Ubuntu :: 10.04 - Compiz Freaked Out - Desktop Did Not Show The Wallpaper Correctly

May 28, 2010

I saw my computer's desktop did not show the wallpaper correctly and I could actually see INTO my other virtual desktops....its as is compiz decided it did not want to work correctly: You can see into my other virtual desktops, as you can see I have an application open in the desktop to the left of the current one.

I can still maximize windows and it takes up the whole screen as it should, but animations and anything on the left side (dead space side) seem to get stuck...I have to rotate my cube and rotate back before everything works correctly. I know I did get a few new updates around the time this started happening, so hopefully someone out there has experienced something similar.

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Ubuntu :: Only Desktop Wallpaper After Installing Compiz?

Jun 23, 2011

installed compiz but it didn't work! , i rebooted and logged in again..all menus disappeared .i can't access my apps,net ..... any idea what caused that and how to fix please?

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Ubuntu :: Desktop Wallpaper Slide Show Builder?

Jun 5, 2010

Any tools to assemble a set of images into a Gnome desktop wallpaper slide show -- like the Cosmos one in the default selection?I can see its a folder with the images and an xml file that controls the "playback". Presumably there is a reasonably easy tool to use to create my own short of reverse engineering the xml files.

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Ubuntu :: Wallpaper Not Displaying Correctly?

Jan 14, 2011

I don't exactly know how to describe the problem, that's why I included a screenshot of the desktop wallpaper. You can see a small copy of the desktop image on the left corner and the whole desktop with the same image. I changed the desktop and the same thing happened.

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Ubuntu :: No "Show Desktop" Option In Compiz?

May 1, 2010

In Ubuntu 10.04, there is no "Show Desktop" option in Compiz. This option was in 9.10, and I want it back! How can I enable it again? I assume there is a way, because Compiz developers sometimes get a bit cooky and make certain options disappear or be impossible to disable (genie affect patent, animations cannot be disabled in 9.10). How can I reenable the Show Desktop option?

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Ubuntu :: Wallpaper Question With A Compiz Twist

Jan 10, 2010

Was not sure where to post this question, hope this area is okay.Is it possible to have say compiz cube display a wallpaper on each face, that is not the same as the actually desktop.

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Ubuntu :: When Compiz Enable Wallpaper Disappears

May 14, 2010

When i enable compiz I lose my wallpaper and i get a back screen with no wallpaper no icons. But when i do metacity --replace all goes well but have no effects.

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Ubuntu :: Compiz Wallpaper Plugin Broken With 10.10

Oct 13, 2010

After upgrading from 10.04 to 10.10, I've noticed (as have others) that the Compiz plugin for multiple wallpapers on different desktops is broken. If I wish to move to a new screen with the Expo feature, the graphics behave oddly (i.e. things become blurry or windows look terrible). I found a work-around on Launchpad, but this is only a temporary fix to a long-term solution. Has anyone else here had this problem or figured out a way to solve it?

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Ubuntu :: Compiz Sphere Missing Bottom Half Of Wallpaper

Sep 15, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 with Gnome.When running compiz sphere the bottom half of my desktop wall paper is missing.In cube and cylinder its fine.I also cant work out how to have different wallpaper on my desktops.In Ubuntu can i run a a switcher between KDE and Gnome, back some years ago Mandrake offered this.

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Ubuntu :: Different Wallpaper On Each Desktop?

Jan 16, 2011

I have tried to follow instructions on an old post from 2008 but on my 11.04 there is no section for desktop images and it is system>preferences>CompizConfig Settings Manager not system>preferences>advanced desktop settings

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Ubuntu :: Compiz - Dual Monitor Wallpaper On Single Monitor ?

Dec 10, 2010

Is there any way to put a dual monitor wallpaper on a single monitor configuration using desktop wall? Using only 1/3 or so per wall. Something that will have the effect like the scrolling wallpaper feature on Android/iPhone.

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Fedora :: NVidia And Compiz Installed And Working But Screen Doesn't Refresh Correctly?

Oct 30, 2010

What it does is, if you do something to change anything on the screen, for example, highlighting text, or switching from one tab/menu in an application to another. The screen doesn't show the change. The only way to SEE the change is to do something else to the screen, like grabbing and moving the application around, or scrolling the page of a website, etc. If you don't do that, you won't see what's really on the screen, but rather what WAS on the screen.

Another example:

*) say you have an application open with 3 tabs: tab1, tab2, and tab3.
*) Switch from tab1 to tab2 and you see no change on the screen.
*) Switch from tab2 to tab3 and you see tab 2 on the screen, NOT tab 3.
*) Switch from tab3 to tab 2 and you see tab3 on the screen, and NOT tab2.

Or, if you're typing in this box to make a post, and you hit ctrl+a to select all, you see no change. If you click in the box to deselect all, then it looks like you've selected all text still. The only way to see what's currently on the screen is to scroll the text box or page just a bit, or, if you're using an application, then you'd have to move it around on the screen a bit.

As i've said, the nVidia drivers are installed and working, as well as compiz, etc.

[=v=]$ lspci
00:00.0 Host bridge: ATI Technologies Inc RD890 Northbridge only single slot PCI-e GFX Hydra part (rev 02)
00:02.0 PCI bridge: ATI Technologies Inc RD890 PCI to PCI bridge (PCI express gpp port B)


Also, i did BOTH the dracut thing, and the extra kernel paramter in the grub.conf. So, nouveau is blacklisted. Oddly enough though, i do NOT have this problem when using the nouveau driver...

Also, fwiw, i think that i should mention that i'm not using the "Desktop Settings > Enable Desktop Effects" method, because i always seem to have problems with getting certain features to work, like the background for the cube skydome, etc. How i do it is that i install a package called compiz-manager, and i have it set to run at session start. This makes all of the compiz features work fine. One thing that i've noticed though, is that on my other workstation, i haven't set that up yet, and it seems that is is NOT having the same issue. While compiz-manager was running, i tried to use the "desktop settings" method, and it crapped out and reverted back to the old school desktop. I then tried it again, and it reloaded compiz, and there is no screen update issues now. So it seems that you have to have both of them running in order to get all of the compiz options to work, and not have the screen refresh issue?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Copy Anything To Desktop / Can't Change Wallpaper

Feb 12, 2010

I just installed Ubuntu 9.10 on a t41 laptop. Everything is snappy and great but I can't copy anything to the desktop, I also can't change the wall paper. Is there a setting I need to reset?

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Ubuntu :: Display Video As Wallpaper On Desktop?

Mar 5, 2010

i'v found a way to do it with screen save but not with normal video files like avi mpg and etc.

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Ubuntu :: Can Use An HTML File As A Desktop Wallpaper?

May 7, 2010

I am new to Ubuntu and I was wondering if there is a way where I can use an HTML file that I have created as a desktop wallpaper. If you know a way could you please explain as simple as possible because I am new to it all and still getting use to it.

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Ubuntu :: Remove Wallpaper In Remote Desktop?

Jan 21, 2011

Is there any way to remove the wallpaper in the remote desktop? Removing the wallpaper should speed up the connection.

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Ubuntu :: White Desktop - Wallpaper Doesn't Appear?

Apr 22, 2011

i'm reccently having problems wid ma wallper.it's like as if a white cloak has been put on top of ma wallpaper.

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Ubuntu Installation :: No 'desktop' / Launcher Just Plain Wallpaper

Apr 5, 2011

I just had my pc updated with the latest Ubuntu 11.04.. but since im very curious with the new appearance (which i think really nice and neat), i started to configure Compiz and opened the 'compiz configuration setting manager'.

since i thought it was OK, i just changed the desktop configuration to 'Desktop cube' just like on my previous Ubuntu (10.10).. and i just clicked to change to desktop cube whatever popped there to confirm it.

but later i found i can't open any programs anymore, just plain wallpaper on my 'desktop'.

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Fedora :: Desktop Wallpaper Disappears In 12?

Dec 23, 2009

Last Saturday, I made a fresh install of 64 bit Fedora 12. Here's my problem:

I can set the desktop background; however, when I switch from one workspace to another, the background disappears from all workspaces! I have six workspaces, and clicking on anyone of them makes the background disappear.

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Ubuntu :: Compiz Show Mouse Radius

May 20, 2011

I just wanted to share something with you all. If this belongs somewhere else let me know.I got the idea from this thread.I wanted the show mouse effect to not rotate around my mouse (just a preference)and have the emitters directly under my cursor. So by editing two files it gave me the desired effect to an extent.

1. Just in case back up your compiz settings.
2. Open a terminal and type - sudo nautilus . It'll ask for your admin password.
3. The file manager should now be open, go to /usr/share/compiz/showmouse.xml copy the file and rename the copy to showmouse.xml.bak.
4. Open showmouse.xml with the text editor.
5. Scroll down to the bottom and look for the "radius" section. Go to the <min>10</min> entry and change it to 2. Save.
6. Go to /usr/lib/compiz/libshowmouse.so copy the file and rename the copy to libshowmouse.so.bak.
7. Open the file with Ghex and search for the string radius on the right side of the search box.
8. It'll look like a jumble of words, but look after the word radius and find <min>10</min> change to 2. Save.
9.Compiz should now disable itself.
10. Reboot and re-enable Compiz and try out the show mouse plugin, it should now allow you to use a smaller radius.

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Debian :: Clock Directly On Desktop Wallpaper?

Feb 6, 2016

When I google screenshots of Linux I often see that people have a clock directly on their desktop. How is this done?

I'm running Xfce on a Wheezy vm, but without xfce4-panel, so having a clock/date right on the wallpaper/desktop would be great..I don't want a clock in a window.

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Fedora :: Set A Desktop Wallpaper - Tweak To Set For Every Other Workspace?

Feb 5, 2009

once that you set a desktop wallpaper its the same for all the workspaces. now how to tweak that so that i can set a different wallpaper for every other workspace?

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Fedora :: Link A Program To A *.jpg And Set It As Desktop Wallpaper?

Jul 6, 2011

Would it be as easy as

[Gigiddy@black]$ ln -s program.exe trick.jpg
for example?

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Ubuntu :: Compiz / OpenGL - Show A Black Screen Of The 13

Feb 24, 2011

The first issue is that none of the screensavers that come with ubuntu that have GL in the name work on my system. They just show a black screen.Of the 13 that came when i first installed the only ones that work are cosmos, fibrelamp, floating feet, floating ubuntu and fuzzyflakes. All the others show nothing at all. Fair enough I thought,I can live with that so downloaded a few games and things. All worked til I tried my first 3d game(oolite). On starting this I am just faced with a black screen and nothing happens. I think that the 2 issues may be related and that its likely to be a open GL issue. I have installed latest AMD drivers and my card(4350) seems to work fine. Edit: Just tried to use visualisations while using Rhythmbox and these dont work either.They show up on screen but cause my system to freeze,so I am sure I have a graphics problem

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Fedora :: Desktop Wallpaper And Icons Become Strecthed Unusable

Dec 10, 2010

I already posted on the compiz community forums but I figure more eyes are better than less. I hope the "software" forum is the right place to post, I don't believe I'm having any hardware issues.What I'm seeing is strange desktop corruption/stretching when compiz starts, almost as if compiz thinks my desktop is about four time wider (horizontal) than it really is and this makes nautilus go a bit crazy. All other compiz functionality seems fine. Before compiz starts (with metacity or openbox), the desktop (nautilus) appears normal. I've tried both settings for show_desktop in gconf and they both result in the same (bad) effect. If I use a gradient as my background instead of an image, I see that the gradient is also wrong in the same way (wider than it should be).

Attached are two screen shots: streched-small.jpeg is my desktop with compiz and normal-small.jpeg is the same desktop after running "metacity --replace".I have a dual head setup with an ATI X18000 running two identical monitors, both at 1280x1024. This problem does NOT happen if I disable one of the display or clone them nor does it happen if I place one monitor on top of the other. The problem only occurs in dual head mode and only if the monitors are logically positioned side by side, horizontally.I don't think it factors in but it's worth mentioning I'm doing this with an LTSP 5 thin client configuration. My thin client just happens to be a PC with an X1800 at the moment.

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General :: Use A Screensaver Or Some Other Animated File To Be Set As The Desktop Wallpaper

Apr 26, 2011

I was wondering if it was possible to use a screensaver or some other animated file to be set as the Desktop wallpaper.

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General :: Set My Desktop - Wallpaper - It Is Reset To Default After Restart

Feb 6, 2010

In my KUBUNTU 9.04 every time i set my desktop(wallpaper) it is reset to default after restart.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Intel - 10.10 - When Connect HDMI - Can See Desktop Wallpaper But No Icons Or Programs

Dec 11, 2010

I've got a Gateway laptop, running 10.10. It's running: Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller

When I connect my HDMI, I can see my desktop wallpaper, but no icons, or programs. And I haven't even attempted sound yet.

How to fix this so that I can get video OR sound?

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Debian Multimedia :: No Wallpaper / Desktop Icons - Xfce/XDM On Squeeze?

Apr 10, 2010

I have been an Ubuntu user for the past two years and have recently made the switch to Debian, so while not new to GNU/Linux or Debian-like distributions I am still learning on many fronts. Installing squeeze directly caused issues with my Wi-Fi for some reason, so I installed lenny and performed aptitude safe-upgrade (full-upgrade kept breaking the system), and took care of stray packages manually to get a working squeeze system. My desktop environment of choice is Xfce, using XDM.

Ever since the upgrade, both the login prompt and the actual desktop have had a black background with no icons or right-click menu. I am guessing that the issue is a daemon that should be running but isn't, although I have no idea where to begin troubleshooting the issue, which is why I came here. I've uploaded at of my desktop here Right-clicking in the black space doesn't do anything, and changing my wallpaper settings is ineffective.It's not a huge problem for me, as everything else in the system appears to work, but I would like to figure out what the problem is, fix it, and maybe learn something about Debian in the process.

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Fedora :: Gnome Desktop Wallpaper Changes Don't Stay In Effect After Reboot

Jun 9, 2010

This is something that I started to notice in F12 and it appears to be the case as well in F13. Any changes that I make to my desktop wallpaper in Gnome don't stay in effect after a reboot. Any ideas as to what is going on here? I don't mind the default blue swirly thing in F13, but I at least want the style change from scale to center to stick.

Choosing the 'set as default' option doesn't seem to help either, as that changes the screen you see at the Gnome login. Once I log into my account the default desktop wallpaper is still there.

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