Debian :: Cannot Restart Computer - Testing KDE

Apr 4, 2011

I have a slight problem. I think it is corrupted file(s).

My Debian Testing KDE is not functioning properly. When I Leave and click Restart Computer, the computer does not go to a reboot but goes to the KDE login screen. When I cold boot the computer and click Restart Computer from the KDE login window, the same thing happens, the login window reappears.

When I choose Turn Off Computer, the computer properly powers down.

It looks like I should re-install something but what that something is I don't know. I checked the boot and dmesg logs. Nothing leaps of the screen at me but I have to admit that I am not 100% sure what I am looking for.

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Debian :: Create A Warm Backup (clone Disk) Of O.S. Without Restart Computer?

Jan 17, 2011

I use clonezilla cd live to backup my Debain Squeese O.S.,

there is the possibility to create a warm backup (clone disk) of O.S. without restart the computer ?

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Debian Installation :: Disk Partitioning Consistently Triggers Computer Restart

Jan 3, 2016

I'm trying to perform a clean installation of 8.0.0-i386 from a CD. Seven consecutive attempts all result in the same issue: Almost immediately after commiting the disk partitioning settings (i.e., to begin formatting), the computer does a hard restart. I have tried doing the partitioning as early as possible in the installation process, just in case the system is running out of memory; I have also tried using the lowmem option. I suspect the problem may be related to my very old hardware...

Micronics serverboard 440BX chipset*
Dual Pentium II 450MHz CPUs*
Adaptec AHA-2940UW SCSI adapter
IBM Ultrastar 36GB UW-SCSI HDD
Matrox G100 AGP video card*
*starred items are all original parts from an Intergraph server with validation/verification stickers attesting to their intercompatibility

No POST errors, the HDD passed verification using the Adaptec ROM utility, all unnecessary hardware removed

Could it be that I need an older release or some custom-compiled kernel? The only thing I could come up with on the web was that a lot of people have a similar failure with modern distros on non-PAE CPUs, but the P-II should not be susceptible to this problem.

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General :: Testing Fstab Without Restart?

Jan 6, 2011

I need to do some changes to fstab,so i wondering is it possible to test it does it work without restating?Because if add something wrong then linux wont start ssh and i wont be able to access server remotely.What i want to do,is to mount /dev/shm with noexec,nosuid instead none.

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Debian :: Debian Testing Vs Debian Stable With Testing Repositories?

Feb 28, 2009

I am a ubuntu user but I want to go to the next level to use debian because what I heard of it, but I get confused to what to install on my computer do I install debian testing or debain stable with testing repositories.

- I want to use this system to the home use only.
- I want to use the newest packages because the stable packages is too old to use.
- What about using more than one repository i.e stable with testing with unstable at the same time (the same sourcelist)
- Is the testing and unstable sid packages good enough for the home use?

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Fedora :: Setting Up Computer For Testing?

Mar 30, 2010

I am interested in doing some testing for Fedora. I want to be able to test nightly builds of fedora. I currently am running F12 and depend on it to do daily work and don't want to risk breaking it just for testing. I wanted to know how fellow fedoraforum members do testing of new fedora builds? Do they have several root partitions to install a working and testing install? Do they put in a virtual machine?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Testing Live Cd On Old Computer - GUI Does Not Come Up

Jun 11, 2010

I had tried a previous version of ubuntu on this same machine a couple years ago. Version 7.xx I think. That live cd would boot up into the GUI okay although it was still kind of slow. Fast forward to now, I am trying to boot my machine from an xubuntu cd version 10.04. The GUI does not come up and I am only presented with a terminal. When I try to start the GUI (startxfce4) I eventually see a message that the monitor/video does not support color depth 24. Believe it or not, I still have that older version of ubuntu so I tried it again and sure enough it still works.

So here is what I have noticed is different. On the older version of ubuntu it appears to be using the 'glint' video driver. The new version of xubuntu is using the 'vesa' driver. I tried changing this by creating an xorg.conf file and adding a driver line specifying 'glint'. After trying to start the GUI with that change I get an error saying that the glint module could not be loaded.

So finally to my question, is the glint video driver loaded by default in xubuntu? I see it's package listed under xubuntu. I even tried installing the package myself using apt-get and that seemed to work. It went through some steps and did not report any errors but I still get the same error afterwards.

What do I need to in order to use the glint video driver with xubuntu 10.04? Of course, the other issue is that the install does not recognize my wireless card either so there is no internet access on this machine. Oh yeah, the video card in the machine is a 3DLabs Permedia 2 (it looks like ubuntu recognizes it as a Texas Instruments but still permedia 2).

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Hardware :: Two Computer Network For Server Testing?

Jul 19, 2011

I would like some opinions on creating a two computer network so I can study a server in action. I would prefer that it was on a level below accessing the internet and then being routed back at this point. Installing a router is fine.

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Debian Multimedia :: GDM Goes To Tty On Restart / Doesn't Restart

Apr 5, 2010

Whenever I choose "Restart" from the GDM screen, GDM appears to shutdown, and the first TTY is displayed with a login prompt at the bottom (assuming I haven't used that TTY). I am by no estimation a patient individual, but I waited a solid minute or two for something to happen, but nothing ever did. I end up logging in as root on that TTY and running "shutdown -r now" to get the job done. This is a shared computer, and ideally any user should be able to perform shutdown options graphically from GDM.The only mentioned workaround doesn't apply to me as I am using the nvidia driver, not intel.

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Fedora :: Unable To Restart Computer

Oct 25, 2010

Done a fresh install of Fedora 13 - it's the only os on the computer. Everything appeared to go well, but I'm unable to restart the computer. It gets to a point where it says restarting and just hangs there. Had a bit of a search through the forums and I see this was a problem for some people with earlier versions but haven't seen much mention past Fedora 10, and there doesn't seem to be a universal fix that's worked for everyone so not sure what I should be doing. There was some mention of the problem being related to nvidia drivers, but my video card is an ATI 4850 so that seems to rule that out as a possible cause. I've had several years using Linux (mostly Ubuntu and openSUSE) but hardly any experience with Fedora.

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Ubuntu :: Restart A Computer Using A File?

Sep 30, 2010

i have a problem i cant access remote support on teamviewer but i have access to transfer file. is there a way to make a file and send it to restart the computer. or is there anyway i can restart the computer over the internet. i cant be physically be at that computer for another 1 week.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Restart Computer?

Oct 25, 2010

Have installed Ubuntu Lucid and I'm unable to restart the computer. Doesn't work using the power icon in the top right or using sudo reboot from the termial - I have to hit the reset button to get the computer going again. The problem is only related to restart - shutdown works as it should. When I try to reboot, the screen goes black aside from a narrow band of crimson on the far left of the screen; it freezes at that point. I've had a look through the var/log/messages and saw nothing that was an obvious problem, but then again it's not something I've ever had to look at before. Tried adding acpi=off as an option but that seemed to make no difference.

Not sure whether it's relevant, but specs are 3ghz Core 2 Duo; ATI 4850;4gb ram; Gigabyte motherboard with Intel p31 express chipset.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Computer Does Not Shut Down / Restart

Oct 2, 2010

Brand-new to Linux. Using a computer with openSUSE 11.3 (64-bit) freshly installed. Install went flawlessly without any kind of error messages.

Hardware used: MSI X58 Eclipse, Intel i7-920, 6 GB memory, Seagate 500 GB SATA.
openSUSE is the only OS installed.

After the install is finished, all programs work fine. HOWEVER when I try to shut down/restart the computer nothing happens! I basically have to use the power off button to shut down...

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OpenSUSE Install :: Computer Cannot Restart And Shutdown In 11.4?

Aug 9, 2011

recently I installed opensuse 11.4 in my Dell optiplex 790 desktop. everything works well. however, when I tried to restart or shutdown my computer . the computer logoff and then "freeze" at opensuse window. I have to turn off the power button forcely and turn on the computer again.

My computer configuration:
DELL Optiplex 790
Intel i5 3.1G with HD intel graphic card
Bios revision A05
Memory 8G

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Ubuntu :: Team Viewer / How To Restart Computer

Sep 30, 2010

i am having trouble connecting on teamviewer to my home computer. i can do file transfer but remote access is not working. is there a way i can transfer a file that can restart my home computer or any way i can restart my home computer through the internet?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Computer Locked Up - X Broken After Restart

Jul 5, 2011

Something happened where my RHEL6 computer locked up and I needed to shutdown the computer manually via holding the power button. When I turn the computer back on all I see is the wallpaper and mouse log in window or anything. I can do the alt-shift F1/f2 thing where I can log in via terminal type commands but I cant get the normal display to work. When going init 5 in the console x loads but still nothing but the wallpaper and mouse. When I go back to console it seems to be stuck at enabling bluetooth devices...but I dont believe I even have a bluetooth device.

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SUSE :: On Restart The Computer Does Not Recognize The CD In Rom Drive?

Feb 1, 2010

Is it possible to have a tri-boot system ? I currently have a dual bootsystem on mydesktop. Win XP & Ubuntu. I want to add SUSE 11.2 but don't know how to go about loading it onto my machine. On restart the computer does not recognize the CD in my rom drive and only asks if I won't to load Windows or Ubuntu. How do I go about adding another OS to my hard drive ? I have an old Gateway with 130Gb hard drive and plenty of unallocated drive space and 512Mb of Ram. I use Windows rarely (almost never but do need it for some applications) and mostly rely on Ubuntu which my wife and I both like and use daily but I want to look at and experience other Linux installations as well

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Ubuntu Installation :: Black Screen After Restart The Computer?

Jun 25, 2010

Have tried to install 10.04 from a cd sent to me by ubuntu. lts on an x-windows medion pc mt7 (med mt 345). Previously comp. was running windows xp pro. After pressing restart at end of install process I get nothing! Black screen, no mouse control , no keyboard control, nothing at all.

Have tried putting cd in again but get nothing, on pressing restart the cd was politely ejected. Have tried rebooting a few times but get no response. Everything is switched on. So now I cannot even get a terminal up, the only thing I am fairly certain about is that the computer is sending a signal to the screen as there is Not a "no signal" message.

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Ubuntu :: Sudden Black Screen Until Restart Computer

Jul 23, 2010


this is my AGP card. My problem is while using ubuntu.. i experience sudden black screen and when the black screen appears it appears for forever until i restart the my computer, it happens suddenly and many times and im having this problem in ubuntu only never experienced in windows.. as i kicked of windows and using ubuntu so i am having this problem regularly. I am using Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid. Ram 512. And i am 10 days Old in ubuntu

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Ubuntu :: Restart The Computer The 6X1TB RAID Does Not Start Up?

Jul 27, 2010

this explanation could take a paragraph or two. I have 7 hard drives in my system. One is a 250GB PATA I use for the Ubuntu install, 3 are 1.5TB SATA Seagates and the other 3 are 1TB SATA Seagates. I have had to replace 4 drives (one of them is the same drive twice) in order to get 6 that actually work well. That's a 40% failure rate. Most of the failed within a week or so of putting them in.

Through all of that I have learned a few things and now have them configured as follows. I have all six of them Raid5 with 1TB partitions. And then the 3 extra 500GB partitions I put as Raid 5 also. Seems weird, but it saves 1TB of space instead of having 3 1.5TB RAID5 and 3 1TB RAID5.I then use LVM to make it all one big 6TB drive. Yummy, lots of space.

Here's the problem I have had the last couple of times I restart the computer the 6X1TB RAID does not start up, or I should say it has all the drives as spares (the 3X500GB RAID starts fine). I have to use --force to get the raid to load, and all 6 load fine. I believe it says something about having to write something to two of the drives (I believe it is something about the superblock) to make them the same. I'm sorry I did not catch the message.Is that enough information for someone to tell me why it does this? It's done it twice now, when I reboot the computer.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Get Any Sound Until Restart Computer And So Cannot Use Apps Like Skype?

Oct 8, 2010

just installed ubuntu 10.04.1 after using ultimate for abit but having sound issues which i thought could have been os based.Sound works fine from boot and continues fine until i open options and try to configure my mic settings, i get like maybe 5 secs to make adjustments then all my sound dies totally. The icon then shows as speaker with 3 lines next to it and within the configuration for sound my mic hardware vanashes. I cannot get any sound until i restart my computer and so cannot use apps like skype which i do tend too use alot.

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Ubuntu :: Remote Desktop To Another Computer AFTER RESTART Using Vinagre?

Nov 7, 2010

I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.10 on a home server. I can connect to it using vinagre from another computer just fine. However, if I restart the server I can no longer vnc to it because I need to log in (start a gnome session). Is there a way to do this using just vinagre? Do I need to install another vnc server on my home server? The problem is that I don't want to carry a monitor from another room just so I can log in and start a gdm session if the home server gets restarted.

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Ubuntu :: Terminal Command To Restart / Shutdown Computer?

Feb 27, 2011

I was playing with the Gnome-shell and my gui crashed. I was stuck in full-screen Terminal (i.e., Ctrl Alt F2) but I could not figure out how to shutdown/restart the computer.Anybody know if there's a command for this that works from within Terminal?

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Fedora :: After Installing Updates Unable To Restart Computer

Apr 1, 2010

I recently updated my software (on Fedora 13) and after the updates had finished installing, it said that the computer required a restart. I noticed that I could no longer type anything into the search bar on Firefox without an error message appearing. So I thought it best to restart the computer then. When restarting, the loading screens took much longer than usual. The guitar pick shape that fills with white was stalling around the top. (I know, I love my complete comprehension of the problem too.) I pressed escape, and was given this message on a black screen.

Welcome to Fedora
Press 'I' to enter interactive startup.
starting udev:udevd-work[517]: '/sbin/modprobe-b pci: v000014E4d0000170Csv00001028sd000001F1bc02sc00i00' unexpected exit with status 0x0009
setting hostname (my computers name):

This is as far as I can get. I press Esc again, and I see the completed fedora logo, but nothing else happens. I press Esc again, and I come back to the previous screen, and this time there are two of the above messages. My computer is fairly old (four years), so I understand if the hard drive is deteriorating. I would like to have use of my computer back, but at the very least I would like to recover some files that I have not backed up.

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OpenSUSE :: Screen Resolution Changes Back Everytime When Restart The Computer

Mar 25, 2010

Every time I restart my computer the screen resolution changes back. I've recently started to use XFCE, it didn't do it in GNOME. what can I do to make it stay the same?

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Ubuntu :: Computer Going Straight To Grub Rescue Prompt On Restart

Jun 23, 2010

I tried to install Ubuntu as a dual-boot on my Windows XP machine, using the USB stick trial OS and automatic installation. My screw-up came when I left my external USB hard drive plugged in during the install, and as far as I can tell, Ubuntu was installed on that as opposed to my internal HD. Now when I try to boot, I get knocked straight to the grub rescue prompt with an error message that basically shows my "no such device (my external's ID)" -- assuming that the MBR (which I know nothing about editing) is trying to boot off the external that isn't actually enabled until an OS starts it up, and dumping me at the rescue prompt when it can't find it.

I can still load up the trial Ubuntu off the original USB stick (though can't get online with it without wireless drivers), but that's as functional as the computer gets right now. And I don't have a Windows Setup CD anywhere (using a rooommate's Mac at the moment with a terrible European keyboard on it). So is there any way to edit the MBR or something to tell it to boot my regular XP off my internal HD, at which point I can re-partrition and try this whole thing again, or otherwise remove the failed install of Ubuntu through the trial-stick or... well, I'll leave the suggestions up to you all. I've been working on this since about 4am last night and my brain is kind of fried.

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Ubuntu :: Removed The Driver Tried To Restart The Computer Hangs On Boot?

Jul 2, 2010

I have a Dell desk top PC, running WinXP and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with a Ge-Force FX 5200 video card. In trying to get both monitors to work properly I thought it would help to reinstall Nvidia binary X.Org driver V173. After I removed the driver I tried to restart the computer with Umbuntu, it hangs up at the Ubuntu logo. I can boot with the live disk, I also tried to reinstall the Nvidia driver But the machine still will not boot from the hard drive, it will boot into Win XP normally.hould I just reinstall Ubuntu or fix the problem I created? My skills working in Terminal are minimal

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Ubuntu :: Fresh Install Of 8.10 \ Restart The Computer It Fails To Load?

Oct 14, 2010

I am having problems with getting the drivers to work for a geforce 9500gt.To get started Im working with a fresh install of 8.10, and I have successfully installed the driver package for this card from nvidia's site, version 260.The problem comes after I restart the computer. It fails to load. I am able to install the driver and start X and it works greatI can even restart x and it still works. but as soon as I restart the computer it doesn't load. I then need to reinstall the driver. I am curious if anyone has an idea of whats wrong here? I am wondering if it's a possible xorg.conf problem so I will post that below.

xorg.conf file
Section "ServerLayout"
Identifier "Layout0"


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Ubuntu Networking :: Internet Not Connecting Unless Restart Computer Several Times?

Nov 19, 2010

I am having a problem with my internet connection. It only works half the time. Usually when i start the computer it doesn't connect until i restart anywhere from 1 - 10 times. I did sudo ifconfig while it was not working here is the output:

eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:19:d1:00:36:41
inet6 addr: fe80::219:d1ff:fe00:3641/64 Scope:Link
RX packets:11 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0


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Ubuntu Networking :: Restart Computer If Internet Connection Is Lost

Apr 24, 2011

Like the title says, is there a way to restart the computer if the internet connection is lost?Is this possible on ubuntu?

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