Ubuntu Installation :: Install As A Hidden System Partition With Truecrypt

Oct 7, 2010

Right now I only have Windows 7 64bit installed. I'd like to keep it installed and have a hidden Truecrypt system partition that holds Ubuntu. I've installed Ubuntu once before, but it was a while ago so I don't remember the details. Also, I'm not entirely sure how to work Truecrypt as I've never used it before. Do I install Ubuntu first and then run Truecrypt, if so, how do I deal with the fact that installing Ubuntu involves many partitions. Does Truecrypt recognize this automatically or do I have to somehow encrypt them all?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Install Nicotine On A Hidden Truecrypt Volume?

May 15, 2010

i got opensuse 11.2 (gnome) and created a hidden volume with truecrypt on it. i would like to install nicotine on the hidden volume now,an only run nicotine while it is mounted. i only know how to install stuff with yast, i have no idea how to handle the terminal. i tried but its more like stumbling around. yast always puts the program into the standard menu where i dont want it to be. and by the way,how to disable the autostandby on my monitor? i tried already, but it didnt work)

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Slackware :: Truecrypt Hidden Volume ?

May 15, 2011

I mount truecrypt ntfs hidden volume in Slackware, i can read but i can't write to it. It shows "Operation not permitted". I can read and write from other distro without any problem.

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Ubuntu Security :: TrueCrypt - Hidden Volume Protection ?

Jan 22, 2010

I installed TrueCrype 6.3a on my 8.1 Ubuntu. Everything went fine until I got to the part where I need to protect my hidden volume from damaged caused by writing to the outer volume (these instructions: [url] ). I can't find the checkbox to "Protect hidden volume from damaged caused by writing to outer volume". The closest thing I can find is an option to "Protect hidden volume when mounting outer volume". Intuitively these don't sound the same to me. There are 2 difference between my setup and the instructions; 1) the instructions appear to be written for Windows and not Linux. 2) I am using a file volume and not a partition volume.

Does anyone know where the option is to protect the hidden volume when writing to the outer volume?

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General :: Dual Boot Windoze+ubuntu W/ Truecrypt+hidden OS?

Jun 19, 2011

I am thinking of installing Ubuntu on my machine, and I may need to still keep windows 7 around for certain games/apps. I want to do a full disk encryption using Truecrypt. As I understand, Truecrypt is compatible with both linux/windows/OSX, and has an option for a "hidden operating system."I want to Install both win7 and ubuntu, with ubuntu as a hidden OS. I have watched tutorials on ..... showing the method for creating a hidden OS for Windows, in this tutorial the second volume was created from the first volume and was effectively a clone of the original OS. Basically what I am asking is---- Is it possible for a hidden volume with a bootable version of Ubuntu Linux to cohabitate on the same drive as windows?If so, are there any howto's/tutorials you could point me to?

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Security :: How Plausibly Deniable Are TrueCrypt Hidden Volumes

Nov 21, 2010

TrueCrypt hidden volume plausible deniability is documented at [URl]deniability but how plausible is it? there is no sign of the hidden volume's existence within the outer volume even if the user is forced to disclose the outer volume password. For this to be plausible the outer volume must be used or the user has no plausible reason for having it.


If you mount a TrueCrypt volume within which there is a hidden volume, you may read data stored on the (outer) volume without any risk. However, if you (or the operating system) need to save data to the outer volume, there is a risk that the hidden volume will get damaged (overwritten). To prevent this, you should protect the hidden volume in a way described in this section.

The way described results in the outer volume properties including 'Hidden volume protected: Yes' which discloses the hidden volume's existence. The next section in the documentation has a diagram showing how the hidden volume is created at the top end of the outer volume space. Use of the outer volume must not write in the hidden volume space or the hidden volume will be corrupted. That limits the choice of outer volume file system to one of the FAT series because more sophisticated file systems do write in places across their whole space.How plausible is the choice of a FAT file system on Linux? Even on a dual boot system with the usual Windows versions NTFS is a better choice.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Mounting Hidden Recovery Partition

Apr 13, 2011

I have got a Acer Aspire 9300 which came with one of Bill Gates unreliable operating systems and a recovery partition in case something goes wrong. I surely installed linux (now on opensuse 11.4) as quickly as possible. mounting this hidden recovery partition under linux? All I can see is this from "fdisk -l"printout:

Disk /dev/sda: 120.0 GB, 120034123776 bytes
255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 14593 cylinders, total 234441648 sectors
Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes
Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
Disk identifier: 0x34fe34fd

I assume that the partition in question is between blocks 0 and 2047?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Windows 7 Won't Install Getting This Message:"setup Was Unable To Create A New Partition Or Locate An Existing System Partition"?

Apr 8, 2010

i tried installing windows 7 on a partition on my laptop but i'm getting this message:"setup was unable to create a new partition or locate an existing system partition "i tried googling and found that it has something to do with the number of partitions:my hard disk layout right now:

p1 ext4 21gb /home
p2 ntfs 64gb
p3 ext3 18gb ubuntu installation


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Fedora Installation :: TrueCrypt Does Not Install?

Jun 12, 2010

I tried to install truecrypt by executing the setup file and the terminal opened.At the end of the terms of license I agreed. To start installation I was asked to enter my root passwordbut which was not accepted (I restarted the process again and again, the password was entered correctly)

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OpenSUSE Install :: Hidden .directories Now Really Hidden (or Deleted)?

Feb 26, 2011

Last time,I changed the icon for the ding-dictionary,it used the gear-wheel symbol before. The I saw,that the hidden directories also used the new icon,and now they are all gone Did install the old 256.53-NVIDIA-driver last night,but that should not be the reason ?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Install Into Partition From Running System?

Aug 26, 2010

Rather than booting into a CD, or rebooting into a partition, or rebooting at all or clobbering my MBR or installing GRUB, I would like to install Ubuntu into an existing partition from an already running Ubuntu installation. Because of my requirements, LUBI or UNetBootin would not work because it (1) overwrites the bootloader (e.g., GRUB or NT bootloader) and (2) requires a reboot for the installation.

Is this possible? It seems like the Debian installer could just be run from the command line, but I don't know how you'd point to the right stuff (e.g., an ISO image).

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Fedora Installation :: 13 On Dell Inspiron N4010 - Windows Setup Files Is Stored In A Hidden Recovery Partition

Dec 14, 2010

I recently purchased a dell inspiron N4010 with windows 7 preloaded...i want to install fedora into it and i want keep it as my primary operasting system.... but what worries me is that the windows setup files is stored in a hidden recovery partion.... So if i install fedora will i lose this ??? if no will i will be able to install windows from that partion?

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Ubuntu :: How To Restore Deleted Truecrypt Partition

Feb 16, 2010

my /dev/sdb was a truecrypt partition that was mounted when I accidentally deleted the partition in gparted (instead of sdc, stupid). I'm pretty sure I haven't overwritten anything since then, but I'm not sure how to go about recovering this one. To confound the problem, the only way I can install stuff to my ubunut machine is by downloading on a windows machine and transferring by memory stick.

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OpenSUSE :: Installed Truecrypt Onto 11.3 (KDE) And Noticed That Truecrypt Needed To Be Started As Root?

Aug 10, 2010

Installed Truecrypt onto openSUSE 11.3 (KDE) and noticed that Truecrypt needed to be started as root.Modified visudo using YAST asusername ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/truecryptHowever, when copying files from my backup drive into the Truecrypt partition, there is an access problem (couldn't remember actual error message)In Konsole , updated visudo to username ALL = (ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/truecrypt Copying is allowed and working fine.Question:1. What is the difference between the above two visudo setting?2. How to updated visudo to the second setting in YAST?3. How to change the editor for visudo in konsole using nano instead of vi?

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Ubuntu Security :: Mount A Truecrypt Partition Automatically With Login Password?

May 17, 2010

I found a way some times ago to mount a truecrypt volume when opening the session by insertion of the login password in the mounting script instead of putting it in clear in the script. I don't remember to command to read/transfer the password.

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Slackware :: Automount Encrypted Windows Partition - Truecrypt

Jan 12, 2010

I'm trying to automount my encrypted Windows partition in Slackware-Current.

With help from the Gentoo wiki, I came up with this script:


Then I added this to my fstab:


I get this error when I try to mount my partition (as root):


Error: Unable to initialize gtk, is DISPLAY set properly?

But if I run my script like this (exactly how mount runs it), it works fine:


New script


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Slackware :: Can't Write To Encrypted Windows Partition (truecrypt)?

Jan 12, 2010

My Windows partition is using system encryption (preboot authentication) and I'm trying to access it in Linux.I run this command:

sudo truecrypt --mount --password="MYPASSWORD" --mount-options="system" --fs-options="umask=000" /dev/sda4 /mnt/windows


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Ubuntu :: How To Keep Partition Hidden

Feb 17, 2011

I have 1 Drive i.e Z: which is kept hidden in my Windows 7. But its showing in Ubuntu as 250GB Partition. I want to hide that drive from Ubuntu, how can I do that? This is first time i've been using Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu :: TrueCrypt System Tray Icon?

May 17, 2010

Is anyone else getting a non-transparent icon in the system tray when TrueCrypt 6.3a loads on Ubuntu 10.04 with the default theme? Annoying white bars on the top and bottom of the icon. This didn't occur with the same version of TrueCrypt on previous versions of Ubuntu. Any way to resolve it? It looks out of place...

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Ubuntu :: Windows 7 Hidden Partition And GRUB

Feb 18, 2010

I was installing Ubuntu on my new laptop (with plans to dual boot with Win 7) and, I'll admit, I did something stupid. You see, there was a 1 meg free space before the Windows 7 'hidden partition' and it was driving me nuts. So, what I did, was use gparted to move the hidden partition to the start of the drive (yes, a 1 meg move). Install of Ubuntu went off without a hitch, but after reboot things went a bit differently. The Recovery partition shows up as a possible boot partition in GRUB, in Windows 7 I can now see the recovery partition as a normal NTFS drive, and I can no longer use the features that the partition gives. I know this might be more of a 'ask on a Windows forum' question, but I was hoping someone else had done something like this and knew how to restore the hidden partition to being, well, hidden.

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Ubuntu :: HP_RECOVERY Partition Is Hidden Despite Lack Of Flag?

Jan 9, 2010

Little explanation: OEM HP pcs come with an HP_RECOVERY partition which contains an installer which will wipe the HD and install vista (shivvers) Now despite how much I looooove vista, I was wondering why the OS_TOOLS partition shows up in places and recovery doesn't... especially cause niether have a hidden flag...

(As a side note, what the hell does OS_TOOLS do? google yields no answers)

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Fedora :: HPA Hidden Partition Area

May 22, 2010

Does Fedora install create an HPA? Is there any recommended disk editors for 64bit to view/ copy the HPA? Other softwares to view/copy the HPA? How to reset to native max size?

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Hardware :: What Does Hidden Data Between MBR And A First Partition Mean

Sep 1, 2010

I have SATA Western Digital 120GB 5 yeras old hard drive. There are four primary partitions. In order FAT-32, JFS, EXT4 and the last SWAP. Yesterday I copied the third ext4 partition with Clonezilla. Everything was OK. But Clonezilla issued therey strange for me message (and upsetting): "Hidden data between MBR and first partition" It was about 32KB. Clonezilla copied this hidden part as well as MBR. Clonezilla sugested that these hidden data may be used for some technical reasons. Now my questions:

1. What does it mean hidden? I partitioned disk with GNU fdisk.
2. Where they may come from these hidden data?
3. Should I be aware of them? Is it possible this is a some kind of hardware virus?
4. How to clean disk?

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General :: How To Set Ext3 Partition Hidden Flag

Apr 15, 2010

I have a created an ext3 partition and when i tried to set is hidden flag, there seems no effect. how to set the hidden flag of an ext3 partition?

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Ubuntu :: Dual Boot - Acer Laptop Hidden Recovery Partition

Aug 17, 2010

I just got a new acer laptop that came loaded with Win 7, and I want to dual boot with Ubuntu. Naturally the laptop didn't come with a Win 7 disc, but instead has the stupid recovery partition. I've made the recovery DVDs from the eRecovery program but....

From what I read the acer recovery setup is extremely picky and will refuse to work after the partitions have been messed with. Apparently the ALT+F10 to start the recovery process on boot won't even work if acer's MBR is overwritten. What's worse, even the recovery DVDs won't work without the MBR! (At least from what I've been reading... I guess if you install a different HD you are SOL) So how does one get around this? I couldn't care less about acer's stupid recovery partition, but if I ever need to send the computer in for service I think they actually charge extra to restore their crap.

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General :: Why Doesn't TrueCrypt Support System Encryption On Non-Windows Machines

May 16, 2011

I would love to be able to use TrueCrypt consistently across all my machines, be they Windows or Linux. As it stands, I can do full-disk encryption with pre-boot authentication only on Windows.

I don't really understand why this is. Are there technical challenges specific to Linux/Mac that make full disk encryption harder? Does anyone know whether TrueCrypt will support this in the near future.

PS. yes, I'm aware that there are other options. My goal is to simplify my life here and use the one tool across all machines.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Separate "settings" Partition But Common Home Partition On System With 2 Distro

Feb 7, 2010

I was surprised not to find an existing thread on this anywhere, as I would expect this to be a common problem: I have the following partitions on my eee PC 100HE:

10GB Windows XP
5GB Linux Mint 8
5GB Ubuntu 9.10 NBR (awesome distro by the way!)
130GB Home partition shared by Linux Mint and Ubuntu NBR
2GB Swap partition shared by Linux Mint and Ubuntu NBR

I installed Ubuntu NBR after Mint. Immediately after install, the panel layout, menus and colour scheme were slightly messed up - presumeably because they had been "adopted" from the Mint settings in the home folder. I corrected them easily, but now I have the same problem in Mint. Is there any way I can get both distros to use the same /home folder, but different settings (i.e. the /home/username/. folders)? Can I get these settings folders put on a different partition for example?

And is this problem due only to the fact that these are 2 Ubuntu-based distros? Or will I have the same problem if/when I replace Mint with another distro, such as Fedora or Moblin?

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Ubuntu :: Truecrypt Does Not Install?

Nov 7, 2010

I checked out this forum but still no solution for my problem. I tried to install Truecrypt, but I can't get it fixed. I extracted truecrypt-7.0a-setup-x64 to Desktop. Then in typed in terminal: sudo sh truecrypt-7.0a-setup-x64. The terminal asks my password and I type in my password and hit enter. The terminal disappears and nothing is happening.

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Ubuntu :: Hidden Folders In The Home Folder That Aren't Hidden?

May 6, 2010

just a general weirdness, but some folders that are in my /home folder don't show up. if i check "show hidden folders", they still don't show up. for all terms and purposes, they are simply not there. however, if i search for them through the search tool, or beagle, they show up as being in my /home folder. so, anyone have any idea how this happened, or how i can remedy this?

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Ubuntu Security :: Black Hats - 105GB FAT16 Hidden Partition On Hard Drive

Mar 31, 2010

Since August of 2009 I have been under attack by corporate Black Hats. I found a 105GB FAT16 Hidden partition on my hard drive. Seventy four percent full (78GB). What led me to this was the fact that I couldn't help but notice that my Internet connection was a revolving door that never stopped spinning. So I went looking for why.

I removed the hidden flag, and patched the partition, but couldn't open that thing no matter what I did. I tried for a month. The attacks started as soon as I stopped these guys from accessing that data. At this point we are 9 months into 24/7 attacks. I have interviewed with the FBI, and local law enforcement, but they are intent on making me out to be a conspiracy nut. I am not at all. All they wanted to do is quiz me on my computer skills. If I managed to draw the attention of a corporate security group they killed it.

I am a US Navy trained Electronics Technician. 58 years old with ECM experience. I have been doing both bench, and field service on all manner of electronics for 40 years. My last job was supporting field engineers, and technicians for Samsung Electronics of America. The attacks have spread to my mother, and best friend. My phones are bugged internally at the phone company, and my modem has had its firmware altered to call them. They run around inside my ISP like they own the place.


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