General :: Windows 7 - Install GRUB To A Partition And Not MBR?

Sep 12, 2010

I am trying to dual boot Windows and Linux. I would like to continue using the Windows bootloader in my MBR.

I installed Windows 7 first. During the install I left some unallocated space that I intended to install Linux.

I found this guide: [URL]

It says to install GRUB to the bootsector of the partition that Linux is being installed to and not the MBR of your hard drive.

I am trying to install Linux Mint Debian to the second partition. When the installer gets to where you are asked to install GRUB the only option is to install GRUB to /dev/sda which I believe is the MBR.

I decided just not to install GRUB and proceeded with the installation.

How can I install GRUB to the bootsector of my Linux partition?

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General :: Windows - Deleting Linux Partition And Grub Boot Loader Without Affecting The Windows Partition At All?

Aug 30, 2011

I am currently running a dual boot machine with Ubuntu 11.04 and Windows Vista.Is there any way I can delete the Linux partition and Grub boot loader without affecting the Windows partition at all?I would also like to be able to repartition all of the space that was previously occupied by Linux.

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Ubuntu :: Install Windows From Partition With Grub?

May 12, 2010

So how can I (e.g. after using dd) boot to this dd'd Windows Installation partition with Grub?

I just want to do this as installing Windows from Hard Drive is much faster.

E: The solution was Unetbootin. Did nothing special myself (defined the .iso path and the partition (/dev/sda4)), the app did all the work.

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Software :: Install Grub To Windows Ntfs Partition?

Nov 2, 2010

In HDD with 2 partition

sda1 windows xp
sda2 windows 7

1. It is possible to install grub? (Using live cd)

2. If not, if I create sda3 (ext3), and install grub there and boot both windows will be possible?

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OpenSUSE Install :: GRUB Loader Will Not Run If Windows Is Set As The Active Partition?

Apr 6, 2011

A few days ago my Laptop wouldn't hibernate in Windows 7, I managed to fix this problem by going into Windows' Disk Management tool and setting the C:/ Partition as the active partition, this fixed my hibernation issue, however I have just noticed that now when I boot my laptop my GRUB menu no longer appears, instead it just loads Windows straight away as if it was the only OS on my laptop.

I've confirmed it's something to do with my recent Disk Management change as I booted up GParted, removed the boot flag from Windows and when a rebooted my GRUB menu reappeared.

Not sure on how I can both have Windows as the active partition while being able to keep GRUB working also.

My Partition Setup is as follows:

/dev/sda1 C:/ Windows 7 (NTFS) (Boot Flag Set)
/dev/sda2 D:/ DATA (Documents and stuff) (NTFS)
Unallocated 1 MB
/dev/sda3 Extended 146.49 GB (LBA Flag Set)
/dev/sda5 Linux Swap 2.01 GB
/dev/sda6 ext4 20.00 GB
/dev/sda7 ext4 124.46 GB
Unallocated 10.00 MB

I'm running openSUSE 11.4

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Debian :: Squeeze Grub Doesn't Detect Windows Partition On Install?

Sep 7, 2010

I've installed Lenny with no problem, but I tried switching to Squeeze, and grub for some reason didn't pick up on the Windows partition this time - it just shows the two Linux options (debian and debian single-user). I check the menu.lst file (which I've edited under Lenny with no issues), but for some reason it doesn't exist at all in this install. Is it in a different location with Squeeze maybe?

why grub didn't pick up on my Windows install?

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Fedora :: Install Windows XP On A Free Partition Without It Replacing The GRUB Boot Loader?

Sep 20, 2009

I am using Fedora 10, and was wondering if it is possible to install Windows XP on a free partition, without it replacing the GRUB boot loader?

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General :: Boot - Updated, Grub Menu Not Booting To Windows Partition?

May 24, 2010

I have just updated my Ubuntu linux to Ubuntu 10.4, not my grub menu isnt letting me boot to Windows Partition.The problem seems to be with grubs new update from using an editable menu.lst file to using a non editable grub.cfg file. Everywhere I look it states "DO NOT EDIT THE GRUB.CGF FILE". I am at a loss as what to do. I figured that the new configuration has screwed up the Windows Boot File. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this. I am not sure if it is a windows issue or an issue with the Grub boot menu.

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Ubuntu :: Grub - Lost My Windows Partition - Can't Find Menu.lst In /boot/grub

Nov 1, 2010

I got ubuntu 10.04 lucid lynx along with windows (dual boot) and using Grub. On my computer, I have my C:/ (programs) and D:/ (data). I've never used my D:/ before that day that I've lost my windows partition on my grub menu. I usually use my D:/ with windows. The first time I used my D:/ to store data with linux, I lost my windows option in my grub menu. I'm not sure what I did wrong but I do want to restore my windows option in my grub menu.

After "fdisk -l",

I checked in /boot/grub and there is no menu.lst to modify. how I can get back my windows option in my grub menu ?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Grub - Setup: Warning: Attempting To Install GRUB To A Partition Instead Of The MBR - Install - Lvm - Luks - Raid - Karmic Server

Mar 27, 2010

I'm running Karmic Server with GRUB2 on a Dell XPS 420. Everything was running fine until I changed 2 BIOS settings in an attempt to make my Virtual Box guests run faster. I turned on SpeedStep and Virtualization, rebooted, and I was slapped in the face with a grub error 15. I can't, in my wildest dreams, imagine how these two settings could cause a problem for GRUB, but they have. To make matters worse, I've set my server up to use Luks encrypted LVMs on soft-RAID. From what I can gather, it seems my only hope is to reinstall GRUB. So, I've tried to follow the Live CD instructions outlined in the following article (adding the necessary steps to mount my RAID volumes and LVMs). [URL]

If I try mounting the root lvm as 'dev/vg-root' on /mnt and the boot partition as 'dev/md0' on /mnt/boot, when I try to run the command $sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/md0, I get an errors: grub-setup: warn: Attempting to install GRUB to a partition instead of the MBR. This is a BAD idea. grub-setup: error: Embedding is not possible, but this is required when the root device is on a RAID array or LVM volume.

Somewhere in my troubleshooting, I also tried mounting the root lvm as 'dev/mapper/vg-root'. This results in the grub-install error: $sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/md0 Invalid device 'dev/md0'

Obviously, neither case fixes the problem. I've been searching and troubleshooting for several hours this evening, and I must have my system operational by Monday morning. That means if I don't have a solution by pretty early tomorrow morning...I'm screwed. A full rebuild will by my only option.

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Ubuntu :: Use A Windows-based Recovery Partition On A Dual-boot Computer To Overwrite Partition And Remove GRUB Loader?

Mar 9, 2010

is it possible to use a Windows-based recovery partition on a dual-boot computer to overwrite the Ubuntu partition and remove the GRUB loader? For instance, if you booted up your computer, accessed the hidden recovery partition and used it to reset the computer to it's factory default settings, would that effectively remove the Ubuntu partition and the GRUB loader? Would a completely new installation of Windows overwrite/uninstall Ubuntu and GRUB automatically?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Resizing Windows Partition - Install Files On A Non Windows NTFS Partition

Jul 22, 2010

Now however its not letting me resize the Windows partition, mounted or unmounted. It currently occupies the whole disk. I would rather not reinstall the whole thing over again, but I will if I have to. Isnt there an easy way to shrink a Windows partition? I swear Ive done this before and it wasnt this hard. Could it be a problem with the Mint installer that now asks me if I want to unmount my disks before it goes into install mode? On this PC I would like to have

Windows XP
One of the E17 OSs
Puppy Linux (to create a remix)

I am probably going to put most of the linux partitions on the second laptop drive but I want to install files on a non WIndows NTFS partition.

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General :: Grub-install Via Live CD To GUID Partition?

Jun 27, 2011

How to install grub in /sdb3 /media/{some-uuid} via Live CD?

# mount
# -> /dev/sd3 /media/{some-guid}
# grub-install --force --root-directory=/media/{some-guid} /dev/sda3

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General :: Partition To Install Windows Xp?

Aug 21, 2010

so i got the idea of creating a partition on my 130 gig hard drive that built in and installing windows xp on the partition, is this possible?i need to install xp from an iso i have a usb flash drive if that helps.

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General :: Install Windows 7 On Media Partition \ Keep Media Partition Completely Separate From Any OS?

Apr 24, 2010

I just bought a new hard drive so that I could convert my XP-only machine into an XP-Ubuntu-Windows 7 triple boot machine.Since the drive is absurdly huge (1 TB) I wouldn't mind throwing ReactOS into the mixtoo.I just found out that master boot records are limited to 4 entries, meaning 4 primary partitions. I had Windows XP set up on my old drive as a boot partition, a program files partition and a media partition. Since I really didn't want to install XP from scratch, I cloned this setup on my new drive.

This leaves me one MBR partition entry for installing Windows 7, Ubuntu and ReactOS. I'd like to avoid having to install XP from scratch like the plague, partly because it's supposed to be a safety net in case things go wrong with my other OS's and because I've invested a lot of time getting it set up exactly the way I like it.Here are the options I've considered and why I don't like them:Install Windows 7 on my media partition. This would work, but I prefer to keep my media partition completely separate from any OS, so that I can reformat an OS partition without affecting my media partition at all.

Use wubi or something to install Ubuntu in the same partition as something else. Again, this is brittle.Move all my media to a logical drive on an extended partition. Create another logical drive on this extended partition for Ubuntu. The problem here is that extended partitions are rather brittle--if you nuke one, it renders the rest useless.Just put the old drive back in my computer and run XP off it. Use the new one for the other OS's. The problem here is that the old drive is slower and uses extra power, generates extra heat, etc.

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General :: How To Install Grub Inside Windows 7

Aug 2, 2011

I want to install grub inside windows 7. I don't want to partition anything neither I want to remove Windows Boot Loader (BCD). I simply want to Use Grub from windows 7 boot menu. I want to do this so for frugal install of linux distros such as puppy, slitaz, etc. I have used WinGrub on Windows XP and it worked fine. But I don't think that will work on Windows 7.

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General :: Recover Grub After Windows Install?

Jan 8, 2011

I have a laptop with two partitions, dual booting Vista and Ubuntu. laptop was originally furnished with Vista. It's become totally unusable and I want to install XP on the NTFS partition erasing Vista. I know that after installing XP it will overwrite the MBR and GRUB will be lost. how to recover GRUB after the XP install. all data is now on the Ubuntu partition. I need XP just for games for my kids. barbie and harry potter ...

I spent 30min looking for sth like that but could not find it, just reference if such a thread exists.

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General :: Install Windows Xp And 9.04 Together Got An Error As GRUB 18

Jan 2, 2010

When i tried to install windows xp and ubuntu 9.04 together i got an error as GRUB 18. Then i installed only ubuntu 9.04. Now i am planning to have both ubuntu 9.04 and fedora 12 on my system. Is it possible that i'll again get the same error? If yes what are the possible solutions?? and is it advisable to have both fedora and ubuntu in the same system??

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General :: Cannot Install Grub,unable To Boot Windows 7?

May 31, 2010

Two days ago i turned on my pc and suddenly there was a message:"Minimal Bash-like line editing is supported.For the first word,TAB lists possible command completions.Anywhere else TAB lists the possible completions of a device/filename.ESC any time exists...

When i googled this message it came out that this has got to do with linux (i have never used linux and i formated my disc once or twice since i bought it so i found it very strange that this problem is related to linux).Anyway,i found out that grub is the problem and that it isnt a big deal to solve it.I downloaded Ubuntu,booted it from the cd and followed the instructions...I typed in grub (in the terminal) and it told me to download it so i typed in "get-apt grub install" or something like that and it all went well,i was now in the grub directory.Then i typed " find /boot/grub/stage1" and it told me that the file was not found.

I have tried everything,i have downloaded the super rescue cd the fix the problem but i have still the same problem.

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General :: Grub Doesn't See Windows Xp After Install Of Ubuntu 10.10?

Jan 28, 2011

recently i installed ubuntu 10.10 and now when i start my computor i dont see windows xp in the grub bootloader anymore. (it worked fine for 10.04) my brother as well has had the same problem.

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General :: GRUB Error 22 While Trying To Install Windows XP Home

Jul 25, 2010

I know its not a Linux program but my brother had Linux on his HP DV9000 Laptop, Well he wants to go back to windows XP home edition or what ever, he played around with it and messed something up and when you boot it, it comes up with a GRUB error 22, so I try to boot it with the windows XP CD and when i try to install windows or repair it tells me there is no hard disk... which seems kinda stupid considering your PC needs a hard disk to boot up, so in the BIOS menu i did the hard disk testing and what not and it came back 100%...

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General :: Unable To Remove Grub And Install Windows OS

Mar 26, 2010

I am using Lenovo Laptop. Initially I had Dual boot with Windows Vista and RHEL 5. I deleted Vista Partition. If I try to install Vista using Vista Bootable DVD, The Vista Bootable DVD is not getting detected! Now I want to remove everything (RHEL 5 & Grub Boot loader) from my laptop and install fresh OS.

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General :: Windows Grub Missing Re-install System32?

Mar 21, 2011

I have installed Ubuntu and i am unable to open windows it says windows Grub missing re-install system32I don't want to lose data in windows please tell me how to install Grub(windows xp sp2)

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General :: Change To KDE - Install SuSE On Second Hd Than After Windows Partition On First Hd?

Feb 25, 2010

I have a computer with 2*Quad cores, 48GB RAM and 2* 1TB harddisks. There is a 100 GB partition for Windows 7 on one of the harddisks (sda). We want to use the computer for chemical computations, by running the chemical software on SuSE (SLES 10). I used GParted to shrink the Windows partition. I tried to install SuSE, but just before it asks for the root password, it restarts the computer, and after the restart the keyboard and mouse didn't work. (I had the keyboard, mouse and screen connected to a KVM switch, because I have more than one computer in the office). I tried to plug the mouse & keyboard directly into the computer, but nothing worked.

I was afraid of restarting the computer (since the installation wasn't completed) but I reasoned that perhaps then the computer would automatically pick up the mouse and keyboard. It did. However, earlier in the installation I chose to install KDE and not Gnome, but when everything was finished I found that I had Gnome, and not KDE. How do I change to KDE? I guess there should be a way using YAST or something, but I'm not sure. At present, one of the harddisks has the Windows partition, and then the SWAP (primary), and then the rest of the Linux part (primary). I would like to partition the Linux part like this......

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General :: Restore Windows Partition Table After Tried To Install Debian?

Jan 16, 2011

Do i have any chances to restore my windows partition table after tried to install debian and i used the entire disk instead of the free space i had alocated for this

after i figured out what i did i stoped the installation but was to late ... i answered yes at write partition table changes on disk question

i tried win7 automate recovery tool from dvd and manual install of mbr with no successful result

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Ubuntu :: Windows 7 Hidden Partition And GRUB

Feb 18, 2010

I was installing Ubuntu on my new laptop (with plans to dual boot with Win 7) and, I'll admit, I did something stupid. You see, there was a 1 meg free space before the Windows 7 'hidden partition' and it was driving me nuts. So, what I did, was use gparted to move the hidden partition to the start of the drive (yes, a 1 meg move). Install of Ubuntu went off without a hitch, but after reboot things went a bit differently. The Recovery partition shows up as a possible boot partition in GRUB, in Windows 7 I can now see the recovery partition as a normal NTFS drive, and I can no longer use the features that the partition gives. I know this might be more of a 'ask on a Windows forum' question, but I was hoping someone else had done something like this and knew how to restore the hidden partition to being, well, hidden.

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Ubuntu :: GRUB Does Not Find WIndows 7 Partition?

Jan 7, 2011

I messed up my mbr by deleting my other drive which I guess had the MBR for both my OS (2 Windows 7's). So i installed Ubuntu in an attempt to fix it all hoping to get the GRUB. It then booted directly into Ubuntu.So I ran bootsect.exe tx the mbr and it said success.Still boots into Ubuntu directly without and grub.

I ran sudo update-grub
Found linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-22-generic
Found initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-2.6.35-22-generic
Found memtest86+ image: /boot/memtest86+.bin

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Ubuntu :: Edit Grub Of 10.10 From Windows Partition?

Apr 25, 2011

I have a dual boot system. a 200gb hd with ubuntu 10.10 and windows pro on 100gb hd. the problem im having is the 'black screen' error.

When i boot ubuntu, it boot fine but it shuts off my screen cause its not supporting my video hardware which is a geforce 6100 or something.

I know the fix is to change grub to support older video architecture. Something like changing line 'GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="QUEIT SPLASH NORNODESET"'

But how do i change the grub when the screens off? i can't, right. Is there a way i can change the boot parameters of ubuntu from my windows boot or maybe from the ubuntu virtual desktop?

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Ubuntu :: How To Reinstall Grub To Windows Partition

Jun 26, 2011

So, I'm stuck in GRUB rescue mode (stupid mistake) on a dual booted netbook (so no cd and no recovery software)

I do have a Live USB so I'm working off that.

Is there a way to reinstall the GRUB to my other partition (windows 7) or fix the MBR without recovery software?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Windows Partition Missing From Grub

Jan 30, 2010

I was defraging windows xp and the power want off now I can only boot into ubuntu from Grub.

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