OpenSUSE Hardware :: Mounting An Edirol R-09HR Digital Audio Recorder - VFS: "Can't Find A Valid FAT File System"

Apr 2, 2010

I'm having problems mounting an Edirol R-09HR digital audio recorder (as a USB drive, to read the recording files) on a system running openSUSE 11.2. fdisk or other partitioning tools recognize the device as a "W95 FAT32" drive with a filesystem code of 0b, apparently. I was under the impression that mounting this as a vfat file system should work, but the mount command dies complaining "FAT: bogus number of reserved sectors" and "VFS: Can't find a valid FAT file system." This happens even with a freshly formatted card in the recorder. The device mounts properly with Windows XP systems and late-model Ubuntu/Kubuntu systems, Any clews as to what I'm doing wrong here?

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General :: Can't Find Digital Persona Time Recorder For Ubuntu

Nov 29, 2010

Just want to ask if anyone knows an attendance time recording software for Ubuntu using Digital Persona fingerprint scanner?

Our disk only works for Windows.

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Fedora :: How To Run Sound Recorder To Create Small Audio File

Dec 21, 2010

I want to run SoundRecorder (or audacity). I just want to create a small audio file. I can't seem to get the mike to record. I start the record function and expect to see changes in the "Level" indicator that correspond to sounds that I utter.
-Search of google shows lots on solutions for non fedora 14
-FAQ - no hits
-Musicians Guide is 248 pages long and I did not see a solution for this simple case.
I have installed jack-audio, audacity and dependencies.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Install Problem - No Valid EXT4 File System?

Sep 16, 2010

I just trying installing OpenSuse 11.2 on a Dell Dimension 4500 2.0 Ghz with 512 mb memory and 40 gb hard drive.During the installation the following error was produced: "System Check for partition /dev/sdb1 contains no valid Ext4 file system". After the install process was completed, the keyboard and mouse were not useable

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General :: SONY Digital Voice Recorder Does Not Support Non-Window Environment?

Nov 3, 2010

I have a SONY digital voice recorder Model ICD-PX720. Its driver only supports Window environment and thus I have not been able to transfer the recordings (lectures) to my notebook for eventual burning on to a CD. Is there a driver or any alternative

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OpenSUSE Install :: Mounting Or Checking A Partial Ext4 File System?

Sep 3, 2011

If you have a contiguous partial piece of an ext4 file system (assuming it's perfectly clean), starting from the beginning of the partition, is there any way to check it, or to mount it to get the files whose parents, inodes and data are all completely contained inside?

Have (or maybe had) a very large 11TB RAID 6 array, filled with a single large ext4 partition. Something strange happened when a single drive failed and the array ended up failing 13 out of the 11 drives. I had trouble getting the array restarted, and got to the point where I exhausted all of the options I considered completely safe. I considered a few things that may have worked, but mdadm doesn't seem to have a definite "do not change anything" option. So I decided the only way to be absolutely safe would be to clone the disks before proceeding - then I realized how much time that would take and sent the drives off to a recovery service so they could image them and check it out.

Before doing so, I copied the first 2GB from each disk. I XORd the images from the working drives to reconstruct the data chunks that were on the failed disk, manually assembled the chunks, and am very confident that I have 22GB of "correct" data in a single file. The parity and Q syndromes all matched (with RAID 6 you can still check with only 1 missing device). I've learned the fine details of ext4 from [URL], and have looked at lots of raw data from the reconstructed partition, and it all looks good. The recovery company says that they're not finding many inodes, but I found a lot of them, exactly where they're supposed to be. I tried to mount and e2fsk, but both processes seem to be extremely unhappy that the device size doesn't match the size implied by the file system geometry.

I considered hacking the superblock to manually reduce the size, but I figure that wouldn't work because there would then be more group descriptor blocks than it would expect after the superblocks. I might try doing that and compensating by incrementing the "reserve block count" to compensate. Alternatively, if there is some way to make the file appear to be the expected size with nothing but zeroes after the end of the actual data, maybe I could mount it and not get any errors until I cause the kernel to read past the true end of the file.

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Ubuntu :: System Crashes - Lower File Not In Valid ECryptfs Format

Jan 10, 2010

Right, I seem to get very random system crashes. My machine will stay up for long periods of time, or sometimes only a few mins, also it doesn't seem related to just using a particular program. As you can imagine this is leading to a bag of woes. After reading on a forum about logs I went to /var/log and in the system log found the following entry . . .

"Jan 10 18:46:10 jon-desktop kernel: [ 92.718896] Either the lower file is not in a valid eCryptfs format, or the key could not be retrieved. Plaintext passthrough mode is not enabled; returning -EIO"

This is repeated multiple times and having checked after a few crashes seems to be the central problem. Being specific about the crashes, they freeze the entire system. Can't ctl-alt-del and sound loops, have to hard reset. I have a feeling that when I first installed Ubuntu 9.10 I selected to use an encrypted file system but have a feeling that I didn't set it up correctly. Not sure exactly what I didn't do but I seem to remember it was to do with generating a passphrase. So . . .

1) What is this error from my logs?
2) Is it linked to me not setting up the encrypted filesystem correctly?
3) Is there a way to check the settings / sort them out properly?
4) Is there documentation for my dullard state which can aid me in this, or is it quite simple?

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Hardware :: Possible To Write File-system On Hard Disk Without Any Valid Partition

Nov 15, 2010

I've surprisely recognized that it's possible to write a filesystem on a hard disk without any valid partition. Well, the general advantages of partitions are clearly. But what are possible disadvantages or limitaions if you don't use a partition (e.g. if you want to use the complete space as one volume for data mining or so)?

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Hardware :: Mounting Encrypted LVM - Device Not Valid

Feb 13, 2011

I recently had one of my computers motherboard die and so I moved the hard drive to another linux machine so I could access the data. The hard drive is installed correctly and I've mounted several logical volumes on the drive ok, but I'm having trouble with the two volumes which were encrypted. The LVM Gui in Fedora is ignorant to any encrypted LVMs so I looked around to see if others have solved this problem and found the following command:
# cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/vg_delldesk/lv_home luks-fedora

My Logical volume container is vg_delldesk and the encrypted volume is lv_home - when I execute this command I get the following error:
Device /dev/vg_delldesk/lv_home is not a valid LUKS device.
I have access to the root partition from the old box so the config files are there to reference the old setup if needed. My current box is Fedora 14 x_64, I have dm_crypt mod installed in the kernel as well.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Mounting Device With Filesystem FAT16 - Error "non-existing Or Uknokwn File System"

Aug 27, 2010

an idea what might be wrong with fs 0x06 FAT16? I have a mobile, Sony Ericsson K750i, which was mounted in previous distributions without problems (up to 11.1). Now I use 11.2 and I am unable to mount it. I tried to do it via yast, but it says "non-existing or uknokwn file system" even it was recognized as 0x06 FAT16. I read that this fs is outdated, however still supported.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Audio Recorder With Scheduling Feature?

May 14, 2010

I am a Mac user who has been using Audio Hijack Pro for many years. I use it to record radio shows from the station I work at. One of the nice features is that it has a built in scheduler that I use to record shows at different times and dates.[URL]

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Audio-recorder Doesn't Record Rai?

Jan 6, 2011

I'm trying to record the beautiful music of rai-tv. Sadly to say it onlyings me audio-files with no sound at all. Ps. In "alsamixer" everything is on 100%

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Audio Recording With Sound Recorder?

Feb 12, 2011

I'm trying to record music playing on my computer with the sound recorder/audacity but there is nothing audible being recorded. I've installed PulseAudio Volume control and selected monitor of internal analog stereo. I can't figure out if I have an output/input incorrectly selected but maybe someone could take a look at the screenshots and provide feedback! I have a dell xps 8100

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Software :: Audio Capturing - Internet Radio Recorder

Feb 15, 2011

Is there any software for Linux that functions like Internet Radio Recorder and captures audio? If so, how come I cannot find anything in the Arch (ArchBang) repositories (seeing as though both distros use the same package manager and repos)?

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Software :: Finding GUI Audio Recorder That Does Scheduled Recordings?

Sep 16, 2010

I am a Mac user who has been using Audio Hijack Pro for years to do my scheduled radio recordings. I have a radio hooked up to my Mac that I record shows from. I am looking for a similar GUI solution in Linux and so far have come up empty. I would think that there would be something out there that I can use and hopefully someone on this forum can shed some light on this for me. I am seriously thinking of switching over to Ubuntu full time and this is the only thing that is preventing me to do so. Too bad because I hear so many good things about Linux, and so far I really like it.

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Ubuntu :: Mounting Digital Camera Without GVFS

Apr 25, 2010

When I plug in my digital camera, it mounts it as a gvfs-mount. I have a few problems with this:

- It takes 2 times: I have to plug it in, wait, unplug it, plug it back in before it shows on the desktop
- Don't have command line access: Nothing in ~/gvfs after mount and I cant do anything with gphoto2://[usb....]
- Cant access it from another desktop instance: gvfs-mount -l lists it when I'm on a terminal on the desktop, but not when I'm ssh'ed into the system.

Really I just want to mount, rsync photos for backup, unmount and be done with it (all this in 3 lines of a shell script that I'll add to udev so its fired when ever the camera is plugged in)

dmesg: usb 1-5: new high speed USB device using ehci_hd and address 8. Configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
lsusb: Bus 001 Device 008: ID 04a9:3176 Canon, Inc. PowerShot A590

How can I mount it as a normal mount (perhaps something that automatically shows up in /media or something).

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Software :: Surveillance VHS Based Recorder (Audio And Video Capture)

Mar 2, 2009

I have 4 video surveillance cameras with built-in microphones. The original VHS based recorder died and so I decided to build a PC based DVR for surveillance recording. Q-See will soon be shipping the QSPD4104 video/audio capture card that can capture both video and audio from 4 camera/microphone combos. (They also have the QSPD4114 with 16 a/v inputs) Is there surveillance software that can record both video and audio from multiple camera/microphone combos?

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Debian :: Western Digital My Book 1110 Not Mounting

Feb 8, 2011

Alright I am about to throw this western digital device out the door and drive over it. The back story is that I have done a Debian net install on an older tower PC laying around the office. I am going to use this tower as an FTP server to store and backup several other servers we have have. We also have an older Western Digital (WD) my book 1110 sitting here. I was planning on using the external storage as the repository as it is 1TB raided. Seems like a good plan, plug the device into the tower and instantly two new drives show up "External CD-ROM" drive: "WD Smartware" and then "My Book". When I click on the cd rom drive I get the .pdfs and executables that are stored on the device. However when I click on the "My Book" drive I get the message "Invalid mount option when attempting to mount the volume 'My Book'.".

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: A Good Screen Recorder That Can Record Video From My Desktop And Audio Through A Mic?

Jul 14, 2011

im looking for a good screen recorder that can record video from my desktop and audio through a mic and i need it to export the files as mp4 so i can edit it. i can use terminal commands if necessary but would prefer a GUI because i only have a few days to learn the program.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Finding A Sound Recorder Like The Total Recorder For Windows?

Jul 29, 2011

Is there a Sound Recorder like the Total Recorder for Windows? Someone told me to use Audacity, but Audacity recorded the mic input (e.g. the net radio sound through the speakers together with the noise of the room). Maybe I just cannot find the right settings.

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Ubuntu :: Mounting USB File System On LUCID?

Jan 13, 2011

I wan to mount a custom hardware's USB file system. I am using Lucid Lynx.When I used the command$ sudo mount -t usbfs none /proc/bus/usbThere was an error as there was no/proc/bus/usbI tried to put it in fstab entry so that /proc/bus/usb will be mounted at boot but no luck.

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Ubuntu :: Mounting A Read Only File System 10.04?

Jan 28, 2011

I made a modification to the /etc/fstab using Ubuntu 10.04 and now it wont boot correctly. I can get the cli but when I enter /etc/fstab and make an edit it says" changing permission of /etc/fstab: read only file system"How can I mount the partition so that I can edit it

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Ubuntu :: Mounting Second Drive Within File System?

Jun 9, 2011

I have two hard drives in my desktop, a 250GB and 500GB.

The first drive has the swap and / the second drive is just sat there having to be mounted before use. I have a half remembered thought that the second drive could be given a mount point within the file system. I have often partitioned drives so that / is septate to /home but not over different phisical drives. I wouldn't want the 500GB to be /home because a large chunk of the 250GB would not normally be used.

What I would like is to have the first drive set 20GB / the rest to /home. Then the 500GB set to /home/data so it would apear within the home directory or even better /home/user/data as I'm the only user of the computer.

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General :: Mounting NTFS File System ?

Apr 25, 2011

I have Debian Squeeze installed. I have 3 different HDDs, one of them is SATA, the other 2 are IDE, on one of which I have the distro installed.

How do I mount the other 2 partitions? I see them in "Places" but when I click on them I get an error message "Unable to Mount <The name of the volume> Can not get volume.fstype.alternative".

I can see both volumes in /dev/ntfs. I tried doing


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CentOS 5 :: Mounting Windows File System?

Jun 2, 2009

I have a dual boot system (CentOS and Windows XP Pro). The computer has 2 disks with the operating systems on sda. My data files are on the 2nd disk (sdb I think). I would like to be able to access the data files on sdb from CentOS. I tried issuing the Linux command:mount -oro -t ntfs /dev/sdb1 /mnt/winbut CentOS tells me that ntfs is not a file system it recognizes. Even if I leave out the -t ntfs I get the same message. Any ideas on how I can get access to the Windows files while in the CentOS boot?. I got the idea for the above mount command from the book: Fedora 10 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Bible byCristopher Negus.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: 10.4 - How To Get My Digital Audio Working

May 27, 2010

I just installed Ubuntu 10.4 64bit and cant figure out how to get my digital audio working. I got sound using the 3.5mm jack.

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Ubuntu :: General Error Mounting File System

Apr 13, 2011

I have a dual boot Xp and Ubuntu 10.10.

Recently I was downloading some upgrades in Ubuntu and unfortunately the power to the system got off.

Thereafter on booting it comes to the Grub menu and I'm able to select the OS from the list but if I choose Ubuntu it comes up with a message "General error mounting file system" and the terminal is activated. However, if XP is selected it boots with no issues.

/dev/sda6 is ubuntu installation
/dev/sda7 is swap partition

I went through lot of threads over the net and tried fsck, e2fsck and other variations of that command but at the end all I get the message as

it says sda6 is clean but for sda7 it says :

Superblock invalid trying backup blocks.... Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/sda7 at the end it suggests "u might try running e2fsck with an alternate superblock: e2fsck -b 8193 <device>"

refering some threads here I tried my luck with live CD and the command : sudo e2fsck -C0 -p -f -v /dev/sda7

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General :: Mounting A Read Only File System Ubuntu 10.04?

Jan 28, 2011

I made a modification to the /etc/fstab using Ubuntu 10.04 and now it wont boot correctly. I can get the cli but when I enter /etc/fstab and make an edit it says" changing permission of /etc/fstab: read only file system" This is what I get when the system boots:

PHP Code:


so if I choose manual I get to the cli and whenever I attempt to edit the file I get the above error. I used another machine and attempted to mount the drive but I get the same error I added notaime option to my fstab by accident so if I choose manual I get to the cli and whenever I attempt to edit the file I get the above error. I used another machine and attempted to mount the drive but I get the same error. I tried

PHP Code:


and I get

PHP Code:


How can I mount the partition so that I can edit it?

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OpenSUSE :: Cannot Find The Configuration Setting For Mounting Encrypted Partitions

Aug 1, 2010

I have an encrypted partition which shows up in Dolphin file browser.But as a non-root user, I cannot unlock and mount it. A message in Dolphin comes up saying that a policy prohibits this. As root, this unlocking of the encrypted partition goes normally. I cannot find the setting to change in KDE perhaps;

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Ubuntu Networking :: Mounting File System Accessed By SSH Tunnel?

Apr 23, 2011

I really like being able to mount remote file systems using the Places > Connect to Server ... tool on Ubuntu 10.10 -- it makes transferring files a breeze.

Unfortunately, the only way to access a particular server at work (call it Server A), is by first SSHing into an intermediate (Server B), which is the only one with a public ip.

My process for transferring files from Server A is currently:

myComputer $ ssh serverB
serverB $ ssh serverA
serverA $ scp file to serverB; exit
serverB $ scp file to myComputer

Needless to say, this gets tiring, and multiple transfers are slow.

Is there a way to mount serverA directly on my computer (by tunnelling through serverB in the background)? Failing that, how about using sftp?

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