General :: Disk Read Error - Press Any Key To Continue

Dec 17, 2010

I have just assembled my computer and installed Fedora 13. After rebooting I get Error 25: Disk read error, Press any key to continue. When I do that the systems goes back to the GRUB window where I continue to press enter and it goes back to the error after a while.

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General :: Error: Bootmgr Is Compressed, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del To Continue

Jul 2, 2010

Here's my problem: While choosing to compress certain folders from within Windows 7, I marked the boot manager as 'compressed'. Now, when I try to boot, I'm not able to boot into Windows 7, or any other OS (I get an error: bootmgr is compressed, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to continue, which restarts the system and the same cycle continues.

I have a Windows 7 + open SUSE + Ubuntu 10.04 LTS wubi install boot setup. To complicate things, its a laptop, and the DVD drive is conked. Is there any way I can boot into any of my OS's? If not using a live boot, can I, perhaps make a bootable USB flash drive, boot into it and uncompress the boot manager ? Note: I'm typing this from another desktop, and I do not have Windows installed on this.

Used this: [URL]..questions/137877/decompressing-files-on-an-ntfs-volume-from-linux/137906#137906 Still no go, getting the same error message.

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Ubuntu :: 10.4 - Xp Home Ed. Dual Boot - Disk Read Error - Press Ctrl+Alt+Del

Jul 27, 2010

I dual booted xp home ed with ubuntu netbook remix10.4 and in the grub loader (i did side by side install) it shows xp at the bottom (after ubuntu, ubuntu recovery mode, memcheck64 , xp

All of the loaders work fine (ubuntu loads fine, im typing this from ubuntu.) but xp will just say: Disk Read Error. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del

One hard drive is partioned 500GB HD ([440gb XP partition] + [60gb ubuntu])

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Ubuntu :: Press C To Continue To Wait Or Press S To Skip Mounting Or M For Manual Recovery?

Mar 23, 2011

I'm randomly getting 'Continue to wait; or press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery...' or something like that at boot ((it flashes very quickly)- If I don't press anything, I'm prompted for my password (I configured it to login with password) and the desktop loads...

I'm using Ultimate Edition 2.6.1 -> Ultimate Edition Home

I was using my 1TB hdd to dual-boot linux, windows, and for storage...Yesterday, I imaged the linux partition, and restored it to an approximately 66GB partition I created on a 150GB hdd...Besides the 66GB partition, the rest of the 150GB hdd is 'unallocated space'... That's when the above message started...Below are screenshots of the fstab and partitions as they are now...

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Ubuntu :: "error No Argument Specified Press Any Key To Continue" Since Upgrade - Grub + Firefox

Apr 29, 2011

I recently upgraded Ubuntu, however I have two problems with the upgrade.

1) When ever starting up my computer, after selecting my operating system (from grub2) I receive an error stating "error no argument specified press any key to continue" after pressing any key my computer starts up. How can I remove (fix) the error?

2) immediately after Firefox starts it freezes. I see the screen saying that Firefox has crashed but I am unable to click on any of the choices (restore session, start new session). I tried uninstalling it from the repository and then reinstalling it, however, that had no effect.

I have no problem removing Firefox completely (and losing all of my preferences) in order to solve the problem. The only problem is that I do not know how to reinstall Firefox (other then the way I tried). I also have no problem reinstalling Ubuntu, and I might even do so I just want to wait until I am sure that that would no mess up grub any more.

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Ubuntu :: Keyboard Not Found - Press F1 To Continue

Jun 13, 2010

I got this keyboard no found problem since my grub menu 1st entry is once I got to load ubuntu, the keyboard magically works.

Basically when booting, it show "Keyboard not detected, press f1 to continue" then at the grub menu, I am not able to select win xp or anything. So by default 1st entry is ubuntu so I can boot into ubuntu.

Once ubuntu is loaded, I can use the keyboard to enter my password....

So I was wondering if the cmos battery is flat...but still why can't my key board be detected when booting up?

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Ubuntu :: Grub - 1.5 Hd - 0,1 - Disk Read Error

Sep 12, 2010

So my hard drive crashed. (i was running Linux 10.4)so i put in another hard drive, installed Ubuntu 10.4, and on boot up i get that error. I've tried reinstalling it with the server edition. different hard drives. all I get is that message.

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Fedora Installation :: On Macbook Quadruple Boot - Error "no Bootable Device Insert Boot Disk And Press Any Key"

May 13, 2010

Today I installed Fedora (I need it for school), but not everything seems to work fine Before installing Fedora on my Macbook I had a triple booting machine: Mac OSX snow leopard, Windows 7 and Ubuntu. (using rEFIt) All of them where working. Since I installed Fedora on the 4th partition I can only boot Mac OSX. When selecting one of the other OS's it says: "no bootable device insert boot disk and press any key"

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OpenSUSE Install :: Disk Read Error - Can't Boot Windows ?

Apr 8, 2011

I have multi-version Kernels on a Dual Boot WinXP / openSUSE 11,3 box. It's been a LONG time since I needed to boot to Win XP and now that I find that I can't get to it, I can not say for sure what I did to break it. Looking back, I suspect that the method I used for the recent removal of one of the Kernel versions may have been innappropiate. Rather than unchecking in versions/package groups I may have just removed the unwanted kernel in the package list. Not sure. I've tried dinking around with menu.lst and Yast Boot Loader to no success. I get errors depending on what I messed with. Didn't try to reinstall grub until I checked here for help with a fix.

Here's some info:


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Hardware :: SMARTD Reported Disk Sector Read Error

Oct 27, 2010

2 months ago, I built a dedicated backup server using 4 2TB SATA drives for software RAID5 (6TB total). A few days ago, smartd sent out mail saying it found an unreadable sector on one of the drives. I ran selftest using smartctl and the error persisted. So far, neither software RAID nor ext4fs running on top of the RAID volume have reported errors.

MOST OPTIMISTIC: It is normal to have a few bad sectors among billions. Software RAID takes care of alternatives. Keep using the system until RAID spits a more serious warning in the future.

MOST PESSIMISTIC: It is a really bad sign to lead a disaster. No good disk drive should have bad sectors especially when it is only 2 months old. The error is simply not detected by software RAID and ext4. Replace the drive immediately and return the bad drive to the supplier.

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Ubuntu Installation :: ERROR - Erase Disk And Install Ubuntu Input / Output Error During Read On /dev/sda

Jul 16, 2010

I am fully aware that these following photo's are not all required for a full understanding of my issue, but I will post them regardless. Checklist to see if my computer meets best results possible for the installation. Screenshot.jpg These photos showing here are where I plan on Installing Ubuntu


NOTE: The installation has started, but only to shortly be stopped by my error message.


This is my ERROR!!! message


No matter what I try to click on, the window simply ignores the command, regardless of the amount of times I issue the command.

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General :: Getting Error When I Type Xlock And Press Return Key / Resolve This?

Jan 21, 2010

When I type xlock and press return key, I am getting the following error:

Unknown mode: xlock: bad command line option "swarm"

What should I do? I just need the basic xlock screen locking functionality.

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General :: Booted Up System And It Stated Please Insert System Disk Press Any Key?

Oct 28, 2010

Booted up system and it stated please insert system disk press any key.So it sounds like my startup got corrupted? I running centos 4.5 on it (old yes) Is there a repair I can perform by a disk? Would it matter if I chose i386 or x86? I cant remeber which version was installed on it.

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OpenSUSE Install :: GUI Will Not Load - Insert System Disk And Press Enter

Jan 7, 2011

Today, I was downloading some stuff from online. I left for a few minutes and came back to find that someone had hit my loose power cord, causing the computer to restart. When I completed the reboot (It always says "Insert system disk and press enter" after checking CD drives), and had it load OpenSuSE 11.3 Failsafe (Regular won't work for me), it loaded into Teal (BASH, Command Prompt, Kommand, whatever you want to call it). At first, I thought maybe I screwed up and told it to load into that. But, I tried again, and it did the same. I tried using Non-Failsafe, and got the same results. I am able to edit, add, or remove programs from the Linux partition, though.

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Ubuntu :: Boot Failure - Insert System Disk And Press Enter

Aug 18, 2010

I'm trying to do exactly this: [URL] the first time i did it, I made it and everything was fine, except I didn't know what "installation size" meant in wubi, so as I selected 3GB, the rest of the partition was left empty and I didn't have enough space for ubuntu. Then I formatted the partition again and reinstalled ubuntu. Since then while it's booting, I get the message Disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter. I tried reinstalling many times, but I still get this message..

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Ubuntu Installation :: Cannot Open Disk Drive - Press Any Key To Exit Cfdisk

Oct 9, 2010

I want to do partitioning with "cfdisk" in a virtual machine name is VMware that has Ubuntu, is for a project of LFS so when I try to call the "cfdisk" and an error flag:
"FATAL ERROR: Cannot open disk drive Press any key to exit cfdisk"
"Press any key to exit cfdisk"

Then try "fdisk" and I get nothing of what I need. Then with "sudo cfdisk" and I went another different error:
"FATAL ERROR: Bad primary partition 1: Partition ends in the final partial cylinder"
"Press any key to exit cfdisk"

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Ubuntu Installation :: WinXP Dualboot, "A Disk Read Error Has Occurred"

Aug 24, 2010

Here's some drive info:

partition labels & uuid

Windows /dev/sdb3 (hd0,3) 5450F91950F90312
/ /dev/sdb1 (hd0,1) 72c730c7-1aa5-46cb-8957-d309de430502
/boot /dev/sdc1 (hd1,1) 3fe937cb-aa77-4516-a911-3da514d21aae

There's other partitions, but I don't think they're referenced in any of the boot files and my grub.cfg menu entries:

menuentry 'Ubuntu, with Linux 2.6.32-24-generic' --class ubuntu --class gnu-linux --class gnu --class os {


This problem originated when I moved XP from sdc to sdb using clonezilla. I installed Ubuntu after that, however, and I have since run update-grub, so the menu entries should reflect that move. Also, all drives are set to IDE in BIOS.

However, I can mount the windows partition in Ubuntu and read all the files fine.

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Ubuntu :: Understand Hard Disk Diagnosis Result / "read Error " While Booting?

Apr 3, 2011

I face "read error " while booting. sometimes it start normally. someone told me to check hard disk for errors. i used gsmartcontrol for this. but from its result i am unable to decide is this hard disk failure or just minor errors. can somebody tell me do i require to change my hd or it just something else to cause such error.

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General :: Read Just Disk Space Between /dev/sda2 And /dev/sda5?

Dec 19, 2010

However, when I installed Oracle Express Edition Database 10g, it complains that I have insufficient disk space on '/' directory. Here is a snapshot of my system. Wondering if I would like to swap the free space from /dev/sda5 into /dev/sda2.


[root@localhost ~]# fdisk -l
Disk /dev/sda: 42.9 GB, 42949672960 bytes
255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 5221 cylinders


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Ubuntu Installation :: Disc Boot Failure - Insert System Disk And Press Enter

Jan 7, 2010

I bought a HP desktop PC, which came without a Hard drive as the pervious owner had removed it for security reasons. A week later I got a hold of a brand new - out of an anti-static sealed bag - compatible Western Digital Caviar SE 80GB SATA150 7200 HDD, and installed it as directed by my manual. Up until now, things looked to be on a roll. As I don't have any windows OS, I figured Ubunutu would be the way to go (and it certainly is from what I've heard and read about it. I can't wait!).

So I sent off for a CD and it popped through my mail a few weeks back. The problem that I am having is after booting past a very brief view of the HP POST screen, the screen goes black with the error "Disc boot failure-insert system disk and press enter". I've tried placing the Ubuntu disc in (assuming it is asking for that? An OS disc) and restarting, and changing the boot order around, but no matter what I do the error persists and I can't install Ubuntu. I really want to get this PC running with Ubuntu.

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Debian :: Error: Installation Cannot Continue Without This Dependency

Jun 2, 2010

I am running Debian squeeze and I am trying to install hplip-3.10.5 so I can use my new HP Photosmart C4750 printer.I downloaded the automatic installer and ran it and it gave me the following error message:

error: A required dependency 'cups-image (CUPS image - CUPS image development files)' is still missing.
error: Installation cannot continue without this dependency.
error: Please manually install this dependency and re-run this installer.

So I ran apt-get install cups-image and got the following:

raygo75@RayGo1:~/Desktop$ sudo apt-get install cups-image
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Couldn't find package cups-image

does the package "cups-image" exist? and if it does were can I find it. I have looked to no avail. I have posted a question on hplip seeing as that is were I got the script from.

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Fedora Installation :: Update - Unexpected Error And Could Not Continue

Apr 10, 2010

I just installed F12 lastnight and I went to run updates and the update manager said that there were unexpected errors and could not continue. I tried again today and same results. There are something like 321Mb of updates to run so...would be nice to get this machine updated.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Continue To Boot 64 Bit Due To FSCK Error In Superblock

Jan 7, 2011

Today for strange reason, one of my Ubuntu 64 bit server Linux VM failed to start ? it stopped in the FSCK scan status with the error as attached. few days back I've added new hard disk successfully and format it as sdb5 without problem.

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General :: Read The Contents Of A Physical Disk That Was Part Of A Larger Logical Volume?

Mar 17, 2010

how easy it would be to read the contents of a physical disk that was part of a larger logical volume. The disk contains a "Linux LVM" partition that spans its entire size. My problem is that one of my disks died, and I have to send it back for a warranty replacement. However, the disk is dead, and I can't zero it out. I'm just trying to assess how difficult it would be (or at least how likely it would be) for a tech that's checking out the disk to get at the data.

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General :: Non-System Disk Or Disk Error?

Oct 17, 2010

I have windows and linux distros on my /dev/sda. I tried to install fedora 13, but after reboot I cannot boot up to any of installed systems. I'm getting: Non-System disk or disk errorreplace and striky any key when readyWhen I use ubuntu 10, boot from first hard disk, I'm able to get GNU GRUB version 1.98...nd boot up to any system. but without ubuntu in a cd-rom I'm getting this error.I tried: grub-install /dev/sdX in one of my installed linux distros, but without any success.

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Debian Installation :: Squeeze Dist-upgrade Exited With Error Continue From?

Apr 21, 2011

I was upgrading from lenny to squeeze. At the apt-get dist-upgrade step, at some point (after upgrading and configuring) it tried to create a new certificate for my mail server but creation of the certificate failed, dpkg reported an error and the whole process exited with error. So I rebooted the machine and issued again apt-get dist-upgrade but now the certificate was created successfully . After that it upgraded mysql-client and the process finished.

But I don't know if configuring of the upgraded packages has stopped at the point where dpkg stopped. I suppose so, because very few packages were configured at that point. Is the solution to run dpkg-reconfingure -a (or -u ?) or dpkg --confingure -a or something else ? (dpkg has the PACKAGE STATES)

dpkg --configure --pending gives me no package for configuration.PS: At least I hope that all packages were upgraded and a few were not configured. Is there a way to confirm that all packages were upgraded ?

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Ubuntu :: Error "There Was An Error Mounting /var/run Press S To Skip M For Manual Recovery"

Jun 14, 2011

not solved the correct way, reloaded using the backup i had the foresight to make i separated / into 3 partitions (/, /tmp, and /var) and after a lot of work (and hair pulling) i can now boot and login but i am getting these 2 errors during bootup

There was an error mounting /var/run Press S to skip M for manual recovery
There was an error mounting /var/lock Press S to skip M for manual recovery


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Fedora :: Getting "There Was An Error During The CUPS Operation: 'client-error-forbidden' / When Press "Remove Printer"?

Oct 19, 2009

When I installed Fedora GNOME I could use my printer fine (But I had to change the recommended driver) Now, I switched to KDE and I plug-in my printer, It automaticly adds it, Now I have to delete it and re-add to fix the small bug... Except when I press "Remove Printer" I get "There was an error during the CUPS operation: 'client-error-forbidden'."

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General :: Unable To Boot Windows / Grub Error Saying GRub Loading Stage2 Read Error

Jul 8, 2011

I am new to Linux. I have installed RHEL 5.4 on my PC with preloaded Windows XP.

Windows was set as the first boot kernel. So if i do not choose which OS to be loaded it will load Windows by Default.

Today I got an error saying GRub Loading Stage2 read error.

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General :: Error - Read Only Directory Structure

May 20, 2010

I am using RHEL 4.4. Last time when I reboot my server it generate an error, and mention to run fsck command in repair mode. When I ran, this fix some problems, but after that it generate an error of gdm and X11 services after showing login sceen and getting user name and passwod. But I login via putty from a remote system. So, when I tried to make changes like create directory or file or even tried to make any change in any file it generate an error that " you can not make changes in read only file system".

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