Fedora :: Unable To Recover Folder From Trash Bin / Fix It?

Apr 19, 2011

I switched from OpenSUSE to Fedora and I moved a folder full of coursework and a backup of that folder (which was pretty outdated) onto a usb. Once I had installed Fedora, I first deleted the outdated backup, intending to make another fresh one but then I realised that somehow the original files hadn't copied from OpenSUSE onto the USB.

The situation I'm in now is that I only have the outdated backup in the trash can so I need that back but I get the following error message when I try and recover it:


Error while copying to "desktop". There was an error getting information about the destination.

And then when I select the "Show more details" drop-down:


Error stating file '/media/5E7A-32A1/desktop': No such file or directory

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Ubuntu :: Look Into Trash Folder - Unable Immediate Deletion?

Jan 1, 2010

Where is the Trash folder where deleted files are moved? I found no /dev/null How can I tell Ubuntu: Wipe Trash folder on exit How can I tell Ubuntu: Delete files immediately without moving them first to Trash folder?

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Fedora :: Recover Files Deleted From KDE Trash?

May 27, 2010

I moved a few files from a directory in my home directory structure to the KDE trash folder, and then deleted them from the trash folder. About a minute later I regretted this, and now I'd like to see if there's any way to recover the files. First, are there any good utilities for restoring accidentally deleted files? If so, where would I look for these files? Does the KDE trash config file actually correspond to a physical directory somewhere, or do the files just remain hidden in their original location?

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Fedora :: Recover Trash Can Files From Command Line

Oct 17, 2009

I have just accidently deleted /usr/lib as root, how do I restore it from the trash can from command line? Seeing as how no programs will now run. I can't seem to find /root/.Trash, no such folder seems to exist ,or did I just royally screw myself?


First off where is the Trash folder for root in Fedora 11 I have googled and looked everywhere I can't get a straight answer. It is not in /root/.Trash for one.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Delete Simple Backup Folder From Trash

Jul 17, 2010

I'm a beginner at backing up my Ubuntu system, but I've set Simple Backup to do a backup once a week. I deleted the oldest of these files, but now it's sitting in my Trash and I can't empty it. I get a permission denied error for the folders within the backup folder in the trash, yet I can't restore the folder either - Ubuntu says it 'failed to determine the original path' for the folder. I've just discovered this in Xubuntu Jaunty, but I'm confident the same will happen in any other WM I choose (I have several installed - I like variety ).

It's not a huge file, but it's hanging out there and I'd like to get it either deleted or restored. Possibly I oughtn't to have deleted it in the first place (it usually lives in /var/backup, which I can't access except as root). The files, which I probably deleted /as/ root, show up in my user trash rather than root's trash. I found the trash in ~/.local/share/Trash/files, but I'm not sure if just deleting them as root would be a good.

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General :: Unable To Recover File From Password Protect Folder

Apr 25, 2011

actually i upload a password protect folder software, but unfortunately it was a trial version which i didn't know . now i am unable to recover my files from that.

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Fedora :: Remove The Computer, Trash, And Home Folder From The Desktop And Have Them Just In The Panel?

Jan 20, 2011

Is there a way to remove the Computer, Trash, and Home folder from the desktop and have them just in the panel? I like a clean desktop with no icons, and would like to use the top panel as a "dock" of sorts.

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Ubuntu :: Lucid- Trash Remove/recover Won't Work?

May 10, 2010

I mistakenly moved a folder to the trash where it is stuck. I have tried moving it back to its original location using 2 methods, drag and drop, menu -edit- move. I also tried moving the files within the folder out indivdually though I get the same message.When trying, I get an error message Quote:Error while copying "mlmeTypes.rdf"There was an error copying the file into media/(location)/(file name).Show more detailsItems in the trash may not be modifiedI am glad it isn't something important! not this time at least.

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Fedora :: Adding GTK 3 Theme To Folder - System Cannot Recover

Aug 4, 2011

I tried to change gtk and theme by add a gtk 3 theme to the folder usr/share/themes but unfortunately a problem has occurred and the system can't recover. Please log out and try again.

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OpenSUSE :: Where Is The Trash Folder

Mar 13, 2011

Only one question: Where is located the trash folder ? (in which directory)

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Ubuntu :: Trash Folder Shows Nothing?

Apr 11, 2010

When I open the trash through the icon in my desktop (trash://) I see 0 items, when actually I have a lot of items in my trash.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot See The Contents Of The Trash Folder ?

Jul 5, 2010

When try recover a file from thash folder, i cant see the contents, but, when make properties to the folder, show 47 files on the trash folder, and the docklets of docky, also show files (41 files). Ubuntu Lucid 10.04

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 - Can't Find Trash Folder?

May 13, 2011

I accidentally deleted an important folder from my desktop and now need to get into the trash folder to restore it. I thought that it is und by opening my home folder (nautilus?) and that is shows up in the list in the pane on the left. Now I only see two items listed there - "Home Folder" and "File System," and the trash folder is not in either of them. Not even if I select to view hidden files.I know how to get to it from the command line and view what is inside:

cd ~/.local/share/Trash/info; ls
But I would prefer to navigate to it in the gui

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Debian :: How To Expand / Enlarge Trash Folder

Jan 22, 2011

Trying to refresh my diseased memory & tell me how to expand/enlarge trash folder?

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Ubuntu :: .Trash Folder In The /root Directory?

Feb 26, 2010

.Trash folder in the /root directory. If I'm using gksudo nautilus, where can i access this cause It may have trash I can delete. (Trying to free up space , and I already used wacktomack's guide)

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Ubuntu :: Can't Move Folder To Trash NTFS?

Jun 20, 2010

I have an NTFS partition automatically mounted in fstab. I have read many forums and have done what they have to try and fix this problem, but it still won't move the files to the NTFS trash folder. What can I do to make this work?Here is my fstab entry:

# NTFS partition /dev/sda1
UUID=5D924B8408514F71 /media/MediaDrive ntfs rw,auto,users,nosuid,uid=1000,fmask=137,dmask=027,utf8 0 0

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Ubuntu :: NTFS Trash Folder For More Than One User?

Aug 8, 2010

I recently added another user to my system. My principal user has ID=1000 the new user has ID=1001, they both belong to the group id 1000.

I have an NTFS partition that I am now able to mount for both the users at boot with this line in the fstab:

UUID=F472BDC372BD8ABE /media/OS ntfs-3g quiet,defaults,uid=1000,rw,utf8 0 0

The point is that if I don't put the option


I cannot move files to trash but only delete them if I put it I can move files to trash but only if I am logged in as the user with ID=1000 I have tried to change the option and use the groups logic instead of the users (groups are there for this purpose aren't them?) and change the option into

since both the users belong to group 1000

but the result is that in this way none of them can trash anything (only delete permanently) I have also tried to create a .Trash-1001 folder did not work either

Is there a way to be able to use a Trash folder (or different trash folders I don't mind) and be able to trash files for different users in NTFS?

how the fstab line would look like?

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General :: Remove .mozilla Folder From Trash Can?

Dec 12, 2010

I have an old hard drive w/XandrOS that I decided to make external storage. I didn't bother wiping it. I figured I could just replace files on it like .mozilla folder.I currently have OSS 11.3 where I chose to copy and paste .mozilla from OSS to external HD. I was denied access to copy over certain files.Then I made the bonehead maneuver of trashing .mozilla from the external HD. Now, my trash can says that my access is denied to "cookperm.txt" and other files. I attempted to restore it, but it can't because the new .mozilla file is the external HD.Wow, did I corner myself. I could really use some help. Just want to eliminate that old

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Delete Or Empty .Trash-1000 Folder?

May 5, 2010

Straight to the problem on my [Ubuntu 9.10].I cannot delete or empty my .Trash-1000 folder on my flash drive. I tried changing permission with chmod but no way, I cannot empty the folder via the Ubuntu main trash option 'Empty Trash'. I read a bunch of threads but no way.Do you know a solution that works to this problem?Even further. Do you know a way to tell nautilus to avoid using that folder in my USB devices and use instead the normal trash folder on my system?

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OpenSUSE :: Add Trash Can To Desktop Folder View \ Icon Change?

Feb 12, 2010

Does anyone know how to add a fully working (icon changes) Trashcan to the Desktop Folder View?I don't want the plasmoid/widget on the Desktop or on the Task Manager Panel.I can right click -> Create New -> Link to Location(URL), but the icon doesn't change.If the Desktop Folder View is a plasmoid, I guess I'm asking can a plasmoid (trash can) run inside another plasmoid (desktop view) %-)

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Ubuntu :: Removal Of Individual Items From Trash Folder In Evolution

Oct 17, 2010

Is there a way to remove individual deleted e-mails (as opposed to having to empty the entire contents of the folder) from the trash folder in the Evolution e-mail program? If not, you can do this in Outlook, why would this option not be included in Evolution?

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Ubuntu :: Is It Safe To Delete Trash-1000 Folder On FAT Pen Drive?

Mar 12, 2011

I formatted an old pen drive and noticed that when I deleted files, the free space was not going down. Then I hit Ctrl+h and saw a folder named .Trash-1000. Is this only needed if someone if using Windows or can it be safely deleted?

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Software :: Libtrash On Server / Running In Bg And Location Of Trash Folder

Dec 1, 2010

I've been looking into libtrash to give me the ability to recover files that users mistakenly delete from Samba/Netatalk/ProFTPD shares.But I have some questions about getting a specific libtrash configuration.We have a RAID6 shared files partition and all our users have full read and write access to /mnt/raid6/shared through Samba/Netatalk/ ProFTPD...Reading through all the docs supplied with libtrash it seems to suggest that the trash folder can only be located in the user's home folder.

This has prompted a couple of questions:

1) Having gone through the docs, I can't find a place to specify the location of the trash folder.I can specify the name of the trash folder, but it seems like it's automatically created under the user's home directory.I'm looking to have the trash folder also stored on the RAID6 partition.Because the boot/OS drive is a smaller 120GB drive, and the RAID6 is 4TB. So if someone deleted 3TB of files, the trash folder wouldn't be able to take them all as the trash folder's on the 120GB boot drive.

Is there a way to specify the absolute location of the trash folder?I'd like to have a single trash folder for all users of the machine.

2) Since this is a server, most of the daemons will be running as user nobody/samba/ whatever. Not an actual interactive user account with a home folder etc.
I have read the note about this in the docs and it seems that user nobody will need write access to the trash folder in order to put files in there.However it will rarely be the case that it's an interactive user removing files from the terminal. I'm only looking for protection if any of the server daemons remove files.

Does libtrash run in the background or is it only active when an interactive user is logged in?Since it seems libtrash is activated by a variable in /etc/profile

Is libtrash suitable for what I'm looking for?Anyone got any alternate suggestions for what I'm trying to do?Is there something I could be doing on the filesystem level? The FS of the RAID 6 array is ext3 but can always change that if there's something better out there!OS is CentOS 5.5 64bit

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General :: Could Not Make Folder /home/theif519/.local/share/Trash

Jun 5, 2011

After removing GDM, XFCE4, and the crap-load of dependencies that came with it, something must have gone wrong. I can not place items nor delete items any more. How do I fix this problem of mine? I'm using KDE at the moment.


Could not make folder /home/theif519/.local/share/Trash

Deletion of files is necessary. I have installed libtrash hoping it'd work, but it didn't, I even did chmod 755 like it suggested I do. What do I do?

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Ubuntu :: How To Recover Deleted Folder

Jun 26, 2011

I accidentally cut and paste two folders into my flash disk. then i deleted the folders from my flash. How can I recover the folders? They are not in my PC trash.

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OpenSUSE :: Dolphin Error Message 'The File Or Folder /.local/share/Trash/files/IMGP1676.DNG Does Not Exist'?

Feb 10, 2011

Every time I try to empty the waste bin I get dolphin error - 'The file or folder /.local/share/Trash/files/IMGP1676.DNG does not exist'I tried to recreate the file 'IMGP1676.DNG' , deleted it i.e. sent i to the waste bin and then tried the empty waste bin again, although this time it was there and deleted it still reported the same error.du -h .local/share/Trash/files/ 12K .local/share/Trash/files

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Go To Trash?

Feb 1, 2010

I'm using Ubuntu 9.10. From several days my Trash icon is disappeared from the bar. The real problem is that I cannot even access Trash from nautilus. When I click Trash in the sidebar, it says "The folder contents could not be displayed: Sorry, could not display the contents of 'trash': operation not supported"I really need to visit trash since i deleted an important directory by accident and need to recover it from trash.

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General :: Recover /opt/local/bin Folder That Accidentally Deleted?

Apr 2, 2010

I'm running Mac OS X 10.5.8. I was recently uninstalling mysql5 from /opt/local/bin.I typed:rm -rf /opt/local/bin mysql*instead ofrm -rf /opt/local/bin/mysql*This deleted my entire /opt/local/bin directory which puts me in a bit of a bind.Is there any way to recover those files? If not, I have a friend that is using a similar set of programs, would it be possible to use the contents of his folderIf I end up needing to reinstall everything in this folder, what is the best way to go about doing this?

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Ubuntu :: Recover Files From Encrypted Home Folder

May 16, 2011

I upgraded from ubuntu 9.10 to 11.04. During installation (Natty) I chosen the option to encrypt the home folder. After a day the system crashed. It was showing that disk is having health problems. If I boot from live cd then i cant access the home folder. When I tried to mount the home folder, it says "Reading directory: input/output error"

Because I used Karmic without problem I reinstalled the Karmic, then I can mount the home folder, but cant access it as it was encrypted.Now Karmic is installed. I tried to boot from Live CD of Natty and tried to mount /home folder, it says some super-block issues.How to access the files in the home folder?

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Software :: MySQL Configuration Folder Deleted - Any Way To Recover

Dec 25, 2008

I was trying to delete mysql server and client and accidentally I deleted the configuration folder /etc/mysql. Is there a way to recover this folder??? I thought that only reinstalling it would solve the issue, but it didn't.

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