Ubuntu / Apple :: Make A Lightspark Deb For 10.10 Maverick PowerPC?

Mar 9, 2011

make a lightspark deb for 10.10 Maverick PowerPC can someone lock this ??

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Ubuntu / Apple :: 9.10 Powerpc Make Boot Disk?

Apr 24, 2010

I have OS9 and a PC with Win7. what is the best tool to burn the CD in Windows or OS9? I used Transmac on the PC but the G4 Cube won't boot from the disk though it reads it in OS9.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Get The Eclipse IDE To Work On Powerpc?

Mar 7, 2011

how to get the Eclipse IDE to work on powerpc? I have Ubuntu 10.10 installed on an eMac G4 1.25, and installed eclipse CDT from the repos, which pulled in a ton of stuff with it. Starting eclipse results in nothing but the initial splash screen. A process called Java takes the top spot in the task list and sits there burning up CPU to max it out at 100%. It appears stuck there for good. It is a pretty virgin system except for the automatic updates. It was just installed yesterday.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Black Screen After Loads (Powerpc)

Aug 31, 2010

finally just got ubuntu to install on my emac a1002, I had to use the powerpc version. The install went fine, it restarted and loaded ubuntu, but after it loads goes to a blank black screen. And I imagine it sits there forever, yet I've only left if for about 5mins or so. The emac is from 2003, and has a 1ghz processor (Powerpc) and has 256mb ram.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Installing Natty Powerpc Through Usb With Openfirmware?

Apr 17, 2011

I have a first gen mac mini g4 with a non-functioning cdrom drive and no mac os installation in place. I'm attempting to install natty (really any ubuntu OS that will work) through an external usb drive. The only functional machine at my disposal for preparing and partitioning the external usb drive is a seperate intel ubuntu box. I understand that I need to create an Apple_Bootstrap partition with yaboot installed inside so openfirmware can recognize the usb drive as bootable.

how do I create an Apple_Bootstrap partition on my external usb drive through a regular x86 ubuntu box? is "mac-disk" or pdisk commands available for x86 machines if not how or where could I find software to do the job?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: PowerPC Booting Into A Black Screen

Jul 17, 2011

I've just tried installing Ubuntu 10.04 on my powerpc. It installed fine, and booted first time ok, but since restarting it just seems to boot into a black screen. My monitor says 'going to sleep mode'

I don't think it's hanging on anything, as I can hear sounds if I play around with the keyboard. Could this be something to do with the resolution being too high? If so, can anyone tell me how I go about changing this?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: PowerPC 9.10 - Numerous Gnome Errors After Logging In

Feb 20, 2010

I'm getting numerous Gnome errors after logging in... Previously everything was working fine; perhaps a software update messed things up? I have looked around for potential solutions, but none that I have tried have made any difference. The errors I get are: The panel encountered a problem while loading:


how I can fix this? This is Ubuntu 9.10 PowrePC installed on a PowerBook G4 -- I'd really love to be able to see the battery level remaining (and seeing the time would be nice, too ).

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Ubuntu Servers :: Make The PowerPC Bootable Disk From A X86 Machine?

Mar 25, 2010

I have a PowerPC computer, but it has troubles writing onto CD's. It reads fine, but anyway, is it possible to make the CD from my Windows x86 computer? It will be the PowerPC version [URL], but it will not be burnt from a PowerPC computer.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Macbook 2,1 Maverick ISight?

Oct 30, 2010

I'm new to Linux, and I tried to use my iSight camera (especially for skype). It didn't look so complicated and I saw many posts about that so I decided to do it myself, but I can't get it to work.

I got the AppleUSBVideoSupport file, but when i type ift-extract AppleUSBVideoSUpport in the terminal (using Guake), it tells me : what does that mean ? DOes anybody have the same problem ?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Can't Dual Boot Maverick?

Jan 26, 2011

I have one machine in my house which doesn't run Linux, and that is a new iMac (a few months old). It has 4GB DDR3 Ram, an intel core i3 chip @ 3.06GHz, and a ATI Radeon HD 4670 graphics card.I want to dual boot Ubuntu (I have a disk with Maverick on it).But I have read the wiki and I dont really understand alot of it. Right at the beginning, it says:"This information will not work for iMac (11,1) users and recent versions of Ubuntu (e.g., Maverick). The presence of the bios-grub partition that the Ubuntu installer creates by default (e.g., sda3) causes a conflict that prevents syncing the GPT and MBR partition tables."Does this mean that I can't dual boot Maverick? What does it mean by 'iMac(11,1)'?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Can't Get Bluetooth Keyboard To Pair In Maverick?

Oct 13, 2010

I think my computer must be haunted, as I've so far failed at 3 different ways of installing Maverick on my 2007 aluminium imac! I've written off using a VM, and I'm currently stuck trying to make a dual boot setup.

So I've followed the guide at [URL].. and got as far as rebooting with the CD in, and selecting Ubuntu, but then when everything loads I'm left at the screen where I can select try or install, with no way of selecting either as my mouse (apple bluetooth mighty mouse) and keyboard (apple bluetooth wireless aluminium keyboard) don't seem to be connected. I've got past this point by hitting random keys after booting and selecting the CD - this takes me into a more basic looking menu where the keyboard does still work and I can select install, try etc.

So I can get as far as selecting try, and get a working Ubuntu desktop. However, when the desktop loads, my keyboard and mouse are again not working. By connecting a USB keyboard and mouse, I'm able to get my mouse to pair, using the bluetooth menu and going through the setup. However, I'm stuck trying to get my keyboard to pair.

Going into set up new device and searching initially shows up my keyboard, then it disappears. If I wait it randomly comes back and disappears again. If I click on next whilst it is available, I can get as far as putting in a pin, but when I press enter it says Failed..

Sorry for the rambling post - I basically have 2 questions: 1- Is it expected that bluetooth keyboards and mice won't work during the installation menus? Half my problem is that I don't know what should be working and when (should I have to boot into the trial installation and setup the keyboard and mouse, or should it be set up automatically?).

2- Has anyone else seen the same problem with the apple wireless keyboard failing to pair? I've searched the forums and google, and found lots of people with problems with bluetooth keyboards, but none which seem to match what I'm seeing. I don't know if there's any point in pressing on with the installation using the USB keyboard and mouse in the hope that things will work in the full install, or if they don't work in the trial install then thats my lot.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Maverick: MacBook 5,1 (and Mac General): Mouse?

Nov 1, 2010

I've seen many (unanswered) threads about this, so I'm asking again, specifically relating to Maverick on a MacBook 5,1 (and probably others) regarding the following:

Touchpad sensitivity Horizontal tracking across multiple displays is 2-3x faster than vertical tracking. Note that vertical tracking stays the same regardless of multi-monitor orientation; horizontal tracking seems to be the only thing affected by multi-monitor placement. This problem does not exist in single-monitor mode--x and y tracking is 1:1. There are no GUIs, xinput or other parameters I can find to adjust the x tracking resolution in multi-monitor mode, unless I'm just missing something. At this point I've tweaked every available parameter in xinput to see what they did, and none of them affected only the x resolution the way I would like.

Magic Mouse scrolling I have found several unanswered threads about this problem. Magic Mouse scrolling is terrible, and can't be adjusted using any of the GUIs available, nor by xinput. The ONLY existing solution is exclusive to Firefox. As above, I tried every xinput parameter for the driver available and could not get the scroll tracking to adjust at all. It's still static, at roughly 3-5 "lines" per tick, and the tick resolution is too great (my finger slides nearly the entire length of the mouse for only three or four ticks).

I am willing to look at source and compile new drivers if someone can point me in the right direction. Google is useless here, as the top 100 or so results all refer to the same handful of threads here on this forum, all of which remain unanswered to this day. If anybody out there has any new information regarding these problems, I'd love to hear about it, even if it's tucked away in some obscure blog nobody reads (which is why it wouldn't show up in the first dozen pages of Google results).

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Magic Mouse On 10.10 Maverick Meerkat ?

Nov 3, 2010

This HOWTO was based on a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.10 on Lenovo T61.

The Bluetooh GUI detected the mouse but nothing happened so I Removed the Mouse from Bluetooth Preference.

Open up Terminal:


Copy your mouse address and enter the following:

The following tweak is optional to make the mouse scroll a little better on firefox, enter about:config in the url, search for the following:


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Ubuntu / Apple :: Maverick On MacBook Pro - Won't Boot After Today's Update

Oct 13, 2010

I have Maverick on Macbook Pro 7,1. Today I installed updates and restarted. When I select Linux in rEFIt, it shows penguin for a while and then black screen with blinking cursor, no grub. What can I do?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Maverick MacbookPro6,2 Keyboard Lighting Controls?

Oct 18, 2010

Today I installed Maverick on my new MBP. I followed the instruction in this Help page:Maverick but seem to be having trouble getting the keyboard backlight hotkeys to work (LCD Brightness, Media keys, and Sound keys appear to work correctly).

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Ubuntu / Apple :: No Sound On Internal Speakers - IMac 27 +Maverick

Nov 9, 2010

I installed Maverick on my 27 inch iMac (core2 Duo 3 Ghz). I weas able to get the sound working through the headphonejack but not the internal speakers. I tried both alsamixer, and pulseaudio cvolume control, but neither solved my problem .

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Ubuntu / Apple :: 10.10 Maverick - PowerBook G4 15" Touchpad Jumpy/useless

Nov 13, 2010

I installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my PowerBook G4 (I think that's powerbook 5,6 but I could be mistaken). Most everything is fine from a function standpoint except for the touchpad/trackpad. Unlike most users who seem to be getting an insensitive touchpad, mine seems to be picking up some interference from an unknown source. The mouse frequently jumps around the screen either horizontally back and forth or sometimes vertically. If I disable the trackpad it seems to stop (at least for a few minutes). Sometimes I can lay my palm flat on the trackpad and it will cause the mouse to stand still also which makes the external mouse usable.

Are there any solutions to this? (I did install the, what is it, gpointing-devices package? The one that provides the GUI for touchpad configuration and that has not helped at all, except that I can use it to periodically disable the trackpad for a temporary fix)

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Debian Multimedia :: Lightspark - New Open Source Flash Player

Jul 28, 2010

With the current sad state for flash on 64 bits linux I have googled and found this:
Lightspark, the modern, efficient, open source Flash player
Version 0.4.2 of Lightspark, the modern, efficient, open source Flash player is now officially released, with a couple of last moment fixes and improvements.

The main features of this new release are:
Use fontconfig to select fontsGreater compatibility with ..... videoSound synchronizationChrome/Chromium supportFirefox's OOPP support

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Make Mp3blaster Work In Maverick Meerkat?

Oct 15, 2010

I just had the idea of going back to command line music players and mp3blaster is what that came to my mind. I am running Kubuntu 10.10 on a Thinkpad T43 laptop with the default kernel. In an archived thread I read

mp3blaster -s /dev/dsp

would do the trick. But since all sound devices in my current laptop seem to be listed under /dev/snd as pcmC0D0p etc. I tried using,

mp3blaster -s /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p

and this gave a sound device control error.

Just did some digging around and saw that I didn't have any oss modules running. Are they the culprits? If not how would I make mp3blaster use my current devices else do I need to reconfigure my kernel to have the oss modules?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Make Radio-canada Streams Work In Maverick?

Dec 15, 2010

This is an eternal problem with radio-canada streaming content, and it seems every new version of ubuntu we have to go through different processes to get it to work.In some previous versions, following the guidelines provided by radio-canada worked, but they are quite outdated now and some of the packages they refered to do not even exist anymore. I make regular reports of their website, but users complaining only end up by, if they answer at all "it works on our computers so it should work on yours" or "why don't you use windows".

Basically, their guides consist of removing the totem totem plugin, installing flash-plugin-nonfree and the mplayer plugin.I read somewhere the mplayer plugin is now gecko-mediaplayer, which I installed, but the videos still don't work.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: How To Make Video Work Properly

Aug 10, 2010

So I installed Lucid on my G4 Cube and now am trying to figure out how to make the video work properly.Right now it is in low graphics mode, which is not pleasing whatsoever.I have the 17" Studio Display (LCD, rev b) connected to it and it has the ATI Rage 128 Pro graphics card.I went into the xorg.conf file and there was nothing there. I tried the suggestions for the 15" display but that results in the x server crashing, so i undid that.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Restore Partition To Make It Mac Readable

Jul 12, 2011

I have an ibook G3 500 mhz with 600+ MB of RAM and now I want to get rid of my Kubuntu partition. I have now installed Kubuntu 10.04. I've been using Kubuntu on my ibook for a long time, but due to kubuntu being soooo heavy on this old machine, I want to erase it and make that partition Mac OS X usable.I don't have a DVD drive so I cannot use the Mac Installer nor the cd's What can I do?

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Make A Bootable SD Card On A Macbook Pro 13"?

Jun 19, 2010

I'm trying to make a bootable SD card on my macbook pro with built in sd reader so that I can load ubuntu netbook on my eee pc.

I followed the instruction on the Ubuntu Netbook download page, and it appears to work, but the SD card isn't bootable. I've tried to boot from it on both the eee pc and the macbook.

If you know how to do this, or know of some alternative way I can load ubuntu netbook on my eee pc that would be great.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Can Make Two Finger Tap Register As Right Mouse Click?

Jun 17, 2011

I just installed ubuntu 11.04 on my macbook 2,1 and noticed that the trackpad was having many issues with detecting my finger, it works fine in OSX. I found this post, but cant find the xorg.config file and read that it no longer exists in ubuntu 11.04 (and yes, I know that that page is for 10.10, but it should still work). Is there anywhere that I could put in that code to make the trackpad more responsive?Is there any way I can make a two finger tap register as a right mouse click?

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Ubuntu :: How To Make Default Package Installer From Lucid Be Default In Maverick?

Oct 24, 2010

in maverick the default package installer (when I double click on a .deb) is Ubuntu Software Centre, how can I make the default package installer from lucid (was it called "dpkg"?) the default again? Ubuntu Software Centre is too slow and freezes every time I click on something, can it be replaced?

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Ubuntu :: Upgrade Lucid To Maverick By Using Maverick Live Cd?

Oct 17, 2010

can we upgrade lucid to maverick by using maverick live cd. what are the other methods for upgradation

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Ubuntu 10.10. On Macbook 2.1 - Make A Right Click With My Touchpad?

Dec 26, 2010

I have installed ubuntu 10.10 as single boot on my macbook 2.1 - it works fine but now I figured out that I can't get my isight working because of single boot.(don't have any partition of osx left)how should I deal with that ... I really want to run ubuntu 10.10 only!the second question is how i could make a right click with my touchpad.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Cannot Use Flash Player On 9.10 Powerpc

Apr 7, 2010

I am using Ubuntu 9.10 on my iMac G4 powerpc.

Is it true that I cant use flash on this machine?

If so, is there an alternative to flash player?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Fix Monitor On Powerpc For 9.10 Install

Jun 29, 2010

I have a tray-loading iMac G3 that, after installing Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) using the alternate installation cd, will go to a blank screen after booting. I know there is a way to fix it so that the horizontal and vertical refresh rates are correct to display what I need, but once it boots to a blank screen, and i go ctrl-alt-f1, it prompts me for a user name and password. I am 100% sure that I am typing in both correctly as i set them during the alternate install process, as I've done it twice so far, and caps wasn't on and I typed and retyped them to make sure they were correct. No matter what I try (even username: root, password: root, or username: admin, password: admin) it says login incorrect.

I saw that you can check the current user names and reset passwords by going into recovery mode, which I read you can get into by pressing shift or esc on boot, but on separate runs i tapped each key all the way from turn-on to the blank screen and no such option to go into recovery mode came up. Also, I try booting from the Live Installation CD, and when it boots to the blank screen, and i type ctrl-alt-f1, it gives me a neverending shower of Authentification failure's (as in they keep appearing down the screen, I can't type anything because it becomes interrupted by more Authentication errors). I'm at the end of my chain here. Any help would be appreciated. Either by getting me into recovery mode to fiddle with the passwords, getting it so that it takes the user name and password I set to it, or figuring out why the Live CD machine-guns me with Identification errors.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Finding OEM Installer For PowerPC?

Feb 8, 2011

I am trying to find an OEM install option for PowerPC.

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