Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Update Grub - Splash: Not Found

Jul 26, 2010

This is what I get when I'm updating grub xxx@xxx-desktop:~$ sudo update-grub /etc/default/grub: 9: splash: not found

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Ubuntu :: Can't Update Grub - /etc/default/grub: 19: E: Not Found

Nov 12, 2010

I've been trying change the default OS in GRUB. I changed the value for GRUB_DEFAULT in etc/default/grub. However, when I run update-grub, I get the following error:

/etc/default/grub: 19: e: not found

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Ubuntu :: Reset All Personalization Such As Splash Screen And Colors In Grub Splash To Default?

Apr 25, 2010

If I re-install Grub 2 from the live CD should that reset all the personalisations such as as splash screen and colours in the Grub splash to default? In my case they are not resetting. I would expect them to revert to the default black/white you get when initially installing the OS. the Grub timeout to be a lot less than its supposed to be? e.g. the default timeout setting of 5 seconds is more like 2 or 3 in reality, and when I set my prefered value to 2 seconds it results in being about 1/4 sec or so.

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Ubuntu :: After Grub Update 'loadfront' Not Found

Nov 28, 2010

I foolishly let Ubuntu update grub yesterday on my Wubi installation and now cannot boot:First I get the error:Error: unknown command - loadfront.Error: File not found then the system reboots almost immediately so there is no chance to get to the grub prompt.I assume my choices are 1) restore from backup (I have one) or 2) boot from a LiveCD and edit grub (I don't know what changes to make).

But I would rather be able to update grub in the future along with other Ubuntu updates, so I'm really hoping someone knows what the error is in this last update and whether it will be fixed.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Errors And Splash Change After Update?

Mar 28, 2010

Ran update manager and install some updates. After it asked me to reboot, I received the following message before splash: "mountall could not connect to plymouth", and the splash screen now says "mythbuntu". What?

Version 10.0.4

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Ubuntu Installation :: Corrupted Login Splash After Update 9.04 - 9.10

Apr 4, 2010

I just ran an update of ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 and now the "startup" splash and the login splash is gone. Instead I see the terminal during bootup and the login prompt is some strange sparse login screen looking like it was taken from some old CDE GUI. What has happened and how do I fix it?

I can also add that while upgrading I chose to let the menu.lst remain untouched which turned out to be a bad mistake. So I added the following lines manually to compensate for my mistake.

But that didn't resolve my problems. I also tried the following without success:

After loging myself out and pressning ALT+F1/ALT+F7...

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General :: Update-grub: Command Not Found?

Jun 16, 2011

I have done the kernel compilation for linux- I have perform all the steps well ,once i am updating in /boot/ grub/menu.lst & giving command update-grub it showing this error

[root@localhost grub]# update-grub
bash: update-grub: command not found
I have install it also through
yum install grub
I gave this command
grub-setup --version
still same error ]grub-setup not found

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Ubuntu :: Grub Update Error "update-grub Head: Cannot Open `/boot/grub/video.lst' For Reading: No Such File Or Directory"

Apr 7, 2010

after doing an upgrade to 10.4 and updating grub I get this message. how do I address this


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Ubuntu Installation :: Boot/grub/win7 - Testdisk/update-grub Method, But It Didn't Work?

Mar 4, 2011

I have 2 hard disks. sda,sdb

In sda, I have 4 partitions, and I have windows 7 in one of the extended partitions [not in the primary partition].

In sdb, I have 3 partitions. 2 for storage, and 1 10GB drive for Ubuntu. Again, Ubuntu is not of a primary partition.

I had ubuntu 10.04 running on that for a long time. However, I wanted to reinstall ubuntu and use 10.10.This is what I did EXACTLY:Booted from Ubuntu install CD

Chose advanced istall

Selected sdb3 for Ubuntu

I installed GRUB2 on the SAME partition as Ubuntu aka sdb3 Installed then rebooted

I can boot into Ubuntu fine, but whenever I select Windows 7 bootloader from the GRUB menu, the screen goes black, and my PC reboots.

Boot Info:

Boot Info Script 0.55 dated February 15th, 2010 [code]....

ls: reading directory sda6/: Input/output error

I have tried the testdisk/update-grub method, but it didn't work.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Device Not Found, Grub Rescue, Post-Installation Error

May 19, 2010

I just (for the first time ever) installed a version of Ubuntu. It is 10.04. I installed off of the Live Disk. I was having a great time until the first time I went to boot into it and I got the message
"Error: No such device: "long number" Grub Rescue> "


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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub-install Not Found / Why Would This Be So?

Nov 6, 2010

On a particular logical partition
/sdaNN does not have grub-install no where on find file

/sdaNN+1 does have grub-install -->usr/sbin

Why would this be so?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Windows Not Found In Grub?

Jun 25, 2011

Just tried installing ubuntu after a clean win7 install. Now windows is only recognized as 'unknown' and update-grub cant finsd the boot loader or bootmgr for windows. heres my boot script

Boot Info Script 0.60 from 17 May 2011
============================= Boot Info Summary: ===============================


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Fedora Installation :: 15 Installation Fails With Grub Error - File Not Found

May 24, 2011

Ive installed about 50+ boxes with ubuntu/mint/fedora/etc but f15 is giving me a real headache...

I tried a fresh install over f14 with this drive (sdb, sda is my backup disk)

Installed obviously in part7

After rebooting (successful copied live image on hdd)


After another couple of installs (with lvm & w/o lvm) & even disconnecting the second harddrive -> same issue

Typing 'ls' in the rescue grub prompt returns


Cant 'ls /' into a single them - unknown filesystem (grub is installed in mbr of sdb) 'linux rescue' (wanted to try manual grub installation) command didnt work either.

Now again on fedora 14, same installation procedure, works fine. (and i wont bother doing a full distro upgrade from f14)

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Ubuntu Installation :: Having This Error 404 Not Found On Update?

Mar 16, 2011

Could not download all repository indexes

The repository may no longer be available or could not be contacted because of network problems. If available an older version of the failed index will be used. Otherwise the repository will be ignored. Check your network connection and ensure the repository address in the preferences is correct.

Failed to fetch url 404 Not Found
Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

Im using 10.04.

Connection is fine. Maybe something wrong with server or any of my repository

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Ubuntu Installation :: 404 Not Found With Apt-get Update/synaptic?

Apr 6, 2011

I have a little problem on my relatively newly installed 10.10 Lubuntu that I can't quite figure out. I'm guessing it is a piece of cake for most of you ubuntu-veterans so I'm hoping a kind soul would save my day: The last couple of weeks, the apt-get update (and corresponding button in synaptic) does not manage to update all of my repositories, and I get a "404 not found" error at the end (see attached text file (hope I did that right, am a longtime lurker but haven't posted anything much yet)).

I realize that I have been doing some adding of repositories, and have written the wrong command a couple of times, which may be the cause of this (at least the two frescobaldi ppa errors). What I don't understand, is how I remove these faulty(?) repositories, so that my system stops claiming being unupdated. After searching/googling the issue I tried looking for the corresponding entries in sources.lst, but to no avail.

ps. my system is in german, the messages say "W: Failure when getting.." and "E: some index files could not be downloaded, they were ignored or others were used in their place". (rather badly translated)

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Ubuntu Installation :: 11.04 Beta - 404 Not Found On Update?

Apr 27, 2011

The past few days, my

sudo apt-get update

commands have resulted in TWO problematic connections which have terminated my complete update cycle (aliased update, dist-upgrade and autoclean).

Until a few days ago, this full alias worked, but now terminates after update because of:


Err http://ppa.launchpad.net natty/main Sources
404 Not Found
Err http://ppa.launchpad.net natty/main i386


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Ubuntu Installation :: File Not Found Just Before Displaying Grub

Apr 30, 2010

Just before the computer boots into the grub menu, I noticed a message on the prompt saying that a file was not found. I had reinstalled Ubuntu 10.04 prior to this. Maybe the grub was not configured properly but I don't know how to fix or find the missing file. I also noticed that I don't have /boot/grub/grub.cfg.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub Following Error 15: File Not Found?

May 21, 2010

My problem now is: After booting my laptop, Ubuntu doesn't load and i'm stuck in a GRUB command prompt and not sure what to do. If i type "boot" I get "error: no loaded kernel"Here is how I got there:1. I ran 9.1 healthily until I was prompted to do an upgrade. I ran the upgrade but some packages weren't authenticated so I ran a partial upgrade. 2. I reboot but I'm faced with "Error 15: File not found". After some research and going through the forums, I thought I found the solution by following these instructions to copy the GRUB files from the Live CD (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Gr...0from%20LiveCD)3. Once I completed this, I'm now stuck at a grub> prompt when rebooting (the error 15 has disappeared). (the screen header informs me i'm dealing with "GNU GRUB version 1.98-1ubuntu5"Any thoughts on what I might have done wrong? From my reading today, I might have installed GRUB2 (even though Grub legacy would have been appropriate?). What is the best way out?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub Error 15: File Not Found

Nov 2, 2010

Have a Dell Inspiron 4100 laptop. 1GB RAM and 1 Ghz processor. Has a working install of Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.4 OEL uses Grub version 0.97 My OEL install works well and I do not want to make any changes to it such as upogarding GRUB to a later version etc.

I have installed Xubuntu mini and this completed without a problem.

I have a single hard drive.

I went into OEL and mounted the Xubuntu root drive so I could see the /boot/grub/menu.lst file.

I copied the entries for the main xbuntu kernel etc and pasted them into my OEL grub.conf.

title Ubuntu 10.10, kernel 2.6.35-22-generic
uuid d6ed555c-54a3-4639-af25-3582c60624ad
kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-22-generic root=UUID=d6ed555c-54a3-4639-af25-3582c60624ad ro quiet splash


I am doing this so someone else can borrow this laptop for internet use for a few weeks and OEL is not very user friendly and also want to protect my install.

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Ubuntu Installation :: File Not Found - Grub Rescue ?

Nov 30, 2010

I am reading spc456's thread with the same subject line and trying to work through the thread with suggestions by drs305.

My situation is very similar. It started with a sudden Windows boot problem (still my primary OS):


This was only if I selected Windows from the boot menu. I thought I could cure it with the Windows-7 Repair Disk from neosmart.net. This appears to have wiped my Boot partition completely and now I can't boot anything. (I'm using the Ubuntu 10.10 live as I type this.)

I downloaded boot_info_script055.sh and here are the RESULTS but I don't know what needle to look for in that haystack.


Boot Info Summary:

Well, I see why the Windows boot didn't show up. Looks like 30-OS_prober was failing to find the Windows boot record, which makes sense if the whole blessed (ahem) boot partition has been hosed.

I tried to follow the grub-install instructions:


But since grub2 is obviously not going to find the Windows boot record, I will continue with drs305's.


No, I have not mounted /dev. Where would I do that? Against which FS?

In any case, I am now printing the article "How to restore the Ubuntu/XP/Vista/7 bootloader" to see if I can get that going.

To my dismay, I discovered that the disk supplied with my Dell machine is NOT a Windows Installation disk, so no straightforward "fixmbr" command will be possible at this time.

I'll let y'all know how I have fared with this. I am sceptical because it's not merely the master boot record that has gotten corrupted but the whole blessed (have I used that adjective already?) boot partition.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Error 'grub-xputs' Not Found

Dec 17, 2010

I did the Synaptic Upgrade to Maverick Meerkat 10.10 on my laptop. Win 7 on one of two separate hard drives, and Ubuntu on the other. I kept all the previous configurations the same when the software asked the question about changing to the new formats. On boot up the laptop went right into "grub rescue >".

I located the partitions and found the Ubuntu partition on (hd1,1).

I set the prefix and root which now show:


I am not sure what Modules to Load, because I can not find any references to them in my big Ubuntu Book.

I tried "insmod /boot/grub/linux.mod", but it returns "error 'grub-xputs' not found".

When using the "initrd" command, it responds "unknown command". Trying to exit Grub 2 with "normal" also yields an "unknown command".The command "exit", "help", and "linux" returns an "unknown command".

The hold up seems to be that pesky 'grub-xputs'. I can not find out what it is.

Is there a list somewhere of Grub 2 Commands?

I had a similar problem upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04 last April. I was able to reload grub and get the laptop operating normally. This time I am unable to get the laptop out of grub rescue.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.10 And XP - No Partition Found (Grub Rescue)

Feb 9, 2011

I am new to ubuntu OS, I am having quiet a hard time solving out certain problems. I have Ubuntu 10.10 and Win Xp installed on the same hard drive partition i.e. C drive. Now yesterday accidentally I deleted a folder from C while I was logged in to Windows. Now today when I restarted my pc I got this error message :
error : No partition found
grub rescue>

Then somehow I managed to reinstall the Grub loader. Now whenever I restart my PC I get this error message :
GNU GRUB version 1.98+20100804-5ubuntu3
Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For the first word, TAB lists possible command completions. Anywhere else TAB lists possible device or file completions.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub Error - File Not Found

Aug 11, 2011

I've had my Ubuntu crash and had to reload it. I;ve reloaded 9.1 and am now getting the error

GRUB loading.
error: file not found
grub rescue>

I have tried a number of solution attempts I've found on the internet with no success.

I have Windows 7 also loaded however I'm not getting a Grub menu only the error above. I seem to have a number of Linux partitions I believe my correct one is on sda7. I had at one stage tried to have a boot partition on sda4.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Add Windows 7 To GRUB - Got BOOTMGR Not Found Error

Jan 7, 2010

I just got a new computer that has Windows 7 Ultimate, and I want to install Ubuntu to a partition that I created. I want to be able to re-add my Windows 7 to the GRUB, without erasing either of my operating systems. I have seen people that changed the menu.lst file, but got the BOOTMGR not found error. Will I get this problem? My computer came with one drive split in two partitions, WIN7 and DATA. I took 150GB out of the DATA partition to make a new one called Linux. So, how would I put Windows 7 in GRUB, but not erase eithr operating system, and will I get the BOOTMGR not found error?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Error: File Not Found When Booting After 10.10 Update

Mar 22, 2011

i have a dual boot system set up right now through wubi. the installation went fine. but then i tried to upgrade ubuntu from 10.04.2 to 10.10. the update went fine, no errors. but afterwards when i restarted my computer and selected ubuntu, it said "error: file not found" it didn't even get to grub. this has happened numerous of times trying to upgrade in the past.

p.s: i have vista installed as the other side of the dual boot.

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Ubuntu :: Grub Does Not Boot With Quiet Splash

Mar 1, 2010

I have just installed ubuntu on top of my windows 7 installation, on its own partition. From the beginning i could not install from the cd since it just froze every time i pressed install from the installation window. I got the commandline for the command to show itself, and noticed a command called quiet splash in the end. Wanting to see if it was hiding any errormessages i deleted it and ran the installer again. Now the installer did not crash and instead installed with no complications.In grub, when i try to boot windows 7 there is no problem. When i try to boot ubuntu it crashes. Ive left my computer for 30 minutes and still nothing has happened.However when i press e to see the boot command, delete quiet splash and press ctrl-x for boot, ubuntu starts with no problems.

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Ubuntu :: Messed Up GRUB - Fix Splash Screen

Oct 30, 2010

i wanted to fix splash screen, to be in 1680x1050 resulution, so i've found this: [URL].... After restart i don't have Ubuntu, with Linux 2.6.35-22-generic, just Ubuntu, with Linux 2.6.35-22-generic (recovery mode) My grub.cfg


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Ubuntu Installation :: Re-installed Lucid, Got Error: File Not Found And Grub Rescue Prompt?

May 13, 2011

Short story: upgraded to Natty, slowed graphics, re-installed Lucid, got Error: file not found and grub rescue prompt

Boot Info Script 0.55 dated February 15th, 2010
============================= Boot Info Summary: ==============================


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Debian Installation :: Fresh Install - Grub File Not Found Error

Nov 28, 2015

I just installed debian from debian-live-8.2.0-amd64-standard+nonfree.iso and after installation, which finished without problems, I cannot boot the system. I get the error:

Code: Select allfile '/boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod not found

From grub-rescue via ls command I see that I don't have the i386-pc folder inside /boot/grub. I have only two files:
unicode.pf2 and grub.cfg

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Ubuntu :: Splash Screen 'Out Of Range' Since 11.04 Update

Apr 30, 2011

Since updating to 11.04, the splash screen is coming up as 'Out of Range'. It hasn't really been a problem until now, as it is no longer booting properly, and I can't see what is going wrong (leaving it hanging out of range)!

I can boot fine from a live usb, is there any config files I can edit to change the resolution?

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