Ubuntu Multimedia :: Rmvb Video Converter Crashes While Converting

Jul 25, 2010

I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a rmvb video converter that works with ubuntu. There is a windows rmvb converter, but when I try to use it through wine it either crashes while converting or just doesn't work period.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: 11.2 KDE - No Proper Video Playback (RMVB Files)

Jun 20, 2010

I just installed openSuse 11.2 KDE in a laptop and a desktop. On the laptop, SMPlayer worked very well with "rmvb" files. On the desktop, video its shown with no audio; using Kaffeine, both are played (sound and video) but are a bit out of sync (it happens in both, the laptop and desktop).

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Converter From .avi To .flv Or .mov?

Jan 2, 2010

I've downloaded a few suggested converters, but they don't seem t ohave the right combination..I have some .avi's (from my camera) and want to put them on my website (using Joomla AllVideo component) so they have to be converted to .flv or maybe .mov.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video To .jpg Converter?

May 23, 2010

I'm looking for a way to capture pictures from videos. I understand there is a free program for Windows that does just that but I want to use Linux if I can.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Converter To Use With The Palm Pre

Jun 3, 2010

I'm a palm pre user and I'm running 10.04 64 bit and I was just wondering what is the best video converting program to use to get videos to play on my palm pre.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Alternative To AVS Video Converter?

Feb 6, 2011

So I still have a windows partition for two reasons: 1) Steam I know you can run this on wine and I have tried that, but I can;t run valve games at max everything (including AA and Filtering) and I like my good graphics so there is not much I can do about that. The other reason is AVS Video Converter, I've fallen in love with it, it converts anything to anything quickly and flawlessly, but I want an alternative to it for Ubuntu, something that works flawlessly just like AVS, to refine my needs more, I use it to convert video for my PSP.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Get Good Video Converter?

Apr 30, 2011

You may all know about Total Video Converter, Any Video Converter and such used in Windows, where you chose codecs, like i want to convert to mp4 for my phone.

But.. there's one specific thing I'm looking for that most don't seem to have. Cutting.
I need for example, to cut from 24:00 to 30:00, that is the only part i want cut and converted to mp4 ready for my phone.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Transcoder And Mp3 Converter ?

Jun 19, 2011

I search for a Video Transcoder (neither ''Arista'' nor ''Transmagedon'') which can Recode a Video with my OWN options (like width: 640 high: 360)! And i need also (and this is more important) an Video to Mp3 Converter ( not WinFF, because i get an Error: libmp3lame unknown ) which i can convert many FIles at the same time.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Converter For Video And Audio Formats

Oct 12, 2010

1)i have used Arista-transcoder recently and whenever i used to convert some formate it shows me the message for the updater(Codecs).for this i add repository to Soft source after that it start downloading but meanwhile in downloading it shows me the error.Moreover,You can see the error in the pic,which i have attached...

2)is their any other converter which i can use for Both purposes(Audio&Video)other than Winff and Arista?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video And Audio File Format Converter?

Apr 18, 2010

I would like to get one software using which we can converto file format to another. Like .mkv to .mpg and .avi to mpg or .3gp to .avi . converting one to another.The other software I need is about ripping and editing mp3.From DVD video or VCD format, i would like to extract only audio mp3 files and i would like to cut some unwanted portion of those mp3 files.Which software do I need? I dont want to install Ubuntu studio

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Bulk Video Converter For Viewing On The Ipod?

Jun 17, 2010

I've been working on a small program to perform a very specific and useful task of quickly and efficiently converting videos to go on any Apple Ipod or Iphone. This includes both classic and 5th generation Ipods as well. Ibulk is a command-line only program but incredibly easy to use and runs off FFmpeg with AAC functionality. The program comes with a Read Me file which will explain its options and instructions in concise detail. Ibulk converts several videos in its input folder to the desired H.264 or XviD video encoding to its output folder. All videos are created in mp4 format with 160Kbps 48000Hz audio sound quality (highest setting an Ipod can handle) and both video encoders at the highest bitrate an Ipod can handle with the exception of some videos which will be auto-adjusted to meet the Ipod's requirements. Ibulk is written in the native unix/linux language and so it should work on any linux distro.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Converter - Convert AVI Into DVD Format To Burn A Disc

Jun 3, 2010

I am looking for a video converter that will convert AVI into DVD format to burn a disc. I had a program called convert X for windows 7 and with that I was able to make menu's for the DVD and when it finished converting, it would burn it to a disc.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Install Handbrake (video Converter) But Its Not In Main Repositories?

Jun 7, 2011

I've been trying to install Handbrake (video converter) but its not in main repositories. So i went here and here to try and find a way to add the PPA. I got more or less the same error both times:

https://launchpad.net/api/1.0/~stebbins/+archive/handbrake-snapshots: <urlopen error [Errno 8] _ssl.c:499: EOF occurred in violation of protocol>
and this:
https://launchpad.net/api/1.0/~stebbins/+archive/handbrake-releases: <urlopen error [Errno 8] _ssl.c:499: EOF occurred in violation of protocol>

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Converting Flash Video On-The-Fly?

Sep 27, 2010

Its no secret that flash video performance is sub-par in Ubuntu. I have a Zotac Mag HD ND01 that I have connected to my 40" LCD tv and have a minimal Ubuntu 9.10 installed running openbox and firefox/boxee/xbmc

My primary use for running a web browser is so I could watch live streaming hockey games in HD. However, thanks to Flash's performance (and yes, i've tried the latest versions, even the 091510 version in labs) in full screen mode, watching hockey is not possible because its way too choppy.

Now, on my desktop computer in my office, I can watch the same stream without issue. So, my question is, is there any way to take this live stream (which is using Flowplayer), and re-encode it on-the-fly so I can stream it to my htpc in a format it likes (such as MKV i guess, it can play 720p/1080p mkv files without issue)?

My desktop is a Core i7 920 overclocked to 4.2Ghz with 6GB DDR3 ram, so I would hope its powerful enough for the cause. Also, the desktop is running Windows 7 64bit and Ubuntu 10.04 64bit on a dual boot, so a method in either is fine.

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Fedora :: Converting Midi To Wav In Sound Converter?

Nov 22, 2009

Trying to convert a midi file I created in Rosegarden into a wav file using Sound Converter. Snd Cnvrtr wants to load some gstreamer "bad" plugins, but they end up conflicting with "good" plugins and "ugly' plugins that had been loaded in the kernel (I think). Thought I might remove gstreamer and load up the "bad" plugins, but that meant removing a huge chunk of programming including Snd Cnvrtr. Anyone got any idea how I might do the conversion apart from Snd Cnvrtr? Either that or how I might get hold of the appropriate plugins to allow the midi to wav conversion to take place?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Converting Entire (sub) Directories Of Video

Nov 2, 2010

I have a collection of music videos of various ages, and want to consolidate the codecs into mp4 files with the following criteria:

1) Retain the same directory structure and same name, hopefully with something like "/music/Videos (Encoded)/" and "/music/Videos (Failed Encoding)/" (Note: Using UTF-8 filenames)

2) Prefer to do this all in one batch; terminal commands/ bash script = awesome

3) Keep the highest quality video without having to encode everything the same (some widescreen, some hd, some with super low resolution)

4) Retain the audio stream untouched (plus, some help on what command to do to convert it to a good format) and, hopefully, to encode with settings that allow for universal apple playback (Handbrake as a great preset for this)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Why Does Converting A Video Take A Long Time - C

Apr 23, 2011

I'm converting a movie that is .mkv to .avi and it's taking a long time. I'm using a command. Could it be that it's a movie and it's a 720p movie?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: User Friendly Video Converter - Ffmpeg Cannot Convert A .avi To .3gp With Audio Working

May 15, 2011

i am using Ubuntu 11.04 on my computer system. I urgently need a good video converter for converting videos.I have already installed FFmpeg and men-coder,Winff etc. The problem is each has its own drawback.For instance ffmpeg cannot convert a .avi to .3gp with audio working. My preferences are the converter should be user friendly, should support all popular video formats.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Converting A 3gp Video File Into A Different Format?

Jun 19, 2011

Can I ask for some advice in converting a video (from my phone) which is a 3gp file into something more universal. I use audokonverter for audio files and this gives me a menu right-click option to convert a song from (say) wav to mp3. Is there an equivalent for videos? I am using opensuse 11.4 64 bit and have mplayer, xine and vlc installed plus the necessary codecs. Or is it simpler to use ffmpeg in a c/l environment

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Crashes Whenever Watch A Video On The Internet?

Jul 3, 2010

Ubuntu 9.10. I can still watch videos that I have downloaded. Whenever I watch a video online, no matter which browser, it crashes, goes back to the login screen, when I log back in all windows have been closed.

EDIT: It doesn't crash if I'm playing a video but on a different tab in my browser, I'm pretty sure this means it is a problem with the screen but I may be wrong.

I'm using a Samsung NC10 netbook. It has always worked before.

And another thing, I used to be able to use Extra visual effects but now it says it can't find drivers, where can I find drivers for my screen?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: VLC Crashes Opening Video Files?

Jan 27, 2011

vlc crashes when trying to open video files. I get these outputs from the terminal.


VLC media player 1.1.6 The Luggage (revision exported)
Blocked: call to unsetenv("DBUS_ACTIVATION_ADDRESS")
Blocked: call to unsetenv("DBUS_ACTIVATION_BUS_TYPE")


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Joining .rmvb Files Together?

Aug 30, 2010

I need a piece of software that could join .rmvb files together as one file , i have tried Avidemux and Lives , but none of them worked

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Converting Any Video Format To 3gp Format?

Jul 21, 2011

converting videos to 3gp format.

i have installed transmaggedon software but it fails to convert because quicktime muxer plugin is not installed.

This plugin is not available in the repositories.

How can i get this video converter to work or what else can i do to be able to convert videos to 3gp format?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: System Crashes While Playing Video On Browsers / Sort It?

Mar 31, 2011

i'm really irritated with this huge problem with my system. i'm using ubutnu10.10 on my dell inspiron 1525. the problem is, whenever i play any video on any browser(firefox and chromium), no matter if its your tube or vimeo or whatever. the system crashes as soon as video starts to play. the video plays for few seconds system starts to slow a bit and suddenly it crashed and shuts down.

also while using the totem videos sidebar i can searhc the video but cannot play it at all.
i get this error
"gstreamer encountered a general supporting library error"

i tried other forums too but.. no help till now. its like 2 months with both these problems

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Fedora :: Multimedia Player For RMVB Movies Playback?

Feb 24, 2011

Is there a multimedia player that can play downloaded *.rmvb movies?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Mp3 & Rmvb Files Played Too Fast?

Jan 15, 2010

mp3 file is about 30 minutes but it runs up in 2 seconds and .rmvb file is about 60 minuts but runs up in 5 seconds.

I tried different mp3 files, tried different players including Amorak, DragonPlayer and Kaffeine. Didn't try other types of multimedia files though.

The fact that flashes work well on Firefox may prove that sound card is all right.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: .rmvb Files Not Playing Well On Kaffeine?

Sep 25, 2010

but after a forum search I only found one similar thread, but seemingly the issue was not totally solved. I just would like to suggest a solution (well, most likely a workaround) for .rmvb Real Player movies which don't work well on Kaffeine, without need to install other players or applications.I first saw many people had similar problems as me: Real Player movies just played sound but not video, or viceversa. I first tried installing w32 codecs, but this seems to be the good solution for 32 bit users, I use 11.3 x64 and didn't work for me. After some Google search I came to this page:Index of /pool/non-free/w/w64codecs/

Seems to be a Medibuntu repository, and I looked for a .tar file, since I was looking for a "w64" version of the codecs. I downloaded the latest .tar.gz file found on the page, the 20071007 one and uncompressed it. It has some codec files and a Readme which tells where to put the files. After that done, without rebooting Suse, I tried again to play the movie, and Kaffeine finally played it well, although now it pops a message saying Kaffeine closed unproperly whenever I close it after having played a .rmvb movie. I think that can be solved by updating Kaffeine, but haven't tried that yet

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Kaffeine Can't Play Rmvb Files

Apr 20, 2011

I tried playing some rmvb videos. I can hear the audio but there is no audio. I followed a few theads related to this but it still hasn't fixed my problem.

One thread says all related packages must be from packman. I have this currently

mvalviar@mac-mac:~/Desktop> rpm -q kaffeine libxine1 libffmpeg0 w32codec-all xvid libquicktime0


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Ubuntu :: Getting A Usb To S-video Converter?

Nov 26, 2010

[URL] I'm going to be purchasing a usb to S-video converter in the near future, the link above is one such product. I'd like something which will work with linux. The application is for a camera (s-video out (only)) to a laptop.

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Ubuntu :: AVI To Iphone Video Converter?

Jan 25, 2010

is there a linux avi to iphone video converter? specifically .avi to .mp4? cause my iphone would only sync to itunes I was trying out windows based ones. but they all claim to be free then only convert the first 5 mins then demand money. so is there a linux one that will do the whole thing then I simply transfer the .mp4 file over to my virtual windows?

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