Slackware :: Options Dropped In Sendmail 8.14.4?

Apr 25, 2011

I recently tried to upgrade my Slackware server's sendmail software from 8.14.3 to 8.14.4 and ran into a problem. In a nutshell all outbound non local mail is routed through a smart host requiring authentication. As a result I use a modified version of the "" to build the However, when I tried to run sendmail 8.14.4 with my newly created I was greeted with the following.

Warning: Option: AuthMechanisms requires SASL support (-DSASL)
Warning: Option: AuthOptions requires SASL support (-DSASL)
Warning: Option: CACertPath requires TLS support
Warning: Option: CACertFile requires TLS support


Apparently SSLv2 is now considered weak and the directive is a good idea, but at present this directive is not supported by the sendmail in this package.

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General :: Sendmail Options To Override Envelope Sender

Oct 8, 2010

I need to override envelope sender address from UserID@Servername.Domain to UserID@domain when sending mails from my Linux server.

1. currently if send a mail, it arrives as instead of

2. Also, the mail is not being sent to other domains outside our comp network.

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Slackware :: Fetchmail - Sendmail - Aliases ?

Sep 8, 2010

Fetchmail +sendmail played nice together, until I installed hylafax, and added an alias it requires. I just ran the usual makemap command on aliases to make aliases.db, and that's there the trouble began. Fetchmail appeared to hang, at any email account that had email in it, at the RCPT stage. I finally read the warning at the top of /etc/mail/aliases that says to run newaliases.

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Slackware :: Send Mail Using Sendmail?

Apr 5, 2011

How to send mail using sendmail on slackware? Can you show me a simple bash program that sends a message to an email? I am new to slackware and I can't send my email using sendmail command. I checked my mail queue on my Webmin and i see this status "access map: lookup [URL]..

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Slackware :: Options To Upgrade KDE To 4.6.1 Or Not?

Mar 16, 2011

I just installed slackware 13.1 and my KDE is version 4.4.3, I want to upgrade to version 4.6.1 or at least 4.6.0. I have used alien repository and download KDE 4.6.1 but it doesn't work.

Are they any options to upgrade my KDE to 4.6.1 or not?

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Slackware :: Sendmail And DNS - Mail Server Behind Router

Feb 18, 2010

So I'm having troubles setting up a mail server. First of all, anyone want to try to telnet into <snip> on port 25 and see if it's blocked? I don't think it is, but you never know. How long does it usually take for MX records to get around? I've had this set up for about a day now and still don't see any MX records on any lookup site I go to. I'm currently using slackware 12.2's default sendmail configuration. Should I change anything? I started sendmail on my laptop and got emails going within the LAN but I cannot send emails over WAN (i.e. to/from yahoo or google accounts).e?

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Slackware :: Instruct Mailx To Use Postfix Instead Of Sendmail?

Jun 22, 2011

im just wondering is it possible to instruct mailx to use postfix instead of sendmail while have sendmail and postfix installed? like system-switch-mail way in other distros. basically i would like to be able to use mailx when i uninstall sendmail and keep postfix only installed, so i dont get msg after i press . to send email from mailx

/usr/sbin/sendmail: No such file or directory

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Slackware :: Sendmail With Free DynDns - ~/.forward

Jun 23, 2011

I should say that I'm not an expert of linux or sendmail. On my way to learning I'm trying to setup my sendmail server at home using free dydns account( I can send and receive emails to/from @hotmail, @yahoo, @gmail (the ones I've checked).


Following is access file (access.db created using makemap hash)


Now I'm trying to forward emails coming to my local inbox( to my hotmail account. For this to work, server1 should be able to RELAY messages originated from, so I added entry to access file. Also I've made ~/.forward file:

But the problem is I receive an error message in /var/log/maillog & also a message is sent to root@server1:


Part of message sent to root@server1 is:


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Slackware :: Use Mac Filtering Options Of Iptables?

Feb 18, 2010

I have slackware 13.0 on my HP 520 laptop.My machine is connected to the internet and it also act as a gateway for other machine of mine.

I want to use mac filtering options of iptables.But i am getting following error

iptables v1.4.3.2: Couldn't load match `ac-source':/usr/libexec/xtables/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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Slackware :: Set CFLAGS And Other Make Options?

Jan 2, 2010

I've been googling and reading up on how to set build optimizations for my system, and after consulting the Arch Wiki, old threads here, and some mailing lists, I've concluded that the way to set CFLAGS, etc. is by putting this in /etc/profile:

export CHOST="x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu"
export CFLAGS="-march=native -O2 -pipe"


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General :: Configure Sendmail (Serve Two Domains) For Slackware

Apr 19, 2010

I'm configuring sendmail that runs on Linux Slackware but find some difficulties to do some quick startup due to its complexity and massive documentation. Suppose I want to configure a sendmail that can serve 2 domains:

I use noip2 client software to connect with noip server that translates the dynamic IP addressed domains, setups POP, and does forwarding. By having 2 domains, I want to able to send email between and;therefore, my machine acts as both a server and a client. How can I setup sendmail so that it acts as both server and client? How to register email address and its domain on sendmail?

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Slackware :: Configure Sendmail To Use Gmail As SMTP Server?

Apr 19, 2010

It seems my sendmail (running in slackware 13.0) cannot send out emails correctly. I guess I need to tell it what is the smtp server to use. And, I heard, gmail's smtp server is available to use for this purpose. How to configure my sendmail this way?

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Slackware :: 13.1 Sendmail-procmail MAILDIR For Dovecot Server?

Jan 3, 2011

Built an MTA/LDA Slackware Server and seperate MDA (Dovecot 2.2) Slackware Server. Used the slackwiki Sendmail TLS SMTP-AUTH guide for the MTA/LDA Server.
The ../cf/cf/ config file has Procmail sorting as:
FEATURE(`local_procmail',`',`procmail -t -Y -a $h -d $u')dnl

I don't understand the arguments ($), but know the -Y forces mbox. The /var/mail directory is hardlinked to where ever the spool directory is. I want the Dovecot MDA server to use NFS or UNFS to grab user's mail from the MTA/LDA Server. Problem is the hardlink. Can't nfs share a hardlinked directory.

Is there a way to change the MTA sendmail mc config file above to have LDA promail send to /home/mail, so I can nfs that directory? And preferably in MAILDIR format? BTW: I can't find any procmailrc config file on this Slackware Server. I should have all the settings in my /etc/mail/ config.

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Slackware :: Compiling Kernel Sources To Add Few Options

Apr 18, 2010

I want to compile a kernel to add a few options that are not enabled in the huge-smp- that comes with slackware. specifically, i want to add TASK_DELAY_ACCT and TASK_IO_ACCOUNTING so that I can use iotop. I just want to add those 2 options to the new kernel, everything else I'd like to keep the way it is as the system has been running just fine. Will running 'make menuconfig' in /usr/src/linux default to the options that are used in the stock kernel?

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Slackware :: No Way To Enter Extra Boot Options

Mar 11, 2011

I used btrfs, but my Slackware root is really a subvolume named system and not the root of btrfs. I do a similar setup of having the OS's root in it's own filesystem on FreeBSD+ZFS.Anyways, my problem lies in mkinitrd. There's no way to enter extra boot options, as I require subvol=system to be added to mount -o ro -t $ROOTFS $ROOTDEV / the init script of /boot/initrd.gz. I don't reboot often and it's easy to manually remount /mnt with the correct options, however, is there another way of passing boot options to mkinitrd?

I see Patrick is the author of mkinitrd, so maybe this kind of option could, or maybe should, be added? I'm sure most people wouldn't make a subvolume for the OS's root, but I've been use to it with ZFS and prefer it for some reason.

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Slackware :: Add Any Special Options To Mkinitrd For AHCI Configuration?

Apr 29, 2011

Do I need to add any special options to mkinitrd for AHCI configuration?

mkinitrd -c -k -m ext4

Does it know I'm not in legacy PATA mode or do I have to add something to load AHCI module with it?

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Slackware :: Options For Enlarging Root File System?

Feb 16, 2010

I need to enlarge the root file system on a Slackware 13.0 32-bit system; it's in a simple logical partition (/dev/sda6) -- no LVM, mirroring etc. This might be a good opportunity to change from ext4 to jfs, too.Routine procedure, no? No!First off I booted Knoppix 5.31 but found it doesn't have ext4 support (no efs2ck and running fsck results in "fsck.ext4: not found").So I booted Slackware 13.0 32-bit CD-1 only to get the same as with Knoppix.I do have a GParted-liveCD 0.3.4-11 but have had mixed experiences with it so am reluctant, despite having backups.

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Slackware :: Xfce4-power-manager-1.0.1 And No Battery Options

Oct 17, 2010

I noticed that there is a 1.0.1 version of xfce4-power-manager, so I tried it out last night. Note: It requires libxfce4ui >= 4.7. I compiled it using the same SlackBuild script as the one in Slackware 13.1. It compiled and installed just fine. However, when I logged out of XFCE and logged back in, I could only set a few options, and battery options were completely non-existant.

I double-checked, and my user account in in the power group. Has anyone else had a similar problem? In the meantime, I've downgraded back to the 0.8.5 version that Slackware ships with.

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Slackware :: Add A Second Physical Drive With Windows 7 On It To The Boot Options In Lilo?

Mar 14, 2011

I'm familiar with editing Grub's "menu.lst" file to add additional OS's to the boot list. Does Slackwares Lilo have a similar config file ? I need to add a second physical drive with Windows 7 on it to the boot options in Lilo. If it's not a config file, how do I add a second os to it ? Slack and Windows are both already installed on two different physical drives so I won't be installing, I just need to add the Windows drive to Lilo.

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Slackware :: Dual Monitor Error - Resolution As CRT-1 Only Have 2 Options: 640x480 & 320x240

Apr 27, 2010

I use slackware 13.0 64bit and VGA EN9400GT, I have two monitor samsung that is: SNX(CRT-0) && 943SNX(CRT-1) series, i had try setting it in nvidia X server settings but the resolution as CRT-1 only have 2 options that is: 640x480 & 320x240. this is my xorg.conf # nvidia-settings: X configuration file generated by nvidia-settings # nvidia-settings: version 1.0 (buildmeister@builder58) Fri Mar 12 02:13:46 PST 2010


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Slackware :: Install Windows And Now Cannot Enter In Slack ( No Start Screen With Options OS )

Nov 8, 2010

I have Windows 7 and Slackware on my laptop, but I reinstall Windows 7 and now I cannot enter at Slackware ( I don't have anymore start screen to choose OS). Do I need to install again Slackware or just lilo and how to do that?

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Server :: Sendmail M4 Configuration Base Directory /usr/share/sendmail-cf Was Not Found

Nov 1, 2010

I am using webmin for my daily tasks. I have fedora 13, whenever I click on ''Sendmail M4 Configuration'' or Outgoing Addresses (generics)'' I get the following error message


The Sendmail M4 configuration base directory /usr/share/sendmail-cf was not found on your system, or is not the correct directory. Maybe it has not been installed (common for packaged installs of Sendmail), or the module config is incorrect. I read documentation at, it seems that structure of directories for send mail has been changed in version sendmail-8.1.4 shipped with FC13. In webmin config module we have


Sendmail M4 base directory = /usr/share/sendmail-cf

which is not there. I did a locate / sendmail-cf on the command line, it finds nothing

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Software :: Sendmail Segfault (ssmtp) On Gentoo Through Gmail - Can't Send Mail: Sendmail Process Failed

Jul 13, 2010

I have been trying to set up ssmtp so I can send email using Gmail's ssmtp servers. However, when I try to send mail (using mailx), I get the following message:


Can't send mail: sendmail process failed

Here's the last line from dmesg (the only one applicable, according to the timestamps and message content):


[484114.608378] sendmail[17975]: segfault at 0 ip b7dbbbf3 sp bfb0dc4c error 4 in[b7d44000+14e000]

Here's my ssmtp.conf:


# /etc/ssmtp.conf -- a config file for sSMTP sendmail.


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Server :: Sendmail Not Reading Default ?

Apr 1, 2010

I recently modified to use a third party SMTP server to send emails. It works great. But when I run sendmail from the command line, I have to specify the -C flag and force feed it the location of my, or else it doesn't work.

So in other words, the following works great:

However, if I don't specify the -C flag, sendmail doesn't consider what's in the and barfs:

I don't run sendmail as a daemon. I'm only using it to send emails. I know my modifications of are correct because it works perfectly when I use the -C flag. I searched my disk to see if I could find another on the machine and only the one in /etc/mail came up.

Why sendmail is not reading my

I'm running Sendmail version 8.14.2 on Fedora Core 8.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Installer Options - Can't Select Any Of The Menu Options Except For Boot From First Hard Drive

Mar 19, 2010

So I have the burned ubuntu CD, and I'm attempting to install it on a system that has one HDD with XP/Vista on it, and another that is completely formatted and unpartitioned. However, when I boot to the ubuntu CD, I can use the menus from the bottom, and select the language when initially prompted, but I can't select any of the menu options except for boot from first hard drive.

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Server :: Slackware Based SMTP Server Running Sendmail Is Having These Errors ?

Apr 7, 2011

Im not able to find good response on this from google, urgent help required.

While im looking at my smtp server log at /var/log/maillog, im having these two errors for which im unable to find the reason.

1)Could not open inline file /etc/MailScanner/reports/en/inline.sig.txt, No such file or directory

2)did not issue MAIL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN during connection to MTA

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General :: Sendmail-2 - Wrong Number Of Instances Of Process Sendmail - Expected Instances Equal

Jun 15, 2011

I have bees assigned a problem which states that :

sendmail-2: Wrong number of instances of process sendmail:, expected instances equal 1 but found 0

THats it...what exactly this means and how should i proceed for solving this problem...

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General :: Safe To Remove Sendmail By Running "yum Erase Sendmail" And Let Postfix Handles "mailx" Also?

Sep 5, 2010

I have installed postfix and dovecot on my server and thought postfix will not only take SMTP connection from my e-mail client like Outlook, but also handles "mailx" commands from the server. However, it looks like sendmail is still responsible for sending mails from "mailx". I tested this by turning it on/off using "service sendmail stop" and "service sendmail start". Mails sent using "mailx" will only be sent when sendmail is up. When I did "yum info sendmail", it lists sendmail as an installed package. Is is safe to remove sendmail by running "yum erase sendmail", and let postfix handles "mailx" also?

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Ubuntu :: First Keyboard Character Gets Dropped

May 27, 2010

Have Lucid installed on an Acer laptop. With an external keyboard plugged into a USB hub, then into the laptop, I have been losing the first character typed, sometimes. Most of the time it is OK, but it happens many times in an hour. If I am typing right along, no drops. Only the first character I enter is missing. Most of the time it is firefox I am typing into, but not always. My use of this machine is largely online, so probably that is coincidental.

This problem I have never seen before Lucid - I don't remember it in the beta ether, but I didn't run that too much.Versions 9.04 and before were OK (couldn't use 9.10 for other reasons).

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless Keeps Getting Dropped

Oct 1, 2010

My wireless connection keeps getting dropped very frequently. I am on a Dell XPS m1530 and I will just be on the interent and it just disconnects from wireless and I have to connect back. It is super annoying. I am on the latest version of ubuntu.

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