Ubuntu :: Abcde Writes No Tags In 10.4?

Apr 23, 2010

In RC 10.4 abcde still writes no tags. Sadly, I should say, since I've always used abcde for ripping CDs.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Configure Vlc That It Won't Show Tags - Ffmpeg Should Strip Tags

Dec 19, 2010

I have a lot of avis with annoying metadata that show in vlc. Since I cannot figure out how to configure vlc in a way that it won't show the tags, ffmpeg should strip the tags. This is supposed to do the trick:


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Granulepos Errors Ripping To Ogg Using Abcde?

Jun 21, 2010

I recently finished ripping my CD collection. Some of the files don't play; VLC and other players can run them, but there's no sound. Running oggz-validate shows errors like this: granulepos 0 on page with no completed packets (I didn't know about oggz-validate when I was ripping, otherwise I'd have checked as I went.) I can't see a pattern: with some CDs it's the whole CD, with others, just some tracks.

I pretty much ran with the default abcde options. I upped the quality at one point, but dropped it back again. Before I replace the bad files, does anyone have any advice on what to do or avoid? I've tried googling the error, but haven't found anything useful.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Command Line Or With Abcde's Built-in Options?

Jan 15, 2010

(1) I'm wondering if there is a way to have abcde play the songs while it is encoding? I understand that this would be a lot slower.

(2) Is it possible to have abcde start playing right after it finishes ripping the first track and then have it add on the other tracks to the playlist as it rips them.

Is there anyway to do one or both of these from the command line or with abcde's built-in options?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Rip Cd Tracks With Abcde But Ogg Quality Always Shows 112kbs

Mar 8, 2011

I have used abcde with lots of success in the past and I always grab the a config file off the net (I think andrew's web page or something).

Anyways, I went to rip a few cd's to OGG today and my quality setting is: OGGENCOPTS='-q 6' but when I play the ogg's (using audacious or gnome player) the kbs always shows 112. I know OGG is not a bitrated encoder, but rather uses quality levels 1-10 (I think?), but I always got ~192kbs using quality level 6, but now it does not seem so.

Anyone know of something I might be overlooking her, perhaps something not quite set right... here is the confg I am using in my home dir... actually I did notice there is an /etc/abcde.conf file, but all options are commented out. I wonder if perhaps there is another abcde.conf file being used somewhere and not the one i created in ~/.abcde. I think that is how the file should be named; does that look right does anyone know?

# -----------------$HOME/.abcde.conf----------------- #
# A sample configuration file to convert music cds to
# Ogg Vorbis using abcde version


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Fedora :: Abcde Error - M4a Tagtrack Failed

Jan 21, 2011

I do have a little problem with abcde under fedora 14 when trying to tag m4a files. When I'm ripping a cd and telling abcde to (also) encode and tag m4a (aac) files I always get the following error just when the tagging starts: nice: /home/ThomasM/Musik/abcde.910a8d0c/track12.m4a: Keine Berechtigung [ERROR] abcde: The following commands failed to run: tagtrack-m4a-01: returned code 126: nice -n 10 /home/ThomasM/Musik/abcde.910a8d0c/track01.m4a --artist Jeff Rayo --album Vamos Reggaeton --title Matame --tracknum 01 --year 2005 --genre Latin --compilation true --comment --utput /home/ThomasM/Musik/abcde.910a8d0c/track01.m4a-atomic

the trackxx.m4a files are all available and I of course have authority to access them, playing them for example does not fail and I also can delete them. searching the internet i found in another internet forum that there might be missing atomicparsley which shall be used by abcde for tagging m4a files. Unfortunately I can't find it in the repositories.

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Debian Multimedia :: ABCDE - Multiple Choices In CDDB Get To (END)

Feb 3, 2016

New to Debian I installed ABCDE for ripping my CDs. My question is stupid but I could not sort this situation even going through the web or documentation. It works fine now BUT... when ABCDE retrieve multiple playlists (#1, #2, #3, etc.) it show them then ends with (END) blinking at the bottom of the terminal. If I make a RETURN I get nothing. If I type EXIT it shows "No next tag (press RETURN)" but RETURN has no effect !

When there is only ONE playlist (or no playlist available to retrieve) it works really fine.ce.

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Ubuntu Installation :: W7 Hibernating Writes On MBR?

Jan 1, 2010

Hibernating windows 7 on dual-boot laptop (9.10 Ubuntu - W7) writes something on MBR which breaks GRUB2. GRUB2 does not load at all after hibernating W7 and the best solution is to reinstall GRUB with Ubuntu 9.10 cd, just follow the instructions at [URL]

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Ubuntu :: Sustained HDD Writes After Formatting?

Jun 7, 2011

I'm seeing sustained disk writes of about 2 MB/s in the indicator-multiload indicator in Unity. I determined that it is writes on my 500GB HDD on /dev/sdb. This behaviour started after I used Gparted to create a single 500GB ext4 partition and also selected that it should be formatted to ext4 in Gparted.

Is this usual? It also survived a reboot.. I assume that it is the full formatting taking place in the background?

I saw no activity using pidstat or iotop. Only using vmstat -d revealed the writes.

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Ubuntu :: System Becomes Almost Unusable During Disk Writes?

Apr 12, 2010

I'm using 9.10 Desktop 64bit on a Dell Latitude D830. I have 4 gigs of RAM and a 7200 rpm sata hard drive. Everything works pretty well, video, sound, and network. Flash isn't as smooth as in Windows but I assume that's a Flash/64bit thing and not necessarily an Ubuntu thing.

However, one area of performance still lags far behind my Windows XP experience, and that's disk writes. For instance, when I'm copying a large amount of information from a USB drive or from my Windows partition to my native partition, I can barely switch windows until the task is complete, nevermind trying to surf the Web. I thought that that might be related to the slow performance of the ntfs driver, but recently I have been doing a lot of work with VMWare, and I get the same result when trying to pause virtual machines - it writes a largish amount of information to disk in a short amount of time and I can't do much until it finishes.

Here are some things I looked at based on other threads to try to debug my issue:

~$ sudo hdparm /dev/sda
multcount = 8 (on)
IO_support = 1 (32-bit)
readonly = 0 (off)
readahead = 256 (on)


That disk read speed is a little faster than average - several more tests showed it hovering around the 66 MB/sec range. Of the other info, I see that UDMA is on which I understand is good, but if there is something else there that I should fix I don't see it.

I know that my computer can handle these tasks (at least the vmware stuff) without such a significant interface slowdown because in XP I did it with less RAM than I have now. Is this just the way that the linux kernel scheduler fails to account for UI needs?

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General :: Where To Writes The Commands

Feb 1, 2010

where to writes the commands if i am using fadora 11?

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Software :: Windows Writes Mbr?

Mar 6, 2010

GNU/Linux kernel 2.6

MS Windows XP 5.1 (Service Pack 3)

I want to install windows XP but every time I do so I need several days to get linux running again. In linux I use lilo (don't remember the version no.), which I am familiarized with.how to fix the linux partition after I install xp

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Ubuntu :: System Locks Solid During Disc Writes?

Jun 9, 2010

System spec:

Core 2 Quad, Q6600, 2.4GHz OC'd to 3GHz
Asus Rampage Formula m/b
2x WD RE2 500GB HDDs ("linux boot" and "winxp boot")
1x Seagate Barracuda HDD ("boneyard")
4GB DDR2-800 RAM
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

I'm having a really annoying problem with disc activity on my desktop system. Basically, if anything is writing a large amount of data to the hard drive (say, 10MB or over), the machine basically freezes solid. The mouse goes jittery (you move it and it takes a second then moves in one big leap).

For instance, if I try to image a USB hard drive to a file:

# dd if=/dev/sdh of=usbdrive_dump bs=1G

Effectively this works in two portions: it reads 1GB of data to RAM, then blats it out into a file. The machine is perfectly responsive while the USB drive is getting thrashed, but locks solid when the internal SATA drives are in use. Writing to USB HDDs doesn't seem to have the same effect -- I can copy 1GB files to/from them all day long and the machine is perfectly happy.

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General :: Read - Writes Are Slow On NFS

Oct 23, 2010

Read/writes are slow on NFS.How can we diagnosing the issue, what commands are used for the error finding

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Server :: Trace Writes To File?

Feb 14, 2010

Does Linux have a way to trace writes to a file?

For each write, I would like to know the time, date, process id, user, file position, byte count, and the data written.

I could use this with a script to replay the writes to a backup of the original file, and reproduce the file contents as they were at a point in time.

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Ubuntu :: Samba Slow Writes To Server But Fast Reads

Jul 1, 2010

I have a fileserver running 10.04 server 64bit and samba. I connect it to my desktop which is 10.04 desktop 64bit.I have the server mounted on my desktop in fstab as:// /media/share cifs guest, uid= 1000.Up until 30 June 2010 it was all fine. Now when I write the server it is very slow e.g. 2Mbps though when I read I get >100Mbps so I think my network is still ok. If i use nautilus smb:// I can write at >100Mbps and also read at >100Mbps...So any ideas why the write speed via the fstab mount samba has started to go really slowly in the last couple of days?

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OpenSUSE :: Very Slow Writes To NTFS Partitions

Aug 30, 2010

I have two ntfs partitions I use to store music and data. I've been using them in all my linux boxes without any problems. Simply use Ntfs-3g with noatime and everything works great.

However, since the update to OpenSuse 11.3 writing to my NTFS partitions takes FOREVER. I've specified noatime, relatime and norelatime successively without success. The partitions have plenty of space and are defragmented.

When copying large files, It starts fast at first, but in the last hundred MB it slows down to about 1.5MB/s. Even after the transfer is supposedly done, the HD led remains on and all other read/write activity involving the partition is completely halted.
This can take between 5 minutes to 10 or more depending on the size of the file. When copying several small files, (100 MB or less) it starts at about 1.5MB/s from the beginning.

I have the latest versions of fuse and ntfs-3g installed

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Ubuntu Servers :: IOwait High, No Disk Writes, Server Hangs?

Jul 24, 2011

I run a website that a very steady flow of traffic and Im seeing recent issues that I just dont like. Server is 10.04.2 on a supermicro i7-950/6gb RAM with two 500gb Samsung F3 drives in a software RAID1 (1x5400, 1x7200) and for several weeks, its been running very well. Recently, Im seeing the server hang for 5-20 seconds. IOwait goes through the roof, nothing can write to the disk. Apache logs stop, redis fails to rebuild caches, mysql errors and then it continues and moves back to normal operation

/ is ext4, the kernel was 2.6.32-server-x64 but since updating to 2.6.38-server-x64, the issue has dropped from maybe once per 10 minutes to once per 15 minutes. 3 IOstat copy/pastes show this when it hangs.


Total DISK READ: 0.00 B/s | Total DISK WRITE: 0.00 B/s


No smart errors or smart diags show any issues with any of the disks and kernel.log shows near nothing other than a process hang, 120 seconds about 5 days ago.

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General :: Monitor Disk Reads Versus Writes?

Jul 2, 2010

We are graphing various system parameters using Cacti. One of our graphs shows hard drive reads and writes. A question came up: why do we need this graph?

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General :: Find Directory With Frequent Writes And / Or Deletes?

Jun 20, 2011

Is there a way under linux to find out directory with frequent writes and/or deletes?

I'm using Ubuntu and recently bought SSD. I moved /tmp to ramdisk and did some other tweaks to avoid wear. But I was wondering if there's a way to pinpoint hotspots in filesystem where files are often written. For example webserver's log directory with many appends every minute or user's download directory where he downloads gigabytes of stuff only to be moved elsewhere soon after finishing.

I came across inotify which could probably do the trick but it seems it'd require lot of scripting which I'm not very familiar with

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General :: Debian Sqeeze Pressing E Key Writes 0128

Mar 8, 2011

I hav Debian Sqeeze, and not knowing what I did, it suddenly starts to consider all pressing of e key as 0128. Also some other key, which I don't know currently. I use different layout, however it happens on others too.

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CentOS 5 :: Procedure For Installing On SSD So No Writes Occur Run-time

Apr 6, 2010

I'm working on a project using CentOs 5.3 that uses a solid state drive (SSD) as the boot device. It is desired to configure it such that writes do not typically occur run-time but configuration files can be saved. There are 2 reasons we do not want writes to occur run-time. 1) Writes will wear out a SSD over time. 2) A system disruption during a write can cause a file system error.

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Fedora Servers :: F12: NFS Client Crashing On Writes To Remote Share

Feb 20, 2010

I have Fedora installed on a netbook. I customarily mount several NFS shares on this machine, from both a desktop system running F11 and a small server running FreeBSD. On the server side the shares are write-enabled. On the server side the shares are write-enabled. In the past this has worked fine.

However since upgrading to F12, my configuration no longer works as before. Reading from the NFS shares is no problem, but as soon as I try to write to one, either in Nautilus or from any other program, including on the cmd line, all hell breaks lose. Nautilus crashes, and I am unable to remount the shares. Usually rebooting the client is the my only recourse.

There are no clues in dmesg on either the client or the server. In terminal trying to remount a "trashed" share I see this:

$ sudo mount -v venus:/media/disk8 /media./disk8
mount: no type was given - I'll assume nfs because of the colon
mount.nfs: timeout set for Sat Feb 20 17:34:59 2010
mount.nfs: prog 100003, trying vers=3, prot=6


The NFS versions under F11, F12, and FreeBSD are the current ones (all updates applied).

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Hardware :: Local Hard Drive As Cache For Nfs Mount Writes?

Jun 18, 2011

I had the idea to cache writes to my nfs filesystem on my local hard drive.

It seems CacheFS exists to cache reads, but not writes to nfs.

I would imagine that if I could cache writes to my nfs on a local drive I could have a fast system, but keep all my files where I want them on my network.

I'm thinking about this because I am planning on buying a SSD, and I would imagine if I could set things up this way the system could be lightening fast while keeping things on the network. Currently if I copy a large file (hundreds of MB) it is quite slow, with an SSD and caching, I would imagine the copy could be very fast.

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Programming :: Write A Script That Makes File Executable And Writes A Message That It Has Been Done?

Mar 10, 2010

like my alias a retired person, and Its never to late to learn something½ve just installed Ubuntu and found a tutorial online about bash-script.Manage some, but I cant to this one:[Write a script that makes file executable and writes a message that it has been done.If I run the command > <scriptName> <fileName> , then the file fileName should be executable and then it should indicate that fileName have been executable.]

Ive read man pages up-n-down and search the web, and I think I should let the script use chmod and ls -l, but I cant get the hole picture here. Actually I have nothing to show up, so I hope someone could help me with some ideas or a soloution - just to the how it should look.This is my first post, ever, at a forum like this, so please be nice if I didnt follow any rules here, I dont know if you even will answer this post, but at least give me some clues, a skeleton-code ti be based on

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CentOS 5 Hardware :: Determine IO Size During Reads And Writes To A Storage Device

Nov 19, 2009

Is there a way to determine the IO size that is being used for reads and writes to an attached storage device? I am trying to pattern the IO sequences to storage. I have seen mentions to max_sectors_kb but the notes indicated that changing this value did not change the IO size to the storage.

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General :: Program That Reads Multiple Pipes / File Descriptors And Writes To Standard Output

Feb 23, 2011

Is there already a program that reads multiple pipes or file descriptors and writes to the standard output (not splitting lines).Like cat, but reading all files simultaneously and preserving lines.It is needed to avoid coding of select/epoll loops or using multithreading in simple programs. Like "select loop for bash".

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Ubuntu :: Mp3info With ID V2 - Only Read V1.x Tags

May 14, 2010

i'm writing on a little script for which i need to read tag from mp3 files. mp3info comes in handy, because you can specify which tag to display, e.g. `mp3info file.mp3 -p %a` gives me the artist th problem is, mp3info can only read v1.x tags but a number of my files contains v2.x tags only. converting the v2.x tags to v1.x tags is not an option, because the files need to remain as they are.

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Ubuntu :: Open And Edit ID3 Tags Of MP3?

Nov 24, 2010

reliable (i.e.: safe, official, open source), software with GUI to edit ID3 tags of MP3 files in Ubuntu? Batch editing is a must.

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Ubuntu :: MP3 Meta Tags Reverting?

Feb 24, 2011

i would change the tag it applies then it reverts i have even edited them with easy tag it appears to keep but rhythmbox does not register the change and it revers if i change it there aside from re-encoding them is there a way to change the tag on them

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