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Software :: Only The .html File Is Saves, And Firefox Does Not Make A Folder?

It's a few days now that I notice everytime I save a page in Firefox, only the .html file is saves, and firefox does not make a folder associated with the page in which it saves the images, etc..Could this be because I installed TOR and the TORBUTTON for firefox?I have, however disabled the TORBUTTON addon from Firefox, and restarted the browserbut the problem persists.

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Software :: Add A Php File In /var/www/html Folder?
i am newbie to fedora and php,fedora test page is displaying when i give the ip address now i want to add a .php file in /var/www/html folder but it says permission denied when i want to save .php file in this folder

Posted: 01-24-2010, 07:47 AM

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Fedora Servers :: Firefox Can't See Apache Index.html File
My setup is two laptops connected by crossover cable. One runs Windows xp the other Fedora 13. Neither is connected to internet. I'm using a subnet of 192.168.1.x On Fedora eth0 is up, apache runs because it creates pidfile. Everything pings fine. Windows xp ip pings fine from command line. Gave Windows xp a static ip of mask and gateway 1.2, same as eth0. xp says it sees the server. eth0 is up.

DirectoryIndex looks at index.html. I created that file with very simple code and put it in document root. Document root permissions are 755. Access_log 770. Error_log 644. Apache User 755. Listen 80 When I type the ip for eth0 ( into firefox, firefox gives me an error message - can't find server. The connection status says its connected.

The error log includes a line: [warn]./mod_dnssd.c:No services found to register I don't know what this means. Apache is not writing to access_log. When I cat the path to access_log I get nothing, then a command prompt. I'm looking for the part I'm missing that will let Apache serve that index.html file to firefox so I can see how my code looks to firefox as I go.

Posted: 25th August 2011, 07:33 PM

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General :: Make Persistent Saves To A USB Device?
Just started using the above distro - anyone know how to make persistent saves to a USB device?

Posted: 10-16-2010, 11:41 PM

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Programming :: Make A New Folder For Each File In A Particular Folder
I been using linux for a while, but I havent had the time to really learn it. Something Id like to get more familiar with is bash so here is a simple example of something I would like to do:

I have a directory full of files. For each file in the directory create a new subdirectory with each files name.

I tried this:

#im already in this directory
for a in $aaa
do mkdir $a

One of the problems is that there are spaces () and - in the filenames so I get many subfolders with names like "-" which i don't want.

I tried stuff like:
for a in $aaa
do mkdir "'"$a"'"

This of course also did not work.

Additional I tried just creating a folder with the name of one of the files and I got this:

mkdir: cannot create directory `(audio) - R56339.EXE': File exists
Well yeah a file exsists with that name, but I want to create a folder- why is there a conflict?

Just to be clear here are the contents of this folder:
~/Desktop/LAB/Media/Drivers - (Image Deployment)/Optiplex_GX260/XP> ls
(audio) - R56339.EXE (NIC-Onboard-Intel) - R54402.EXE
(Modem-datafax-V92) - R54403.EXE OEM_Applications


Posted: 03-28-2011

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Software :: Automatic Updating Of File On Different Machine / When User Saves File
I just came back from a meeting with someone wo wants this functionality:When he saves a file on *his* machine, it will automatically get copied onto a server (this is on an office LAN). This is so if there's a virus attack on his machine, he will have an uninfected backup copy.
To make matters worse, the client machines will be WINDOZE. Apparently he's seen this kind of functionality at an office somewhere (he was saying something about "Microsoft" , but my brain has erased that part of the conversation ), and now wants it for himself.

I was thinking about Samba obviously, but the tricky part is doing the copying when the user *saves* a file. This will require hooks into the OS to see when a file is being saved.*If* I manage to persuade him to switch his client machines to Linux (which would be the ideal choice and make life far easier), how would it be done? I'd have to use the File Alteration MOnitor in the kernel, right?Would it be possible to write the copying code in a shell script?

Posted: 03-01-2010, 03:05 AM

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Programming :: Make A Folder For Each File In A Directory Then Move The File Into It
Initially I thought - use a for loop with ls in it:


However this causes lots of problems (folders have extensions, I have duplicate folders, the names with spaces create a folder for each element of the name).

The contents of the folder is basically movies (some with subtitles). Some of the names have things like (original) or CD1 CD2 in them.

Posted: 11-29-2010, 12:39 PM

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Fedora :: Geany + Gvfs + F13 When Try To Save, It Saves Empty File?
after update f12 to f13 geany stopped to work correctly on remote storage (sftp). Geany opens file correctly, but when I try to save, it saves empty file. I tried "notepad" and "gedit", they work good on f13. Geany on f12 worked correctly too.

Posted: 11th August 2010, 08:38 PM

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Programming :: Make Variable To Refer A File In A Folder?
How can i make a variable in a bash script, to refer each file in a folder,and to switch it to the next file,until the last file of the folder?

Posted: 12-16-2008, 08:55 AM

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General :: Put A Zip Folder At /var/www/html/
i have put a zip folder at /var/www/html/ am trying to download it on a client machine it gives me this error
You don't have permission to access / on this server. i changes the permission on the file to 666 but still its the same

Posted: 05-20-2010, 02:56 AM

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General :: Link Files In Different Folder In Html?
I try to link two page from different folder and directory1. I want to link [URL]

Posted: 06-03-2010, 01:45 AM

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Fedora Servers :: Cannot Write Into Html Folder
I'm setting up my fedora 10 server. I am currently working on samba. I have added users and created their home directories with their own html directories. I have changed their html directories to 777. However, it appears to be read-only since I cannot create files or folders within it. Can anyone please give me some ideas as to what may be causing this? Probably some extra configurations I may have overlooked? Any help would be kindly appreciated. I also created a general wshare (writable share) directory for all users within home directory but I am encountering the same problem and cannot write to it.

Posted: 9th May 2009, 09:28 PM

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Programming :: Firefox Scripting Add-on (Scripting HTML / Javascript Inside Firefox)?
Is there a firefox add-on to script HTML and/or Javascript directly inside firefox

Posted: 09-17-2009, 01:13 PM

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CentOS 5 Networking :: Access /var/www/html/myweb Folder From Different Machine?
I have a local network that has three LANs and each LAN has several machines. I created a folder named myweb that contains html files under /var/www/html/. Let's say the folder is on A machine. From B machine, which is in different LANs, I want to access myweb folder using a web browser. I can ping both machines nut I can't access the folder. I tried [URL] where is the hostname and the http server (Apache) name.

Posted: 2009/7/5 2:04

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General :: Cant View Html Pages In Firefox
I have fedora 12 and I'm playing a game using wine. To view a page from inside the games own browser(it has an internet browser style menu) there is a button that says "open in external browser" I've used it hundreds of times to save that particular page to a folder when I was in windows but now that I'm using fedora it doesnt do anything. Is this something I have to configure in firefox or could it be something else.

Posted: 12-02-2009, 06:59 PM

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Fedora :: Cannot Open Html Pages In Firefox?
I'm playing a game using wine that uses an internet browser style menu. One of the options that the game offers is to open the current game page with your external browser. I've used it hundreds of times when I was on windows and it worked fine and I was able to save the current page to a folder. Now that I'm using fedora the link doesnt work. It doesnt open firefox and it doesnt give me any message to let me know that it even recieved the request.

Posted: 3rd December 2009, 04:03 AM

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Ubuntu :: Gmail Suddenly Became Only HTML In Firefox?
Today, all of a sudden, gmail is loading only the html view in my firefox. It is asking me to upgrade to a faster browser in order to have the standard view. Clicking on that link, I found that my firefox is already the latest version. It is not only gmail, but my institution mail is also loading in basic html mode. There is no problem with yahoo mail though.

The one thing that I did yesterday was installing many ubuntu themes and wallpapers. I changed the theme back to the old one but to no avail. Of course, the wallpaper is new, but that should not be causing any problem. I tried clearing the cache and deleting the cookies from google. But the problem persists i.e I closed all the google related tabs, cleared cookies and cache and restarted the browser. Note that Google chrome is able to load gmail properly.

Posted: December 5th, 2010

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Programming :: HTML: Make A Link That Goes Absolutely Nowhere?
I need to make a link that goes absolutely nowhere, since it has an onclick event that uses javascript to show/hide content. It needs to look like a standard link and the mouse needs to change to the finger cursor like a standard link.

The following all don't work:


<a href="#" onclick="show_element('jetshop')">Read more...</a>
- moves to the top of the page.
<a href="" onclick="show_element('jetshop')">Read more...</a>


Posted: 07-29-2010, 08:49 AM

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Server :: Make Changes To SWAT Html Files?
I want to make some changes to the SWAT browser interface, does anyone know where the html files reside? I am using Ubuntu hardy

Posted: 01-28-2010, 02:22 PM

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CentOS 5 Server :: Get A Simple FTP Setup To Var/www/html Folder For Canned Joomla Website?
I am having a time at trying to get a simple FTP setup to my Var/www/html folder for my canned Joomla website. I can log in anon with no write permissions, but it will not log in using any users I have setup on the server. I've googled a bunch, but nothing to correct my 530 authentication failure when I try to log in as one of my user accounts for the server.

Posted: 2009/6/28 23:51

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Ubuntu :: .html Files Opening In Elinks Instead Of Firefox
I install a nautilus plug-in which in turn installed the elinks browser and now all of my .html files are opening in elinks instead of firefox so how do I get .htm/.html and other web type files to open in firefox instead of elinks.

I also tried removing elinks from my system but then the files just open in gedit so again how do I associate .html (and other web files) with firefox.

BTW firefox is already set as my default browser in System > Prefs > Prefered Applications > Web Browser

Posted: August 5th, 2010

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General :: How To Make Public Folder Within Private Folder?
My Linux username is "virchanza" and my group is "virchanza".How do I make a publicly-accessible folder within my private home folder?

Posted: 09-21-2010, 09:58 AM

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Ubuntu Servers :: VPN Shared Folder / Make A Folder?
I am attempting to make a shared folder for people that VPN into the network. This folder needs to be accessible to windows and mac machines. So far I have the VPN through ppptd working. I just don't know how to make a folder. I feel like this should be fairly easy. I am using Lucid Lynx server edition.

Posted: August 31st, 2010

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Programming :: Make Date Of Birth Form In Html
How to make Date of Birth form in short codes.....?

Posted: 06-02-2011

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Ubuntu Installation :: Firefox 3.6.8 Won't Let Me Upload Files Using HTML Form
I'm having a weird problem while uploading a file using a standard html form in Firefox 3.6.8(No extensions, except for the preloaded ones : Ubuntu Firefox modifications 0.9Rc2, mouse gesture redox 3.0.2 ). Anytime I try to upload a file whether on my localhost or at a website that offers a form with an input file, it fails. I'm just using test files, like small images. I've reinstalled my firefox, because I got this problem since 9.10 and now that I've upgraded to Lucid Lynx, I still have this issue. That's why I decided to do a fresh re-install using the same package I've downloaded previously when I did the ugprade. However, I still have the same result, the file never uploads to the server.

This happens when I use a simple html form with enctype="multipart/form-data". Though, when I use any other browser, like chrome, chromium, opera they just work fine. At my localhost, this is my code in one page, if you want to take a look, but as I say even with other websites the problem is happening too. Btw, the temp folders have written permissions (777)

PHP Code:



Posted: August 3rd, 2010

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