Ubuntu :: Cannot See Grub Because Of Incorrect Monitor Timings

Apr 28, 2011

I'm using 11.04 and when I boot I see post messages and then when it gets to grub I just see black screen with a monitor timing not supported issue. I have a geforce 6100 nforce 405 video card with a Dell U2311H monitor. It does boot to the desktop eventually, and everything from there on works as expected.

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Ubuntu :: Connection Monitor Script Works Incorrect?

Jan 21, 2011

My promlem is that i wrote a few simple script to monitor the network connection as follows:
script 1 "netmonitor.sh"

# /usr/local/bin/netmonitor.sh
ping -c 1 "$HOST" > /dev/null 2>&1
if [ $? = 0 ]; then
echo "`date` Network is ready!" |


Is it possible, that if system don't use the connection after getting the DHCP lease, it close the connection automaticly? Anyway it works ok, but i don't want to owerwrite my router's flash in every 5 seconds with te new lease, my script probably defeat it soon if i don't do anything

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Ubuntu :: Incorrect Monitor Detection / Make It Correct?

Feb 25, 2011

It's detecting a 73" Mitsubishi TV when I have a 60". I installed my graphics card driver and that didn't correct the error.

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Ubuntu :: Incorrect Swap Partition Size In System Monitor?

Jun 13, 2010

I am using Kubuntu Amd64 Lucid on my desktop and I have allocated 08.03 GB partition for swap. But today I have noticed that system monitor is showing this as 09.90GB which is incorrect.

I tried deactivating the swap from KDE Partition manager. Even after deactivating swap it still shows the swap as 1.9 GB. So there is clearly 1.9 GB swap added to my system. I am not sure how. Attached screen shot clearly shows the system monitor issue. One possibility is, I have 4 GB (3.7 asper system) RAM comprising two units of 2 GB cards. Is this 1.9 GB read from one of these? I tried to boot the system from Kubuntu AMD64 live CD and then it showed only 8 GB as expected. So not sure whats causing this issue in my installation.

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Ubuntu :: Natty Screen Tearing / Incorrect Monitor Refresh Rate

May 3, 2011

I'm currently running an up-to-date copy of Ubuntu 11.04, but I'm noticing some strange behavior with the monitor settings. First of all, I started investigating this because I'm seeing a lot of screen tearing while watching videos full screen as well as while the screensaver (lattice) is running. On Ubuntu 10.10 I was able to simply set the refresh rate of my monitor to 60Hz through the Nvidia tool and everything worked great. Now, this is no longer the case. I'm using a Samsung Syncmaster 205BW monitor with an Nvidia 8600 GT video card. They are connected with a DVI cable.The strange thing is, the default tool, Monitors, claims my monitor is "unknown" and will only allow me to select 50Hz, 51Hz, and sometimes 52Hz for the refresh rate.

The Nvidia tool claims that my monitor has been detected as a Samsung Syncmaster and is configured to run at 60Hz.However, another area of the Nvidia tool claims that my monitor is using a refresh rate of 59.95Hz. none of these solutions had any effect. I'm still seeing video tearing. I let the Nvidia tool re-write my xorg.conf file after trying these solutions.

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Ubuntu :: GRUB - Incorrect Menu

Jun 3, 2011

I am having weird problem with Grub Menu listing during Grub display at Boot. I Multiboot with Lucid Lynx, openSUSE and Windows7. My Grub is installed along with Ubuntu. I did not install bootloader when installing openSUSE.

Now during boot Grub Menu displays five entries for openSUSE. However when I did grub-update in the terminal it shows only one image for openSUSE in terminal.


But again Grub Customizer shows or lists five entries for openSUSE. (Please see the attached screenshot)

There are no problems during boot (except that Ubuntu takes a bit longer to load). I am really annoyed by the multiple SUSE entries in the GRUB and also by the fact that Ubuntu takes a bit longer than normal to boot.

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General :: Reboot Timings In Enterprise RHEL 5.5

Aug 9, 2011

This is about an oracle application server running on RHEL platform(Linux prod.xyz.com 2.6.18-194.el5PAE #1 SMP Mon Mar 29 20:19:03 EDT 2010 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux). All of a sudden all the application services shut down abnormally on weekend. On the first day of the week, business users were unable to login as a result. For root cause investigation, we were unable to findout anything in the application logs. But were trying to get reboot/shutdown information from the system.....but we are bit confused with the info in /var/log/wtmp by using 'last' command(output given bellow):

[root@prod ~]# last reboot |head -2
reboot system boot 2.6.18-194.el5PA Mon Aug 8 11:26 (1+03:10)
reboot system boot 2.6.18-194.el5PA Sun Aug 7 17:27 (17:55)

We doubt the server might have gone down on Sunday(7th Aug) but there's also an entry of 8th Aug, on which day the server was running fine, no reboot/shutdown happened. If there any other way of getting info on reboot timings.

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Programming :: Timings Of A Program That Uses 1-8 Threads On A Server That Has 4 D?

Jul 25, 2010

I am runig a program on a server at my university that has 4 Dual-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 2210 HE and the O.S. is Linux version My program implements Conways Game of Life and it runs using pthreads and openmp. I timed the parrallel part of the program using the getimeofday() function using 1-8 threads. But the timings don't seem right. I get the biggest time using 1 thread(as expected), then the time gets smaller. But the smallest time i get is when i use 4 threads.

Here is an example when i use an array 1000x1000.

Using 1 thread~9,62 sec, Using 2 Threads~4,73 sec, Using 3 ~ 3.64 sec, Using 4~2.99 sec, Using 5 ~4,19 sec, Using 6~3.84, Using 7~3.34, Using 8~3.12.The above timings are when i use pthreads. When i use openmp the timing are smaller but follow the same pattern.I expected that the time would decrease from 1-8 because of the 4 Dual core cpus? I thought that because there are 4 cpus with 2 cores each, 8 threads could run at the same time. Does it have to do with the operating system that the server runs?

Also i tested the same programs on another server that has 7 Dual-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 8214 and runs Linux version 2.6.18-194.3.1.el5. There the timings i get are what i expected. The timings get smaller starting from 1(the biggest) to 8(smallest excecution time).The program implements the Game of Life correct, both using pthreads and openmp, i just cant figure out why the timings are like the example i posted. So in conclusion, my questions are:

1) The number of threads that can run at the same time on a system depends by the cores of the cpus?it depends only by the cpus although each cpu has more than one cores? It depends by all the previous and the Operating System?

2) Does it have to do with the way i divide the 1000x1000 array to the number of threads? But if i did then the openmp code wouldn't give the same pattern of timings?

3)What is the reason i might get such timmings?

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Ubuntu :: Incorrect File System Space Reported By System Monitor?

Apr 3, 2011

In System Monitor, on the File Systems tab, the "Total", "Available" and "Used" columns don't seem to add up, and the "Used" percentage doesn't seem correct either.

My config:
/dev/sda1 = 80 GB SSD drive, / partition.
/dev/sdb1 = 50 GB FAT32 partition of an external 500 GB USB hard disk.
/dev/sdb2 = remainder of the 500 GB USB hard disk encrypted using luks.

Screenshot: The /dev/sda1 figures don't really add up well, but they're close at least (how you get "50% Used" from any of those figures I don't know!).

However, for /dev/sdb2, they're miles off:
"Free" = 146.2 GiB
"Total" = 409.7 GiB
"Available" = 125.4 GiB
"Used" = 263.5 GiB


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Software :: Incorrect Syntax In Grub.cfg, Or Damaged Boot Sector?

Mar 30, 2011

The project was an update of a cluttered dual boot ubuntu/XP laptop to ubuntu 10.10. For work, I sometimes need Windows, regrettably some software needs Explorer or indeed W$ itself to operate.Grub 2 still seems buggy, install was fixed by

sudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt
sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda


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Ubuntu Servers :: GRUB Won't Autoboot Without Monitor?

Jul 3, 2010

I've installed Ubuntu Server on an old computer and I want it to autoboot as it is intended to be a headless box.I have installed the desktop packages to allow me to use FreeNX.URL]Unfortunately I've already made these changes and it still seems to need a monitor before it will show the boot menu and a keyboard to press enter on the first option.If I restart from within the gnome desktop, it will reboot perfectly. If I use shutdown -r now, shutdown -s now or shutdown -h now and then power it on again, it will display the GRUB boot menu without automatically booting.

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Ubuntu :: 1920x1080 Resolution Monitor / Does It Support Grub?

Jul 21, 2010

I installed Ubuntu 10.04 on a new system. The system is not showing correct resolution in the grub menu and the splash screen is black, until I reach the logon screen.Screen resolution, and video rendering after booting is picture-perfect.I presume this is a bug of the sort "VBE does not support 1920x1080 wide screen resolution".Or, maybe I am missing some point.I hope there must be some workaround.

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Ubuntu :: After Grub Screen Goes Blank - No Signals On Monitor

Feb 5, 2011

I just installed ubuntu 10.10 did a clean install, formatting the previous ones. Install completed successfully, rebooted, entered in GRUB, chose linux, linux starts the my screen goes black, there is no signal coming to my monitor, linux runs fine though i think because I hear the ubuntu login drum. I press ctrl+alt+F1, but can't get to console either, the screen is looking for input signal. Should note the I have a Palit NVdia 9600GT gpu because I saw that people with NVdia card sometimes have similar problems.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 Fresh Install - No Monitor Signal / Grub Does Not Appear

Jun 22, 2010

I did a fresh install of Lucid Lynx, and now when I start up it shows a blinking cursor for a second or so and then my monitor shows an "Input signal out of range" error. The same thing has happened before, and I was able to fix it by editing the boot options in grub to include 'nomodeset'. However, this time the usual grub loading screen where I would normally press esc to edit the boot options doesn't appear. (Spamming esc doesn't seem to work either.) If it matters (which I have an odd feeling that it does) I partitioned the hard drive into an ext4 partition that mounts at / , a swap partition, and another ext4 partition that mounts at /home . I attached a screenshot of what GParted says about it.

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General :: Use A Framebuffer And Using "vga=791" (1024x768) In Grub The Monitor Turns Itself Off?

Sep 11, 2010

When booting up the linux distro everything boots up fine. However the linux terminal shows "-Bash:" and doesn't show the current directory. This may be fine for some people but I need to know what directory I am working in and having it displayed would make things a LOT easier.

Sadly though I can't find any useful information about doing this.I found something like "PS1=w" but that doesn't do anything at all. Oh yeah and I don't have a .bashrc nor a /etc/bashrc for some reason. Also when trying to use a framebuffer and using "vga=791" (1024x768) in grub the monitor turns itself off. This applies if I set vga to anything. I believe I compiled framebuffer support in the kernel but I am not 100% sure so if you believe that is the problem then I will double check. That would require redownloading the source again and networking hasn't been set up yet so.

Also what packages does "iwconfig", "ifconfig", and "dhcpcd" come in? Those are the tools I commonly used to connect to my wireless internet but they are not present in the linux distro.

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Ubuntu :: 9.10 "root Device" - Grub Screen Was Flickering ("Auto Adjust In Progress" Came Up On The Monitor)

Apr 6, 2010

I'm currently triple-booting:- Vista

- Ubuntu 9.10
- Ubuntu 10.04 (beta)Everything was working fine up until a few days ago.

But then... The first problem I noticed was that the Grub screen was flickering ("Auto adjust in progress" came up on the monitor). It wasn't enough to make selecting an option impossible, it's just never done that before. The big problem, though, came when I tried to boot up Ubuntu 9.10 (which I've had on my computer for ages). The Ubuntu logo comes up, but then nothing happens for about a minute, followed by the following error message:

Gave up waiting for root device - Missing modules (cat /pro/modules; ls /dev) LERT! /dev/disk/byuuid/4f743ef0-7a38-481e-613e-ceee3a70ba14 does not exist. Dropping to shell! The only thing I can do then is physically reboot the computer. This happens if I try either Recovery Mode or using the previous kernal as well. Both Vista and Ubuntu 10.04 (beta) continue to work without problem.

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Ubuntu :: Xorg Doesn't Detect Monitor / Won't Display Higher Than 800x600 On A 1400x900 Monitor

Apr 3, 2010

I installed Karmic on an older PC I had laying around, and the only trouble I am having is with screen resolution. It uses an old ATI chipset (onboard) for video, and it doesn't seem to do EDID correctly, so I can't display anything higher than 800x600. I have tried creating an xorg.conf, but it's still not working. How can I tell Xorg to ignore the fact it can't detect a widescreen monitor and display something larger than 800x600? I noticed the log says the sync's are out of range, but I am not sure how to fix it.

Here is my current xorg.conf.

Section "ServerLayout"
Identifier "X.org Configured"
Screen 0 "Screen0" 0 0
InputDevice "Mouse0" "CorePointer"
InputDevice "Keyboard0" "CoreKeyboard"


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Ubuntu :: Change Default Monitor When Dual Monitor Is Enabled

Nov 19, 2010

I have a dual monitor setup in Ubuntu, with my main monitor on the right and the monitor I want to extend to on the left monitor, but I can't seem to get it to do this, it always has the 'desktop' on the left monitor and then extends onto what I want to be my main monitor. I have an ATI Radeon 4350 Graphics card.

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Ubuntu :: Compiz - Dual Monitor Wallpaper On Single Monitor ?

Dec 10, 2010

Is there any way to put a dual monitor wallpaper on a single monitor configuration using desktop wall? Using only 1/3 or so per wall. Something that will have the effect like the scrolling wallpaper feature on Android/iPhone.

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General :: Detect Monitor (Ubuntu 9.10, It Is Showing Unknown Monitor )?

Apr 20, 2010

I am now using Ubuntu 9.10. The prob is I am not able to increase the resolution of display. It is showing only 800 x 600 display. While trying to increase the resolution it is showing "Unknown Monitor". So, how can I detect the monitor so I can increase the resolution of my system.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Disable Secondary Monitor Quickly Other Than Loading Up Nvidia-settings And Disabling The Monitor Every Time?

Jun 29, 2010

Currently I have two 1920x1080 screens running in Twinview on my Geforce 275 graphics card. Want I want to do is a quick simple way of disabling my secondary monitor when playing video games or using xbmc to watch movies, etc. I've tried a few applets but they require the xandr function which I think Nvidia doesn't support.

Is there a way to disable this quickly other than loading up nvidia-settings and disabling the monitor everytime. I don't really want to use two seperate x sessions and xinerama due to the fact you can't use compositing.

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Ubuntu :: Incorrect Font Being Used?

Aug 19, 2011

I'm trying to follow this tutorial:[URL]... Everything is fine till I get to this CLI command: ./autogen.sh -prefix=$HOME/.local - enable-extensions="dock" the a with the circumflex is not correct, I don't know what the correct command should look like. On previewing this post the strange e looking symbol after the was added after copy/paste. Does anyone know what this command should be?

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Ubuntu :: Disable Compiz On One Monitor In A Two Monitor System

Feb 23, 2010

I have persistent video tearing my second monitor (Mitsubushi HDTV). I have tried everything that was suggested with some improvement. I have no issue with tearing if I add the following to my xorg.conf


Section "Extensions"
Option "Composite" "Disable"

Is it possible to disable composite for one monitor only and keep it for the other. Or at lease is it possible to have compiz for one monitor only and disable it for the other.

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Ubuntu :: GRUB 2 : Difference Between 'grub-pc', 'grub-efi' And 'grub-coreboot'?

Jan 6, 2010

I would like to know if there is any differences on how to install and to configure GRUB 2 in the different architectures (BIOS/IBM PC-Compatibles, EFI/MacIntel and Corebbot)? Does the Ubuntu installer automatically recognize the different architectures and install the appropriate GRUB 2 package ('grub-pc', 'grub-efi' or 'grub-coreboot' according to the arch)? Or does it just install 'grub-pc'? Is the location of GRUB 2's configuration files different depending on the arch of the computer? Or are they all located in '/boot/grub/', '/etc/grub/default' and '/etc/grub.d/', no matter the arch of the computer? Are the files' structure and options to configure GRUB 2 ('/etc/grub/default' and the scripts in '/etc/grub.d/') different depending on the arch of the computer?

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Ubuntu One :: 9.10 - Display Preferences Are Incorrect

Feb 5, 2010

I have fresh installation of ubuntu 9.10, my display preferences are incorrect and no more options to change refresh rate other than 75hz. I understand ubuntu has been targeted to notebook user this time but I am on desktop system with Intel Graphics and g33 motherboard and I want to know the procedure to configure xorg.conf for this purpose.

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Ubuntu :: Overclocked Freq Incorrect ?

Feb 7, 2010

BIOS says 3.72GHz

Sysinfo and hardinfo show 3.2GHz (old clock)

what do I need to do for this update properly? (yes...I am trying to fry my system so I have an excuse to buy my i7 wishlist package on newegg )


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Ubuntu :: Incorrect Password For Administrater

May 11, 2010

I'm trying to install the driver for my Lexmark prospect Pro-205 printer which I downloaded from the Lexmark site but when I type in my administrater password it keeps saying wrong password while I know it's the right password!

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 Preseed - Incorrect CD-ROM

Jun 4, 2010

I'm trying to preseed a 10.04 install, and it's giving me a lot of trouble. I've been using [url] as a guide, but I can't seem to make it work.

I have ripped the x64 alternate install .iso to my hard drive, inserted the preseed files (details on this later) and remastered and burned the iso. When I put the disc into my test PC, it boots up to the CD, checks for English keyboard, enters my custom install option and then fails. It brings up a red screen that says, "Incorrect CD-ROM detected. The CD-ROM drive contains a CD which cannot be used for installation. Please insert a suitable CD to continue with the installation."

The way I've understood the documentation is that there are 2 files that needed edited, and one file that needs created: edit /isolinux/text.cfg, edit /isolinux/isolinux.cfg, and create /preseed.cfg

Here is what I currently have in those files:




The preseed.cfg is 95% copied from the ubuntu documentation, I've only made the changes that are necessary. I'll admit I do not know what most of the boot parameters in the /isolinux/text.cfg file mean.

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Ubuntu :: Incorrect - Media Listings

Jul 23, 2010

In my /media directory, there is a sub-directory that doesn't point to any drive (mounted or unmounted) - when I look at it in nautilus, it looks like a folder with an x on it, and I can't actually get inside the folder through the terminal. It has the same name as an external hard drive that I used to own, but has since been repartitioned. I think that, at one point, the drive was removed from my computer without unmounting, and its listing in /media was never removed (I left my home for a weekend and when I got back the drive didn't work and this listing was there in /media. I think my roommate might have done something to it, but he hasn't admitted to anything). Is there any way to remove this listing?

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Ubuntu :: Df Incorrect Disk Space ?

Aug 12, 2010

I just finished my computer build and have installed Ubuntu lucid as my sole OS. Everything seems to be going well except for the fact that when I do "df -h", the size of my 1TB hard drive is reported as being only 908GB. I could understand if it was off by a few gigs but 92? The result is the same with the graphical "Disk Usage Analyzer." However, Under System>Administration>Disk Utility the correct number is displayed.

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