Ubuntu :: Create Gthumb 2.11 Web Albums - No Longer Supported

Apr 25, 2010

what happened to the Create Web Album functionality in gThumb 2.11 series? Is it no longer supported or am I missing an extension or something? Is there another software I can use that allwos me to do the same?

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OpenSUSE :: Digikam - Pictures In Albums No Longer Showing

Mar 26, 2010

Running openSuSE 11.1 and Digikam 1.1.0 under KDE 4.4.1 with most recent updates as of today. I started digikam and all settings are still in place and database file exists same as always. All subcollections in the albums show zero pictures. Opening file manager shows all contents exists.

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Ubuntu :: 9.04 No Longer Be Supported?

Jan 8, 2010

When will Unbuntu 9.04 no longer be supported?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Songbird No Longer Being Supported

Jun 8, 2010

I'm well aware of Songbird no longer being supported for Linux but I know there is .deb package out there somewhere. Hopefully in the latest release for Linux as well. 've searched but have found nothing. The thing is, I can't find anything 'I like' other than Songbird. It's such a shame its no longer supported.

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Ubuntu :: Graphics Adapter No Longer Supported By ATI

Jan 23, 2011

I recently installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop. It is an older laptop with a Radeon Xpress 200m video card, which apparently is unsupported by the newest version of the proprietary ATI drivers. Right now I am using the default graphics adapter that was installed, however, all of my games run abysmally. There isn't one game I have played (World of Goo, Gish, Eschalon Book I) that has played decently. They all suffer from screen flicker and tremendous slowdowns. Is there any option for me since the 200m is no longer supported by ATI?

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Ubuntu :: Use The Update Manager It Says That It Is No Longer Supported?

May 31, 2011

I have a pc at work with 9.04 on it and when I try to use the update manager it says that it is no longer supported. how do i upgrade to the newest version?

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Little Different Since Are No-longer Supported In The New 11.2 By ATI?

Nov 17, 2009

This thread is just for those with newly defined ATI legacy cards. As our issues seem to be a little different since we are no-longer supported in the new 11.2 by ATI. The following products have been moved to the legacy software support structure (including Mobile and All-in-Wonder Variants):

* ATI Radeon 9500 Series
* ATI Radeon 9550 Series
* ATI Radeon 9600 Series
* ATI Radeon 9700 Series
* ATI Radeon 9800 Series
* ATI Radeon X300 Series


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General :: FC6 Is Outdated And No Longer Supported ?

Jan 23, 2009

Someone told me that FC6 is outdated and no longer supported, So which version of linux should I choice?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Graphics And GUI No Longer Supported After Upgrade?

Mar 1, 2010

The last time I updated Linux it was from Gibbon to Heron. (so 7.10 to 8.04 ) I'm now trying to get caught back up. Thing is, now that I updated from 8.04 to 8.10 I can no longer get to a GUI. Also, most of the text in the terminal is a diamond character as if the font that's installed doesn't want to work most of the time. This is somewhat confusing, but I believe my system's language was set as Japanese before the upgrade and now it's trying to display Kana and/or Kanji and the terminal doesn't like that. Not really important, but I'm not sure how to proceed to the next upgrade or get to a GUI. Fortunately, my system's set up to dual-boot with windows. Can someone help tell me how to get my GUI back or what package to install?

I'm running on a laptop with an ATI mobility Radeon 9700. I've had problems with it and drivers in previous versions back to 6.10 too, but never to the point that the GUI wouldn't work.It's actually an issue with my X Server. I tried "startx" and it says "No Screens found". I looked in my xorg.conf file and there are two screens listed at the bottom. It produced a log too, but I can't get my Flash drive to mount so I can't say exactly what it says. It did mention that there were a lot of font directories that didn't exist along with a few other warnings.

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General :: SELinux Wont No Longer Be Supported On Fedora?

Oct 6, 2010

Just read URL... Does it mean SELinux wont no longer be supported on Fedora?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgrading With Least Amount Of Hassle - No Longer Supported Anymore

Aug 3, 2011

I would like to upgrade my linux distro, since I'm using Karmic Koala and it is no longer supported anymore. However, upgrading via the updater always breaks my system, so I want to do a clean install. However, I have a LOT of programs installed in this machine, including a good number of games. Otherwise I think most of my data is neatly confined to my home folder, which I can easily transfer via external hard drive.

How do I get all my programs over, however? Like my PDF printer, for example, or all my games, or Inkscape, or Skype, or any number of things that I have installed. Especially WICD. I can never get my wireless internet to work without WICD. I will make a list of my programs beforehand, just in case something goes wrong, but is there any kind of less painful and time-consuming way to do this than going back and installing every program all over again from scratch?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Management Tool For Multiple Server Instances - Webmin No Longer Supported

Jun 20, 2010

i started to look into upgrading my LTS ubuntu server instances to Lucid. one the notable things that i have discovered is the lack of support for Webmin; it seems that Debian is no longer supporting packages required by Webmin. But it also appears that ubuntu team believes that Webmin may actually cause problems as it works in a different way than that presumed by Ubuntu. so i am now left with no way to manage my 10+ instances of ubuntu server that i used for studying and research. it seems that i am left with cluster-ssh as an alternative. but are there other alternatives, ideally similar to webmin?

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OpenSUSE :: Is GRAMPS Now In Different Repo / Is It No Longer Supported In OpenSUSE?

Apr 24, 2010

Looks like this has gone walkabout. It used to be in the Education repo and still is but is missing several updates. This repo has also gone missing from wiki pages and from list of community repos in YAST. Seems a bit suspicious as though something has been changed again.Is GRAMPS now in a different repo or is it no longer supported in openSUSE? Is Education repo defunct?

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Ubuntu :: Upgraded Firefox - Error "Your Browser Is No Longer Supported. Please Upgrade To A Modern Browser."

Aug 2, 2010

i just updated from karmic 9.10 to lucid 10.04 using the online upgrade option. so far everything is working great. the only issues i am having seem to involve firefox. when i visit videos i get the message "your browser is no longer supported. please upgrade to a modern browser." i am running 3.6 "canonical" so it is "modern". i am able to watch videos after i close the message. it's just an annoyance to get this message every time i view a video.

next, is on some websites (like this one) it will not supply my login info. but on a few sites (like ebay) it does supply my login info. not sure why some sites work while others don't. the info is there when i look under my saved passwords....

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Updated 10 App No Longer Runs :Failed To Create XIM Input Context

May 14, 2009

I ran "yum update" and updated my new installation. Afterwards: my main application stopped running. It iis an xwindow app. I am trying to run it from a terminal on the gnome desktop. How can I back out my updates and which packages should I try to remove?

Controller screen Buffer depth 1
void PSLr: :resize (int size): 661
QPixmap: Invalid pixmap parameters
auxillary display font size: 8


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: MP3 Tag Editor - Can't Que Albums Up

Nov 22, 2010

What I am trying to do: I have a lot of 2 or 3 CD compilation sets. I like to re do the track numbers to 101/102/103/104 etc for CD1, 201/202/203 etc for CD2, 301/302/303/etc for CD3. I then give them all the same album name. This then means I can listen to all 3 CDs on a journey non stop with out having to take my MP3 player out my coat to change it. Otherwise my MP3 player sees each CD as a different album and I can't que albums up on it - or if I just rename the album to the same on all 3 in the tags it plays track 1 from cd 1, then track 1 from cd 2, and so on. In MP3tag I would just select the tracks, go to the auto numbering wizard, and tell it to start at 101 (or 201 or 301 depending on the CD number).

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Ubuntu :: Printing From Gthumb Greyed Out?

Jan 18, 2011

I installed gthumb on this laptop running Xubuntu 10.10 and it works great on my main admin account,but on my daughter's account, she cant print from gthumb or modify any pictures, printing as well as a bunch of other actions is greyed out.nting works good from the gimp. There's no print option in ristretto image viewer

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Ubuntu :: DigiKam Does Not Show All Photo Albums

Oct 12, 2010

I have been organizing some of my photos and as a KDE user I have installed Digikam. The installation works fine, but when I load Digikam it does not show all of the photo albums in /home/darren/pictures and those albums that it does list have no photos in them. Also my requirements are fairly limited I use GIMP to do any editing. But need to be able upload to Picasa.

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Ubuntu :: Clearing GThumb Recent Folders

Oct 17, 2010

Is there any way to clear the list of recent folders when you click Move or Copy on an image in gThumb? It's gotten way too big, so now it's not really helpful at all, with folders I don't even use.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: GThumb 2.11 Installation Results In Failure

Jan 13, 2010

For several reasons I still use Ubuntu 9.04 and for other reasons I dont like F-Spot for image-management (especially because it lacks the feature to manually sort your images -- or is there a way to do this?). gThumb lets me create manually sorted catalogs of images, so I use this piece of software. I would like to test the new (unstable) version -- 2.11 -- instead of 2.10, but it requires libexif-2.4 -- Jaunty has libexif 2.5 by default and I dont know a way to downgrade to 2.4. Is this possible somehow? I was trying both installing gThumb 2.11 from deb package and compiling it from source, both with the same result -- failure.

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Ubuntu :: Gthumb Cannot View Images On Network Share?

Mar 12, 2011

i wondered if anyone could assist me with a problem with gthumb?gthumb works fine on local files - it can thumbnail preview, then i double click the file to view iton network share, it does not work - it does the thumbnail preview ok but the viewer is blank (has image) when i double click - the snow leopard-esque thumbnail ribbon at the bottom still worksi have not issued a mount command - i have used the network drive mapping in the ubuntu menus (places > connect to server) then bookmarked the server. i note that gthumb does not see the bookmark. it sees the share as "sharename on server" and not the bookmark i made for it

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Fedora :: Can't Upload To Web Albums With Picasa / Fix It?

Jan 26, 2010

When i try to connect to my web albums in picasa 3 it doesn't connect. it says something about checking my internet connection but it's fine. any one else having this?

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Fedora :: How To Disable GThumb Importer

Mar 12, 2010

When I plug in a USB camera I have gthumb-importer kicking in, I don't like it and would like to disable this.I have checked everything I could, google, man page, the gthumb package itself (pre/post script) gthumb schema (/etc/gconf/schemas/gthumb.schemas) but I could not figure out how
to disable this thing. Did anybody figure this out ?

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Software :: Removing Old Albums From Flphoto?

Jul 23, 2010

I have a number of old albums listed in the menu for flphoto that I no longer need.The help manual for flphoto doesn't say anything about how to remove these old albums from the menu.Does anyone have any idea of how to remove them? I have looked for a directory for flphoto but couldn't find one. Thought I could delete them from the file if I could find it.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: XBox Not Displaying Albums Correctly From Fuppes

Jan 3, 2010

I've been through the forums, and can't seem to find the answers. Thanks to EVERYONE who has posted fuppes related advice though, you've filled my last 3 days with so much fun! I'm a complete newbie with linux. I had a half hearted fiddle about 6 years ago, but nothing since. But I've decided I want rid of the horror that is Windows, and stumbled upon Ubuntu. Installled it last week. First priority, videos and music to the XBox (can't lose Microsoft!). I'm using Ubuntu 9.10.

So, after much, much, much reinstalling and playing with config files, I now have Fuppes streaming to my XBox. I can stream both audio and video, and I'm even happy with the folder structure in the Video section too! (Eventually! ).

1) When rebuilding the database, I get:


TagLib: MPEG::Header::parse() -- Invalid sample rate.
TagLib: MPEG::Header::parse() -- Invalid sample rate.
TagLib: MPEG::Properties::read() -- Page headers were invalid.
Segmentation fault

The line before is repeated lots and lots of times before it gives up. However, it still seems to have created the database, because all I then have to do is start Fuppes up and rebuild the folder structure and it works.

2) I spent ages trawling through the forums to get this far, and I did get music sorted by artist, album, etc. However, when sorted by album, each album shows lots of times. Is there a way to stop this? I only want each album to show once. Seems to mainly affect compilation albums with multiple artists.

For anyone who hasn't got as far as me, persist! You'll get there eventually. I'll attach my fuppes.cfg and vfolder.cfg. I am using version 0.660, and used a mixture of advice from all the tutorials to get here. Use this guide:[URL] but later on in that guide in someone's reply, there's a link to the new version.

I also had to install some additional packages (this was guess work...using Synaptic Package Manager), to ensure that during the ./configure, the Taglib and mpeg4ip/mp4v2 are both enabled, otherwise you have no hope of your XBox sorting your music. if you edit your config files in the fuppes directory, open a terminal and run the following to put them in the place fuppes actually looks for them!:


sudo cp fuppes/fuppes.cfg .fuppes
sudo cp fuppes/vfolder.cfg .fuppes


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: If It Detects The Same Name For The Song, Even Though They Are On Different Albums, It Says That Have To Either Replace The File?

Apr 1, 2010

Normally in my music collection, I have some songs that are the same song, just in a different album. When transferring files onto my MP3 player, if it detects the same name for the song, even though they are on different albums, it says that I have to either replace the file, retry, or cancel.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: MP3 Devices And Software \ Change The Mix Of Albums On My Device?

Jul 20, 2010

I've been playing with Ubuntu for a few years, and it runs great on said notebook, so I' m starting to ween myself from Windows.Biggest consideration for switch is music. I currently have an iPod touch 16. Been using itunes for a long time.I'm not married to the device or the software, and will rebuild my music library if needed (it's a pig of a mess anyway).I'm curious which mp3 device you are using and what linux software you are using it with for great results. I want a high end player iwth 16+ gig, and a music manager to keep a 10000+ file library organized. I frequently want to change the mix of albums on my device. I'm fine with buying music elsewhere from Apple. Prefer it actually - Amazon is a good choice.Should I keep hte iPod? Trade it for a Zune or something else? Sound quality is very important to me. As is wireless access/browsing, storage space, battery life, etc

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Rhythmbox Won't Play First Track Of Several .mp3 Albums / Sort It?

Aug 26, 2010

I've been experiencing an odd issue since I upgraded my main desktop to Lucid - namely, that the first track on several albums doesn't appear in the Rhythmbox library. The rest of the album will show up and play just fine. I installed Exaile to see if it was just a Rhythmbox bug, and the tracks appear in the library, but will not play (it just skips through the whole track, as it would if the MP3 codec isn't installed or configured correctly). Did a clean install of Lucid yesterday, which was also of no help.

The files are all .mp3, non-VBR encoding (320kbps, IIRC...not that it should really matter). They are stored in an NTFS partition I use to share data between Windows XP and my Linux installs.

Funny thing is, the tracks show up and play just fine in XP and on OpenSuse 11.3 (KDE version). It also works fine on my laptop, which is also dual-booting XP and Lucid, with the tunes stored on the Windows partition.

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Fedora :: Edit Pictures Tags In Gthumb?

Sep 8, 2010

Does anyone know how to edit the tags You can use in gthumb for tagging pictures?
As the ones in the attached picture:

I would like to add or remove an item in the list:
I'm using F13 and I suppose it is a gnome setting, but searching in google for the word "tag" seems impossible because it appears everywhere

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Software :: Mediatomb Won't Display ITunes Albums?

Dec 28, 2009

I've installed mediatomb (latest version) on Gentoo Linux and am streaming my music to a Denon wifi dock. Works a treat except that when I put iTunes .m4a files into the database they are all inserted into an "/unknown" folder without the album name being displayed. If I change the properties of the "unknown" folder and change the name, then all future additions to the library go into that folder.I can work around this by exporting the files as .mp3 but that seems to be a rather cumbersome way of doing it. Ideally I'd like to be able to just put my iTunes library on a network share that is used for the MediaTomb database.

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