Ubuntu :: Random Freezing In 9.10

Jan 4, 2010

Ever since I reinstalled Karmic Koala on this PC I've had a problem with random freezing. Initially I believed it to be an issue with my xorg.conf file, however, I disabled it and the crashing still persists..

Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.70GHz
Memory: 1GB
Graphics: 82845G/GL [Brookdale-G]/GE rev 01

For what it's worth, I use this same PC for windows XP and do not have this issue.

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Ubuntu :: Random Freezing In 11.04?

Jul 6, 2011

Gotta rewrite everything i just wrote, because it actuall froze while i was typing this. Anyways, recently installed Ubuntu 11.04 and its had nasty freezing issues from the start. When it freezes, i cant move the mouse, none of the cap locks, number lock or scroll locks work. It will put any sounds playing into a small loop, and my mouse freezes. im forced to hard reset my computer everytime. Its 100% random too, not caused by a program, as far as i know.

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 Random Freezing On Asus EEE 1000HE?

Oct 13, 2010

I seem to be receiving the infamous random freezing issue on my Asus 1000HE. It's a stock install of 10.10 Desktop 32-bit with the only noticeable difference being a LUKS/LVM setup. Can anyone with a Asus 1000HE running a non-LUKS/LVM setup confirm this problem?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Random Freezing On NIS/NFS Client Machines?

Aug 25, 2011

We administer a small lab of Ubuntu 11.04 machines. Users authenticate via NIS to the fileserver, which then uses NFS to mount their /home directory.

From time to time, seemingly at random, the machines will lock up. After about 15 minutes, they will go back to normal.

Switching the machine to the console with/ Ctrl+Alt+F1 doesn't help either - credentials get entered, but there's still a 15 minute wait before any commands can be entered. Some error messages show up at this point about processes that were running timing out. However, the root user can log in immediately (which makes us think that this is only affecting NIS accounts).

Logging in with the root account, we can ping our NIS server, and it responds normally. We can restart the networking and NIS daemons but neither of these help.

We checked the NIS error log in /var/yp/ypserv.log and it is empty.

We used to be running a different version of Ubuntu on the client machines (10.04 LTS), but not on the server.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Freezing Computer After Random Time?

Jun 11, 2010

I have to say I'm really enjoying it. However, when I have been watching videos on ..... and revision3.com after a random amount of time the computer will freeze up and I have to do a hard restart of the computer.I've gone through the multimedia sticky post at the top of these forums with no real luck.Oh just got the computer today as a real budget system.AMD Athlon II X3 435 2.9ghzMSI K9N2GM-FD AM2+on board NVIDIA Geforce 82004GB DDR2 memoryI'm using ubuntu 10.04 64bit version.

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Debian Multimedia :: VLC Video Playback Random Freezing

Jul 17, 2010

When I play videos in VLC, the video output seems to randomly freeze while playing the video. This does not effect the audio though. The audio output continues, but with the video frozen on a frame. This is happening in windowed and full-screen mode. I have to use "pkill vlc" each time twice then start VLC again. I have had to resort to mplayer for the time being. I am running squeeze. I was not experiencing this problem before though (started within the past week), so it must be due to some recent upgrade. I have tried "aptitude purge vlc && aptitude install vlc", but I am still experiencing the same problem.

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Ubuntu :: Random Crashes (black Screen And Freezing) On 9.10 On Lenovo T500?

Jan 23, 2010

Got a new Lenovo T500, slapped 9.10 on it. Set of programmes is exactly as on my previous IBM T42, but every so often I get a random crash. No errors, just a complete freeze with a "underscore" cursor in the top-left of the screen.I think / suspect it may have something to do with Transmission running, or perhaps the recent kernel update to 2.6.31-17.Anyone else had anything similar? Maybe on a T400 or R60 / R61 / T60 / T61?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Copy Random Jpg From Random Folder

Jan 19, 2010

I'm looking for a script that copies a random .jpg from a random folder in my ~/Pictures folder to my ~/temp folder with a standard filename. This file will then be displayed in Conky. I can fix the last part, but I cannot find a way to do the first part.

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Ubuntu :: 64-bit Freezing - How To Fix It

Dec 13, 2010

Once or twice a day, the entire system just locks up, and the only way I know to undo it is with a hard reset. (The mouse cursor still moves around--but it can't click on anything.) It did this with a clean Lucid install, and still does it with Maverick. Often, it's when I'm in Firefox (and usually a site with Flash), but I'm not 100% sure of that.

Now, one issue is that I don't know how to diagnose this issue. With the system frozen, it's hard to probe anything to see what went wrong. Is there a particular log file somewhere that I should check out, that may say what happened?

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Ubuntu :: Freezing After 9.10 Upgrade?

Mar 2, 2010

I just upgraded to 9.10 from 9.04, and whenever I try to do anything that requires admin privileges (like run software update), I can type in my password, but I hit enter, and my whole computer locks up hard, caps lock and mouse don't even respond.

I have also noticed this same freezing when I try to mount an internal hard drive, which also asks for a password. Sudo by commandline seems to work fine though. Plus occasionally there are weird graphical glitches, which may or may not be related, but only showed up after the upgrade. I also get freezing when running too many high resource apps, like firefox and openoffice at the same time.

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Ubuntu :: Karmic Freezing Up?

Apr 13, 2010

since I installed Karmic 9.10 (fresh install, kernel 2.6.31-20-generic) my pc keeps freezing up...
I think it must have something to do with my videocard because right before it freezes the screen goes blank and when it comes back (yes it does!) it is frozen... Sometimes it happens fast and sometimes after 30 mins or so...Still haven't figured out in which direction to search...Anybody know why or have tips? I am almost ready to re-install 8.10

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Ubuntu :: 9.10 System Is Freezing

Apr 24, 2010

I have a clean install of Kubuntu 9.10 running on ext4 partitions (root and home). Kernel: 2.6.31-20-generic-pae.Freezing is becoming a way of life! I first thought it was my main browser (Seamonkey) but freezes have occurred even when it's not open. It usually occurs when computer is left unattended for a while.I'm not sure if it's the desktop crashing, no ides how to check logs especially as I have to reboot to gain access.

Mouse and keyboard work fine, I can use ALT+F4 to close windows and ALT+F2 to restart. But programs freeze, KMenu won't open, Taskbar is frozen, no HD activity.Where do I go from here?9.10 seems OK on my laptop but that was a upgrade from 9.04 and I don't usually leave it open unattended for any periods of time. I did a clean install of 9.10 after an upgrade was having the same problems.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Is Keep Freezing

May 1, 2010

I've just upgraded to Kubuntu 10.04 and I've noticed that the new FireFox 3.6.3 keeps freezing up, using 100% CPU and lots of disk activity for seconds at a time for apparently no reason at all. The OS itself doesn't freeze up, it's Firefox only, but it's still annoying since I surf the web a lot. I see a lot of maxing out of my dual-core CPU's with System Monitor and I don't like it. Is anyone else having these problems?

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 Freezing On Startup?

Aug 24, 2010

I am getting frustrated and at my wits end. I went away from home for 3 days and came back to a frozen computer. To start, my linux computer was locked and wouldn't allow me to switch to my other computer using my KVM. All I saw was the default wallpaper with no icons, cursor or anything. Rebooting the computer allowed me to resume normal operation on the other but not on my linux comp.Now when I boot I can only get to a recovery console if luck is on my side and trying a normal boot freezes the computer with a blank screen and blinking cursor.

I tried editing the GRUB commands with "nomodeset", "i915.modeset=0" and "i915.modeset=1" with no luck. I also tried removing "quiet" and "splash" from the boot and it freezes at random parts of the boot. Sometimes with an error loading a device with IRQ 21 and sometimes on a memory address. I am running XP on the same computer, so I thought I would try to boot into that, even THAT freezes!I have even tried running my LiveCD and it tells me there is an error reading the boot CD...the same CD I installed with 3 weeks ago without any problem! As I type this, the computer is booting, sort of, to a black screen with a ridiculously large "X" cursor and a small white dot in the upper left.System Specs:Athlon 32004gb RAMGeForce 7200generic DVDgeneric sound

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Ubuntu :: Freezing In Mint 9?

Aug 30, 2010

I've been using mint 9 now for a few months and love it (yes i'm a noobie, lol). Every now and then, maybe twice a month, everything freezes and the only thing I can do is to reboot. The question is, is this a somewhat normal thing to happen using Linux? I have used other distros as well and it seems to happen with them too.

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Ubuntu :: CD/DVD Drive Freezing 10.10?

Oct 10, 2010

Whenever I put a cd or a dvd into my cd/dvd drive, waiting half a minute, my system completely freezes (like a screenshot) needing a hard reset. I have looked into the matter and found that a lot of people are having this problem. Like them:


however, nobody knows how to fix this instead of replacing the dvd drive, which is not 100% guaranteed to work. I just installed a fresh 10.10 on my whole hard drive, gave up Windows completely and here I am, not being able to access my dvds with my work.

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Ubuntu :: Freezing When Logged Out?

Jan 21, 2011

I just recently made a new user so that other people cane my computer when I'm not around, and I have noticed things aren't working right. For example,rted a few files downloading in Firefox and then clicked 'Switch from Fracta', expecting it to be like windows and the downloads would continue in the background while people log into the other account. But the screen just went black. Completely unresponsive.ouldn't let me ctrl-alt-f1 to the command line and alt-sysrq-R,S,E,I,U,B didn't shutdown and restart the pc. Also, It is not uncommon for the computer to freeze when my screensaver starts after however long of inactivity and the computer doesn't respond at all

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Ubuntu :: Why Freezing Upon Reboot Once In A While

Jan 26, 2011

Why my pc freezes upon reboot once in a while, especially after certain updates? It never happened under Vista. I'm with Ubuntu 10.10 since October, never used Linux before. I think it's a bug in Maverick but I'm too lazy in reading the very long sticky! What happens at those very few times is a normal reboot, but a few seconds after a gradual and then complete freezing, you would have time to click the firefox icon but it will never open. Fastest way to get out of trouble is to reboot forced or other if you can.Maverick then works fine as ever.Just embarrassing I have to undergo all this. Can this bug be solved in the near future? My PC is Intel 32 bits 2 core with 2 GHz and 320 GB and I have 4GB RAM but I think it has nothing to do with the hardware, it has more to do with the OS!

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Ubuntu :: U10.10 Freezing Up Solid / Fix It?

Feb 9, 2011

I'm a bit perplexed on this issue. I searched through Google looking for similar issues and can't seem to find one that quite fits and I was wondering if someone else has heard of this happening.

I recently installed Ubuntu 10.10 (32 bit) on a friend's Dell Inspiron 1501 to replace the entirely screwed up Windows Vista that was on it. The install process went without flaw or issue. Everything worked perfectly out of the box. My issue comes when I try to copy files from my terabyte external onto the computer (the files she had backed up from her vista install). Files larger than about 300MB cause the computer to freeze up solid. The only thing that works is the power button to force shutdown. There's no mouse... nothing. This made me think there was a hardware issue but...

The external drive has no issues on any computer other than this one so I'm inclined to think the Dell is causing the issues. I ran Ubuntu's drive test and it reported no errors, and MemTest 86 comes up with no errors.

So, I'm looking for some educated guesses. If Ubuntu can handle installs and lengthy updates with no problem, but then connecting an external USB HDD and copying over files causes it to freeze up tighter than I've ever seen Ubuntu freeze before... could a faulty USB port cause this? Motherboard? Ubuntu itself? I'm installing Ubuntu from CD.

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Ubuntu :: Mouse Freezing In 11.04?

May 29, 2011

After updating to 11.04, I have been experiencing several problems. One of the major ones is my USB mouse constantly freezes, usually shortly after boot. The computer itself is not frozen, so I can use the keyboard to close applications and restart. Restarting my computer will sometimes solve the problem, but not always. It is so frustrating.

I disabled ACPI, and although that stopped the mouse from freezing, I was uncomfortable with it being disabled, mainly because my computer never shut off properly, it would simply hang.

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Keeps Freezing Up On Me / Resolve This?

Jun 13, 2011

i don't know what's happening here, but my computer keeps freezing in ubuntu... i can't figure out what's triggering it, because it happens when i'm doing different things. the time between freezes is always different, sometimes hours, sometimes a whole day, and sometimes back-to-back after a reboot. the only way to get out is a hard reset. whatever sound is playing will just continue to loop. it's happened while watching (non-full screen) videos, while using eclipse (luckily had just saved work), and while just general browsing. i tried reinstalling 11.04 because it happened before, and for a little while i thought it was fixed, but in the past few days it has picked up again. the only thing i can think of that i have installed was some new drivers for my bcm43225 wireless because it was always slow.

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Ubuntu :: KDE 4.7 Freezing Up My System

Aug 11, 2011

I installed KDE 4.7 (minimal desktop install) on my desktop computer, running Ubuntu 11.04, and every time I go to log in with the KDE Plasm Workspace, my computer all of a sudden freezes up after about a minute of working fine. My mouse slows down incredibly and eventually comes unresponsive to keyboard, power button, and mouse click input. The mouse can move, but it's movement isn't fluid, and it can only move a little bit. Can anyone help me? I have also had problems with KDE 4.7 on other computers as well, but this desktop I am using is almost brand new. :/

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Ubuntu :: Laptop Freezing Without A Reason?

Jan 10, 2010

I have a Dell Inspiron mini 10'1". When I close it and reopen it, it almost always freezes. I can't do anything, ctrl alt delete doesn't work, pushing the button doesn't activate it either (I mean Turn on/off button). I have to hold shut down button so it would turn off, I lose everything I was working with, and simply have to start it again. I'm using Windows XP SP3 home edition.

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Ubuntu :: 9.10 Freezing But Can Still Move Mouse?

Feb 25, 2010

I have done some research and I am led to believe it has to do with "Bad Sectors" on my HDD. I have included a screenshot of the "Sectors that are failing" And the error messages I am recieving. If you believe it is anything else and there is a fix to it, feel free to inform me.

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Freezing And Other Errors?

Mar 14, 2010

firefox turned to Namoroka web browser and now constantly freezes after i close it and i have to close it in the system monitor to make it work my AWN has been going crazy and had to turn compiz off i have a quad core with 8 gigs of ram its a relatively new clean install of ubuntu karmic koala... and the errors started to occur after updating everything after install?

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Ubuntu :: Using Internet Browser Causes Freezing

Apr 6, 2010

Alright, I've looked through a many variety of forums to search for the answer to this problem and haven't found it yet. What is happening is during use of my internet browser, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, on Ubuntu 9.10 there are points in time, could be 10 minutes could be 3 hours, that the interface locks up. The mouse is the only peripheral that works, but nothing happens when clicking and the keyboard is locked as well.

Now I'm new to Ubuntu but not computers, I can work my way around Microsoft Windows and just recently took the jump to Linux and have been working myself in slowly. The problem I'm having seems to occur when using Java oriented websites, yet I can't figure out what the problem is, I've tried installing and re-installing java to no avail. My mind is boggled as to the cause of the problem, but I'm open knowing that there is a lot more to go in the troubleshooting than I'm normally use to.

Here's a listing of what is recognized on my computer:


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Ubuntu :: 10.04 (64 Bit) On Lenovo T510 Is Freezing

Apr 14, 2010

i'm nix old timer but fairly new to running ubuntu on a laptop (although i've introduced plenty of noobs to ubuntu, because for most people it seems like a better alternative to windoze.).i've got 64-bit 10.04 running mostly well on a lenovo T510, but it is freezing and requiring a hard-reset every few days. certainly a big improvement over 9.10, which froze within minutes of enabling compiz.i'm just wondering if this has been officially reported yet?i kinda wish it actually crashed, so i could get a crash-dump, but it's just freezing.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Lucid Keeps Freezing - Fix It?

Apr 30, 2010

I am running a web server on my old iMac5,1, which is also my main computer, but I'm having troubles. I upgraded to Lucid because Hardy kept dropping my Internet, so my server would not work. However, I have a different problem now. Everytime I log into Ubuntu, it eventually lags in the GUI. Sometimes, it even freezes entirely. On my newer Macbook Pro5,3, running from a Live CD, it freezes there to. It never froze in Ubuntu Hardy or Ubuntu Jaunty. What is causing this constant freezing?

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Ubuntu :: Freezing At Loading Screen?

May 13, 2010

I have the new Ubuntu 10.04, installed through Wubi. It was fine for ages, graphics working fine and sound. Then it asked me to seemingly install my graphics card drivers. I did so, rebooted and not the loading screen is stretched at the wrong ratio and doesn't get past displaying 5 red dots. How can I get it working?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Lucid Freezing / What To Do?

May 30, 2010

I'm having a problem with a new install of Lucid freezing a few seconds after booting up. Completely frozen - ctrl-alt-backspace or alt-SysReq-R-E-I-S-U-B have no effect. The md5sum of the installation iso was all right, the disk check was all right, & the memory test was all right. It's a GeForce 5500 graphics card, but I haven't installed any special drivers. Booting up to the command line (netboot) helps a bit but it still crashes after from a few minutes to a couple of hours. From the command line I tried removing compiz & compiz-core but it makes no difference. I also updated the installed packages, including to the 2.6.32-22 kernel, but no difference. This has happened with Jaunty & Karmic, but Intreprid runs fine, as did Windows XP. Anyone have any ideas what I could do to find out the cause ?

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