Networking :: Connecting Box To Small Business Server Shares?

Jan 6, 2009

I want to connect my linux laptop (Mandriva 2008.1 x86_64) to my windows small business server. My issue is that I am not sure what I can and can't do in terms of any windows config changes. Can linux (I assume using Samba) connect normally?

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Networking :: Small Business Trixbox Setup With Redundancy ?

Apr 2, 2010

I have been using Trixbox CE for a couple of years and a client has asked me to setup a VOIP system with two phones and a couple of extensions. When he gets hit with a borage of phone calls I need to have the call that are behind the others to go the the next extension. I need redundancy if one Internet connection goes down and have the another kick in or failover. How does one configure Trixbox to failover to the other Internet connection and can someone give me a list of carriers in the Washington D.C area. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Ubuntu :: Find A Suitable Small Business Accounting Software?

Apr 7, 2010

I've been poking around for the last week trying to find a suitable small business accounting software that will work for us. To make a long story short I stumbled upon SQL-Ledger and it looks like a very good application just what we're looking for... and low and behold its in the repositories! Anyway I installed the SQL-Ledger package but unfortunately there's no way to load or open this app. Synaptic shows its installed but there's no gui or and reference in the menu. Searching using the filter in the menu results in nothing. So I'm assuming SGL-Ledger just needs a gui associated with it to open it right??

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CentOS 5 :: Recommendations On Open Source Accounting Software For Small Business That Could Be Run Via Web Interface ?

May 2, 2010

I am looking for recommendations on open source accounting software for small business that could be run via web interface on CentOS 5.The more user friendly it is the better. Users use the windows platform for their desktop environment.

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General :: Is It Legal To Open A Small Business To Setup (Ubuntu) Desktops / Create Websites

Oct 8, 2009

Since Ubuntu and other Linux Distros are free to download and distribute. Would it be illegal for me to have a Small Business of my own that would charge individuals/small-businesses to Install and Setup Linux desktops. I wasn't sure how that GPL license worked. I figured I would be charging individuals for setting up Linux Desktops on their machines or small business/offices and training/teaching them on the various applications they could install on their own.

Also, would it be illegal to create websites using Apache, Tomcat and other Open Source tools and then sell those sites. I figured many people are turned off by learning or installing something other than Windows desktops on their pcs, just because it is different. If this cannot be done under the GPL license, then could someone tell me how I could go about starting my own small business to legally Setup/Install Linux distributions.

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Fedora Networking :: Connecting To Windows Shares On Another PC

Jun 13, 2009

I'm just staring with fedora 11 and I want to know how to do the following:
1- Connect to windows shares on another PC.
2- Set these shares to be accessible in the Computer location at all times.

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Server :: Slow Speed While Connecting To Samba File Shares From Vista

Mar 6, 2010

I have set up a file server (Ubuntu Server Edition) for our lab. People can connect to common Samba file shares from their personal laptops/desktops, which run either Windows Vista or Mac OSX. The guys with OSX have upload/download speeds of ~2 MB/s, while the Vista machines are slogging away at ~200kb/s for downloads and ~400kb/s for uploads. In both cases, the connection are through wired ethernet ports which should function identically. Since the Macs work fine on the same network, I assume this is a Vista issue.

I have tried troubleshooting one of the Vista machines by:
1. Turning off the Remove Differential Compression feature
2. Disabling autotuning following these instructions
3. Adding a registry key following the same link above.

But nothing has improved. Anybody have any advice on addition tweaks to the Vista machine? Is there a chance that this is actually a server-side/samba issue?

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General :: Run Puppy 5.0 On Windows Business PCs For Non-business Internet-Safe Against Viruses?

Jul 26, 2010

I am certainly a Linux Newbie..I have a business with a network of PCs that need not get client files corrupted by viruses & other bad things from the internet...YET I would like to let my employees(who are way worse newbies than Windows even...& stand good chance to mess up computers) use internet at times if they wish. My first thought was just separate side by side PCs, one to get on for Clients/business network etc, & the other to get trashed by the internet.

What I am thinking is a better alternative (& I need to know from yall who I'm sure are way beyond this newbie whether this thinking is correct) is to put something like Puppy Linux 5.0 on small memory USB flash drives & let them each have one to use for internet, simple application functions etc. Can I safely believe that running internet browsing on the flash drive with Puppy Linux booted & running as the OS is NOT going to potentially infect my windows XP business PCs with viruses etc?

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Networking :: Pug Server File Server No Longer Shares Drive To Windows?

Nov 19, 2009

My Pug Server has worked faithfully for many years just sitting in a closet. It is designed wo that you never need to add a monitor or keyboard as it is administered through a web interface. Recently it had a problem with the motherboard and I had to replace it, but the machine is now working. However, it no longer is visible as a network drive on my Windows machine.Unfortunately I have no idea where to start looking to see what the problem is. I did attach a keyboard and monitor and logged on, but everything looks okay (I can see my files, etc.).

This is an old machine (c. 2003), so has an old version of Linux (I have no idea what version, or even how to find out). Since it is never meant to be used directly it doesn't have any GUI installed, so I have to do everything using command line.Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can even start to determine what the problem is or how I can go about trying to fix it? At this point I would be happy just to get the files out and replace it with a newer NAS.

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Networking :: Can't View List Of Shares In Nautilus But Can Browse Shares Directly?

Dec 11, 2008

I run opensuse 11 at work. I'm trying to see the list of shares on a "server" that is running windows server 2000. If I try smb://server, it doesn't show any shares, but I can browse directly to it such as smb://server/share1. If I use smbclient, it returns the list of shares correctly. I guess I just don't understand why smbclient shows the list of shared folders, but nautilus cannot.

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General :: Network Shares - Options For Connecting One Host's Filesystem To The Other?

Aug 23, 2010

I have two Linux hosts (both running Ubuntu 10.04) and I want one of them to have access to part of the filesystem of the other. I.e. I want remote1 to be able to access the files of remote2:/home/username

This is simply to allow me to access my home directory on the other machine, read-write, and there's no need for other users to be able to access this too. The used IDs for 'username' are different on each host, for reasons I won't go into (Likewise, ADS, etc).

I tried Samba but I found it unreliable. For example, I have a program that monitors a directory and updates a list of around 12,000 files. I found that this list was constantly changing with files dropping out and some files being randomly unreadable. It was too unreliable.

I had something working quite well on remote1 with:

sshfs remote2:/home/username ~/remote2 -o idmap=user -o uid=$(id -u) -o gid=$(id -g)

This works perfectly for a while. Unfortunately remote1 is a laptop and is regularly disconnected from the LAN. This seems to completely break things when this sshfs filesystem is mounted, and typically requires a reboot to recover. I started to look into NFS but I ran into problems with this a few years ago with regards to user id mappings. At the time, I found there was a user-space NFS server that dealt with this but it had a bunch of its own problems. But that was NFSv3. Can NFSv4 'kernel server' handle different user ids and map between them properly? I really don't want to use NIS, and I can't actually change the user IDs anyway - they are set by external means.

Also, how does NFS handle an 'unreliable' network connection? Will it automatically reconnect or will the share be broken until it is remounted? What about something like CIFS? Can this cope with the network being regularly and unpredictably broken? This might have the same problems that Samba did, but it's worth a try if it will be suitable.

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Ubuntu Networking :: SMB Shares From Server?

Aug 14, 2010

I'm having a bit of an issue. I have 7 HDD's shared over Samba from a Ubuntu 9.10 server. I'm having trouble getting access to them on all my pc's except for 2(out of the 4). On all the pc"s I get this when I type this command smbtree,

\UNIVERSE universe server (Samba, Ubuntu)
cli_start_connection: failed to connect to UNIVERSE<20> ( Error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL


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Ubuntu Networking :: 10.04 Can't See Shares On 9.10 Samba Server?

May 10, 2010

I have an Ubuntu 9.10 Samba file server. I have set up Ubuntu 10.04 netbook remix in a home network which also has Windows XP home and Vista computers already present in the network. The XP and Vista machines have no problem accessing the file shares.

The server is running mhddfs with FlexRaid. The security is set to share level access. I have a hosts allow line in the smb.conf file to permit access to certain IP addresses and have added the 10.04 netbook remix IP address to this hosts allow line.

I cannot access shares from the 10.04netbook remix machine if the hosts allow line is active, but have no problem from the windows machines. If i comment out the hosts allow line, all machines can access the share, including the netbook remix machine. I am fairly new to Linux and would appreciate any help in solving this problem.

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Networking :: Mounting Shares From Windows Server

Dec 8, 2010

My question is that I have a handful of servers, Server 1 is a Suse Linux machine and Server 2 is a Windows Server 2003 machine. I can mount and access the files/shares on the Linux machine no problem but when I come to using the Server 2003 shares I encounter problems ... here is a snip of my fstab ...

// /myfolder/applications cifs username=user1,password=pass1,auto,uid=user2,gid=group2,0 0
user1 and pass1 is the username and password of a user (local to the remote machine) and user2 and group2 are taken from the machine performing the mount.

Am I doing it right, is that how I should be mounting a share from a (Domain enabled) Windows Server 2003?

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Networking :: Samba Server And Windows Shares

Jan 25, 2010

I have a problem with 'Samba' shares on Ubuntu 8.04. Bringing shared folders over from Windows (on another computer) is not a problem...until I try same process with a Windows backup folder holding .tib data from an 'Acronis' backup.The files appear in Ubuntu Network, everything looks o.k., Ubuntu just won't copy the data to another folder. Other shares work without a problem, its only with these ':.tib' data.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Setup Two Samba Shares On Server 10.04.1 Lts X64

Sep 24, 2010

I'm trying to setup two samba shares on ubuntu server 10.04.1 lts x64

The first is a Read-Only share for windows users that doesn't require a password. This i've managed to do so far.

The second is a Password protected Upload share. So far I am able to have both shares (which access the same directory) but am unable to log in to the pass word protected share.

I know i'm not doing things quite right, and would like a little bit of help

The smb.conf file is the default ubuntu file with these added shares:

Comment = Network Attached Storage
path = /media/RAID/NAS
browseable = yes


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Red Hat / Fedora :: Using File Server In Business?

Feb 23, 2010

I have been with windows and want to move my file server to Linux. I googled and read various articles and Samba/Posix ACL of linux file permission My concern is about the permission in windows & Linux In Linux there are only (read, write, execute file
permission and my boss wants the file permission like in windows environment as below

- file owner can delete but other user in same group can only read/modify the file (or the content)

- file inheritance to sub directories

My question is, if Linux only comes with read/write/execute permission, do you think we can use Linux as file server to store business data with above requirement?

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Networking :: Samba Shares On Server - Nagging File / Foldername

Aug 17, 2010

This one has proven to be a real for me. On one of my Samba shares on my server I have a folder of mp3 files of my CDs. The one I am having an issue with is "Clarence Carter/Dr. C.C." (yes, the one with the ULTIMATE party song). The "Dr. C.C." folder name is normal locally, but across Samba it comes out "DMOU3A~H". I can still access the folder this way, but it would be nice to not have Samba mangle the folder name this way. I am using Samba 3.4.2 on an Athlon64 X2 system running Slackware64.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Setup A Share Drive On New Server With Samba (v 3.4) - Shares Are Not Working?

Mar 15, 2010

I have the follow environment

PDC SAMBA + OPEN LDAP (ubuntu 9.04)
Linux (File Servers) + Windows machines all working well

I'm trying to set up a share drive on my new server using ubuntu 9.10 with samba (v 3.4) and ldapclient and the shares are not working when I defined Valid Users for share folders, that keep me ask me about my user and password, on the logs I have:

[2010/03/15 10:24:10, 1] smbd/service.c:676(make_connection_snum)
create_connection_server_info failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

This is my smb.conf

workgroup = FLOWCONNECT
server string = OSLO SAMBA FILE SERVER [code].....

I have the same set up on my File Server (Ubuntu 9.04) which use samba 3.3 is working fine.Someone know if has some different setting between samba 3.3 (ubuntu 9.04) and samba 3.4 (ubuntu 9.10) that could cause this problem ?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Get Lucid Connected To An SME Server 7.4 To Automatically Mount Windows Shares?

May 4, 2010

I have beating my brains out trying to get Lucid Lynx connected to an SME Server 7.4 to automatically mount windows shares. The winbind stuff seems to work okay after I installed a restart script in /etc/network/if-up.d (kudos to OsGnuru & bobpaul for that) There is a short wait on network up before winbind can validate but that is not a show stopper. I have looked at (what I think) is the correct log for pam_mount and it seems to be running through to the end process okay. It looks like it is either not reading the pam_mount.conf.xml file or I have not configured it correctly as it just reports "No Volumes to Mount". I have appended the log file, pam_mount auth, password, session & common conf files as well as the pam_mount.conf.xml file for review.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Share Out Samba Shares - Multiple Netbios Showing From Server

Nov 30, 2010

I have a fileserver that I want to share out samba shares. However, i configured samba to have another netbios (SAN) and my windows box still sees whoopn-SAN which is the name I gave to my server when i installed it. Now I am using 9.10 and I know that i can create a share from the gnome gui in nautilus and that appears to be a windows like share. How can I turn OFF the windows like shares that ubuntu does out of the box and use ONLY samba? I ask because there appears to be a conflict of permissions b/w samba and this stuff.

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Ubuntu :: CUPS Server Failed Business, Printer Won't Work?

Jun 20, 2011

I am probably going to get blasted for this statement which is a result of four days of frustration.There are many people on here who are having problems getting their printers to work with Ubuntu. In my case it is version 10:04. I have been reading and trying fixes for four days. Nothing works.Surely this has got to the attention of the people who know what they are doing and design these programs. I sure don't know how to fix this, along with a lot of other users. We are not being lazy or arrogant. Nothing seems to work.Surely someone in the hierarchy can put in a patch that fixes this problem.The fact that Ubuntu won't print for so many people surely must be a priority inhe development of this software. So, please will one of the program developers fix this problem and send out a patch.

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Networking :: Connecting To My VNC Server ?

Jul 3, 2011

I am having problems connecting to my VNC server. The host machine is running fedora core 15.

In the past I have been able to connect to the machine, but for some I no longer can't.

I have done the following but still am unsure what problem is
1. Verfied the VNC server is running
2. Verified my user "trb" is in the vnc users list
3. I have checked that my port is open (at least i think). i launched a terminal and did "telnet 5902" and successfully connected.

My vncservers config file which is located in /etc/sysconfig/vncservers


Here is the log file from my latest connection attempt.


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Server :: Server Configuration For Small Office Server, Which Smtp, Pop Imap Server And Backup?

Apr 2, 2010

I have installed a linux server in my office to run 16 machines. Its main use will be a internal mail server but will be also running websites.

I have installed Ubuntu 9.10 server x64 and have got apache running.

I am looking for the simplest more robust solution for smtp, pop3 and imap. I have only ever used qmail before and found it a pain to configure and its getting old so I though I should probably try something new. I have not much experience with running pop3 or imap on linux so would love a suggestion on that.

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Networking :: Connecting Two Subnets Via A Server?

Mar 3, 2011

i have two subnets with different gateways.i am thinking of connecting them via a linux server which would enable them to communicate.but i dont know how to proceed for getting this should the connection be made and what should be the configuration settings on the linux server.

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Fedora Networking :: Samba Can't Mount Shares - Error Message 'Failed To Receive Shared List From Server'

Oct 4, 2009

It's been awhile since I posted anything which is a good sign my install has been working well and I have been able to handle most everything. However, I'm not able to handle this issue. I recently installed F11 and everything went well. But, when trying to see my other computers on the local network, I cannot. I receive this error message: Unable to mount location Failed to receive shared list from server. I understand the message as it is obvious, but do not know how to fix it.

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Fedora Networking :: Connecting To Server With Netcat

Jul 10, 2009

I connected two machines, I have their given of the addresses ip in a static way and not with DHCP. I gave to the machine server the address:, and in the machine client the address

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Ubuntu Networking :: Home Server Connecting To VPN?

Jun 3, 2011

I have a home server that I have setup to connect to via SSH. All is working well with that. I would like to have the home server access the internet through a VPN. However, if I do this, I am no longer able to connect to the server via SSH, even though I know what its IP address is.

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Networking :: Connecting Mac Book To Fedora Server?

May 9, 2011

We have a mac book connected to our network. It can surf the web and even get into our network files. However, these network files are on linux, and finding the open files (not password protected) is fine. But we need the mac book to get into the protected files to edit our media. When we connect to the linux server, there is a pop-up asking for a login. We enter the correct credentials that work for everyone else to get into our protected files, but these credentials don't work... There is a message that pops up: "This operation cannot be completed because the original file '<file_name_here>' cannot be found." But it found the other open files...? what do we do to get this to work? The macbook is 'os x' and the linux server is 'fedora 10'

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Networking :: Server (eth1-connecting To The Windows XP PC) =

Apr 1, 2011

I have the following setup: An ADSL Router ( which plugs into my server (that has 2 network cards) Server(eth0-connecting to the ADSL Router) = Server(eth1-connecting to the windows XP PC) = And the windows XP PC = if I delete the entire routing table and add a default route route add default gw dev eth0 I get an error (I can't remember the error, the PC's at work) however if I unplug the cable going from the PC to eth1, I can then successfully add the default route, and I can ping the router, however when I reconnect the cable to the PC and Server... I can still ping the router (from the server) but I cannot ping the PC

if I try and add another route such as: route add -net netmask gw it wont let me add the rule I have a feeling i am doing something really stupid here with the addressing scheme,

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