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Fedora Networking :: Connection From WinXP To 11 Remote Desktop (behind Router)?

My home linux box is behind a Linksys WRT110 router. I have enabled the Remote Desktop from System-->Preferences-->Remote Desktop. I then run TightVNC from my WinXP box. As I wish to run a secure connection, my first obstacle comes from PuTTY.
In PuTTY, my settings are as follows:

Host Name(or IP address) Port 22


I recieve "Network error: Connection refused" I have gleened all of this information from other boards and tutorials. I know there is something critical that I am missing.

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Networking :: Want To Access RHEL5 Bu Remote Desktop From Winxp?
I want to access RHEL5 by remote desktop from windows XP.

Posted: 06-17-2009, 01:31 AM

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Fedora Networking :: Cannot Remote Desktop / Connection To Machine Name Was Closed
I have recently installed fedora 14 and configured vpn to access my work network. I need to access some windows machines which although I can ping I cannot remote desktop into. When I go to Applications>Internet> Remote Desktop Viewer and put in the machine name (either just the machine name or the FQDN including the domain name) I get an error "Connection to <machinename> was closed".

Posted: 7th November 2010, 10:08 AM

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Ubuntu Networking :: Setting Up Desktop (9.04) Behind Router For Remote Access By Latptop (9.10)?
Setting up desktop (9.04) behind router for remote access by latptop (9.10) I am setting up desktop (9.04) behind router for remote access by latptop (9.10). Rationale: All of my files are on my desktop HD, but I am often out of my home needing to work on my files. It is becoming labour intensive to keep track of the files I make/change and try to copy them on my non-connected desktop/laptop.

Dream: Able to remote access and modify my desktop files from my laptop (while the files remain on the desktop). Request: A simple, GUI, basic, non-technical guide how to set it up!

What I know: 1.I was going to use the 'Remote Desktop' VNC connection under System->Preferences. However, if I understand this correctly, this only secures my computer (i.e. Locks the front door of my desktop) and the data streamed between them is not encrypted.[URL]..

2.Then I need to set up my router to accept the connection from my laptop.

3.Then I will need to use SSH to secure the info sent between them. This is the bit I don't really have a good grip on.


Posted: January 8th, 2010

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Fedora Networking :: Port 22 - Connection Refused - Can't Use "Remote Desktop Viewer 2.31.4" To Vnc
Friday night I was working on some networking stuff between my two Fedora 14 boxes. I have my laptop and my desktop. on both machines I have "system-config-firewall 1.2.27" and "iptables" (i believe both come standard on F14?) I kept getting the same message as seen below before realizing perhaps I should check my firewall!

I added a rule for incoming and outgoing traffic on port 22 and was able to get in with no problems at all! however today I can't ssh into anything... I can't use "Remote Desktop Viewer 2.31.4" to vnc into the machine anymore. I can't remember the exact error message at this time, it's something close to "Connection was terminated" or "Unable to connect" I can update this message later.

last night I foolishly uninstalled the system-config-firewall and then uninstalled iptables to see if it was a simple firewall issue.... totally hosed my system <insert smiley!>

After reinstalling and realizing I didn't backup my documents <insert smiley!...again...> I started reinstalling all of my applications. I'm still unable to use ssh and I've tried to ssh my own computer.

Is this possible?

# ssh
ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

Posted: 1st March 2011, 03:53 PM

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Networking :: VPN Active But No Remote Desktop Connection?
I am trying to connect to my Company network through VPN. I use a Lynksys router which is most likely not the problem, as I can get the VPN and Remote Desktop to work from a WinXP Pro laptop connected to the same router. I have tried several RDC clients, none of them establish a connection. The VPN connection is active, I can ping and Traceroute to it , but I cannot get the RDC to work. The RDC should connect to on the company network.

Posted: 02-27-2010, 01:37 PM

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Ubuntu Networking :: Remote Desktop Connection Closing After A While?
Does anyone know what could be causing a Remote Desktop connection to a 10.04 box to be closing after some period of time? I have three systems all running 10.04 with Remote Desktop enabled. I'm using UltraVNC on Windows 7 to connect to them. If I open a connection and leave it open for a long time (like overnight, for example), when I come back in the morning, I still see the VNC window but as soon as I click on it, it closes. I can immediately open a new connection to the box but it now shows two active connections. At first I was thinking maybe there's an idle timeout value but given that Ubuntu still seems to think that the original connection is active, maybe the problem isn't on the Ubuntu side but on the UltraVNC side?

Posted: July 7th, 2010

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Fedora :: Gnome - Can Allow A Remote Desktop / VNC Connection If No User Is Logged In
Is there a way gnome can allow a remote desktop / VNC connection if no user is logged in? If the server gets rebooted I can't access it (remote desktop / VNC). Someone physically has to go there and log in. Surely there must be a way as gnome is running just waiting for a login.

Posted: 18th October 2010, 05:12 AM

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Ubuntu :: Remote Desktop With Router WRT54GS2
I recently got a new router (and new isp). On my old isp and router it seemed quite simple to remote desktop to my linux box from any of my windows xp machines using vnc.

After I got my new router(WRT54GS2) and pretty much at the same time upgraded to 10.04 I had went back to reconfigure it. I simply cannot find a way to make this work. On the old version of ubuntu the remote desktop settings had a choice to change the port which seemed like the key ingredient to make it work when I was having troubles before. This new version seems verrry dumbed down to me and I can't seem to get anything to work.

I read some tutorials and all I've seen is to change port forwarding settings on my router(i'll include a picture of what that looks like)

Posted: July 18th, 2010

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Fedora Networking :: Keep Connection To Router Always Active?
Most of the time when I go back to my computer, eth0 has disconnected if left overnight or several hours, and takes around 30 secs to reconnect to my router, finding it a little annoying as the reason I leave the computer on is for quick access to the internet.My computer is connected to the router via an ethernet cable.Used Mandriva and Windows XP on this same hardware for awhile and never came across this.How do I keep the connection to the router active?

Posted: 20th August 2010, 12:13 PM

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Networking :: Wireless Connection Only Works When Close To The Router On Fedora 13
I have Fedora 13 installed on my Fujitsu Siemens Laptop. I can only connect to my wireless router when the laptop is close to it. When I try using the laptop in the next room, it keeps asking for the password and eventually disconnects after 3 or 4 attempts. The wireless connection worked fine in Windows XP.

Posted: 08-06-2010, 03:40 PM

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Networking :: Fedora 13 - Wireless Network - Incorrect For Connection To Router
I changed the network setting and caused a problem of wireless network. After I completely reinstall the OS of Fedora 13, the wireless network is still incorrect for connection to router.

Posted: 11-01-2010, 11:10 AM

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Fedora Networking :: Remote Connection To Terminal Only?
I've been able to use connect to my home laptop from school using VNC (and the Remote Desktop Connection program in f10), but since the graphics take forever to stream, it's almost pointless to use it.Is there any way to connect to my home computer, and ONLY get a Terminal?I've googled around and haven't found a concise way to do this... i'm so confused about how this stuff works (esp how it relates to SSH)

Posted: 26th March 2009, 04:18 PM

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Fedora Networking :: Can't Access Remote Desktop
New Fedora 13 Install. I have Remote Desktop Enabled. I can access the machine from itself but not others on the network. I stopped the firewall, that did not work. I looked in hosts.allow and hosts.deny, no entries there. The vino server is running. There is nothing in /varlog/messages, dmesg or /var/log/secure, at least nothing I could find related to vino. What else can I check? The conf file in my home folder looks exactly like one on another machine where it is working. forgot to add the message I get when I try it from a remote machine is "The connection to host was closed". So it appears something is actively rejecting the login.

Posted: 16th July 2010, 01:08 PM

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Fedora Networking :: Connect F10 Using Remote Desktop?
how to connect fedora 10 using remote desktop? i have a notebook and a desktop. both machine is in same LAN. and Both machines are using fedora 10. i would like to access my desktop from my notebook. how to do this? i have installed the remote desktop. and vnc viewer. but couldn't get thorugh it...

i have done this.
1. sudo yum install vino
2. intall vnc viewer.

Posted: 8th July 2009, 04:31 PM

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Fedora Networking :: Setting Up Remote Desktop On F14?
I'm trying to set up the Remote Desktop and am not getting anywhere. No matter what I do it seems that I'm only able to set it up to be viewable locally, over the local intranet. Do I need to open specific ports on a router? If so, what ports? Is there anything else I need to configure?

Posted: 3rd February 2011, 07:27 PM

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Debian :: Connection To Remote Desktop?
I need to work with other computer. How could i make it? Should I use SSH over VNC, or?... There is a lot of information about it, but, maybe, too much information. I just need to connect to my other desktop. In win i've used TeamViewer. What should i use here?

Posted: 2010-11-20 13:11

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Ubuntu Networking :: SSH Connection - Router Works To Except Connection Requests
I'm trying to do a SSH connection between my home and work PC both machines are running ubuntu 10.04. I have read all the comunity documentation at [URL] from Work PC. I went on to the web site what is my ip address and noted down the number, From Home i opened a terminal and typed: pnig (ip address). to which their was no reply, now i'm assuming i need to configure the works router to except connection requests, is this Correct?

Also what information do i need from my works network and how do i get it? I understand that I need the routers expernal ip address, but how do i referiance a specified computer after that address? What program do i use in ubunu and how is that information applied to it?

Posted: July 28th, 2010

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Fedora Networking :: Setup VPN / Remote Desktop To Windows PC?
I am a Linux newbie. I am trying to see if it is possible to access a windows pc through some form of vpn/rdp setup. My machine is dual boot with Windows XP. On Windows XP, I am able to connect to my office via VPN client to connect to my office, then Remote Desktop to my local machine on the network.. Is there some way for me to do this with Linux? I find it really annoying to have to boot to Windows just to access my work pc.

Posted: 16th March 2010, 12:10 AM

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Fedora Networking :: Minimizing Remote Desktop Traffic?
Most discussion of lightweight desktops seems to focus on cpu and/or gpu load. I want to ask a different question (though it may have the same solution): how to set up a secure remote desktop server for students to minimise network load. My current setup (gnome plus vncserver, tunneled over ssh) is certainly a bad choice, but I'm having trouble finding the right information about what to choose. My current best guesses:LXDE (not too unfamilar to students used to gnome)NX (generally said to give better compression) Is this a reasonable compromise? Is there a better solution? host server settings to reduce network load client settings the students could use to minimise network load security implications of distributing the nx ssh session key widely

Posted: 23rd April 2011, 06:28 AM

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Fedora Networking :: Remote Desktop Display Corruption ?
This is a strange problem, 2 Fedora 11 machines, both Dell's. On machine A, remote desktop is okay. On Machine B, remote desktop display is corrupt/unusable.

However, prior to upgrading to Fedora 11, both machines had Fedora 10, and, remote desktop on Machine A was corrupt and Machine B was okay.

Any idea what happened? Why did the upgrade fix one and break the other? Both machines where upgraded with Pre-upgrade. The two machines are in to separate locations, un-related to each other.

Posted: 23rd June 2009, 05:25 AM

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Fedora Networking :: Setup A Remote Server On An Old Desktop?
I am trying to set up a remote server on an old desktop that i have and i am running into problems. I have the packet installed but i can not get it to run. When ever I enter /sbin/service sshd start

I get Generating SSH1 RSA host key:[FAILED] and i can not for the life of me figure it out. Running fedora 12

Posted: 6th January 2010, 08:50 PM

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SUSE / Novell :: Using VNC And Remote Desktop Connection?
using VNC to remotely administer another desktop? I have set up KDE remote desktop sharing on the computer I'm trying to access and I have the ip address. I keep getting a "Connection failed. No server running at the given address and port" message. The computer I'm trying access is behind a router and openSUSE's firewall. Do I need to allow vnc and vnc server on my firewall? Do I need to do this on the firewall of the computer I'm trying to access? Should I turn off the firewall on the computer I'm trying to access? Should I temporarily bypass the router? Should I bypass my own router?

Posted: 11-15-2007, 07:58 PM

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General :: Set Up Remote Desktop Connection From Windows 7
How do i set up a remote desktop connection from my Windows 7 machine to a SFTP server im trying to set up running on Fedora 10.Ive installed vnc server on fedora, and tried tightvnc and real vncviewer on windows and i cant get it to connect. Im not sure how the firewall works in fedora, but ive added the port to the "other ports" section of the firewall. On the windows firewall ive also added the vnc programs to the exception list.

Posted: 03-14-2010, 12:39 PM

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Ubuntu :: Print On Remote Desktop Connection?
In my company we all using ubuntu os. For my ERP i connected windows 2003 server through remote desktop connection. Connections are working properly. But i have to configure for print. I have printer connected with my windows xp os. I have to give print on 2003 server via remote desktop connection.. and i want print out on my local windows xp machine. How i have to configure...

Posted: November 3rd, 2010

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