2010

I don't remember changing any settings but i've noticed lately things like ctrl+P and ctrl+C and alt+tab just don't work, at all.... it's rather annoying actually... is there any way to re-enable hotkeys?

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Ubuntu :: Remove The Hotkeys ALT+x Or Replace Em?

Feb 23, 2011

is there anyway to remove the hotkeys ALT+x or replace em with something else

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Ubuntu :: Hotkeys Trigger While Typing?

Mar 12, 2011

This has been happening for a while and I can't figure out how to fix it. If I'm surfing the web listening to music, when I type something -- the song will start changing. Has anyone else run into this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it

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Ubuntu :: Nautilus Won't Open With Hotkeys?

Jun 11, 2011

I'm using Gnome on 10.10 and use hotkeys (shortcut keys) for opening just about everything. When I go to System>Administration>Preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts and enter a shortcut to open Nautilus (file manager) it doesn't work.

The shortcut key I have set for this (Mod4-m or Windows key+m) works fine if I replace 'nautilus' with 'thunar' or 'pcmanfm' as the command, but when I use 'nautilus', nothing. The same shortcut key works fine to open Nautilus in Xfce. If I type 'nautilus' in a terminal in Gnome up she pops. I can stick just about any other command in there and WinKey+M will work fine.

My regular setup is with Xfce where everything is dandy but I am fairly curious as to what Gnome has against Nautilus in the shortcut key menu.

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OpenSUSE :: Lost The Use Of Pre-arranged Hotkeys (Fn+F1,2,...) After Installation?

Oct 9, 2010

I recently installed openSuSE 11.3 on a Toshiba Satellite Pro C650 in dualboot with Windows 7. The computer itself has a bunch of hotkeys already set up. It is a combination of the 'Fn' key with 'F1', 'F2', etc. For example, to blank my screen Ihit 'Fn+Fi', etc. All these combinations work fine under Windows 7 yet in Linux environment are completely inactive.

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Ubuntu :: Tomboy Global Hotkeys Not Working In 10.10?

Oct 27, 2010

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10 (all the way from 8.04) and I can't seem to get Tomboys global hotkey bindings to work. In addition to Tomboys own settings, I have been messing with gconf-editor, but had no success there either. All I need is Alt+F11 combination to open the default note and I have no idea where to go next

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Exaile ( Hotkeys Not Working

Nov 17, 2010

I have a Logitech g15 keyboard and I cant configure my multimedia keys to work with exaile. I tried the xKeys plugin for exaile but it doesn't work. I even tried setting up this commands in UbuntuTweak but it is not working. While Exaile is running, it can also be controlled via command line arguments. These can be assigned to a keyboard shortcut in your window manager or desktop environment.

exaile -n Play next track
exaile -p Play previous track
exaile -s Stop playback
exaile -a Play currently selected or queued song
exaile -t Pause or resume playback

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Ubuntu :: Find Open Hotkeys And Choose New Ones?

Jan 17, 2011

How do you find open hotkeys and choose new ones?

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General :: Lost Menus In Root Profile?

Jul 12, 2011

I've been handed the role of looking after my company ftp server which is running redhat. I've logged on as root & have somehow lost all of the menu items from the grey toolbar. All i now have on the desktop are the disk & partition icons. I haven't changed / added anything, just logged on to the box. The only way i can log out or reboot is to press in the server power button which cannot be right ? Is there anyway of making the menu options visible so that i can at least familiarise myself with the O/S ?

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