Fedora :: Can't Find System Log Viewer / What Happened To It?

Mar 9, 2010

In fedora 12 I can't find the system log viewer, I am sure there was one in fedora 11 under the menu applications > system tools >

What happened to the system log viewer in fedora 12?

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Fedora :: Can't Find The Dang Software Log Viewer

Nov 21, 2009

After installing system and getting most things working in something rediculous like only 4 hours from disk to desktop. I find theres alot of strange things missing in Fedora 12.

Where's my system log viewer?
Where's my software log viewer?
Where's my ability to edit the menu?

Ok got most of that fixed but I still can't find the dang software log viewer.I can't find it under Gnome portion of the add/remove software.


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Ubuntu :: Find A Good Viewer For Pdf Files?

Jan 24, 2011

I'm having issues trying to find a good viewer for my pdf files. The only one I've found that works very well is the Acrobat Reader port for Linux. Even this isn't as good as its equivalent in Windows. I tried xpdf and some others, but found a lot of functionality lacking, such as the basic ability to get the hand tool for scrolling the page.

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Fedora :: What Happened To '-F' In Shutdown?

Aug 26, 2011

In FC 15 x64, I can no longer issue "shutdown -rF now". I get tagged on the "-F" option."-F" seems to have disappeared from the man page as well. The "-F" option was to force a "fsck" on my next boot.What happened to the "-F" option? Has fsck disappeared when we went from ext3 to ext4?

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Fedora Networking :: Tried To Do: Scp Ttt.txt Jojo@ Nothing Happened?

Nov 2, 2009

I'm using fedora 11 and though ssh works perfectly , scp doesn't work at allwhat i tried to do: scp ttt.txt jojo@ nothing happend so i typed:scp -v ttt.txt jojo@

Executing: program /usr/bin/ssh host, user jojo, command scp -v -t ~
OpenSSH_5.2p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8k-fips 25 Mar 2009
debug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh/ssh_config


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Fedora :: What Happened To Gnome-volume-properties?

Oct 29, 2009

I'd like to know, what happened to this tool? Till F10 this tool was responsible for automounting Usb drives/Cdrom drives that were connected before I logged into the System via gdm. Since F11, this feature seems to be gone. I recently noticed that my external usb disk stopped to "automagically" appear on the desktop after login. Now I have to powercycle the disk (switch off, switch on) to have it appear on the desktop again. Is there an alternative tool to gnome-volume-properties, or do I really have to play around with hal to get this back? Doesn't really makes to me any sense to remove this feature.

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Fedora :: What Happened To Danger Mouse's Fedoraplus (autoten) Thread

Jun 1, 2011

Does anyone know what happened to Danger mouse's Fedoraplus (autoten) thread?I note his site is down for maintenance.

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Ubuntu :: Remove Or Disable Document Viewer Safely From System?

Jun 1, 2011

Is it possible to safely remove Document Viewer from Ubuntu system? When I try to uninstall it using the Software Center it says that the Ubuntu Desktop system will go with it. Is there another, safer way?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Can't Find The File System

Jul 24, 2010

while organizing my HD (windows) i ran across a file that i couldnt open. i check the file type, and the only thing it said was 'file'..so i made it an image and mounted it on my linux VM (cant seem to find, or mount the host OS HD) ..but i dont know the command to find out what's the file system type so i can read whats in it (i'm thinking its a registry bac-up from windows? but it's like 4g's..the modification date is from 2008..so i'm curious to find out what i saved)

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Fedora :: Could Not Find The File System Drv/root

Oct 11, 2009

well i was messing with the Gparted live disk and i deleted a small partition of about 6 megs (yes megs). trying to be efficient doing some cleanup of course. but when i rebooted my Fedora 10 i get the black screen saying," could not find the file system. /dev/root". ok, i am useing the fedora 10 live cd now. can i copy that file to my hard drive from the cd? or do i need to reinstall Fedora?

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Fedora :: Cannot Find GStreamer Properties On System

Feb 13, 2010

This might seem like an odd problem, but I can't find gstreamer-properties on my system. Also I can't find a package that provides it. I have tried the following

None of those seem to provide the file. can someone who has gstreamer-properties do a
rpm -f gstreamer-properties
and let me know what rpm provides that file ?

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Fedora :: Where To Find Information About System Crashes?

Jun 17, 2011

I randomly get system crashes of a fresh Fedora 15 install.
I cannot reproduce, however.

Where would I find information on system crashed (kernel panics)?

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Fedora Hardware :: Can't Find System - Config - Display?

Mar 2, 2010

When I installed F11 it didn't have the i810 driver so it defaulted to VESA. I upgraded to F12 using preupgrade and thought it would re-detect the graphical hardware and didn't. I want to recreate xorg.conf for my computer (Toshiba Satellite A45-S25) so I can use Compiz and some 3D application but I can't find system-config-display. It's missing from the system and I don't know what package it belongs to so I can't re-install it.

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Fedora :: Can't Find System-config-display Packages?

Feb 2, 2011

I can't change my screen resolution but my fedora doesn't have system-config-display. Trying to install this package and for some reason it is not listed under the add/remove software, and yum says it can't find it either.

# yum install -y system-config-display
No package system-config-display available.
Error: Nothing to do

Searching in the add/remove software I found some others such as system-config-firewall, system-config-date and etc but it doesn't have system-config-display. Is there any other way to install this package? currently running kernal linux , fedora 14 on 64 bit system gnome 2.32.0

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Fedora :: Any Pdf Viewer Other Than Acroread With Tabbing?

Jan 23, 2010

I want to be able to view multiple pdfs with tabs like Adobe Reader does but I'd prefer to use a native app like okular. Is there anything in Fedora other than acroread that can open multiple pdfs at a time in tabs?

In okular when you try to load more than one pdf, the newer one pushes out the first one.

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Fedora :: VNC Viewer With File Transfer?

Feb 17, 2010

The last I knew, there still didn't exist a VNC Viewer program for Linux that has UltraVNC or TightVNC file transfer. Is this still the case? I've looked around and so far I haven't found a Linux client that supports either Tight or Ultra file transfer. For example, we are currently connecting to Windoze servers that run UltraVNC server. It would be nice if the Linux VNC client could support file transfer. The alternative is to run the VNC viewers in Wine but I'd rather use a native Linux one if there is such a thing.

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Fedora :: SWF Viewer For Downloaded Files?

Apr 15, 2010

Is there a stand-alone SWF viewer I can use to view downloaded SWF files on Fedora please? I know there's a browser plugin, but it does not have any controls to pause or rewind the file - it just plays the SWF file from start to end. I've tried using Mplayer, but it does not appear to support playing SWF files.

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Fedora :: Adobe Firefox PDF Viewer Bug?

Apr 6, 2011

I have FC14 64 Bit and Firefox on my machine. When I view a PDF for the first time Adobe opens it in my browser, but the second time it just shows a blank tab and the browser hangs for a bit.

Is there an alternative PDF viewer for Firefox or a way to fix this one?

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Fedora :: Remote Desktop Viewer Is Not Working?

Mar 23, 2010

I have a local network in which are two boxes. The first one has Fedora 8 installed and updated regularly and runs an Apache2 webserver. It also has vnc-server activated.

The second one had Fedora 10 installed along with a vnc viewer so that I could access the first box from this one. The first box has the VNC host name of

I had had no problem with this VNC setup until I replaced Fedora 10 with Fedora 12. Initially I was happy to find Remote Desktop Viewer had been installed as part of default installation ( Application > Internet ). But it did not take too long before I got disappointed that this thing failed to work.

No sooner had I connected to the remote box than Fedora 12 kills X-server and logs out displaying a login screen. It seems as if I had killed X-server by issuing a keystroke of CTL-ALT-Backspace, which has apparently been disabled in Fedora 12.

Edit: By the way, I am still able to connect to the Fedora 8 box from a Windows Vista box via TightVnc viewer.

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Fedora :: Incorrect Pdf Print With Document Viewer?

Jun 3, 2010

Document viewer 2.30.1 in fedora 13 does not print pdfs properly. Xpdf is working. I printed the same pdf with document viewer 2.28.2 in fedora 12 without any problems.

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Fedora Networking :: Alternate To Team Viewer?

Jun 16, 2011

I want to connect to some coumputers which are behind campus proxy from outside. So i installed team-viewer software in one comp (from which i connect others in lan)and controlling it from outside. But this is pretty slow as I only want to access text files and execute few commands. Is there an alternate way to access those comps?

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Fedora Installation :: NVidia Driver - Unable To Find System Utility

Jun 15, 2009

I am a new user of Fedora 11. I am a Ubuntu user and could not get my GeForce 9100 on board graphics to work on my new computer with out crashing my computer so I decided I would try fedora. I downloaded the driver from NVidia and I am attempting to install it (Fedora didn't automatically find the driver). I get the following message:
"Error Unable to find the system utility 'ld'; Please make sure you have the 'binutils' installed. If you do have the bin utils installed, then please check that 'ld' is in your PATH."
I am running the driver from $Download as root. I don't know what ld or bin utils is or the check if I have it or if it is in my PATH.

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General :: Fedora Upgrade Fails - System Cannot Find Previous Install

Mar 29, 2011

I am trying to upgrade from Fedora 12 to Fedora 13 using "Preupgrade" but it fails in the last part and tells me that the system cannot find the previous system (fedora 12). I have tried to do the upgrade several times and always the error is the same.

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Fedora :: Adobe PDF Viewer Internal Error Resolution

Jan 15, 2010

After upgrading to Fedora 12 (back when it came out) and then installing the Adobe Reader 9, I was unable to run it as it always came up with a little dialog saying "Internal Error". Same error from web browser when trying to load a PDF. Been ignoring it as there are other PDF viewers.... Got an update to the reader this morning and it did the same thing. Soooo, thought it was time to hunt down the problem if I could. Skipping all the 'what I looked for', I found in my user directory a symbolic link ".adobe > /dev/null" . After deleting this entry (rm .adobe) the problem went away. The reader recreated a new .adobe entry and all is well again.

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Fedora Networking :: Setting Up Static IP And Vnc Viewer Behind A Router

Oct 19, 2010

I have an old pc that I would like to use as a headless server for my music, files, etc that I can access at work and other places outside of my network. I'm a complete noob in this department so please excuse my overwhelming ignorance. The only thing I've managed to succeed at was installing fedora 13. Two things in particular are giving me trouble: 1.)setting up my router and fedora box so that it has a static ip address and 2.)connecting to the fedora box via vncviewer on my laptop.

Fedora Box: Intel Pentium 4 2.66GHz, 1GB ram, Fedora 13
Laptop: Toshiba Satellite A505, Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 2.20GHz, 4GB ram, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Router: D-Link WBR-1310
ISP: Comcast (cable)

Setting Static IP
On the fedora 13 box:
1.)Went to Network Connections and added a new connection
2.)Copied mac address from the default connection
3.)On IPv4 tab, added new address: (this is out of the range which my router will assign automatically) netmask, set gateway to's ip on the network)

When I connect to this new connection web pages don't load, etc. but when I'm on the default connection I have no problems.

Connecting With Vnc Viewer
On the fedora 13 box:
1.)System -> Preferences -> Remote Desktop
2.)Under Sharing I checked "Allow other users to view your desktop" and "Allow other users to control your desktop"
3.)Under Security I unchecked "Ask you for confirmation", checked "Require the user to enter this password", and specified a password

On the router
1.)Set up port forwarding for port 5900, TCP only, to the ip address of the fedora box.

On the laptop
1.)Installed VNCViewer
2.)Went to whatsmyip(dot)org to get ip address of router
3.)Tried to connect to that address, port 5900 (ex. ##.##.##.###::5900)
4.)Connection times out everytime.

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Fedora Installation :: Installing Live CD - Message - Cannot Find Root File System ?

Jan 30, 2010

I have a LiveCD (DVD with many linux versions on it) and no other software on my computer at the moment. The computer specs are as follow:

When I use the live cd I get the following message: Cannot find root file system

I have tried the suggestion along the lines of:

Then it either goes back to Bash or I get "Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init"

Then my install just freezes there and I need to restart my computer.

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Fedora :: Nautilus Viewer - Disable Image Auto Rotate?

Nov 5, 2009

I've noticed in Gnome pretty much all applications auto-rotate images when viewing, but leave the original image data intact. This may sound silly, but when I want to post pictures on, for instance, Facebook they upload as the picture was originally taken. So, if I took a picture with the camera flipped sideways it appears upright in Nautilus and the two image viewers I have installed, but when I upload the picture it appears to be flipped on its side. Does anyone know how to disable the auto-rotate when viewing feature?

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Fedora Networking :: Standard Remote Desktop Viewer To Use RDP Instead Of VNC Protocol?

Jan 15, 2011

is it possible in the standard remote desktop viewer in Fedora 14 to use RDP instead of VNC protocol? I know that Ubuntu provides this feature. I already installed tsclient and rdesktop but that didn't help.Before you say I have to use VNC: I know... I am just curious how I can set up RDP to connect to Windows based machines.

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Fedora :: GThumb Image Viewer Delete - Files Moved To Trash

Mar 4, 2010

When I am deleting pictures using gThumb image viewer it asks "The selected images will be moved to Trash, are you sure?" And if I press "yes" button - it moves message to ~/.Trash, can it be configured to move them into "real" trash? I have created symbolic link and it solved part of my problems, but files "restore" option is unavailable to files which were moved in to trash by this method.

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Ubuntu Security :: What The R^&% Happened

Aug 29, 2010

I moved some video files to a fedora samba server and when I opened one tonight my screen went black and my hard disk went nuts. I saw something about caught unattended installation right before my system rebooted.

I found this under auth.log Aug 29 02:59:39 polkitd(authority=local): Registered Authentication Agent for session /org/freedesktop/ConsoleKit/Session2 (system bus name :1.30 [/$

Did my system just crap out or ?

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