Ubuntu :: Natty Keeps Crashing At Random?

Apr 28, 2011

today i upgraded to ubuntu 11.04. it was a somewhat successful install (see here, another thread i made about the install itself:

http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.p...5#post10731595). now, however, unity (or ubuntu itself?) is crashing and going to a blank screen for seemingly no reason. the screen will freeze for about 3 seconds, and then it all goes black, no error text/message or anything. it seems though, that ubuntu is still running, because i was able hit ctrl-alt-f1 and it worked.

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Ubuntu :: Karmic 64-bit - Random Crashing - T400 Notebook?

Jan 9, 2010

System: T400 notebook, intel and ATI graphics, only intel graphics enabled. 9.10 64-bit, whole disc encryption. New install. My system recently started crashing periodically. At first there was no problem. There is no particular program that causes a crash. I havent edited any configurations. The most recent packages I installed were some data recovery packages and Gkrellm. Is there any way to find the time of installation for each package?

I upgraded to kernel 2.6.32 Ive been looking at the syslogs and before every crash there are several lines of:

Jan 9 20:46:24 username wpa_supplicant[1677]: CTRL-EVENT-SCAN-RESULTS
Jan 9 20:48:24 username wpa_supplicant[1677]: CTRL-EVENT-SCAN-RESULTS
Jan 9 20:50:25 username wpa_supplicant[1677]: CTRL-EVENT-SCAN-RESULTS

I did a google search on this error but the only real suggestion I found was the kernel upgrade.


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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Installation Has Been Crashing A Lot With Random Stack Traces

Jul 29, 2011

My ubuntu 11.04 installation has been crashing a lot with random stack traces. Has anyone some idea on what these means? I have attached the stacktrace with this post

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Ubuntu :: Random Freeze Of Natty?

Jul 5, 2011

I had installed Ubuntu Studio Natty from scratch onto a fresh partition, keeping Ubuntu Studio Maverick on another partition until I was sure Natty was working right. But whenever I tried using Natty the system would totally freeze, or so it seemed. Everything would freeze except the mouse pointer. Even the clock, which I have displaying seconds, would stop counting. I searched all over and there seemed to be little agreement about the cause of this, but a lot of people seemed to be experiencing it. It seemed to me however that there was a trend toward blaming new 3D features, and some tips suggested starting with 3D display features disabled; I forget now how to do that, but I do know that it didn't work for me.

After sort of giving up for a couple of months and going back to Maverick I had the idea to try installing (actually "activating") the Nvidia proprietary driver---and the problem seems to have been totally fixed. That's literally all I did, and for at least a few weeks, maybe a month or more, no freezes.

I should add that after a while the symptoms revealed that it wasn't necessarily that the computer was freezing, it was that it would rev up to maximum CPU usage and stay there, with a restart the only solution, until it would start again, seemingly at random, after several minutes to a half hour usually.

I have a Sony Vaio VPCF116FX laptop.

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Debian Multimedia :: Chromium And All Internet Browser Random Crashing

May 4, 2015

I use Debian 8 with gnome-shell 64 bit and install chromium and run it in terminal with this command

Code: Select allchromium &

and I see these error

Code: Select allmostafa@mfaridi:~$ chromium &
[1] 1756
mostafa@mfaridi:~$ [1756:1756:0504/111239:ERROR:url_pattern_set.cc(240)] Invalid url pattern: chrome://print/*
[64:64:0504/113111:ERROR:ppapi_thread.cc(278)] Failed to load Pepper module from /usr/lib/pepperflashplugin-nonfree/libpepflashplayer.so (error: /usr/lib/pepperflashplugin-nonfree/libpepflashplayer.so: cannot open shared object file: Operation not permitted)
[57:57:0504/113111:ERROR:webplugin_delegate_proxy.cc(314)] Plug-in crashed on start

[Code] ....

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Copy Random Jpg From Random Folder

Jan 19, 2010

I'm looking for a script that copies a random .jpg from a random folder in my ~/Pictures folder to my ~/temp folder with a standard filename. This file will then be displayed in Conky. I can fix the last part, but I cannot find a way to do the first part.

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Ubuntu :: Crashing With 10 On PC?

Jan 25, 2011

I ran Ubuntu 10 from a USB flash drive on my HP Desktop with an AMD Athlon processor (2.16 GHz), 512MB or RAM, and 160 GB of hard drive disk space. I gained access to the Internet and ran my e-mail program (Verizon). After about 10 minutes, the session froze. Not knowing the equivalent of Windows Task Manager, there was nothing I could do but do a cold boot. Are there setting that I can change that will prevent my sessions from crashing while using Ubuntu from a flash drive?

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Ubuntu :: Random Freezing In 9.10

Jan 4, 2010

Ever since I reinstalled Karmic Koala on this PC I've had a problem with random freezing. Initially I believed it to be an issue with my xorg.conf file, however, I disabled it and the crashing still persists..

Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.70GHz
Memory: 1GB
Graphics: 82845G/GL [Brookdale-G]/GE rev 01

For what it's worth, I use this same PC for windows XP and do not have this issue.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Keeps Crashing

Jan 28, 2010

I keep having problems with firefox. It keeps crashing when I'm listening to the radio. Has anyone else had this issue?

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 Random Logouts Bug?

May 2, 2010

the upgrade went fine and only had a few minor problems that were easy fixes. Like the Minimize, Maximize, Close on the left. Not good and fixed that right away. Today was the second time I have had a "random logout"I will be surfing the web and when I move my pointer on the touch pad of my laptop the screen goes black and I hear the sound of a logout. When I log back in and open Firefox my stuff is still there but this is very annoying. Is there any fix for this?

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Ubuntu :: The Eclipse Is Crashing?

Jun 5, 2010

every time that im entering to eclipse and the mouse is over a method for example Socket ... the eclipse is crashing

this is the log file

hs_err_pid11080 - UpF.co.il

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 Crashing All The Time?

Sep 9, 2010

I have Ubuntu 10.04 32bit on two machines and the one my parents has been crashing/having other issues a lot (the other is fine). I build my own PCs, and this one I built for my parents as a budget build as they basically use the internet and upload photos, that's it. It's got an AMD 64 3800+ processor, a GeForce 8400GS, 1 Gig of Corsair DDR2 (this passed 8 hours of memtest), an ASUS M2A-VM mobo and a 320GB WD HDD.

The crashes initially and may still be, GUI/graphics related. The biggest problem is they would boot up the system and there would be no GUI, it just never loaded so they would hard reboot. The other thing that would happen, when it went into screensaver mode, moving the mouse wouldn't bring up the password prompt, it wouldn't do anything just leave a black screen with no mouse, it would lead to a hard restart. These problems initially occurred on an older HDD that used to have windows xp on it that my parents loaded with viruses. Of course that HDD had been reformatted for Ubuntu, but I felt that it was damaged and these problems were related so I went and got a new Western Digital one for them and installed it with fresh installs of Ubuntu 10.04 (and a dual boot of Windows 7) but these crashing issues have persisted.

I found a fix on here that had me "force" the GUI to load each time via the terminal, which seems to have worked somewhat and the GUI loads more often. However, every now and then on boot up, parts of the GUI do not load and a window pops up asking that I delete elements from the panel. Again, this leads to a restart, except now sometimes when it reboots it gets to a DOS prompt (sorry, old windows user) of sorts that asks for a system password, when entered, nothing happens and requires another hard restart. These restarts tend to happen in chains leading to DOS prompt a faulty GUI or a GUI with missing elements.

There are also other general issues. Periodically desktop icons won't launch programs and or menu items will not load programs when selected, just nothing happens. When browsing the net with Opera or trying to open the recycle bin, the screen will just go black.I also messed around with the built in Nvidia Driver finder tool under system - administration-hardwaredrivers, tried the recommended and not recommended drivers, no difference. I've booted into recovery mode on the grub menu tried fixing and updating things via the menu options, still get one of the above issues.This system is up to date with system updates as well. I'm not sure what else to do, but I still have a sinking suspicion this is caused by some kind of graphics driver problem or maybe a problem with that graphics card in particular! I've installed Ubuntu fresh on this machine 3 total times, the latest install only last month when I created a dual boot with Win7.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: VLC Crashing In KDE 4.5?

Sep 28, 2010

VLC started to crash today, after (I think?) updating to KDE 4.5 . I'm not sure if it's the update's fault, as it was also today that I switched to KDE from GNOME. All I know is, that up until now, VLC was very stable, it never crashed. Now, it will start only to close in a few seconds later. I tried re-installing it, but it didn't work. It doesn't matter if I open a file directly, or start it from a terminal/menu. If I start it from a terminal, this is what I see:

$ vlc
VLC media player 1.0.6 Goldeneye
(15966) KSharedDataCache::Private::mapSharedMemory: Opening cache "/var/tmp/kdecache-damnated/icon-cache.kcache" page size is 4096
(15966) KSharedDataCache::Private::mapSharedMemory: Attached to cache, determining if it must be initialized


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Ubuntu :: Random Freezes In 10.10?

Jan 15, 2011

I've been using Ubuntu for a while now, and ever since I installed 10.10 (I did a clean install) I've been having problems with the computer completely locking up... nothing is responsive. I've not had this problem on any prior Ubuntu version. The problem started after I installed the updates for ubuntu... I have a hunch that its either the nvidia driver i installed or the latest kernel thats causing the problem. I'm using the proprietary driver for nvidia and my card is a GeForce6100 nForce 405... the kernel 2.6.35-22... as you can imagine its quite annoying having the computer lock up.. P.S.- the freezes aren't exactly random, they happen generally when I'm using high CPU %'s (e.g. when i import all my music at once to rhythmbox and playing spring rts)

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Ubuntu :: Crashing Menu Bar

Feb 16, 2011

I rebooted my computer and there was strangely 2 audio icons next to the clock. I right clicked 1 and removed it from the bar. Now I can t seem to get that bar to quit flashing. I tried the recovery console. to repair any broken packages. Still flashing. I can't seem to get any programs open. What could be causing this issue and how I can fix it?

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Ubuntu :: Laptop Keeps On Crashing / Fix This?

Feb 19, 2011

My laptop, running Ubuntu 10.10, keeps on crashing. For a Windows user, this would be normal, but isn't it rare for Unix-based OSs to crash? Could there have been some corruption in the disk I installed it with?

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Ubuntu :: Vlc(1.1.7) Is Crashing On Exit?

Mar 3, 2011

i have upgraded vlc 1.1.4 to 1.1.7....but im having a problem regarding the 1.1.7 version. the vlc(1.1.7) is crashing on exit.

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Ubuntu :: Sound Crashing A Lot In 11.04

Apr 27, 2011

iv been on the beta 2 for a long time! and its working really nice but the pulse audio loves to crash it crashs flash and the computer it self like the browser and all and when ever i start skype witch i need for work it crashs and forces me to re boot witch is annoying and i hear can crash a harddrive im wondering if any one can help me! if it my sound card or ubuntu ?

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Constantly Crashing?

Apr 30, 2011

I've managed to install the 32bit version on my laptop with little issue, and I'm really liking the Unity interface. There's a few issues around customisation and minor usability quirks, but from my experience with things like KDE4, I'm guessing it's only time. Anyway, I've been having major problems getting the 64bit version running with my Desktop. I have 8Gb of RAM in that, so it's not really an option to use the 32bit version. The Installer crashes constantly, but I was able to upgrade from 10.10 using update manager, but unfortunately Natty is no more stable than it's installer.

While logging in, or shortly after, the machine will crash to a text console displaying a Kernel Panic message. There's also messages indicating a problem with the CPU MCE. I've tried setting various kernel parameters at boot, such as nomce and nomodeset, these have extended the time the machine is up before crashing out, and removed the Kernel panic message, but not the crashes. I'm guessing the MCE messages were unrelated or a symptom in this case.I've done a huge amount of searching, and found no suggestions that I haven't already tried. Running Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit the system is rock solid.

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Ubuntu :: All Browsers Keep Crashing

May 7, 2011

i've got an annoying problem. on a regular basis my browsers keep crashing out on various websites. videos, newgrounds, etc. one moment i'm doing something, the next thing, it just froze. firefox 4, opera 11.10 and chrome 11. each crash is different, but they crash never the less. firefox freezes and when i try to close it, the whole screen turns to a blank light blue. after a moment a message pops up to allow it to be forcefully terminated. opera is similar. chrome is different. you just cannot shut it down for quite some time. i'm guessing it has something to do with flash, but i'm already running the latest version with the help of flash-aid.

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Ubuntu :: GUI Crashing And Burning?

Jun 3, 2011

It started when I woke up to find that the Unity dock was misbehaving -- none of the icons were appearing, though there was something at the top that looked like a couple of the "flattened" icons that are usually at the bottom. I can't remember what I did in the terminal or gnome-system-monitor to try and fix this, but I think it was unity --reset. (Should've been --replace, I know that now. Unless I was barking up the wrong tree altogether) The result was that the dock disappeared altogether along with the tops of all windows, much as has happened in the past when metacity crashed. But now alt-f2 wasn't working, and while I had a terminal open (and in front of all the other windows), I couldn't type anything into it. (I could, however, right-click and start a new terminal, which didn't work either.)

So then I switched to tty1-6. Unfortunately, I don't know how to use those to start things in tty7, only kill processes. I did some Googling and tried sudo service gdm restart. This, according to ps, ended most of the processes I had open, and now tty7 is stuck on a text screen that says "Ubuntu 11.04" at the top and "* Checking battery state... [ OK ]" at the bottom and has a blinking cursor at the bottom right. Ctrl-Alt-F8 opens a GUI login screen that lists me as "Currently logged in."I'm completely lost here. Is there anything I can do to fix tty7? Is there even anything I should bother doing now but rebooting?

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Ubuntu :: Random Log Out / Stop This?

Jun 5, 2011

I have been experiencing some random log out, specially in times like downloading big files, and consequently messing up my downloads. It's like browsing internet, a few other applications opened an out of nowhere a black screen an command boot load and then log in screen asking for password. This has been happening since I installed natty. I experience any kind of crash alert, freezing or slowdown before it happens, just out of the sudden it happens.

Any advice, help? How do I report a bug without a clear idea of what's going on?

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Ubuntu :: Programs Crashing On 10.04?

Jul 1, 2011

Programs are crashing on my ubuntu 10.04 system - I don't know whether its a hardware problem or a problem with the OS - is there a way to check that?

I've run memtest (version 4.00) and I'm getting quite a few errors - the error bits output reads 02000000 for all of the errors.

Is there any way that I can find out whether this is an OS problem or a hardware problem?

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Ubuntu :: Random Freezing In 11.04?

Jul 6, 2011

Gotta rewrite everything i just wrote, because it actuall froze while i was typing this. Anyways, recently installed Ubuntu 11.04 and its had nasty freezing issues from the start. When it freezes, i cant move the mouse, none of the cap locks, number lock or scroll locks work. It will put any sounds playing into a small loop, and my mouse freezes. im forced to hard reset my computer everytime. Its 100% random too, not caused by a program, as far as i know.

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 - LibreOffice Keeps Crashing

Jul 8, 2011

I've been a long time linux & Ubuntu fan/user. Since the clean install of 11.04, LibreOffice keeps crashing. No day would go past when using either Writer or Calc, that it will not crash. (I think OpenOffice had same issue on Ubuntu 10.10 but only later on in the cycle.) The recovery function works, but it's now beyond a joke to continue to work in such a way, given that I have used Linux exclusively. I develop web apps on Ubuntu, but am seriously thinking of going over to Windows 7 or even OSX if this continues much longer.

If I can't get this issue resolved, I'm going to stop using Linux, which I do not want to do. when searching for clues to issue on this forum and others, people mentioned a 'seg fault', this might be the issue I have, as I think I saw this reported on one of the error logs. I think a seg fault may have something to do with memory, but I don't know for sure.

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Ubuntu :: All Browsers Still Crashing On 11.04

Jul 31, 2011

I am still in progress of testing 11.04 on my HP probook 6550b. This is basically rather current and standard intel based notebook with M520/2.4ghz and intel HD graphic i5. 11.04 runs on it either with unity or classic, but regardless of which gui I use, browsers do crash all the time. Tried firefox with default extensions, then seamonkey and then chromium. Nothing works really. I am not able to run any search in this forum for example, this will make any of the browsers crash. The kernels I tried are standard 32bit as well as -pae variety. Everything seemed to be more stable on real 64bit ubuntu, but number of software does not work here, so not real alternative. Any experience with browsers permanently crashing on 11.04? Example of crash readout of the firefox:


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Ubuntu :: Kubuntu 11.04 Keeps Crashing?

Aug 10, 2011

I just installed Kubuntu 11.04 on my netbook, and it is acting up more than what Windows 7 Starter would!Every time I enable the visual effects, things start to run so slow that it automatically disables them again, and every time I go to change the desktop background, either the desktop goes blank or the x server crashes completely and restarts.Kubuntu 10.10 and Ubuntu 11.04 work just fine, but I like the driver support and features that Kubuntu 11.04 has.

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Ubuntu :: Random Logging Out In 10.10?

Oct 24, 2010

Ever since I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop, I've been having this problem. Every now and then, for seemingly no reason at all, the screen will go black and after a few seconds I find myself at the login screen. I've kept track of when it happens and there is seemingly no pattern to it; sometimes it will happen when I'm watching a video, sometimes it just happens when I'm browsing the internet, and sometimes it happens when I'm not doing anything.

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Ubuntu :: How To Debug Random Error

Jan 17, 2010

So my machine crashed and as far as I can tell it wasn't associated with any particular program. Is there some log I can investigate to see if I can determine what caused the crash?

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Ubuntu :: Random Shutdown/Power Off?

Jan 24, 2010

I've been using Ubuntu on and off since 8.04, but only last week decided to make a real switch across to it.After installing 9.10 64bit though, my laptop while running Ubuntu just turns itself off at completely random times - it doesn't seem to go through any shut down procedure or anything, it's more like the power's just suddenly cut. It sometimes happens 5 minutes after being turned on, or sometimes 4 or 5 hours, it really is random.I really have no idea where to even begin trying to stop this. I think it must be a software thing because this has never happened with windows or earlier versions of Ubuntu, but other than that I don't know what to do to stop this.I'm dual booting Windows 7 32bit and Ubuntu 9.10 64bit, and this is on a Toshiba L350-D 11-D laptop, which has a 64bit AMD processor.

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