Ubuntu Multimedia :: Firefox Smooth Scrolling And Video Flickers?

May 27, 2010

I'm using the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop 64-bit distribution. Hardware is the Dell Vostro 1015; laptop with Intel (g)45 express chipset with Intel x4500MHD graphics accelerator. Celeron 900 2.2ghz single core, 1GB RAM.

The issue is I have smooth scrolling enabled in Firefox. And whenever I scroll the page, it's very choppy/laggish/not smooth at all. When I go on ..... to watch a video, any slight scrolling will cause it to flicker like crazy. The effect reminds me of when I run Windows without installing drivers for the video card.

Now I wanted to make sure it wasn't a hardware issue, so I installed Windows7 and did the exact same thing. Everything runs smoothly, I can smooth scroll no problem, and video playbacks without any flickers whatsoever. It is a lower end laptop, which is basically for the occasional ..... and web browsing.

I will try the 32 bit edition in the meantime to see if it helps. I was under the impression that 32bit limits your maximum ram to just under 4GB. (I planned to upgrade the laptop a bit)

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Debian Multimedia :: Smooth Scrolling Web Browser

Jun 27, 2015

I have played around with linux a lot over the last couple of months and every machine and distro appears to have this issue of smooth scrolling being very jumpy.

Currently using ice weasel on debian jessie with xfce and I have a near perfect system other than this issue. Is it possible to fix this?

I have tried disabling hardware acceleration.

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OpenSUSE :: 11.4 And Firefox 5.0 - Flash Player (Video Flickers)

Jul 15, 2011

On some websites, firefox flickers when it plays videos: vh1 videos
This one is flickers the worst. It cuts off the edge of the screen and more.
ADHD support website: The progress bar flickers.

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Software :: Mc 4.7.0 - Smooth Scrolling?

Nov 12, 2010

I'm using Midnight Commander 4.7.0 on Ubuntu 10.04.1, and would like to know if there's a way to change the default behavior when scrolling up/down using the arrow keys: By default, when reaching the last item, MC scrolls down one half-block, which I find very annoying. Is it possible to reconfigure MC to simply down one item? Google didn't return much on this.

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Ubuntu :: System-wide Smooth Scrolling?

Sep 16, 2010

Is there a way to adjust how smooth all applications scroll? This is a bit of an aesthetic issue, but also a bit usability as well..

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Choppy (flickers) On Playback?

Feb 10, 2011

I just upgraded to Ubuntu Maverick v 10.10 and loving it. However, I have encountered a problem with playing any type of video whether it be Xvid, AVI, h264, MKV or AAC. I have tried many players from smplayer, mplayer, kmplayer, vlc, etc. but I am still having the problems. I have read some posts on here and I've disabled compiz, tried the X11 tweak and updated my Nvidia drivers. I don't know if I am missing some type of codec or restricted plugin because I have ample space and resources are readily available while playing the video.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Mkv In Smplayer Freezes Video While Scrolling - In Vlc No Video At All

Apr 1, 2011

OpenSUSE 11.1, 64 bit, 2 cores, intel graphics, 4 GB of RAM:_no_ problems

OpenSUSE 11.4, 64 bit, 4 cores, nvidia graphics, 16 GB of RAM:

Problem is very similar to: Problems playing mkv HD films in opensuse but not windows but with enough differences that I start a new thread:

* playback in VLC does not work -- there is only sound

* playback in SMplayer works, however -- when I scroll forward, the video freezes and sound continues, to unfreeze video I have scroll a tiny bit backward

I tried changing the video ouput driver (in SMplayer) from xv to xv/noveu-nvidia, it didn't help. Please note, that I use the same settings (initially) as before in OS11.1.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Minimum Graphics Requ'd For Smooth MTS (1080-50p) Video Playback?

May 21, 2011

I got a Geforce 8400GS 512MB with a 2.8 Ghz quad core system on Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit. MTS videos from my camcorder, which are AVCHD 28 mbit encoded don't play back smoothly using the nvidia proprietary driver (195.36.24). I compared with Windows XP, and concluded that it must be my not terribly high powered graphics card (silent, w/o fan) that must be too weak - the rest of the system is really quite fast. The software isn't really the issue either, I don't think, especially since the latest VLC under Windows XP doesn't do it, either.

Do people have experience what kind of a graphics can can power such video to play back smoothly? I am considering a 1 GB Asus Geforce GT520 with 1GB DDR3 (the 8400 has DDR2) - since it is also silent and I have a compact HTPC (a Shuttle), so shouldn't run too hot and I don't like loud fan noise.

I'm not sure if it is the larger and faster graphics RAM, or a fast graphics CPU (GT520 has 810 Ghz versus 8400GS has 500 Mhz) that will make the difference...

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Ubuntu :: Flash Video And Animation Flickers In Chromium

Aug 12, 2010

I've recently switched from Firefox to Chromium for my browsing and am satisfied other than a persistent issue I have with Flash content. Almost all flash animation and video flickers and "stumbles" (especially when scrolling) in the Chromium and Google Chrome browsers. This issue is not at all present in Firefox. Chromium reports it's using libflashplugin.so which I believe is the "system plugin" and not the built-in plug-in.

Currently I'm using the Chromium build available in the Lucid repository, the adobe-flashplugin and ATI proprietary drivers installed. I have tried the Chromium daily build and the issue still persisted. I've considered trying Lightspark but have read that it's not a very "complete" plug-in.I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Flash plug-in available from Synaptic and even updated it directly from Adobe's website.

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OpenSUSE :: Firefox With Smooth Scaling Of Images?

Jul 1, 2010

I can't find a package of Firefox in OBS which is compiled with smooth scaling of images option turned on (as is the case in Windows version where this option is turned on by default). Could someone provide me a link from where I can get this package.

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Ubuntu :: Mint Kept Updating Xulrunner To A New Version Which Disable Firefox-Smooth-Scaling?

Apr 11, 2010

I recently deleted all my Software Sources that were under "Other Software" and all my "Authentication" because Mint kept updating my xulrunner to a new version which would disable Firefox-Smooth-Scaling.Therefore I deleted all my Software Sources that were under "Other Software" and Authentication, and forced Mint to only install the xulrunner which uses Firefox-Smooth-Scaling. Unfortunately, after I deleted the software sources and authentication, now I can't update my system properly and get error messages that keys are missing. I added some software sources back the "Other Software" (someone responded to a previous post of mine on which ones to add), and under the "Authentication" window I tried hitting "Restore Defaults", but it only added two keys. These are screenshots of my Software Sources windows.

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Ubuntu :: Very Slow Scrolling In Firefox?

Nov 25, 2010

My firefox have very slow scrolling and scrolling freeze on many sites (sample)How I can fix that?.Videocard: ATI radeon X550 (use open-source driver)Xorg.conf:[URL]

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Key Scrolling Broken?

Mar 25, 2011

When I browse the Internet using Firefox, I often use the keyboard to scroll because it is quicker than using the mouse. Page-Up and Page-Down are useful; Home and End are especially useful to let me move instantly to the top or bottom of a long page.

However, for the past few days, these keys have not worked correctly.

When I press those keys, either nothing happens or the screen briefly flashes but stays where it is. On some pages, they also create a large vertical black bar that slowly flashes on the page.

I have started Firefox in Safe Mode and it does the same thing (see the screen-shot). So, it's not an add-on creating the problem.

Interestingly, the keys still work properly in Chromium.

How I can fix this Firefox problem?

My system:
Ubuntu Lucid 10.04, 64-bit, with all updates
Firefox 3.6.16

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Ubuntu :: Scrolling Using Arrow Keys In Firefox?

Jan 30, 2010

When using firefox, if I use my arrow keys in the keyboard to scroll through the Window, it works only if the mouse pointer is inside the window. Otherwise, the scroll doesn't work. Is there any way to solve this problem?

It's not just the arrow keys, even the TouchPad scroll on my laptop also.

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Ubuntu :: FireFox Mouse Wheel Scrolling Up?

May 15, 2010

I just finished installing 10.04. When I use the mouse wheel to scroll up, Firefox loads previous pages in my history. I had the same problem in 9.10. I've searched through the net looking for solutions. Most solutions talk about adjusting mousewheel.withnokey options. However, everything I try doesn't stop it from loading previous pages when using the mouse wheel to scroll up. My current settings are as follows:

mousewheel.withnokey.action = 0
mousewheel.withnokey.numlines = 6
mousewheel.withnokey.sysnumlines = true

Using the mouse wheel to scroll down works fine. It's only when scrolling up. Has anyone else experienced this problem. I'm using a Microsoft Optical Intellimouse

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Hesitates Scrolling And When Typing?

Feb 22, 2011

Has anyone else had a problem with Firefox hesitating when scrolling web pages or with words taking a minute to show up while you are typing? I can be halfway through a sentence before the letters actually show up. And when scrolling down a page, it will just stop and then pick back up a few seconds later - but not where it left it. It picks back up as if it had been scrolling the whole time.I am running Ubuntu 10.04 with Firefox 3.6.13 and it does this on two desktops and two laptops.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Not So Smooth Playback On Totem

Nov 14, 2010

My totem media player hangs a lot.The video playback is not smooth ..as if i am on a very old computer and believe me i am not. though everything runs smooth on vlc . but i'd still prefer totem if it can be fixed.i running ubuntu 10.10 , the graphic card i have is Nvidea 8600GTM

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can I Play This Video On Firefox In U9.10

Mar 14, 2010

I'm an excited newcomer in ubuntu and i'm also an animator. and i have problem playing all streaming video from this particular website (the 11 second club), probably they use quicktime plugin or something. In addition, we can play the stream frame by frame so we can check the animation more details on poses.

could you guys help me out with this...? this website is an important learning centre for me, and definitely for many animators out there who use ubuntu.

here's an example:


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Video On Mozilla / Firefox?

Apr 11, 2010

I just got Ubuntu installed and I cannot view video from any webpage. I have adobe downloaded and active, I even downloaded google chrome, I have all popupblockers turned off and still nothing.

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OpenSUSE :: Firefox Has Choppy Scrolling

Jun 9, 2010

I installed the newest (11.2?) KDE opensuse last night on my computer. Last night everything was fine but while I slept I guess the Linux Gremlins got to my laptop. Now when I scroll down in Firefox the motion is slow and choppy. Has this happened to anyone else? If so what can I do to fix it?

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OpenSUSE :: Firefox Scrolling Out Of Control?

Nov 3, 2010

Using Firefox 3.6.10 on openSUSE 11.3 with kde desktop on T42 I am finding that I lose control of the scrolling function form time to time. The result is that if I click on the down arrow to go down from the top of a page, the window will scroll down to the bottom of page without stopping, even if I take pointer off the arrow.The reverse is also true if I am trying to go up from the bottom of a page. Great for very fast reader but not for me. Is this a problem anybody else has seen? For me it is new to 11.3 but there have been so many Firefox upgrades since I ran 11.2 I cannot determine precisely when it started

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Ubuntu :: Tooltip Leaves Artifacts On Scrolling In Firefox

May 14, 2010

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but this is the biggest pain when I'm trying to read XKCD. When I mouse over an image in Firefox and the tooltip appears, and I scroll down when it's still there, the tooltip is replaced by a gray box.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Not Getting Smooth Picture When Viewing Videos

Mar 24, 2010

I've been using ubuntu for several years now and one thing I've always have had problems with is getting a smooth picture when viewing videos. I currently have an amd dual core 2.2ghz processor and a H3200 ati graphics card which is more than capable of playing HD and blu ray perfectly in windows. I'm running ubuntu 9.10 with the latest graphics drivers 10.2. If I can movies etc., to play without lag etc., I can finally delete my windows partition. I want to avoid using a virtual machine for now.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: ATI Radeon X1700 Flickers In 10.04?

Aug 24, 2010

I am a total beginner to ubuntu. I have installed ubuntu 10.04 desktop edition with a CD on my laptop as only OS. So far (three weeks) ubuntu has convinced me. However, my screen starts flickering regularly after a while (even when the computer is idle) and the only solution so far has been to suspend/shut down. The flickering makes the computer unusable and doesn't stop if not shut down/suspended. Beside this issue the graphic seems to work fine.

My Computer is an ASUS F3J, the video card is a ATI Radeon X1700. 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M66-P [Mobility Radeon X1700] this is the xorg0.log:

X.Org X Server 1.7.6
Release Date: 2010-03-17
X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0
Build Operating System: Linux 2.6.24-27-server i686 Ubuntu


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Web Browser Flickers On HDMI TV?

Aug 3, 2011

I recently switched to a setup in my living room where a CPU is hooked to a big Toshiba 1080p TV through an HDMI cable. We had to buy a new video card to make it work - a nvidia GeForce 210 with an HDMI out.The problem has been that when I fullscreen a browser on the TV (Chrome OR Firefox), the TV will suddenly lose its signal, flicker, then come back again. If I try and watch a ..... video, it starts to happen more and more quickly.It doesn't do this at all when I watch a movie on VLC. My guess is that it's a driver issue with the new video card - we never actually installed anything to update the drivers, just plugged it in and it started up.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Does Not Work On Firefox Browser?

Jan 9, 2010

umm while using firefox it becomes unresponsive alot expecailly when watching video. i cant even watch anything because it freezes and goes super slow. i dont understand anything about computers >.<

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: BBC Flash Video Freezes Firefox

Feb 15, 2010

i've noticed a problem this morning when watching bbc flash videos on firefox (3.6). whilst the video is playing, firefox is fine and new tabs can be opened. but once you close the tab or window where the video was, firefox freezes and has to force quit. other flash video sites like videos, cnn, sky news, guardian and flash games seem okay and firefox doesn't freeze. bbc videos seem okay on firefox on winxp too. the bbc problem occurs on news video and on iplayer vids.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Any Firefox Addons - Video Downloader?

May 22, 2010

I am aware of the multitude of firefox addons there are, but they are not really what I am looking for. I am also aware that I can just recover the temp files from my hard drive, that is not what I am looking for either. I was wondering if you guys knew of any actual software for linux that does the job, something like orbit downloader. The reason being is that orbit allowed multiple http connections at once, making for much faster downloads, much more efficient on system resources that browser addons. It was also in a neat little menu.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Firefox Flash Have Sound But No Video

Jan 2, 2011

When I play a flash vid (ex. from .....) I have sound but the entire screen is simply white. When I put my mouse where where the "play/pause" button should be I can click there and they work, but its all white. Flash in chrome works just fine, I use regular ubuntu repos. (ubuntu 10.04 32 bit)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Audio With Flash Video Using Firefox 5.0

Jul 16, 2011

I am using Firefox 5.0 with Ubuntu Lucid x64 and I have no audio with Flash video. Audio works just fine on other applications so I'm guessing this might be a permission's issue or setting of some sort? I also have: flashplugin-installer & flashplugin-nonfree installed with ALSA v1.0.24.2.

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