Ubuntu :: Taking Screenshots During Installation Itself?

Jul 23, 2011

I know in Fedora one can take screenshots during actual installation of the OS with Shift+Printscreen keys on the keyboard and then can access them as root in the folder /root/anaconda-screenshots. So how do I do the same while installing Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu :: Taking Screenshots Without Cursor?

Apr 12, 2010

I noticed that in screenshots the mouse cursor is included by default, but now I want to take some screenshots without it, how can I do that?

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Ubuntu :: Taking Screenshots With Scrot Every Minute?

Jul 12, 2010

I have an issue with crontab that I can't resolve even though I searched the web like crazy. I tried to create a new cron job for taking a screenshot automatically every minute with scrot using "crontab -e" like so...

* * * * * /usr/bin/scrot ~/screenshots/screen\%G-\%T.png > ~/log.txt

when I run it in my shell it does work fine and it seems to run with cron also because the log.txt file is modified every minute, however when I run it through cron the screenshots don't appear in the screenshots directory and nowhere else either.

Other jobs in the same crontab run very well. It doesn't seem to be a PATH issue because the paths are complete.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Taking Video Screenshots Using Command Line

Mar 11, 2010

I want to take consecutive screenshots of a video using command line operations but I can't seem to find accurate documentation on different websites.Does anyone know how to do this using vlc, totem or another program?I've used ffmpeg as well, but then reencodes and splits the video file. I just want to take consecutive screenshots.

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Installation :: Installing OpenSUSE 11.2 On RAID 0 - Create Screenshots During Installation

May 9, 2010

First of all here's my PC configuration

Proc Core2Duo 6750
MB MSI P35 Neo 2
RAM Corsair 4GB
Video Gigabyte GTS250
HDD 2x320GB Seagate in RAID 0 and 1GB WD

I have a Windows 7 installation with a boot partition on the RAID. I also want to have a dual boot with openSUSE 11.2 but I don't know how to set correctly my partitions. I have some unallocated space next to the Windows C: partition. When I try to install openSUSE it makes a suggestion to create some partitions that i don't need and don't want, and even doesn't mount them. It also creates a / 80GB, /boot 36MB, swap 2GB and /home 20GB partitions, so I am in lack of free space.

I don't know how to create screenshots during installation. Maybe I'll try to reinstall later and pick some screens in english, because my system language is bulgarian.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Boot Process Taking About 5 Minutes

Mar 18, 2010

I have just installed Ubuntu for the first time using a USB drive and everything went fine during installation. However now during the boot phase I see 10 or so lines of
[14.24024] ata5: COMRESET failed (error=-16)
The numbers prior to COMRESET change with each line but the rest remains the same. I am extremely new to Ubuntu or Linux for that matter as this boot process is also taking about 3-4 or even 5minutes as it slowly cycles through each error. Once 10 or so lines have popped up the computer finishes starting and I can log in fine and everything.

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Ubuntu Installation :: GDM Taking Long Time To Come Up After Updates?

Mar 26, 2010

I have just made a clean install of Ubuntu 9.10 and after installing all updates, GDM is taking a long time (about one minute) to come up after a clean boot, resulting in a regular console prompt.

If I issue "sudo service gdm start" it does come up promptly.

What can I do? Where can I see startup logs to try and identify any problems?

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 Partitioning Bug - Install Without Physically Taking Out 2nd Hdd?

Jul 27, 2010


i want to install ubuntu on hdd 1 - 26G partition now when i start the installer in partitions it shows me serial ata RAID pdc_cbac (stripe) ... 498G. i cant chose from dropdown any of the 2 hdd. when i enter manual partitioning it shows me the partition as i listed them, in a raid volume dev mapper pdc_cbac...

now i disabled 1 hdd in bios (2 one); i checked that is disabled trough a dos boot loader... it is... now when i enter install partition, the disabled hdd its still there and the raid volume same, unchanged.

why is this happening? why cant i see my 2 hdd in partitioner drop down menu? how can i install without physically taking out 2-nd hdd? see the picture; the freespace at the mouse pinter is in fact a ntfs partition on hdd2, hdd that is disabled in bios [URL]

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Ubuntu Installation :: Installing 10.10 From Usb Stick Taking Forever

Oct 31, 2010

I am attempting to install 10.10 from a usb stick after a disc installation failed, but it is taking forever. I am stuck on the screen which says 'Ubuntu 10.10' and has four little orange dots flashing as if it is loading. It has been like this for over 20 minutes now. Is this unusual or is it normal? Anyway, I am restarting my PC and trying again.

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Fedora Installation :: Upgrade To F15 Taking Too Long To Run

May 28, 2011

I switched to Fedora from Ubuntu about a month ago, and I've been very happy so far. But today I started the upgrade to Fedora 15, and something isn't right. I used the preupgrade method, and the package download took a respectable 30-40 minutes, then I was prompted to reboot my machine. I did so, about 4 hours ago. It took about 2 hours to get to the point where it says it's installing the packages, and 2 hours to get to where it is as I write this, at 116 completed packages out of 1634.

I'm pretty sure this isn't normal for ANY distribution. The machine itself is about 6 months old, so I'm pretty sure it's not a hardware issue. I'm considering interrupting the upgrade and doing a clean install, but I was wondering, is there anything I can do before resorting to the clean install option?

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Debian Installation :: Apt Taking A Long Time To Configure

Jul 15, 2010

while installation of debian 5 from small cd ... does configuring apt take a lot of time!!! installing debian for the first time.

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Fedora Installation :: Vmlinuz Is Booting Into RAM And Taking Most Of The Space?

Sep 15, 2009

I have and IBM e-Server, with 256RAM, however when I force the fedora installation to be perfomr in grapgical mode, Anaconda return a message that say that I dont have enoght Memory to perform the graphical installation. To my uderstanding It requiere 192MB of Memeory for a graphical installation.

What I'm doing wrong?, or is that the vmlinuz is booting into RAM and taking most of the space?

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Ubuntu :: Clipboard - Where Are My Screenshots?

Apr 2, 2011

Where in God's green earth does ubuntu put screenshots/clipboard related material? I've made like 5 screenshots but am totally unable to locate them. Great Scott! In windows I know where there at!

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Ubuntu Installation :: Continuous Krunner Segfaults - Taking 100% Of The CPU - Desktop Is There But System Is Unusable

Apr 13, 2011

I have Kubuntu 10.10 64-bit, which was running fine until I did a bunch of apt-get software installs to permit me to compile YaWP weather plasmoid. In the process I am now at KDE 4.6.2, and my system is now non-functional, not able to start KDE desktop.

When KDE starts I get continuous krunner segfaults, krunner is taking 100% of the CPU, the desktop is there but the system is unusable. /var/log/messages is filled with the krunner segfaults, each line further indicating "error 4 in libkio.so.5.6.0". I tried reinstalling kubuntu-desktop, problem remains.

I expect I have created some software incompatibility with my installs, but I do not know how to diagnose/resolve.

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Ubuntu :: Screenshots Only Display The Wallpaper?

May 27, 2010

I'm running 10.04 with compiz under gnome, and I'm having trouble getting my screenshots to capture properly. Currently they only display my wallpaper and not any windows or panels. I tried using the module in the custom settings manager but no key-binds seem to work, well either that or the plugin is failing to load when I initialise it.

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Ubuntu Installation :: GRUB Update (juli 23rd 2010): Taking A Step Back?

Jul 24, 2010

Having several distros on my computer (including Windows), I prefer BING (BootIt NG) as an overall boot manager. This way, I just install a distro together with GRUB to its dedicated partition, and keep full control over what partitions are available/visible and bootable when family members use the computer.Yesterday, I tried to update Lucid (Ubuntu 10.04) and got a problem with the newly available GRUB (1.98-ubuntu7): it said that installing GRUB to a partition was a "BAD" idea, and, luckily, refused to update. I've noticed this behaviour during my last install of Sidux (great distro to keep track of what's happening at the KDE front, by the way). Same problem, same message. Result: no more new Sidux releases...

What's going on? Is this intended behaviour and thus making it impossible for people to manage their booting their own way? Are we talking about a bug here? There seems to be a mentioning of this behaviour on Launchpad, but it's unclear whether it's a bug or not; at least to me.

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General :: Osx - Screenshots - How To Take Them Like A Mac

Mar 18, 2010

I run opensuse 11.2 KDE 4.3.5.

I do not have a mac, but I've used one and really like the one feature of the screenshots. Specifically, Command+Shift+3 which saves the screenshot to the desktop without having to open a program or anything like that.

Is there any way to do this in KDE? Ksnapshot is nice, but I'd like not to have to click the button every time.

I've tried the command line Import and it always gives me some X server not configured error or something, so that's not an option.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Screenshots Keyboard Shortcut

Apr 21, 2010

Is there a way to take a Screenshot with keyboard shortcuts?

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Take Screenshots In Firefox Of WordPress Websites

Jun 3, 2011

I sometimes take screen shots of websites in Firefox. The easiest way is to use one of the many extensions, e.g. Screengrab. However, I have discovered that, when trying to take a screen shot of the entire web page, the lower part of the page is not captured. This happens on WordPress sites and, curiously, on Mozilla's own results pages. Other pages seem to be unaffected. However, on Chromium, it works perfectly.

System: Ubuntu Lucid 10.04.
Firefox: 4.0.1

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Ubuntu :: The Theme Screenshots On GNOME3 Website?

Jul 19, 2011

what is the theme on the GNOME3 website homepage?

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Ubuntu :: Fonts In 11.04 Don't Display Properly Screenshots Attached?

May 23, 2011

It doesn't seem to be a particular font

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Debian :: Cannot Find Screenshots Sent By Email

Jun 16, 2011

I have received an email from Indian Railways which says that a screenshot has been included. And for mobile password use the link provided on site. When you click on link provided for activation of your account or try to log in for very first time on irctc site after registration enter the password provided in mail, for mobile verification password click on the link provided on right hand side on same page. Screen shot attached for your ready reference. However I don't find any screenshot. On my 32-bit laptop I have debian-squeeze. Is installation of some special package needed for viewing.

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Debian :: Create A Script For Screenshots?

Apr 30, 2011

I want to create a script with the command

sleep 3; xwd -root | xwdtopnm | pnmtopng > capture.png

for creating screenshots. But I'm having problems with creating its structure. I'd like it to:

1- Check if there's a capture.png file on /home

2- If there is, check if there is a capture1.png file (and so on, until it reaches a captureNUMBER.png file that does not exist)
If there is not, proceed

3- Take the snapshot after three seconds (so that I can go to the window I want)

4- Create a captureNUMBER.png file at /home

Here's my attempt (I don't know how to automatically change the name of the file, so my first idea was to create keep this structure until capture10.png)

cd /home
if[ -f capture.png ]


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Fedora :: Enabled SysRq And Can't Take Screenshots?

Dec 1, 2009

I enabled my SysRq key and now can't take screenshots. I have no idea why this happened. I enabled it so that I could have a failsafe way to shut the system down in case of a failure and then this happened.

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Fedora :: Screenshots Aren't Working

Feb 28, 2010

I tried many different ways to get a screen shot (gnome's tool, gimp, compiz plugin, xwd, import) and in all of them the screenshot was filled with jagged colored bars. I tried both with and without compiz and the same thing happened. I'm using gnome with fedora 11.

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OpenSUSE :: Make Screenshots To Put In Presentation?

May 3, 2010

I'm creating a presentation of OpenSUSE and want to take som screenshots of the whole screen and app-windowsI'm using OS11.2 KDE 4.3.5. Is there a tool for this?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Take Screenshots For Linux Cli? Ctrl+alt+f2?

May 5, 2010

how can i take screenshot of screens of linux cli .....run level 3...<ctrl>+<alt>+F1me in detail

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Red Hat :: CentOS Kickstart Does Not Save Screenshots?

Jun 24, 2010

I created a kickstart file and put it on a floppy. I have installed several times to refine the process and confused. I am not sure if the kickstart file is even being used by grub. I specified

autostep --autoscreenshot The install STILL asks me all those questions I was trying to avoid by doing autostep in the first place, and /root/anaconda-screenshots coes not exist.

I specified
linux = hd:fd0:/ks.cfg

as a Grub command line option. I got that line off a forum, so it may be inaccurate. Anyone know if that is correctd? If I screw that up, shouldn't anaconda complain about file-not-found? Are the screenshots only applicable to graphics mode or also to text mode? (I have been using text mode, assuming text file screen dumps would appear in that subdirectory...)

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Ubuntu :: Folder Appears Empty Even Though It Isn't. I/O Error On Ls Screenshots Included?

May 17, 2010

multiple issues started happening on a partition of mine. (probably whole installation and i haven't noticed since most of my files are on that partition)the most important one is that a certain folder appears to be empty even though it isn't. (screenshot "issue1")

the second issue is that files that are no longer on on the root folder of the partition (for example, lynx5.jpg on the screenshot "issue2") appear to be there. on "issue2" screenshot, it's the lynx image and the Gr_trees folder. removing them by deleting them doesn't work. moving there somewhere else makes them temporary gone - they reappear on reboot though. (the screenshots seem to be automatically converted to jpg when uploaded, if there is a problem you can find them here as well:[URL]..

edit : even though it's not the normal way to solve a problem : if reinstallation is definitely going to solve the problem, i have nothing against it.

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Fedora :: Webcam Video Recording On F12 - Cut In Some Screenshots ?

Dec 14, 2009

I want to practice some video casting - just using the webcam for now - I tried Cheese but got real choppy, slow video - is there another program that would work better on F12 ?

Also any ideas on how to "cut in" some screenshots ? I expect to use kino or kdenlive for any editing.

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