Software :: Vim Text Change Command Including X Character

Jun 18, 2011

In Vim, I can change the text up until the next instance of "X" using this command:
The problem is that it includes "X". What if I want to change until, but not including, "X"?

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Programming :: Sed To Change Character In Text File Only Once?

Sep 7, 2009

I have a script that looks like:


cat servers.txt


I want to be able to find the lines that matches my input and change the N to a Y, but only for the lines that matches the name and not any other N's My problem is the line does not always contain a P as it can be a D as well so my matching did not work. If my script issues the name $1=triva the lines will change to:



I have the following code so far but as you can see it does not change the D's


sed -i 's/trivia:P:Y/trivia:P:N/g' servers.txt

*** UPDATE ***

should I be using a method as follows? I am still stuck on the changing all instances though.


sed -i 's/$server1:P:Y/$server:P:N/g' server.txt
sed -i 's/$server1:D:Y/$server:D:N/g' server.txt

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OpenSUSE :: Copy - Paste - KMail - Not Only The Marked Text Will Be Pasted But A Kind Of HTML Code Including The Text

Jan 10, 2011

since some days I have a strange problem with KMail (1.13.5) in KDE4.5.5. When I try to copy some text from an email and past it to any other program (e.g. Openoffice), not only the marked text will be pasted, but a kind of HTML code including the text.

This bug is not OpenSuse specific. I found the same bug in a Fedora mailing list (of course, whithout an answer): Strange Copy/Paste behavior in KMail 1.13.5/Kontact 4.4.8

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General :: Use The Man / Info / Apropos Pages - Character Instructed The Shell To Interpret A Special Character As An Ordinary Character?

Mar 27, 2010

1.What character instructd the shell to interpret a special character as an ordinary character?

2.What directory contains some of the utilities available on the system in the form of binary files?

3. What command is used to search the location of a utility?

4. What command is used to instruct the editor to write the file and quit the editor?

5. What key quits the more utility and displays the shell prompt?

6. What command starts a child shell as the super user, taking on root's identity and environment?

7. Which wildcard characters can be used for searching all the files in the system that start with "A"?

8. The user name or login name of the super user is????


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Programming :: C++ Character Search In Text File?

Jun 23, 2011

Im trying to read a file in c++ and search for particular character for example if this is a list that I have:



if the input is D, it should give David, if its B, gives bob. so in this case, meaning it reads the first character of every line. but if possible I want to make this dynamic so the user can specify which character position he is looking for, so in case he is looking for R as character index 3 in all lines, it should give Charlie. but the problem is, it does now recognize , besides, I do not know how to specify the character position in each line.

here is my code


#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <cstring>


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Fedora :: Delete Character MS-DOS Text Files On System?

Aug 17, 2011

We had seen some time ago, various tricks to remove the character MS-DOS text files on Linux. Here is a new trick to do this directly from the vim editor.
to convert a file opened with vim in UNIX format, simply use the following command code...

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General :: Insert Character Code Into Text Editor?

Aug 11, 2010

I need a lightweight GUI text editor on my Ubuntu Lucid system which lets me specify a Unicode code point (e.g. U+1234), and inserts that character to a UTF-8 text document. I know that gedit can't do it (not even with the Character Map plugin).

I'm not interested in solutions involving any kind of emacs or vi. I'm also not interested in text editors running in the terminal (such as joe, which has this functionality). I need the absolute simplest, smallest and fastest plain text editor for Linux which lets me type a few letters, insert a few characters by their code, type some more letters, and then save the .txt file as UTF-8-encoded.

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Software :: Deleting All Instances Of A Certain Character From A Text File?

Feb 18, 2010

In my command prompt I did:


sed 's/://' mytextfile > newtextfile

But it only deleted the first instance of : in each line when some lines have multiple : appearing in each one. How can I delete all the : from the entire file?

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Programming :: Add A Character To The End Of A Line When A Certain Match Text Is Matched?

Nov 5, 2010

Is there any way to add a character to the end of a line when a certain match text is matched. I have a text file where any line that contacts text XYZ a z is placed at the end.

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Programming :: Bash Scripting - Parsing Text File By Character

Aug 11, 2009

Is there a way to process individual characters one-by-one from a text file in Bash, or is that hoping for a little too much from this lovable old clunker?

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Server :: Change Ssh Port On The Servers Including Centos And Ubuntu?

Mar 10, 2010

i need to change ssh port on the servers including centos and ubuntu when i make changes to /etc/ssh/sshd.config and change the port to something else restart sshd then i can determine that port 22 is not working but ssh does not connect to new port it says "no route to the host"

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Programming :: Shell Script Comparison For Two File(text) Character Wise?

Mar 1, 2010

I need to write a shell script which can compare two files(text files) character wise. eg. underscore is space.

------FILE 1---------------


Actual problem: I need to write a shell script which can give me difference character by character not by line (using comm)

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General :: Command Line - SSH To Server Without Including Username In URL On Unix/Mac

Sep 8, 2011

I am trying to ssh into my server from the command-line without including the username in the url. I do not want it to send any username, as it currently takes the active account and sends that as user.ex:

ssh -> (doesn't send default username)

instead of [URL] I would want to input username directly into the server, just like it is done using putty on windows. he wants to be prompted for a username, rather than having to provide one when connecting - but I don't really see the utility in such a thing. - birryree Sep 8 at 17:41

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General :: 'watch' A Command Including Both Of Single And Double Quote?

Aug 12, 2010

I want to watch a number of processes in "D" status repeatedly with following command:Code:# watch -n 1 'top -b -n 1 | awk '{if ($8 == "D") {print; count++} } END {print count}''but it didn't work. I also tried with double quote. Can I use 'watch' command is this case?PS: I know 'while' and 'sleep' can do the same but it is dirty workaround.

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Programming :: Text File Replace Occurrences Of Three Character String ZZZ With Quotation Mark

Mar 30, 2010

I want to use SED to do the following: In a text file replace any occurrences of the three character string ZZZ with a quotation mark "and. replace all occurrences of a comma with a semi-colon. It is the S/ / / command which is stumping me on the first issue...inparticular how to get the replace string to be quote.

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Software :: How To Change Character Set

Oct 10, 2010

My distribution is CentOS 5.5, I installed Oracle 11g and create an instance setting its character set as AL32UTF8. The problem is the message from oracle cannot be shown correctly,

Like this:
ORA-00942: ?

I guess that maybe the characterset of my CentOS differs from what oracle uses.

So i turned to /etc/sysconfig/i18n and found:

So i changed contents of i18n to:

But still cannot solve the problem. Maybe my linux don't know what AL32UTF8 is?

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General :: Change File Character Set?

Aug 9, 2010

I would like to know how I can change a file so it has the same character encoding as files saved as comma separated csv files from Microsoft Excel.

I have tried using iconv to do this. code...

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Fedora :: Change XFCE4 Character Encoding?

Jun 28, 2009

I am experiencing some difficulties accessing some of my drives which have folders/files whose names include special characters. That problem has appeared just now, in Fedora 11, and just in XFCE4 (it somehow got stuck with the English default). In neither GNOME nor KDE happens.

The problem is not narrowed down to Thunar because even the terminal fails to recognize the special characters in XFCE4.

I guess that is simply solved by editing some configuration file, but I can't seem to find it.

What do I need to do to allow XFCE4 recognize special characters?

EDIT: It's definitely XFCE4, because if I open Thunar or xterm from GNOME, they recognize special-characters-filenames very well.

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Fedora :: Change Character Encoding In Either 12 Or PCBSD?

Feb 10, 2010

I have two machines in a local network and want to share files among them. Since I don't want to bother configuring NFS right now I am using ssh and scp to transfer files among them. There is a little problem though: the machines have different *nixes. One machine has Fedora 12 (Spanish) and the other one has PCBSD 7.1.1 (English).The problem is that both machines have different character encoding and while the Fedora machine can perfectly handle names with special characters, the BSD machine can't and in fact upon doing ssh to the Fedora machine filenames (with special characters) appear wrong and prove difficult to work with.

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General :: Vi Command To Delete Character?

Jan 12, 2010

i need some help to solve thisif i have this , CREATE TABLE "HALOOO"in one lineafter this line they have "BRANCH INFO" how do i use the (") that is in create table line and not affect other line

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Software :: Change Character In Custom Keyboard Layout?

Mar 9, 2010

How can I change the third level of the 1 (one) key to umlauted a using German Dvorak layout?

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Programming :: Perl Regular Expression To Change Character

May 26, 2009

Part of a perl script I am writing need to change the character at an index to upper case. Now i am new to perl and i am having some trouble getting it to do it. In c++ i would do something like


Now from what i understand the same thing is possible in perl using regular expressions. But i cant get it to work.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Change File Names To Remove Invalid Character

Apr 1, 2009

I am trying to copy a large number of files from a Linux server to a Windows file share. Unfortunately, all of the files and folders I have to copy have 10 numbers followed by 2 colons "::" in the name (example: 1234567890::WordDoc.doc) which of course is invalid in windows naming conventions. So now I'm trying to come up with a way to change the file and folder names on the fly to replace the colons with a dash "-" or space " ". I'm even willing delete the frist 12 characters in necessary. I have tried cp, mv, tr, and several -bash scripts but get no positive results.

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General :: Vim To Input A Single Character And Continue In Command Mode

Jun 23, 2011

I increase my knowledge in vim in two ways. Little hints about doing this or that and scattered studies using the vim help files. Please do not believe I always rely on the first one.

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Ubuntu :: Frozen Panel - Messing Around With The Alternate Character Panel App And Made A Custom Character Set

Jun 12, 2011

I was messing around with the alternate character panel app and made a custom character set. I then wanted to put it on a new panel and created a new panel. I moved the character set to that panel, and then started to mess around with the panel settings (auto hide, show hide buttons, and expand, to be specific.) So far so good, until I moved the panel from the right side of the screen to the top. I already had a panel here, and it seemed not to like hiding a panel when there was already one on the top.

When the new panel hid itself, all my panels stopped responding (any clicks on them did nothing) and my processor started going at 100%. I tried a reboot and the only thing that changed is that now I can't even see my panels. I'm guessing I need to change the settings back manually through the prompt, but I don't know how to do that. I am using 10.04 and have not upgraded gnome since upgrading to 10.04.

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General :: Voice To Command & Text/command To Voice Programs?

Mar 14, 2011

Does anyone know of a commercial program that will run on openSUSE?I need something that is fairly user friendly, identifies individual voices, and does not require Wine. The machine is to be completely controlled by voice and would be programmed to issue vocals in response to vocal requests for what is in the various databases and I/O software, such as motion control and other sensor subsystems. In other words, a program that lends itself to AI robotics.I do not have the time to develop CMSphinx, and I am willing to pay. I have been on a few sites but they are cryptic as far as the technicals, which I do not fully understand anyway.

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Fedora :: Can't Change The Resolution Of Text Console On 13

Aug 8, 2010

I have install Fedora 13 on my machine (Intel 815 Chipset with graphic card of nVidia GeForce 256), but the default resolution of text console wound have be about 1024x768. I intend this machine as a simple samba server (without X Window), so just a low-resolution monitor will work with it. However, this monitor can't work with the resolution higher than 800x600, I have to change the resolution lower. I have searched the solutions for this problem on Google. Most of them thought I should fix /boot/grub/grub.conf, append "vga=769", "vga=771" or even "vga=ask" to the end of the line start with the word "kernel". I have tried but all of them doesn't work. Just like Fedora 13 use the value from the other configure file overwrite the one list in grub.conf. As everyone knows, if I installed and launched X Window on my machine, I could query and change the resolution with command "xrandr". Are there some similar ones that can work on text console?

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General :: How To Change The Default Text Editor

Jul 28, 2010

How can I change the default text editor for console programs in Ubuntu.When I run mutt and send a message, it currently loads up Joe and I would prefet to load Vim.I know I can change $EDITOR for me only, but would prefe to do it system wide.

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Ubuntu :: Change The Boot Menu Text?

Jan 18, 2010

How do I change the boot menu text, and the splash menu text of live CD? give the configuration files location

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 - Change The Indicator Applet Text?

May 1, 2010

all my machines (save 1) say "Chat" for the Empathy launcher in the indicator applet on the upper tool bar.

I have one that says "Set Up Chat..." Well, chat IS setup but the text in the indicator doesn't say "Chat".

How can I change that?

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