OpenSUSE :: Dolphin Missing Panel Options/Features After KDE 4.5 Upgrade

Aug 14, 2010

I just noticed that under my panel sub menu, there are no entries after I upgraded to 4.5 from 4.4.4. Also, the embedded terminal option seems to be gone, it now only fires off an external Konsole. I really used that feature a lot and it was very handy.

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Ubuntu :: 10.4 Panel Options Missing

May 1, 2010

I installed 10.4 netbook, but it doesn't have the same panel as previous versions. I like things like multiple desk tops, main menu, and placing the clock in the center, but I cannot find anyway to adjust this stuff. Is there a solution?

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Fedora :: Guest Additions After Upgrade - Features Missing Like Seamless Mode - Shared Folders

Feb 18, 2010

I am new to Fedora and Linux. I have installed Fedora 12 on virtual box and installed Guest Additions. Later I did upgrade Fedora updates and noticed that my Guest Additions features were missing like Seamless mode, shared folders etc. Hence I had install Guest Additions again. So every time when I do Fedora updations, do I need to re-install Guest Additions or am I missing something very obvious?

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Fedora :: Panel Options Of Gnome Missing / Get Context Menu Items Back?

Jul 21, 2010

I used to be able to right-click any panel in Gnome and select 'Properties' to chnage the size, color, add a new item, ect...

Now when I right-click a panel the only options I see are 'Help' and 'About Panels'

can somebody PLEASE tell me how to get my context menu items back?

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OpenSUSE :: Plasma Options Missing With Certain Themes

Aug 3, 2010

Since installing 11.3 I've noticed that with certain Workspace themes the plasmmoids and panel have options missing: The theme in the screenshot is "Elegance" others have the same problem; "Oxyglass", "Heron" & "Aya". The panel has the resizing sliders missing. These were working ok in 11.2.

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Debian :: Using More Options In Dolphin Find

Feb 5, 2016

I want to search for a file in Dolphin. I select 'Find' and "More Functions" but I columns for filetype, time and rating are not activated. How to have them activated? Online, I come across 'Baloo' service being required. What's that?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Web Jukebox Software - Use Nice Web Panel And Useful Features

May 27, 2010

I'm looking for a good jukebox software, by good, I mean, easy to use, nice web panel, and useful features. (Okay, it's a bit vague...I admit it) So I need your help to find the "best" one (I know it would be even better to try every solution, but I'm sure I will not be able to see every features as you might have seen) I've seen so far 3 good projects:

- Ampache
- Jinzora
- and Subsonic

I've tried Ampache and Subsonic thanks to their demo. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a demo of Jinzora. Ampache seems a bit 'old fashon' (The interface is not very clear, not very user friendly, ...) but seems to get good features. inzora, according to the screenshots I've seen, the interface is quite complete. And Subsonic seems to be a really good one (but in Java), a lot of features and a nice interface. I'm not asking you which one do you think is the best, but which one do you prefer and why ? Which useful features, pros and cons, etc.

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Debian Multimedia :: Missing Features In LXDE?

Mar 27, 2010

I am testing LXDE on my test-laptop and it looks quite nice and fast. I am thinking of switching DE from Gnome.

My question: are there features in Gnome that are missing in LXDE? I can not think of any, so far. The only thing I miss so far is a possibility to edit the menu, as the menu is huge

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Ubuntu :: Features Missing In Thunderbird & Evolution

Feb 20, 2010

I am using Thunderbird for quite a long time now.

The problem is that I found that the feature which allows a user to use an audio file for new mail alerts is missing. I am using version Now a popup showing new mails is working but it becomes very tiresome to always look at the monitor screen.

Moving to a new mail client is not an issue for me but this one big feature that Thunderbird has is holding me back.

That feature is the ability to encrypt the locally stored password with a "Master Password".

I used Evolution Mail client for a short time and liked it too but again the "Master Password" feature is missing.

Is there a way to enable sound alerts (new mails) in Thunderbird ?

Does the latest version of evolution includes the "Master Password" feature? (I don't want to do all that configuration without asking.)

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Ubuntu :: Photo Management In 10.10 (missing Features)

Oct 26, 2010

Maybe I don't pay enough attention. I just know that whenever I've wanted to resize an image or email it, I've been able to do it pretty quickly. It was usually a two step process of resizing with an editor and then sending from a menu. Today, though, I went into the shiny new Shotwell and there appears to be no way to resize; or email.

OK. Went back into F-Spot. Surely there's an easy way to resize and/or email from there. Nope. Are we missing an easy way to do this or am I missing something? I love Gimp but do I have to use that to resize an image? Seems like overkill. Ostensibly, there should be a one stop process - either from an app or from Nautilus - send image and a quick dialog to ask what size and GO!

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Ubuntu Installation :: Any Real New Features To 10.10 That Missing Out On?

Feb 6, 2011

So I am still getting use to Ubuntu as far as when the new OS comes out. I am use to when Windows did a release every 3-5 years. So last year I install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and already 10.10 is out. My understanding though 10.10 is not a LTS so should I upgrade? Or will mine automatically upgrade to that version? Is there any real new features to 10.10 that I am missing out on? I can't do anything for another month and a half for the fact I am on deployment in the US Navy but I am highly thinking about moving up.

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Ubuntu :: PDF Edit Does Not Work In 10.10 - Features Missing

Aug 8, 2011

PDF edit has missing features. Lots of greyed out features and cannot add text to pdf's as I once did in previous version of Ubuntu. Using ubuntu 10.10 64bit version.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Guayadeque Features - Way To Control From The Task Bar Or Upper Panel?

Jul 5, 2010

I am using guayadeque and I need it to notify me about the title and the artist when a new song begins. Also it would be great if it could be controlled without restoring the window. I mean, every time I want to pause the song or skip to the next track, I should restore the minimized window and do whatever I want. Is there a way to control from the task bar or upper panel?

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General :: Udev - Missing Sysfs Features - Update Kernel

Dec 22, 2009

I just installed Gentoo.

Everything's working fine except for this error I get during bootup: udev: missing sysfs features; please update the kernel or disable the kernel's CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED option. udev may fail to work correctly

I don't know what to do with this. I built the kernel using the genkernel script. I'm using kernel 2.6.31-gentoo-r6 on an amd64 processor

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Missing Computer Tab On Panel At Bottom Of Desktop?

Oct 29, 2010

I was working just find and the "Computer" GUI that is located on the panel that lets you have access to all CPU options went missing.. I understand I can hit F2 and get them listed but I need it back on my panel strip at the bottom of the desktop!

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Ubuntu :: Resolution - Top Panel Is Slightly Cut Off - Missing About The Top 20% Of The Panel

Mar 23, 2010

I'm new to Ubuntu and really like it so far, having come from a PC background up to now. I've installed it on my Acer laptop and all is well there. However, on my desktop, the screen resolution doesn't match the Ubuntu desktop and fonts and graphics are very blurry. The hardware I have is:

HP Compaq dx2450 micro-tower FE281EA
Samsung 23" widescreen monitor, native resolution 1680x1050

When I check the resolution using System > Preferences > Display it says that indeed I'm using 1680x1050, which should be correct. However, the bottom of the Ubuntu desktop is cut-off, below the bottom of the screen, so I can only see the very top edge of the bottom panel. The top panel is also slightly cut off, missing about the top 20% of the panel. Left and right seem to be in line OK. The resulting blurriness of fonts makes it fairly unusable until I get it fixed.

I've searched fairly extensively and I realise there are other threads on this so sorry for posting again, but they all seem to be slightly different problems and all the responses are fairly or very technical. Maybe I can't avoid a technical solution and getting my hands dirty with a terminal prompt, but I'm hoping I can fix this without resorting to stuff I don't understand and might get wrong. I'm a technically minded end-user but not a unix guy.

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CentOS 5 :: OpenSSH - Upgrade To Support Features In V.4.8?

Oct 8, 2009

I need to find a way to upgrade OpenSSH support to something more than the patched 4.3p2 which comes included in CentOS 5.3. Specifically I want to be able to use the Chroot functionality which was added in OpenSSH 4.8.

# The following directives force ben_files to become chrooted
# and only have sftp available. No other chroot setup is required.
Match user ben_files


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Ubuntu :: Panel Missing In11.04 - Most Of My Effects Were Missing

Apr 30, 2011

I just installed ubuntu 11.04 last night. I noticed most of my effects were missing so I tried to put them back on. This didn't work so I disabled the effects. Then, my panel at the top and the Launcher is missing. .How do I get these back?

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OpenSUSE Network :: Missing Eth0 After Upgrade From 11.1 To 11.3?

Jul 24, 2010

Last weekend I upgraded my Opensuse 11.1 machine (pretty clean) to 11.3. After the upgrade, the NVidia graphics no longer worked, but more importantly, eth0 was not bound to my Intel 82566DC gigabit ethernet controller. I fooled around in yast network devices long enough to know that everything there is configured correctly. The Yast message at the bottom of the Network Settings screen says:

"Unable to configure the network card because the kernel device (eth0, wlan0) is not present. This is mostly caused by missing firmware (for wlan devices). See dmesg output for details."dmesg output shows nothing related to networking. The boot screen shows:

Setting up (localfs) network interfaces:
lo ...
Waiting for mandatory devices: eth0 __NCS__
29 28 27 ... 1 0 ... failed
eth0 no interface found ... failed


Any ideas here? I've googled till my fingers were tired and all I've found are references from folks with real hardware issues. This machine worked fine for me under 11.1. Now I can't get 11.3 to bind the nic.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Ethernet Card Missing After Upgrade?

Jul 1, 2011

I have a strange problem. An old PC is my home server. On the PC I had in the long past 2 NICs. For the last year or so, I had only one NIC installed, a Compex with 8139too module which run just fine. After the upgrade to 11.4, 32bit of course, with zypper dup, I saw that I had no internet and no network connection to the server. So, I logged on the server and found that rcnetwork could not start the eth0 and eth3(!). OK, a mistake I thought. Enter Yast and solve it. Unfortunately, yast reports 2 cards! I removed all of them, rebooted but nothing. lspci reports 2 cards, while I have NONE installed on the motherboard!hwinfo --netcard the same! yast the same! So, the OS "knows" that I have 2 NICs, while I definitely have none!

Checked if /etc/udev/rules.d/70- had any left data from the past, but the file was empty. Checked the /etc/sysconfig/network/scripts nothing again.In principle, the openSUSE 11.4 believes that I have 2 cards (and with wrong MACs, obviously) and I cannot make it rescan the PCI bus to find that I have nothing! I am sure that some garbages are left somewhere but I don't know where to look at. it is very critical to have that server but on-line and in my LAN.

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Ubuntu Installation :: No Top Panel Or Unity Panel After 11.04 Upgrade?

Apr 2, 2011

No Top Panel or Unity Panel after 11.04 Upgrade from 10.10 and it does not seem to be a common problem.

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Ubuntu :: Options Missing From Compizconfig?

Jul 13, 2010

Title pretty much says it. As you can see from my screenshot, my effects list is far shorter than it's supposed to be, a quarter the size of what I had on my hardy desktop. The main effects that are driving me insane not having are 3D windows, e.g. windows hover above the desktop cube in order of use, and water sloshing around in the cube as I rotate it. Are these now options under an effect? I couldn't find them anywhere. Running 32 bit lucid on a laptop with a good graphics card.

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General :: Missing Gui Options At Boot?

Sep 24, 2010

I thought running an update from my OpenSuse 11.3 dvd would solve my problem, but It doesn't; I'm not given the option to choose a gui environment. It leaves me at a prompt here. /home//

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Ubuntu :: Missing System Admin Options?

Dec 20, 2010

I am new to Ubuntu and am trying to learn. Using 10.10 on HP notebook. The Hardware option is missing from the menu. System / Administration / Hardware is not there. System / Administration / * all seem to be there just no hardware option.

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Ubuntu :: Missing Gconf-editor Options?

Jan 29, 2011

I was trying to make Gnome display the date in a better format. I tried using gconf-editor as described in the thread at [URL], but I also found that apps > panel> default_setup > applets > clock had no prefs item.

Unfortunately, the solution which worked for quixote (stop running as root) didn't help me as I was running as the only account I've set up on the system, and all of the files in ~/.gconf are owned by that user.

Does anyone know what else could cause options to vanish like that? I'm running Gnome 2.32.0.

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Ubuntu :: Missing Window Options/buttons?

May 5, 2011

Click the pic for a larger view[/URL]

screen0 is fine, screen1 has no window buttons so once a window is open, I can't close it, cant move them, cant do a lot with them

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Ubuntu :: Missing Shut Down And Log Off Options From Control

Jul 2, 2011

Ok under the power control icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen I have the options to hibernate and sleep, but I do not have shut down, or log off. If I control-alt-delete I have shut down, hibernate, suspend and restart. Also I am currently using 11.04 on an HP Dv6 laptop. I previously installed Ubuntu 11.04 on here and it worked perfectly. To address yet another interesting "bump" I installed this and on my launcher I have an applet to "Install RELEASE" but, I have the latest installation of 11.04 on here.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Missing Network Options On The Task Bar?

Oct 5, 2010

I am running 10.04 and have recently had an issue where a powercut shut my computer down unexpectedly. Since this all the options from the network/connection part of my taskbar have been removed.I have run the OS from a boot disk and the same problem occurs. I have updated and re-added the mobile broadband but still nothing appears and as yet i have been unable to connect to the internet again since the still learning everything (very slowly) so i apologise if this has been previously solved but i can't seem to find it on the forums.

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General :: Options Missing From Firefox Tools Menu?

Oct 10, 2009

Using firefox on Ubuntu 9.04. when I click tools, options is not in the menu. How can I get it back? I have searched a lot but haven't found the answer.The tools menu contains. Web Search > Downloads > Add-ons > Error console > Page Info > Clear Private Data > manage Content Plug-ins.

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Fedora :: Compiz Missing Options And Window Update Errors?

Jan 8, 2010

I just installed the latest compiz as per leigh's instructions - nice, easy install!I notice that the snow application is missing. That was my favorite, but where has it gone??

How about floating windows above desktop cube? Dodge? In which upon selecting a window, the non-selected windows move around it to move it to the front.I also notice that many window updates are very poor. For example, in the compiz settings manager when I switch tabs, the window does not actually update unless I move it. I click on a tab and it looks just like the previous tab. If I move the mouse around, it will update the wind in blocks under the mouse, but not the whole window.And, it would appear that the standard compiz is still available from my desktop settings in KDE. Could I have failed to remove the original compiz?

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