Ubuntu Networking :: SFTP Multiple Simultaneous Connections

Feb 7, 2010

I really hope someone could help me with this problem. I've been stuck on this for a month.I am using the sftp command to upload files using a bash script.The problem is that it is extremely slow to do it this way. as many of you would know if you have shared server somewhere. I would use scp if remote server supported it, but it doesn't.

Anyway, If any of you have ever used FileZilla, in the Settings, if you go to "Transfers" there is a place where you can set the number of "maximum simultaneous transfers". This feature works wonders with SFTP (and FTP too). It really speeds things up. How do I accomplish this same thing with the sftp command... because I don't want to use a GUI. I don't even mind using FileZilla through the command line if possible... but it does not seem to be possible. I've been stuck on this for a month!!! I've searched everywhere and tried a lot of things with no avail...

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Fedora Networking :: Simultaneous (Two Or More) PPTP VPN Connections?

Jul 13, 2009

Just moved over from the dark side (Vista) and was wondering how I can get two (or more) PPTP VPNs connected at any given time. I usually attempt to multi task (although swambo says I can't) and work on various clients' servers at the same time. The GUI network manager thingy only allows me to dial up one VPN at a time. Is there perhaps a cli version and if so where would I go to get a tutorial on this please. BTW, running F11 32bit. Tried Debian and Ubuntu as well and found F11 to blindingly fast on my DualCore Toshiba laptop. Pity I can't see the additional 1Gb of RAM though. (4Gb in total).

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Ubuntu Networking :: Command To Kill All Sftp Connections

Feb 20, 2010

I want to use a cron job to backup my files to my server. Now when I run the script manually, I get an error when backing up (something and sftp file being used or so). I only get this when I'm simultaneously connected to my server with sftp. So to be sure that this doesnt happen when I wont be there anymore to look at the log, I would like to know if there is a command to kill all sftp connections. I would put this command in the backup scrip cron uses.

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Networking :: Creating Simultaneous Network Connections To A VPN And Local Area Network?

May 31, 2010

I'm working with a Ubuntu 10.04 LTS system with two network interfaces (both Ethernet). I wish to setup this system such that it is simultaneously connected to my local and an OpenVPN network and able direct traffic between the connections depending on what program is sending the traffic. The problem: Under my current OpenVPN configuration all network traffic is directed to the VPN.

My OpenVPN config file (some details omitted)

--remote [gateway ip] # vpn12 load:
--remote [gateway ip] # vpn11 load:
--remote [gateway ip] # vpn15 load:
--remote [gateway ip] # vpn16 load:


In practice, I would like OpenVPN to operate out of one of my two network interfaces and leave the other interface connected to the local network. Then by default all network traffic should be directed to my local network unless I specify (on a per program bases) that certain traffic should go though the VPN. These two network connections can (should) stay completely independent of each other and do not need to talk to each other.

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General :: Can Apache Log Simultaneous Connections?

Jan 10, 2011

We just setup a Moodle server in Apache. We would like to track how close (if at all) we are getting to our MaxClients limit. Is there a log that will show simultaneous connections?If there is, can it be set to only log when specific numbers are hit?

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Server :: Limit Number Of Simultaneous Connections From Any Given IP Addrss Every 5mins Say

Jul 28, 2010

except is there is a way to enhance mod_limitipconn.c to ensure that apart from restricting one connection allowed from a given IP, also set so that an IP can only connect on every set interval ?e.g.restrict the number of connections from a given source IP to say once every 5 minutes or so?if not mod_limitipconn.c, any other mechanism to do the expected result?

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Ubuntu :: Multiple Simultaneous Keyboards With Unique Layouts

Aug 25, 2010

As the title says, I'm interested in two (or more) simultaneous keyboards, each with a unique layout. Everything I've researched indicates this should be possible, but I'm unable to get it to work. Regardless of how I set things up, all keyboards consistently operate as if they share the CoreDevice setting in xorg.conf.
In the above config, both keyboards behave as if they're set for the USA layout. Changing the layout in gnome-keyboard-properties affects all of the connected keyboards equally, but has no provision for altering individual devices.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: One Sound Card For Multiple / Simultaneous Uses

Nov 5, 2010

I work for a company that uses Ubuntu exclusively. Without going too much into detail, we need a single sound-card to do up to 3 things at one time. What I mean by this, basically, is that there needs to be 3 instances listening to a card's line-in port at any one time. For example (these are made-up), Audacity listening to the line-in jack and making a recording of what it hears, a custom script that streams the input to the internet, and a third instance that listens to this input and runs different scripts based on what it hears.

Currently, our company sends out machines with 3 sound cards to do this. One card for each job. Of course, we'd like to save money and only send out one. Whenever we try to set all 3 programs to run off of one card, they error out and say something along the lines of "device already in use". Is there a way to go around this? If so, how? We use the command-line version of Ubuntu 8.04. It is NOT x64. The hardware may vary a bit, but is for the most part, consistent. (We order in batches of 50.)

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Ubuntu :: Dolphin FTP/SFTP - 421 Too Many Connections - 5 - From This IP

Aug 10, 2010

The server kicked me out because Dolphin opens many many connections wile browsing through the servers filesystem with dolphin. i have to wait several minutes to be able to upload files after the limit reached. i am using kubuntu 10.04

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Ubuntu Networking :: Multiple Network Connections On Different Networks?

Sep 20, 2010

I am total newby in Ubuntu 10.04. I have just installed it in my office where I have two networks card one connect to a router giving the internet access and the other connected to the windows based work network providing access to the work network sources. In XP everything works fine as I can keep both connections alive and have the results I want.

However although I don't know how to do it in Ubuntu 10.04. Till now I have setup the first connection directly to my router and I have internet access but I cannot set the other one. Another question is how I can force ubuntu to use the router connection as the default one when I log in.

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General :: Allowing Multiple Simultaneous Rsyncs To Play Nice Together?

Jun 1, 2011

Each day I need to copy N files from a source location to a mirror at a specific time (where N is very large). Let's say I tell multiple CPUs to each run an rsync simultaneously on a subset of the files (network and disk bandwidth are not an issue). Ideally each CPU would be responsible for a disjoint subset of the N files, but in practice this is sometimes hard to guarantee. (Some of the source files might be "claimed" by more than one CPU.) As a result, sometimes rsync I and rsync J will both try to copy file F at the same time.

Using rsync -avz --delete --temp-dir=/tmp remote:/path/to/source/ /path/to/dest/, let's say rsyncs I and J both see this situation to start:


Now rsync J finishes copying but generates an error when it tries to move its version of FileB to /path/to/dest/ because there's already another FileB there that it didn't see when it started.

Does one of rsync's many options somehow handle this situation? Ideally I'd like an option that tells rsync, "Believe in yourself. You can do no wrong. Feel free to overwrite anything your little heart desires." so that it wouldn't complain about the FileB that has suddenly appeared mid-execution

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Networking :: Multiple Mobile Broadband Connections

Jun 28, 2010

I have a question concerning mobile broadband connections: Is it possible to have multiple mobile broadband connections active at the same time?I currently have two cellphones connected to my Ubuntu box and both of them can successfully setup an Internet connection for my Ubuntu box (say connection X or connection Y), though not at the same time. Unfortunately both connections are very limited in speed (around 10kb/s each. And this is my only access to the Internet where I live). Therefore, I wish to use the two connections simultaneously to download files from the Internet (file 1 with connection X and file 2 with connection Y). Is this method of doubling my bandwidth possible in Ubuntu?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Manage Multiple Internet Connections With Different Cards?

May 25, 2010

I'm running ubuntu lucid and i was thinking in purchasing one or more extra wifi cards to try to configure my computer to manage different conections at the same time, with different isp's. The thing is that I'm not quite sure if what i want to do is actually possible.

The easiest way that crossed my mind was to try to configure a / multiple virtual machines that are redirected threw proxies to ubuntu and try to configure that each proxie port goes threw a different internet gateaway. This way i might be able to divide threw different sessions of JDownloader, installed on each virtual machine, the things i want to download. The negative aspect of this idea is having multiple jdownloader sessions will make my laptop work to almost 100% for sure...

Another thought i have was to make JDownloader manage its downloads in only one session redirecting them to my internet conections; the negative thing is that i think i will have to try to modify its source and learn java...

And well my last possible configuration i had in mind was to try to make ubuntu directly add up all my internet conections manage as if it was one. the negative thing here is that i might not be able to get multiple downloads from some sites

Well, all this where just thoughts, im struggling whether to buy another card or not to try to setup any of this configurations but im not really sure if any of them are actually possible. Is there an easy way to manage this?

I just want to take the most out of my internet conections... if i'm at college i have to options that are quite slow, adding them up with two cards would be great, i might also be able to add a third and a fourth conection. Also if i'm on a coffe and i need some bandwith i could try to make it go with an open network arround, etc.

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General :: Configure A Single Computer To Work For Multiple Simultaneous Users?

Aug 17, 2011

How can I configure a single computer to work for multiple simultaneous users? I would like to have multiple keyboards and monitors on a single PC ... Is it possible? This set up I'm planning for CyberCafe, For cyberCafe business ROI is very slow... so was planning to have something like this....

-single CPU (Which would act as a server)
-Multiple monitors, keyboards, Headphones etc....

If this works out then I would save a lot on my investments (OS cost, Hardware devices, electricity etc)

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Fedora Networking :: Multiple ADSL Connections To A Fedora10 Box.

May 18, 2009

I got 2 ADSL accounts from a provider, so I decided to configure a server as a gateway for my other PCs.. I created ppp0 device using pppoe-setup over eth0. Then I configured the second one as ppp1 over eth2 to the second modem.. When I finished, I used ifconfig to check the settings and I got only ppp0 and didn't see ppp1, I tried to ifup ppp1 but I still get one device with ifconfig.. The adsl-start command starts only ppp0.What should I do to get the 2 lines to work simultaneously?Are there any configuration files that need to be edited?

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Fedora Networking :: DNS Not Working With Multiple Network Connections

Mar 5, 2010

I have a machine that I'm trying to setup as a reverse web proxy. It will have two NICs, eth0 will face the public network, and eth1 will face the "internal" network (connects to a switch that goes out to the other web servers that are statically assigned a private IP address).

When both interfaces are started, I can ping hosts on the network and the network without problem when doing so by IP, but if I try to run a ping or nslookup command with a DNS name, it does not work. I've tried commenting out my entries in /etc/resolv.conf and adding the DNS entries in the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ethX files directly (DNS1=x.x.x.x and DNS2=x.x.x.x), but the results are the same.

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Networking :: Multiple Network Connections - Internal And Wireless

Dec 4, 2008

What I want is quite simple, I have my PC running Linux Mint 5 (Elyssa), and I would like to connect it to both an internal network, which has a file/print server, another machine and will soon host a small cluster. I also have a wireless router connected to the tinterweb.

The thing is using my ethernet I want to connect to the internal network whilst simultaneously using my wireless to deal with the internet, I want to keep the internal network off the net as it really doesn't need to be connected. I can connect to my internal quite happily and also my wireless but not both at once.

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Networking :: Routing Torrents With Multiple Connections / Adapters

Jul 8, 2010

Running Fedora 13 and have it working great acting as my firewall/router/samba server etc. The problem is the connection is shared by a fair number of us and the ISP is getting annoyed with the amount of torrent traffic. One of us has access to a wireless network and we'd like to figure out how to route some of the traffic through that without having to disconnect from the current network. I put a wireless card in the fedora box and can connect to the wireless but then it messes up the current network and pretty much nothing works.

At the least if I could run a torrent client (e.g. ktorrent or whatever) on the Linux box and have it download through the wireless card on tcp port XXXXX I would be happy. The torrent client and those tcp/udp ports can be dedicated to that wireless card, the rest of the network doesn't need to get involved if that makes things simpler. Not looking for a step by step tutorial, just an explanation of what needs to be done and a shove in the right direction. My experience is limited to single WAN connections up to this point.

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Security :: Restrict Number Of Sftp Connections?

Nov 9, 2010

if i want user should`t have more than 20 sftp connections to a server,is there any way we can limit no.of connections to a particular user on the server using ssh configuration

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Ubuntu Servers :: Multiple Connections To SMB Server

May 25, 2010

I'm curious how I can use a Windows client with two separate accounts to connect, at the same time, to a SMB server hosting two shares. (Provided permissions and accounts are all in order)

Scenario:User1 is always logged onto a Windows client mapped to a Public share on a Linux SMB server.I need a way to keep User1 connected to the Public share and then when needed, allow User1 to provide User2's credentials to connect to a Restricted share.The only way I've been able to do this is to disconnect from the Public Share then reconnect to the Restricted share using User2's credentials. (This is the issue because I need to keep User1 connected to the Public share).Is this a limitation of SMB? Or am I missing a configuration? Please point me in the right direction

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Software :: VNC With Multiple Connections

Jul 13, 2011

I'm trying to get VNC setup so I can have multiple people connected to the VNC server using the same username.

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General :: Is It Possible To Use Port For Multiple Connections?

Feb 18, 2010

A deamon say ssh will be listening on port 22. when a new connection is requested by the client, it will be authenticated and a new connection gets establihed with some port say 1025. And ssh will continue to listen on 22 for new connections.If I am correct then in my machine I observed following connections are establised to ssh port 22, As per my understanding connection should be established on a different port other than 22.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Sftp On Vsftpd - Make / Force All Users To Use Sftp And Not Just Ftp

Apr 13, 2011

i have a vsftpd server running well but i want to make/force all users to use sftp and not just ftp is this possible?

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Ubuntu :: 2 Pptp Vpn Connections - When I Dial One Of My Vpn Connections, My Other Vpn Connections Be Disabled?

Feb 7, 2011

have a problem with my network-manager in ubuntu 10.10.when I dial one of my vpn connections, my other vpn connections be disabled and I can't use them!I tried to restart network-manager and gnome-panel, but it does't seem to solve this problem.

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General :: Multiple Users To Create Directories Over SFTP So The New Directories Keep The Same Permissions?

May 15, 2011

I want to make a webserver with multiple users allowed to login through SFTP to a specific folder, www.Multiple users are added, lets say user1 and user2, and all of them belonging to the www-data group. The www directory has an owner www-data and a group www-data.

I have used chmod -R 775 on the www folder, but after I try to create a folder test through my SFTP server (using Filezilla) the group of the directory created has only r and x permissions, and I am not able to log in with the second user user2 and create a directory within www/test due to a lack of w permission to the group.

I also tried using chmod 2775 on www directory, but without luck. Can somebody explain to me, how can I make it so that a newly created directory inherits the root directory group permissions?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Can SSH But Can't SFTP

May 31, 2010

Weird problem; I have set up SSH on my 10.04 server. I can putty to it over my LAN from my Win 7 box but when I try to SFTP I get "connection timed out".

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Ubuntu Networking :: Ssh/sftp Connection Refused?

Jun 13, 2010

I'm trying to establish a connection between two laptops using sftp but am getting the following error message:

Connecting to <IP>...
ssh: connect to host <IP> port 22: Connection refused
Couldn't read packet: Connection reset by peer

ftp isn't working either. Both machines are running Ubuntu and connect to the internet through the same wifi router in case that's relevant. What could be the problem?

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Ubuntu Networking :: SFTP Connection Time Out?

Jul 7, 2010

I'm using Filezilla to connect to a remote server with site 2 site VPN. Even when i'm sending a small file with SFTP, the connection time outs and reconnects. Its happening again and again. Even SCP connection is also the same. BUT SSH CONNECTION IS WORKING FINE.

Filezilla log

ravindika@ravindika:~$ tail -f filezilla.log
2010-07-07 10:35:12 2690 2 Response: fzSftp started
2010-07-07 10:35:12 2690 2 Command: open "root@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX" 22
2010-07-07 10:35:19 2690 2 Command: Trust new Hostkey: Once
2010-07-07 10:35:21 2690 2 Command: Pass: *******
2010-07-07 10:35:25 2690 2 Status: Connected to XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX


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Networking :: SFTP Using PPK Key File?

Mar 26, 2010

I have been provided with a PPK file to connect to a remote server using SFTP. I've also been given a username and password. I created a user test and created a .ssh directory in their home directory. I've put the ppk file in here and renamed it id_rsa (though I'm pretty sure I'm not correct in doing so)
When I SFTP using sftp test@remoteserver.com I get prompted for the key password - which I don't know and am presuming is blank, so I just hit enter Then is prompts me for the user password which I give it. it falls down here. I used the -v option to see where it stops - which tells me: debug1: Trying private key: /home/test/id_rsa debug1: PEM_read_PrivateKey failed I presume this is because SFTP is expecting a .PEM key instead of a PPK?

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Ubuntu Networking :: File Uploading Using SFTP In Filezilla?

Apr 27, 2010

I have set up a local server for testing on my home network and installed openSSH. I can login using filezilla and SFTP and can even download files. Error messages saying cannot find directory (the directory I am trying to upload)?

Do I need to configure openSSH to allow this. I am using my usual ubuntu login. Maybe I need to set up another user for SFTP.

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